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I heard something that said the only way to avoid something being tagged automatically is by putting slashes through it, like et///han or jackse**pticeye I'm not sure how true this is, but if it helps, it helps! I love you and your art btw

Oh yeah, and like, i did that once for something that I wrote Ma/rk, Ma/tt and Ry//an only because I knew their names might be searched together

but if I just write Ethan…theres like a million Ethans. Ethan is not going to just search “Ethan” and come across my ship art. If i wanted to write cran//kgameplays thats another thing.  Same thing goes for like just Jack.

If I’m feeling extra nervous, ill do it, but its really surprising that as a youtuber shipping fandom, we all haven’t come up with a UNIVERSAL tag for either NSFW or things involving youtuber shipping

like, i think everyone should totally use Lewdtubers for NSFW but hey, I don’t think my blog is big enough to spread that one around. The ships have their names, but I mean more like how a lot of people use Smol green bean for jack. Like every youtuber having their own code tag :D that way everyone can find eachother without it EVER touching the boys.

i keep finding myself wondering what inverted alec and magnus are doing. is magnus playing hard to get? or are they together, and magnus is having a hard time hiding the fact that he’s a warlock from mundane alec? how would inverted alec react to finding out? petition for a this world inverted part 2 so i can find out what alternate universe malec is doing

finally had some time to play Awakening so doodled my two favorites: Grumpy Thief Boy and Perky Dead Girl


Based off your response to an anon’s sad Viktuuri breakup!AU. Felt the call to write it, so I did… this is the result of 30 minutes, with little editing! :)

Viktor set the mop against the wall and wiped his forehead. Yuuri had decided it was the perfect day for some spring cleaning, and had woken Viktor up by throwing a wet sponge at his head. Apparently, ten AM was too late to sleep in, but Viktor couldn’t stay grumpy for long, especially since Yuuri was wearing Viktor’s striped shirt and looked completely adorable.

Yuuri poked his head out from the kitchen. “You almost done?”

He’d barely reached the bathroom. “Uh, almost.”

“Hmm, okay.” Yuuri’s head disappeared for a moment, and Viktor picked the mop up again.

“We can take a break in a few minutes and get some lunch,” Yuuri said. “Were you thinking of anything in particular?”

“Mm, you sound pretty good,” Viktor said, grinning and winking.

Yuuri flushed, and Viktor’s grin widened. He turned away, satisfied with himself, and was dismayed to realize that the floor was wet and his cashmere socks had no purchase on the slippery wood.

Makkachin bounded from the living room and began attacking his face with kisses, adding insult to injury, as Makka’s kisses made it relatively difficult to breathe without eating slobber.

“Viktor!” Yuuri yelled. “Are you okay?”

“Mission failed,” Viktor muttered, shoving Makkachin away. “Abort. Abort.”

“I heard something- oh.” Yuuri appeared at his elbow. “Did you slip?”

“No, I attacked the floor with my butt.”

“Oh, really?” Yuuri was clearly holding back a smile.

“What can I say? I’m talented,” Viktor said. He sat up and winced.

“Are you okay, though?” Yuuri stood and offered Viktor his hand, hauling him to his feet.

“I’ll be fine when I get lunch,” Viktor said, and in an attempt to save his pride he snaked an arm around Yuuri’s waist. “So, are you on the menu?”

“Good question,” said Yuuri. “I’ll answer it… when you finish mopping the hall.”

“Nooo!” Viktor cried, and Yuuri laughed, disappearing back into the kitchen.


introducing your brand new ot3: lunavicwood

an imp and her wolf




This is an AU where Yuu basically lost a bet to Shinoa (and Kimizuki), so now they’re pressuring him to make a not-so-yuu-chan-move on this one hot waiter, Mika, who’s been ogling him for the past 2 weeks….So Shinoa gives him some really helpful tips!! :-)

Thank you so much for being so patient with my delayed art trade, @laffforever​!!! This was really fun to make, and your part of the trade still brings me to tears but I hope you like this!!

(shout out to @mika-yuu for giving me the gay/great scene idea…it made me laugh for days)


If I want to see someone, I want to see them, and if I don’t, then I don’t. My friends are always telling me I have to play hard to get because I’ll pretty much say to a guy, ‘I like you - let’s go hang out.’ But my friends are like, 'You can’t do that! You have to string this guy along.’ And I’m just like, 'No! I won’t! I just want to go on the date!’ It’s a nightmare - I definitely haven’t figured it out yet.


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♢ Jin loves girls who play hard to get, and that makes you just his type.

Word Count:5.5k

Genre: Smut

           “I wish you didn’t have to go so soon,” Jin whined as his girlfriend got up to leave, tugging on her hand as she stood up, as if he actually wanted her to stay. You watched as you ate your cereal, wondering how you were able to witness them together without gagging.

           Nayeon was a beautiful girl, no doubt, and as far as you knew, very smart. But no matter how smart she was, she didn’t manage to see through Jin. After years of practice he perfected his little act to a T, shamelessly using it against all girls that walked his way.

           “I can come back later tonight if you want,” she offered as she grabbed her purse, Jin close behind her as he led her out. Her voice was suggestive and soft and you were unable to help your grimace as you realized you might have to spend another night with your earbuds crammed into your head in order to avoid hearing them.

           “I’d love if you could baby but you know I have to study for my chem final,” he lied, his excuse flowing smoothly from his lips. You rolled your eyes, one hundred percent sure he had never studied in his life. Normally he didn’t pass up an opportunity to bang unless he already had someone waiting on the side lines, which you assumed is exactly what was happening here.    

           “Ah okay then, I’ll text you later,” she said as she waved a goodbye to you, pretending you hadn’t been staring at them the whole time.

           “Love you,” she purred as she went up on her tippy toes to kiss him, cupping his cheek in her palm.

           “Love you more.”

           Okay, now you were for sure going to gag.

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