and play jump rope with her


lol get rekt maki-chan

based on an experience of mine with my relative’s son. he was playing around with my old toys when he asked for a hug and as i let him go i didn’t notice my whole body was practically wrapped with a jumping rope.

kids are scary


local nerd gets beaten by three kids how humiliating

i always imagined the little kids liking maki a lot because nico smiles more when she’s around and she’s aaaaalways fun to mess with (they have the same mischievousness as their older sister)

ps: i finally drew them kissing it’s so shameful nico had to stand by her tiptoes to gib her a kiss

It’s the first warm day of the year when El discovers skipping. Hopper is driving her to the Wheeler’s house to spend time with her friends on a Thursday afternoon over the March break. Her face is pressed up against the cool glass of the car window, never tiring of the sights of Hawkins as they fly past. When they turn on to Cherry Street, El sees three little girls, slightly older than Holly, all in pastel coloured dresses, playing on a driveway. Two of the girls stand several feet apart, a long and thin red rope stretched out between them. They are moving it in large, circular motions while the third girl jumps over it with skill that impresses El. 

“Jim,” she peels her eyes away from the scene and looks at her adoptive father. “What is that?" 

"It’s called skipping,” Jim tells her, briefly glancing in the direction she had been looking, “It’s a game kids play.” He doesn’t add that he had also played that game in a past life; his life with Sarah. “What are you thinking, kiddo?” Jim asks, noticing how El glances wistfully at her hands, folded in her lap, before returning her gaze to outside. 

“Fun,” El whispers. And Jim makes a mental note to buy a skipping rope after El is safely dropped off with the Wheelers. 

El is the first friend to ring on the Wheeler’s doorbell that afternoon and Nancy is the one to answer it, her hair tied back in a green ribbon. She greets El with a warm smile and a strong hug. 

“Nancy, do you know skipping?” El asks—a response to Nancy’s own question asking El how her day had been. For a moment, the older girl’s face scrunches up in confusion, but a light quickly goes off in her eyes.  

“Skipping with a rope?” Nancy clarifies and is satisfied by her correct guess when El nods. 

“Yeah,” Nancy nods, “Have you never tried it before? Not with Max?” El shakes her head. Max was teaching her how to ride a skateboard—an activity she was greatly enjoying—though she wondered vaguely why her red-haired friend had never mentioned skipping. Maybe it was not something that tomboys—that was what Max sometimes called herself—liked to do. On the spot, El decides to ask Max about skipping as well, and, also that she won’t be upset if Max were to tell her that she doesn’t like skipping.  

“Okay,” Nancy continues, “Come with me.” She takes El’s hand and leads her to the garage, pausing briefly to holler up the stairs, in the direction of the bedrooms, for Mike to come down. There’s no noise indicating movement until Nancy adds, her voice slightly louder, “El’s here!” Immediately, El hears rustling as Mike comes scrambling down the stairs, skidding to a halt just in front of her and Nancy, whispering a red-faced “Hey El. You look nice.” 

Hiding her smirk, Nancy leads both thirteen-year-olds outside and onto the driveway, grabbing a sparkly blue skipping rope as they wind their way through the garage, slinking in between the car and Ted’s tools.

“What’s going on?” Mike asks as Nancy hands him one handle of the skipping rope, unwinding it as she walks to the opposite side of the driveway.

“El’s never skipped before,” Nancy hands El, who hasn’t left her side, the other handle. “We’ll start with you holding the rope, El,” Nancy suggests, “I’ll show you how to jump, then you can try? Sound good?”

“Yes,” El replies, watching as Mike begins to rotate his arm, waving to El with his free hand, an encouraging smile on his face. El mimics his actions and waves back before her eyes fall, mesmerized, on Nancy, who jumps over the rope every time it nears her feet. Shortly after, she and Nancy switch places and El takes her spot in between Mike and Nancy, jumping each time the rope makes contact with the pavement of the driveway, encouraged by the cheers of the Wheeler siblings that indicate her success.

This is how Lucas and Max find them, twenty minutes later, as they walk up the driveway. El then learns, as Max leaps in next to her and hops on one foot over the rope, that more than one person can skip at a time. 

Haikyuu!! Characters React To: Natsu.
  • Requested By: Anonymous.
  • -
  • Karasuno:
  • Sugawara: Look Daichi, it's a tiny ball of innocence!
  • Daichi: Very true, she's like.. An even mini-er-Hinata.
  • Tsukishima: Is that even possible without being a midget?
  • Yamaguchi: Tsuki.. She's six.
  • Asahi: S-She's so tiny.. I hope I don't accidentally crush her..
  • Kageyama: So.. Small.. Like.. A puppy.. But, puppies don't like me.. Why.. Is she.. Laying on me.. Clearly, not a puppy. Right? Oh wait, there's some drool, so, half puppy?
  • -
  • Nekoma:
  • Kuroo: *Shakes* I-It's a child-
  • Kenma: Kuroo, you're scaring her.
  • Yaku: His eyes are sparkling..
  • Lev: Kid! *Dives at*
  • Yaku: LEV NO-
  • Yamamoto: What? You wanna fight? WAIT, DON'T CRY!
  • Kuroo: YOU MADE HER CRY!
  • Kenma: Just, let me have the child..
  • Kuroo: You're actually.. Good.. With children.
  • Kenma: Do not look at me like that.
  • Yaku: Too late.
  • -
  • Aobajousai:
  • Oikawa: Something.. Cuter.. Than me...
  • Iwaizumi: You are correct, by a mile.
  • Hanamaki: I wonder if I have enough time to tell her some good dick jokes..
  • Matsukawa: What? They better be short ones, so just tell the ones about Oikawa's penis.
  • Hanamaki: True.
  • Matsukawa: I have no idea what you're talking about, we're excellent with children.
  • Iwaizumi: Yeah sure, and I don't want to push Oikawa off a cliff.
  • Hanamaki: *Whistle* So romantic.
  • Matsukawa: Shh not around the child.
  • Oikawa: I JUST- I HATE YOU ALL.
  • Bonus:
  • Natsu: So.. This is what Nii-chan meant about crazy people.
  • Hinata: I-I don't think I'm letting you around them ever again.
Fallout HC

Courier finds a saxophone in perfect condition and plays it. They turn out to be really good at it, playing jazz that makes the Mojave quiet. 
Sole teaches some children how to play “jump-rope.” 

