and play pets all day

Signs as stimulants

Aries: Sports

Taurus: Going to a concert and feeling the beat drop

Gemini: Having someone listen while you talk

Cancer: any type of movie

Leo: shopping

Virgo: Walking on the beach in your bare feet

Libra: playing with pets

Scorpio: sex. (Duh)

Sagittarius: Playing video games all day

Capricorn: Taking a shower and then laying in bed

Aquarius: Learning something new

Pisces: Smoking weed and listening to music

maybe a poem about a kitty - the alternative - cryptic reality - wake up not early at all - sweet mews greet the day - praise pet play

anonymous asked:

psst do you roleplay on this blog or is it not really for that and you only rp elsewhere

nah dude this is just my personal blog!!
i do most of my rping on the @gloomversediscord chat haha - i’ve been toying with the idea of opening a rp blog for fresh but i’m not sure how that would turn out?
but yep yep though hope that answers your question !!!

Cashmere ties & Diamond Collars


Sipping coffee in the secluded parlor of the buy house Marcus waited as his extensive list of paper work he had just filled out was processed, cataloged, and reviewed. He knew this process was going to take a while, but really this was getting ridiculous.

All he wanted to do was buy a pet. He didn’t think it would be that hard. Owning pets was fairly common, especially in his tax bracket, and he didn’t think his requests for aesthetics was that high.

One that was obedient, liked males. Not to sound judgmental but not a rolly-polly pet, though he was sure someone liked them fat. He wanted a pet that wasn’t especially thin but clearly athletic enough to keep up with him when he did want to play. One that hadn’t had several owners. He wanted a pet for enjoyment in his time off from his busy life and didn’t want to spend the first however months of ownership retraining or untraining bad habits out of one. Also, again not to be judgmental, but he didn’t want someone’s cast off pet; they were usually always trouble.

His seemingly endless fraught of waiting finally ended when his liaison girl did return (for a moment he had thought he’d been forgotten) with a smile and took her seat across from him again. “Thank you for waiting. Your application and everything has returned back positive, and our establishment has agreed to sell to you.”

‘Of course you have.’ He was rich. With a great job and strong family background. Of course they would sell to him. But, since they are playing this game, Marcus smiled and nodded, “well that’s good news.”

“As per your request sheet I have taken the liberty of making some selections.” The woman clapped her hands, and the door opened again, and a gaggle of different pets file in. “Feel free to have a closer look, to make sure your making the right selection. If none of these suit then we can try to get something more to your vision. We want you to have the perfect pet after all.”

“Well I can certainly play this game all day.” Marcus replied with a smirk as he stood up and walked over to the line of scantily clad boys, all slated to be his future pet.

The signs on a Saturday morning

Aries- Wakes up to go to work
Taurus- Probably still out partying tbh
Gemini- Never awake in the morning
Cancer- Probably in trouble somewhere already
Sagittarius- Playing their guitar
Libra- At their friends house scavenging the fridge
Capricorn- Playing with their pets until they have to do something… Could be all day
Leo- Straight to video games as soon as they open an eye
Virgo- Libras friend (and still sleeping)
Scorpio- Hungover.. Wakes up to check the time and goes right back to sleep
Aquarius- Straight to the shower
Pisces- Always has a temper tantrum at the smallest things when they wake up

How the signs deal with stress

Aries: an Aries need to have an action in order to relive stress maybe practice their hobbies, walking outside or maybe hanging out with their friends.
Taurus: They either take long nap or eat some cookies or some dessert.
Gemini: Gemini people get stress out pretty easily too they usually take break and text people they are close to.
Cancer: You. Just. Have. To. Listen. To. Them. I swear it helps 90%.
Leo: these people can’t deal with it. Bad mood bad temper. They usually caught in fight with their closed ones. (Don’t worry after conflicts they feel better)
Virgo: oh my god. They. Can’t. They need someone to sit with them. Seriously don’t leave a stressed Virgo alone.
Libra: these people usually read something, sit home with their pets playing with them OR cry all day.
Scorpio: they sit alone think and think, they just need someone they trust to talk to they usually smoke or swear loudly
Sagittarius: they’ll be outside maybe walking around or ride their cars
Capricorn: they just keep themselves busy.
Aquarius: they usually sit alone listen to music that matches their mood probably shouts things out.
Pisces: they will probably rest their heads. doodle/painting/drawing or maybe playing some music.

(Check Sun/Moon/Rising)

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Sometimes I get really sad

Because I can’t just pet cats and play video games all day and I have to put on a bra and real pants sometimes and nutrition information is only for one pop tart and there are never enough bed-based activities and I never seem to wear sensible shoes and life is expensive and even though I never wanted to be a princess is there really any harm in dressing the part and why can’t legs just shave themselves and why should I have to pay for something I hate (lookin’ at you gym membership) and how am I old enough to hurt my back coughing and why can’t I just be the boss of me and 99% of the time I relate most to the hermit