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Don't pretend to support the trans community when your buddy PBG is a right-winger. I've seen what he posts on his Twitter, so kids that watch him on YouTube will be exposed to that garbage. People like him want us dead.

I’m quite positive that I know PBG far better than you, anon. I can confidently say, without question, that he is not a “right-winger”. He’s always been loving, accepting, caring of all people, wanting equality for every single person. If you feel this to be opposite, please, provide me evidence proving him as such. Regardless, what anyone else believes does not affect my own beliefs. I know who I support, who I accept, who I love. Again, if you have evidence proving that I am the opposite, please provide it. I’d love to see it.

Little witch (Part 9)

Pairings: Peter x reader

Word count: 2 165

Summary: The reader is raised by Hydra but manages to escape after they kill her parents. She is emotionally unstable and can’t control her powers. The Avengers rescue her and give her everything she missed form life and wanted to feel. But would her new found love be enough to extinguish her desire for revenge? What would be the side she would choose to rely on? Will she be ready to face the real her?

A/N: I’m so so sorry for posting it so late. I hope you like it and i promise to post the next part soon. I want to thank you all for the support. I have no idea how I got so many followers because of this story ♥ Please tell me what you thing :3 Enjoy! 

Part 1// Part 2// Part 3// Part 4// Part 5 // Part 6// Part 7// Part 8

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“I detected something.”, the captain informed the others, “Her helicopter is just below us.”

“I don’t want to ruin your moment but there’s nothing below us.”, Tony stated as he went closer to Steve and looked at the monitor.  

“She must have activated the invisible shield so we cannot see her, but the ship is on the ground.”

The passengers put their seatbelts on while Steve landed the helicopter. Once they were outside,  the Avengers were greeted by the frightening view. Wanda looked away and covered her mouth, Steve just closed his eyes for a moment. Everyone was stunned.  Vision was the first one to reach the bodies of the dead children.

“I understood now why she had decided to come.”, Nobody else dared to speak. The grey and icy place filled with death and ash shouldn’t be disturbed.

“We better go.”, Clint broke the silence. Pointing out (Y/N)’s steps formed in the ash, the man led the avengers towards Hydra’s base.

“It’s all in my head. You are not real! You cannot be real!”, (Y/N) kept saying this out loud but more to herself rather than to the people in front of her.

“Oh, sweetheart. We are more than real.”, the woman couldn’t stop grinning but from what was hard to be said. She was sitting on a chair with her legs crossed and a file in her hands. She had shoulder long brown hair. Her face looked young, with sharp features and sleek skin. The only thing giving away the ages were the wrinkles on her neck. (Y/N) looked again at her, trying to believe what she had heard. Her brain was against all of this. It whispered her that everything was an illusion, a false reality she should not believe in but once she met those grey eyes of the woman she knew. She knew that that was the reality, that the woman and the man in front of her were indeed her…

“Family.”, the man spoke, “Our family is together again.”

“My parents died some months ago. I saw them being killed.”

“You think we would really do this!?”

“You can be our daughter but we won’t risk our lives and mission because of you.”, the woman, whose name was Amanda, informed the girl. Although the words hurt the witch, she gulped and tried to understand the whole situation.

“Then why did you do that? I don’t understand anything!”, finally the power of her voice came back, “Why was I locked here and tortured while you were able to stop it!?”, with each world, her tone was getting louder and louder.

“We didn’t want to.”

“Wha- ”, (Y/N) tried to protest, to shout, to cry, to do something but she couldn’t.

“I thought you could have at least inherited my intelligence but no. Just like your father. Never knowing what’s going on.”, Amanda stood up and went to a near table. It was far but the girl was still able to see what was on it – nothing good.

“The kidnap, it was all fake. We planned this for months and I’m happy it went well. I was scared the civilians would scream and try to help you but the money we gave to the soldiers was enough to stop the people. It’s amazing what money can do to humanity, don’t you think?”, her mother was still with her back towards the girl and (Y/N) wasn’t able to see what she was doing.

“Why did you bring me here? Why did you lie to me and did this thing?”

“You were, how old, six or seven? I can’t remember and I don’t care. Too young but still old enough to understand it. We are the leaders of this base, (Y/N)! We were given time and recourses to achieve our mission. Thinking about what would happen to you never occurred to me, to be honest. I thought only about the success. And when you were the only one showing a problem with your abilities I was obliged to do everything to unlock them.”

“Didn’t you feel sorry about doing this to me? To your daughter!?”, (Y/N) screamed and the floor shaken slightly due to her powers.  The woman laughed and turned around carrying and injection with a green substance in it.

