and please don't kill me over the present


happy belated birthday aish!!!

woo, i totally win the most belated birthday presents ever made award. and the latest message reply rate award. lol, i actually feel embarrassed to give you this as a gift because you’re like the ps queen (did you see the crown on your name- get it, get it?!! lol). i hope you had an amazing, wonderful, fantabulous birthday with all the best things in the world. you are seriously one of the most sweetest, funniest, most talented people on here. legit. and your messages are the bestest. i always giggle when i read them. i don’t know whether it’s because the content is genuinely funny or because i have to stare at the messages intently  for like 5 minutes solid  just to decipher them. also never stop being amazing because i don’t think life would be the same without your A+++ personality nor would tumblr be the same without your A+++ editing skills. so i hope you accept this humble offering from this loyal subject, your highness :P i love you <33

lots of love,
catherine xx