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Forgetting Something? (Jason Todd x Reader)

Request: “#28 from prompt list : send number and boy name! (Idk what to call it) can I have it with Jason thank you!” from anon

Prompt: “Todd, you’ve got a visitor!”

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“Pass the chips, twerp.”

“You already finished two bags of those red diabetic triangle chips, Todd. Pennyworth is going to be very disappointed in you when he comes back.”

Jason rolled his eyes, “But I died, which means I can eat whatever the fuck I want.”

“That silly excuse is going to get yourself killed again if you don’t-“ Damian was cut off by the doorbell, “Ugh, who could possibly have nothing to do at this hour?” He muttered under his breath.

Damian looked at Jason, “Well?”

“What? You think I’m going to answer it? You’re the one who’s grounded.” He deadpanned, flipping the channels.

Damian made a low growl and stood up from the couch. He took his time while he made his way towards the door. When he finally opened it, his face lit up, “(Y/L/N), what are you doing here?!” He notice you carrying a book bag.

You smiled at your boyfriend’s little brother, “Hey, Dami! Your brother forgot this at my place last night,” You dug into your bag and pulled out Jason’s Red Hood helmet, “Is he here?” You asked.

Damian nodded and turned to call Jason, “Todd, you’ve got a visitor!”

Jason laid his head back on the couch and groaned before getting up. When he saw it was you at the door, he grinned. He pushed Damian out of the way and gave you a big hug, “Babe, you didn’t tell me you were coming over.”

You snorted, hugging him back, “Oh please, I don’t have to tell you, I come here every weekend anyway.” Jason leaned down to kiss you but a little someone punched his back.

“Hey! I’m still here!” Damian growled.

Jason rolled his eyes, ignoring Damian as he kept punching. He looked at what you were holding and smacked his forehead, groaning, “I knew I forgot something.”

You handed him his helmet, “You were pretty distracted last night. Oh, I was wondering if Alfred made some cookies.”

“Haha, you bet I was distracted,” He smirked, “And Alfred and the rest ain’t here right now. I’m sorry babe but you can’t stay this weekend, I have to take care of the little guy.”

“Call me little one more time, you ape!” Damian squeezed in between the both of you and grabbed your wrist, pulling you inside, “And they can stay over for the weekend!”

Jason followed the both of you quickly inside, closing the door behind him, “Hey! Remember! Bruce said no fun!”

Damian shouted over his shoulder, “I’d rather get in trouble again than have you watch over me!”

You giggled, “Why are you even grounded, Damian?”

Damian grinned, “I almost punched my teacher.”

Same Patterns Part 4

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Summary: You and your broken heart now live separated from the Avengers. It hurts, and they all try the same thing to make you come back - but when will it work?

Words: 871

Warnings: angst, as usual. Heartbreak, crying, Bucky faces the consequences.

“Morning Y/N.” Clint’s face was the first thing you saw when you woke up that Saturday morning. You gave a yelp from surprise and promptly threw a pillow at him.

“How did you get in? I locked all the doors last night.”
Clint grinned stupidly, “I’m a field agent, it’s my job to know how to get into impossible places.”

You rolled your eyes, “Did you draw the short straw this time? You know, to convince me to come back.” You continued after his questioning look.

“Oh, that. Nah, well yeah, I did, but I’m not going to try. You’ll come back when you’re ready. And I didn’t pull the short straw, I volunteered. Wanted to see how you were doing.”

“Well, if you must know, I’m doing fine.”

“Really? On last night’s take-out and rom-com movies?”

“Living the bachelorette dream.” You grinned.

“Good thing I brought real food then,” He brought forward a box of home-cooked food. “Lauren made some extra for you. You should come by the house; the kids miss you.”

“You sure I didn’t scare the hell out of them last time?”

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