“No.”, Amanda said calmly and sat on the chair opposite her child, “Torturing you was the only way to keep you alive. So you better thank me not blame me.”

“You should have let me die.”, (Y/N) calmed down her rage, “You have no idea how many times I wanted this. How many times I was so close to ending my life. And you could have stopped me only because you need me as a weapon. I desired to see you again, to hug you and hear the words ‘I love you’, to tell me that everything was fine and we could go.”

“You should stop living in such a fairy tale. Life isn’t like that.”, her father spoke which made the girl look at him. He had been here for the whole time and after the first seconds she had forgotten about him.

“You must look at the big picture not at the details. You are a weapon, my weapon and I will use you whatever it takes. When you escaped I hoped you have died somewhere so no one would understand about you being a failure. I didn’t want to lose my head because of you being a disgrace. But I was wrong.”, the woman stood again and start walking towards the girl. (Y/N) was moving in order to escape and get away from that person she was supposed to call mother, “You have no idea how blessed you are for being trained by the avengers. Now, your powers are raging inside you, ready to explode and ruin everything. I cannot miss such an opportunity, darling.”, Despite her soft hands, the grip on (Y/N)’s face was strong enough to make her stop moving. Seconds later the girl felt a strong pain in her neck as the injection had went though her skin. It didn’t take much until the liquid had reached her brain. The things in front of her were blurring and spinning. She blinked several times but it didn’t get better. The girl tried to use her powers but had no energy for that.

“What are you doing to me?!”

“Something we are very popular with – brainwashing.”, the envy smile was the last thing (Y/N) saw.

“Why aren’t there any guards?”, Peter asked as the avengers reached the base.

“I think they were occupied with (Y/N).”, Tony stated, “Jarvis scanned the building. Some are coming towards us but most are deep down probably protecting something, or somebody.”

“So, Clint, I, Tony and Bruce will make you a way and keep the agents occupied. You go.”, Nat announced.

The group waited until Iron man, Black widow, Hawkeye and Hulk cleared their way. Once it was done the others broke into the base without any problems. Steve and Vision took left, while Thor, Wanda and Peter took right. They were walking in silence as every one of them was immersed in their thoughts. Nobody was surprised by the fact Peter didn’t speak. They all knew how close they had become and the fact that Peter was in love with the girl. The avengers were so happy for them, especially Wanda and Tony. For Tony Peter was like a son. He loved him although he tried to cover it with his sarcasm as he tended to do. Wanda felt (Y/N) as her own sister and was glad to see her adapt with the avengers and slowly falling in love finally able to feel like a normal teenager with superpowers.

“Now…where?”, Thor questioned. They had three options – along, left or right.

“I’m for left.”

“You can sense her?”, Peter asked filled with hope but Wanda’s answer ruined his beliefs.

“No, Peter. See the mountain of bodies.”, Thor and Peter looked left and saw the whole corridor covered in blood and dead men.

Peter was shocked. ‘Had (Y/N) done that?’, he couldn’t believe what he saw and despite the view, he wasn’t going to give up on her. He knew she was dangerous but everyone needed to be shown a path of good and he was willing to give it to her.

“Let’s go, we are running out of time!”, Peter was running through the bodies not caring about them.  The little witch was the only thing in his head. Wanda and Thor kept up with him until they reached what they were looking for.

“It’s not working.”, an angry voice reached (Y/N)’s ears. She was in that condition when you are neither asleep nor awake. She was and wasn’t here. She knew she was under an opiate. It created so many illusions that kept her on the edge. Real and Surreal. What should she trust? She kept seeing Peter coming but not rescuing her. He had been telling her she was a monster, weapon, dangerous. That he was ashamed of her and he never meant the lovely things he had said. Deep inside she knew it wasn’t true but the words…He, real or not, was right. She was a killing machine, not deserving love, family, anything.

“Why isn’t it working, Samuel?”

“I – I don’t k-know.”, the man stuttered, “I tested it several times and it worked.”

“I need it to work on everybody! I will make it on my own.”, a sound of a gun shooting echoed through the room. It affected (Y/N) and she slightly opened her eyes for some seconds. The woman was nearing her carrying another injection in her hands.

“Calm down, darling. We are not finished, yet.”, Amanda was inches away from her when somebody started beating the door. The woman turned around and when she realized what was about to happen, she hurried to inject the girl. The needle was in her neck when the door broke and flew across the room. Amanda crouched in order to keep her face safe.

When Peter saw his precious girl tied on a chair looking dead and with an injection in her skin, he ran towards her. Taking the needle out he tried to bring her back.

