and please let kyoani be the ones to adapt it since they do it best

Hey guys! I hope you don’t mind me making a quick reviews/rants of Animes that have aired this season which are nearing their end, I’ll also give them a rating out of /10 to give you an idea of what I think about the Anime entairly (Please note there are some Anime I should have watched that aired this season but I didn’t so I can’t rate them) don’t take my ratings too seriously since those ratings are my opinion so… (Also you’ll notice my reviews will start becoming s**t posts since, well I have s**t sense of humor) Yeah, enjoy my bad taste~~~~

1. Fuuka - Well, you all probably know the Anime adaption decided to avoid being hit by a truck like the Manga did, yes I understand source material truly doesn’t matter when it comes down to adaptions, but not having the truckload of memes and tears majority of the Anime community would have made if the truck hit… Fukka gets a 5/10, the only thing good about it is the music and Koyuki. RIP, I can’t make my “Classic Fuuka vs. Dreamcast Fuuka vs. Modern Fuuka” meme because of the Anime… Would have gotten a 6/10 if it followed the Manga, sorry Suzuka fans, both versions of Fuuka aren’t worth what you all went through in Suzuka.

2. BanG Dream! - I’m honestly quite sad but not surprised to hear BanG Dream! isn’t doing too well in sells, I agree Bushi Road was a little too passionate about announcing how this Love Live! x K-ON!! mashup was the “band boom” that would take place over the “idol boom.” Sadly I agree that Bang Dream! is not the series that would engage the “band boom” that Bushi Road so desires. Music is decent, most characters are quite charming, plot is eh, basically nothing that would engage a “band boom” in the Anime community like how K-ON! did back in the day. I advise Bushi Road to create a more interesting series (yes, I know I prompt them and all Anime to make an Anime about Cute Anime girls in a Metal band, but I know for sure that would be WAY more intriguing than BanG Dream!) or just wait for the “Idol Boom” to die down, since we all know Idolm@ster and Love Live! ain’t gonna last forever. BanG Dream! gets a 5.5/10

3. One Room -  I’ll be honest… I only picked this show up because of the girl who’s voiced by Mimori Suzuko (also because she has BOOBS) but seiyuu affection and lust aside, One Room is a nice 4 minute experience of a first person romance Anime that revolves around the silent MC (which is intended to be the viewer) and the respected girl the 4 episode arc the 3 of them individually get. (I don’t really care about the loli imouto) Is One Room a great “FPS Romance?” It’s good, good enough for me to give it a 6.5/10 because… “What a view!”

4. Gabriel Dropout! - The Opening song is way more chaotic than a Grind/Noisecore song AND I LIKE THAT (uh I prefer the Grind/Noisecore song but meh) Interesting OP aside, Gabriel Dropout! has got to be the most funniest and entertaining Anime of this season, wacky plot about JK angels and demons aside, the characters are the true charm of this show, each one perfectly compliments one another! The strict yet caring Vigne always nagging at Gab’s NEET ways, while the dorky future queen of hell Satania avoids becoming the plaything of the stalker who’s literally an angel, Raphiel! Let me be honest, I only picked up this show because of Satania, but I ended up falling in love with the wacky yet lovable personalities of the other characters and how every interaction they share no matter the scenario… 8/10, this show never ceases to make me laugh.

5. Konosuba S2 - I’ll be honest… I only kept watching Konosuba for Aqua’s booty, but hey Konosuba is and will always be an EXPLOSION!! of Anime comedy gold, good job DEEN 7.5/10

6. Kuzu no Honkai - This show sucks as much as Akane-sensei sucks, uh still a good show, showing how scummy humans can be (ECCHAN DID NOTHING WRONG) and also how lust affects relationships + “love.” 6.5/10, Hanabi sucks, so does Mugi and everyone else in this series (except twin tail girl and Ecchan), all of them are so scummy they make me feel better about myself.

7. Kobayashi-san chi no dragon maid - The Manga’s better, and even if I didn’t read the manga this adaption would still get 7.5/10 because Kyoani. Oh no, I’m so biased~~~ Yeah who cares, I’m an ass.

8. Idol Jihen - Too many cute idols, too much lack of good plot. 6/10

9. Urara Meirochou - 10/10, Anime of the year, best Anime ever made! You wanna know why? CAUSE BARE CUTE ANIME GIRL BELLIES!!!! (I swear this gets a 7/10 and this review is going down hill)

10. Seiren - Honestly if more doujins of this series are made 10/10, (Amagami ones will still be better tho) too bad this show is filled with too many weird fetishes and bad romance, 6/10

11. Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-bu - Downgraded version of Long Riders! The stereotypical American Anime girl is the only good thing in this show. 5/10

12. Demi-chan wa Kataritai - OK, let me say something… I like this more than Monster Musume, yes I know I have s**t taste but hey… I rather have more meaningful story than some hot monster girls who want to f**k some guy, 8.5/10

13. Masumune-Kun no Revenge - This is arguably a better revenge story than Phantom Pain, only problem is, Masamune is so blind with revenge he doesn’t pick the best girl. Hey Masamune, Let Aki end up with your fatty faker so you can have more AMAZING BOOB PRESS SCENES with Neko! 7.5/10

Oh, all you think Gabriel Dropout! or Demi-chan is my pick for “Best Anime of Winter 2016/2017″ eh? Well… TOO BAD, IT’S URARA, CAUSE BARE CUTE ANIME GIRL BELLIES!!

Best Anime ever made