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Please please please do not steal or repost other people’s content.

Whether it’s an edit, a gif, fanart, fanfiction, whatever it may be do not steal it or claim it as your own. Do not repost it without the creator’s permission, and giving credit without informing them that you reposted their content is not okay. If they see that you reposted their art without their permission (whether you gave credit or not) and they ask you to take it down, please do so.

Creators work very hard on their content to share with the community, it takes a lot of time and effort, so please be respectful.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if the content is stolen, especially for gifs and edits, but the easiest way to tell is by the signature. Most people put their username or signature in their content, usually in a corner in small writing or text so it doesn’t take up a lot of space. If you see that the username/signature in the content is different from the one that posted it, it’s likely that the content was reposted. You can also check the blog itself, it’s usually fairly easy to tell if it’s the original creator’s blog or if it’s someone that reposts other people’s work.

If you find that someone has reposted someone else’s content, do not reblog it. That only spreads the repost further for more people to see. Instead, you can send the person a message and politely tell them to take it down.

Creators work very hard to provide content for us, and I’m sure it must be hard for them to see their work reposted. Please be respectful, and do not steal, claim, or repost their content.

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is reposting and reblogging the same thing?? i'm so sorry if it is!!

((No, it isn’t! Reblogging is fine, I encourage that actually! Reblogging is just posting from the source, so people actually know it’s me who is producing the content. And that only applies to Tumblr, which is solely where I’m putting out the art. So reblogging is good! Very good, really good! It gives me more attention and I always love reading the tags you guys put on your reblogs they make me smile ^^

Reposting is when you save the images and post them on another site. Sometimes people don’t even give credit, which is the absolute worst because people can claim the art as their own even though it’s not. It’s basically art stealing.

I haven’t watermarked any of the art on here so far? Except maybe on a couple posts but I think I’m going to start doing that for every one now so people know that it’s MY art and maybe then they’ll feel less inclined to steal it from me, idk.))

For Wallace @starcatcherphan

Like/reblog don’t repost

I took it upon myself to do this for Wallace after them posting a text post early last month, since then I have been working on this most days to give them the best room drawing possible. May I also add that it was done on procreate on the 9.7inch iPad Pro.

I went for a very spacey feel to the room because Wallace wanted it to be white and black, and also keeping the record player they currently have in their room.

I’m so so proud of this because it’s so different to what I would usually do.

I really hope that you like this, and it’s similar to what you expected 💕💕💕


These orders were issued by the District Attorney. And the fact that she’s had it in for us ever since we started asking questions tells us we’re on the right track. Someone in the D.A.’s office wants you dead, Mr. Castle. And we’d like to know why. You let us take your case, we can soften your sentence and give you a shot. Maybe even find who’s responsible for what happened to you…We’re talking about your life, Mr. Castle. We can help you keep what’s left of it.
                                 Hmm, yeah. Kind of like what you did for Grotto, huh?

More TG Art Theft

A few friends and I have been noticing reposters cropping up more and more, and we’re not sure why but PLEASE PLEASE stop supporting them, guys.  The latest one I’ve noticed is @shira-san-ni, who is even blatantly reposting TG fandom famous artists WITH TUMBLR accounts like @azuma04 HERE, @xinorinrin HERE, and @jujuwanko HERE and HERE.  I apologize for making these unpleasant posts, but we have to stand up against this type of behavior by being careful to ONLY reblog from the artists themselves or people clearly reposting with permission.  For the artists I’ve mentioned, and others that this and other art thieves have stolen from, I do know that Tumblr is very good about taking down these reposts when contacted by the artists themselves.  I’d appreciate a signal boost for anyone who wants to support our wonderful fandom artists and also keep this fandom healthy and respectful.  Have a good night, everyone!

After all the time I promised to make icons of Teen Wolf (maybe 3 or 4 months ago) here it go 621 colorful icons of Teen Wolf 3A [per episode] by artjunkpsds! I have been thinking a lot and I decide to give you'll a vote of confidence and I'm posting them as "photo" so you can click on "read more" and see, save (or whatever)my icons BUT I'm only asking somethings in return: don't modify or use it as a base for a more elaborated icon, don't repost or claim ANY of them as yours (as you can see 621 icons takes a lot of time to be made), credit me if someone asks and please, like or reblog this post if you save/use any. If you don't want to do this at least leave a message at my askbox saying that you saved one or some. 

  • Like or reblog if you save and enjoy it.^◡^.

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People in the Naruto fandom, please DO NOT reblog from guru13m. This tumblr user has been stealing and reposting gifs/graphics, which are made by other graphic makers. ALL of their posts are reposts, so please, if you ever see “guru13m” as the source for any gifs, don’t reblog. I have tried to message them, but they have decided to close their ask box. They have not only reposted some of my gifsets, but also some of my friends’ edits as well. This is NOT ok at all, if you make gifs or edits, then you know how much hard work goes into it. REPOSTING IS NEVER OK. So please help me spread the word about tumblr user “guru13m”.