“(Y/N), (Y/N)! Hey, listen to be sweetheart! I’m here, you are fine.”, but the girl was drugged and the effects of it weren’t disappearing that fast.

“Don’t you dare move!”, Wanda shouted. Peter turned around and saw a woman holding a knife and struggling to get out of Wanda’s magic hold.

“What have you done to her?”, Peter screamed at the woman but received a laugh. The boy turned around to face the girl and untied her.

“You can’t save her.”, the tone sent shivers down his spine. Something in the way she had said that made him believe the spoken. ‘No!’ He was going to save her, to protect and care about her and nothing was going to stop him from that. Peter took one of (Y/N)’s hands and put it on his shoulders trying to keep her up. As he was about to call Thor for help he saw him falling on the ground. Wanda loosened her magic grip on the woman with the knife in shock. The woman used this opportunity and stuck the cold weapon in his thigh. Screaming in agony, Peter lost balance and was going to fall on the ground but with the other leg he managed to stay up. (Y/N) groaned at those movements. Peter’s muscles were on fire. He had experienced worse things and holding a girl wasn’t supposed to be hard for him. As Peter was struggling with taking the knife away, Wanda was fighting with agents that had appeared without the three avengers noticing. Thor had been hit by a device that knocked him out. Using her powers, Wanda was doing good but for now.

“Peter, hurry!”, but the boy’s scream made her look away. She saw that the woman had injured the spider-boy. Scarlet witch didn’t know what to do and the seconds it took her to decide, she felt her body paralyzing and falling on the ground.

Spiderman saw his two partners lying on the floor, (Y/N)’s body seemed heavier and heavier with each minute passing.

“Peter.”, (Y/N) murmured and tried to open her eyes but still in vain.

“Karen…help.”, but the voice in his suit wasn’t answering him.

“I told you boy.”, the woman that had attacked him was now in front of him and grinning with satisfaction, “The knife was poisoned, that’s why you are feeling so weak.” , Peter found it hard to breathe and stay up.

“We-”, he spoke but fell on his knees dropping the girl’s body, “escape.”

“I don’t think so. Tie them!”, Amanda shouted at the soldiers around her. The four superheroes’ bodies were being dragged while the (Y/N)’s mother was muttering something.

“What would be better that having the avengers as our own bitches?”

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I’ve been following your blog for a while now and just learned that you used to run chrisanddarrenstuff. I have to say I’m very disappointed to learn you are a CC shipper. You guys are all so dumb. All you CC shippers are idiots and have no sense of reality. It’s time you move on from the delusions that CC are a real-life couple. Did you even watch Glee/Klaine? Doubtful or you would realize it was all FICTION, not reality. Grow up and move on. It is very clear you are not a true fan.

Wow!  Where do I even begin with this?  I haven’t even been posting a lot lately and typically avoid these types of messages, but it seems desperation has set in so I guess I was next on the attack list.  I don’t have that many followers so your tactic probably isn’t going to work (whatever you hoped to accomplish).  This was just one of those times I couldn’t ignore.

First things first. Yes, @chrisanddarrenstuff is mine. Although I don’t post there anymore, I didn’t technically close the blog, but rather decided to create this blog so I could keep all my interests in one place.  After Glee ended I realized I had a lot of other interests, not just C&D.  Oh! And while I’m on the subject of blogs, yes I still have @cc-graphics open, too in case you want to submit an anonymous complaint about that blog, too.  So there’s that.  

Next, I think you need to realize that everyone’s definition of a “CC shipper” are not one in the same. Your definition of a CC shipper may not be mine.  Am I a fan of Darren?  Yes. Am I a fan of Chris? Yes.  Do I think that they have a relationship that tests the boundaries of a basic friendship?  Yes.  Any thoughts I have beyond that is really a discussion for another time and place. It’s way too complex and convoluted and far beyond the confines of what I can include in this simple little response.

What’s next?  Oh yes, your accusation that we are all apparently dumb. Well I can’t speak for all “CC shippers” but I can comfortably say that no, we are not “all dumb”.  In fact, I myself have three college degrees.  Hung them all up today in my new office as a matter of fact.  A lot of my Glee/Tumblr friends are lawyers, nurses, teachers, and the like.  So, I think that argument is invalid.  Next!

Delusions?  No sense of reality?  Did I even watch Glee/Klaine?  Oh don’t make me laugh.  I can wholeheartedly say that I watched every episode of Glee from day 1 and was honestly a fan of Chris from day 1.  When Darren came on and Klaine was born, it made me love the show and the actors that much more.  I think what’s delusional here is that you honestly think that “true fans” are unable to differentiate between a character played on TV versus their true selves.  Again, let’s not lump us all into the same category.

