and plays a father who makes bad decisions

Differences (Final)

And the last part is finally here. Sorry for the SUPER long wait, omg. I was just busy with school and life and since summer vacation had just begun (thank god), I thought I put this series to rest with a total of five parts.:’) Thank you all for being patient and anticipating the next part of this scenario. So, enjoy! ((I also apologize in advance for the cliche ending but hey, it’s like a fairytale and fairytales have happy endings.haha))

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 

Jimin sat on the steps, a foot away from his father. His eyes were dark, but radiated a gentle warmth from them. He took a deep breath and turned to Jimin, the boy taking a gulp as he tried his best to hold his father’s gaze. Jimin’s father had committed some crimes in the past when he was a young boy. He made the wrong decisions, almost waged on war, and even tempted to make the kingdom under a dictatorship. But luckily, his father changed for the better once he realized how different Jimin was; how he was something far more than he could comprehend. He knew he couldn’t act as a “bad” man in front of his son who was seen as the change of the entire kingdom.

“Your mother talked to me about your…crush,” he began, Jimin feeling his soul being dragged out of his body. He stayed quiet. His father played with his wrist watch, watching the hands tick away, Jimin wondering if his father is going to further extend his words.

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The Story Within the Stories of S1

So this is kinda long but I included pics! Have fun after the cut!

So yesterday I had gotten through like 60% of writing a Cliffs Note version of all of S1 and things I didn’t notice the first time regarding Rucaya….when my computer crashed -____-

Just thinking about writing that all over again makes my wrists hurt, so for now I am going to write more detailed on a particular set of S1 episodes because these are the eps where I had the most “oh wow how did I not notice that the first time” moments.

Okay so the following 5 episodes are pretty much consecutive in production order (Farkle’s Choice [110] and Popularity [111] are technically between Friendship and Maya’s Mother but I excluded them since Lucas is not in those episodes). I put the production codes in parentheses and their airing order in brackets so you can see the difference:

1. GM Father (106) [S1E4]
2. GM Crazy Hat  (107) [S1E10]
3. GM Terror (108) [S1E11]
4. GM Friendship  (109) [S1E14]
5. GM Maya’s Mother (112) [S1E7]

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Ok, Swanfire is good, and Swan Queen is good, but tbh the ultimate OT3 has always been Swanfire Queen, don’t deny.

Emma and Regina both being wary at first – Emma because of her past with Neal, and Regina because she’s worried he’ll try to take Henry away from her.

Henry being absolutely OVER THE MOON about his dad hanging out with him, and coming up with Operation Peacock to try and get his moms to like his dad too.

Neal still knowing Emma’s tastes in food and catering to them, but then running to Henry because he has no idea what Regina likes and he really wants to make a good impression.

Regina and Neal backing each other up in sass-offs with Gold.

Neal completely explaining himself and apologizing, talking through his feelings with Emma, who has Regina there as backup.

Regina on a coffee date with Emma, trying the cinnamon-hot-chocolate thing that Emma and Henry seem to like so much, and just muttering “we can keep him if you want” completely without preamble.

Emma still being unsure, because she doesn’t want to choose anyone over Regina, and her heart still hasn’t mended completely.

The two of them going to pick up Henry, who is playing with his father, and seeing just how in love Neal is with his boy. Overhearing Henry ask about him staying with them, and Neal’s response that it depends on what Emma and Regina decide, because they’ve known Henry longer and Neal broke Emma’s trust a long time ago – he made a bad decision because he was afraid, and he needs to make up for that. Then Regina squeezing Emma’s hand and Emma squeezing back and well, that’s it, they’re going to keep him.

Emma and Regina flanking Neal when he goes to speak to his father.

Emma and Neal as moral support when Regina apologizes to Belle for holding her captive and seeing her as leverage against Rumplestiltskin instead of her own person.

Belle eventually adopting all of them as her in-laws, and all of them being fiercely protective of her, especially Neal.

Regina making her famous lasagna, Emma grinning at Neal and telling him “just wait, you’ll never want to eat anything else after you try it”. Neal insisting after the first bite that he would do “mostly anything” (as per his years with the Dark One as his father) for seconds.

Christmas dinner, with ALL the extended relatives, and Regina freaking out about seating arrangements, and wanting everything to be perfect. Emma and Neal teaming up to threaten their guests into good behavior for her. Regina finding out and being half-proud and half-exasperated. Henry telling them all he doesn’t even need presents (although he does appreciate them and hey, that box has his name on it already so no take-backsies) because seeing all his parents happy together makes him the happiest he could be.