So let me sum up for you. Yes I’m a fan of both Chris and Darren, individually and together (take that to mean what you will).  No, not all fans are the same.  Just because we like the same actors doesn’t mean we all agree on what is happening in their personal lives.  And honestly?  That’s ok. Even in my group of friends we can still have differences of opinions, but that doesn’t mean we beat each other up about it.  It’s all good.  I think a lot of us can admit that we do not know C&D personally, but rather base our opinions on what we are exposed to.  Why can I not just be a fan and believe what I want?  We all can.  I’m perfectly ok with you believing what you want.  No harm no foul.   Aren’t blogs supposed to be a place where you can post about your own interests and beliefs?  Yeah, thought so.  Hope this clears things up for you.  If you have anything else you’d like to ask, please come back off anon.  I’m willing to chat.  I don’t bite.  Promise.

I haven’t seen any art yet of Robert wearing that shirt he and your dad character get after the tour, so here’s what I kind of imagined it looks like!

(and below is a better look at the template I made. If you wanna use it feel free, just please credit me if you do! <3 )

Seventeen as Ice Cream Flavors

A/N: Hi !! I did not expect this to be the first post, but I’m kinda scattered. Lala and I are really excited to finally be publishing on this blog, and we hope you all like it! Also, we are amateur writers ready to learn more so please take it easy on us! And before you ask, yes, I did them as ice cream. - Lex

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Stop making comments on queer positivity posts that derail it and add comments like “shout out to those uncomfortable with the word!”.. like, it’s derailing and stigmatising. you don’t go on others’ posts that are positive, trying to stigmatise it. i’d not do that with others’ labels.

Also, people do in fact try to stop people from identifying/being queer.. Straight/cis people do it all the time.. and also, it’s a lie that “nobody says you can’t use it for yourself” - many people say you can’t “identify as a slur” (like not all our terms are reclaimed shit anyway).

And please, when people explicitly talk about self identification.. don’t shove words into their mouth acting like they said that you’re queer.. If you’re not queer, you’re not, as simple as that.

If someone is forcing a term on others, they’re shitty.. The same goes for trying to take people’s identity labels away.. That’s also generally pretty shitty, with few exceptions.

Also, what others call themselves isn’t about what you’re uncomfortable with calling yourself.. I am not comfortable with many labels being applied to me, I don’t hunt down positivity posts going “I will deck you if you use this label on me”..

Also, destigmatisation is a good thing, normalising stuff that’s used against us as a word of pride is a good thing.. And just insisting that something should remain an insult as a concept and word is in fact not that great when many people want it the other way around..

Also, a lot of very, very bad people use queer as an insult.. Don’t be like those people. A lot of people use terms like queer in relation to calling people theorists, to basically say “they respect trans/nb people”.. Don’t associate yourself with that crowd, and if you do.. stop being a transphobe.

Also, it’s really transparent a lot of people use “queer” on this site to explicitly mock bi women, I see that a lot.. that and to misgender nb people as being cis women.

Another thing is? Perhaps stop using variated spellings, just to be shitty.. You all legit just sound like actual cis straight people when you’re like using “kweers” as some insult.. Also? Using the word as an insult is actually creating further negative feelings towards the word.. meaning people can actually use it to hurt more - which is actually also not good???

Come on everyone, do better.. Stop derailing every post about being queer. Stop using it as an insult.. Stop giving in to reactionary ideals that often are strongly tied to biphobia and transmisogyny. Let people be, for once in your life.. Just stop trying to be as toxic as possible towards people around you.

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It´s that time of the year again..

..and by that, I unfortunately don´t mean Christmas. HOWEVER, the 2 year anniversary of my humble little blog is around the corner (9th August) and I once again am here to gather your celebration ideas.

Last year we celebrated with a 7 day takeover. Would you guys like to do that again, but with lesser days -because 7 days is exhausting- or do you have other ideas that we could use either instead or in addition to the takeover?? (The takeover voting will be posted in the following days)

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I was tagged by @renjunsrealm <3 Well, she actually tagged @sweetlyjoyfulmeee which is my main blog but I don’t really use that one anymore.. so I guess it’s okay if I do it here,right?🤔😅

Please ignore the fact that I look like crap and I shouldn’t post any selfies of myself next to my biases 😅

I’ll tag @dxnghyucks @queenproducer @feather-blades @jaehyundd and whoever who wants to do it! You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to!!💞