Lone and Sole talk about baseball and wonder if they should play  a game together.  

Courier and Hancock play “rock-paper-scissors” to decide on little issues. (Like who’s gonna eat the last bag of chips.) 

Lone and Piper have a long chat together, understanding that they’re related. Piper is busy clinging onto their arm and snuggling into them. Lone feels like a family again. 

Charon actually likes Curie. Has a little crush, so he listens to her talk about her research.  

Boone and MacCready argue who’s a better shot. 

Cait and Cass walk around the Mojave drunk, singing songs.

This is the bento box for the sport festival of my daughter’s school. She took part in an obstacle race, tug of war and long rope jumping with 32 her classmates. I could anticipate easily that she would be extremely tired and hungry at lunch time as she is a member of science club at school and doesn’t usually play any sports. So I prepared her favorite food only for lunch, Karaage ( deep-fried chicken), grilled pumpkins with cheese, thick omelette, broccoli & cherry tomato (her favorite vegetables), and grapes.

((I swear to god once I find a FC for tiny!Maria I will unleash her lmfao

She was so irritating. I love her. XD

Of course she didn’t mean to be. She just wouldn’t shut up and wanted to be the center of attention and she wanted to lead all activities

Like she was your best friend until you wanted to play with the jump rope first or something, like bitch did you hit your head?

She actually got into a few altercations in grade school because of this lol like no joke.

The teacher pulled them aside like

“What happened?”

And before the other can get a word in–


things from my childhood I think about a lot
  • every day during recess we’d hold weddings
  • I started a gang called The Ducks that consisted of my friend, Chickie, her boyfriend, The Rooster, and me, Little Quack
  • I’d eat rocks to establish my dominance as I was a really small kid, eventually I became known as Survivor Girl and was going to win our school a million dollars by being on the show
  • I found a tiny grape and decided to keep it and watch it grow, so I put it on my windowsill and woke up to it being a raisin. It took years be able to eat a grape or raisin
  • my friend dated a tree and honestly it was my favourite of all her boyfriends
  • I got my head stuck in a fence
  • I opened an umbrella on a windy day and got lifted a foot into the air and started flying down the playground until my friends grabbed me
  • and my favourite; we held a grade six talent show and I convinced a (male) friend of mine to be Hannah Montana and the whole school thought I had actually gotten Hannah Montana to come to our school, so my friends and I played on it. The talent show came and he had his handmade dress, wig and makeup on (and for some reason he brought a motor cross glove, just one, to wear) and at the end of the show he performed with us as background dancers in Halloween costumes and then ripped off the wig saying “I’m not Hannah Montana, I’m Miley Cyrus” and I’ve never laughed harder or seen more little children cry
  • bonus: we only had eye shadow for makeup so we used it for everything, eyes, blush and lipstick, but we didn’t bring makeup remover so he had to wear the makeup for the rest of the school day, but the eye shadow was cheap and stained his lips from being on too long and his lips stayed purple for a few days
Bringing up Baby (1938) Susan Vance [ENTP]

UNOFFICIAL TYPING by mysterylover123 

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Susan basically just takes up whatever new ideas come her way. She jumps into situations and comes up with increasingly wild ways around them. She’s interested in keeping David from getting married, and just keeps improvising new ways to waste his time. She’s very creative and imaginative, and enjoys putting up fronts. She likes imitating other people, playing the role of a cynical bank robber, and is not very observant of her environment, often getting into trouble by not noticing her own torn panties or not gauging the leopard she’s roped isn’t her own.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Susan’s behavior is wacky, but always logical. She knows what solutions work to solve problems and will employ them regardless of how ridiculous they seem. She always comes up with logical ways to continue delaying David’s marriage, and is usually confident that she can solve any dilemma that comes their way.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Susan wants to be liked and to get along with people; she quickly adapts to what she thinks will please them, and is very forward with her feelings on most subjects. She wants David to like her, and breaks down in front of him when she thinks he doesn’t.

Introverted Sensing (Si): She likes her old sentimental home, keeps the leopard her brother bought her despite its impracticality, and remembers all the lyrics by heart to “I can’t give you anything but love”. When it comes to details in general, she’s scatterbrained and has a poor memory. 

       A few days more, the caves were finally left behind and the pair found themselves at the iron wrought gates of a bustling kingdom. Walls white, and homes small, a stature of a longly dead but highly revered king stands in the middle of a square, children playing with their wooden toys. Little girls jump rope at the mouth of a market place, their mother calling for the ears of potential customers. 


      Freya would never believe to have missed these walls so dearly, even though they are not her own, but her friend, the Queen Garnet til Alexandros; and their newest monarch, King Zidane Tribal. Freya had insisted to stay at a nearby inn, but to her surprise, she finds an old friend chasing at the heels of two spritely delinquents. 

    Captain Steiner of the Knights of Pluto had choked to find the Lady Freya laughing at his usual clumsiness to uphold the law, but even more so to find her alive and well; and still more so to find her engaged to a human he’s never seen the like of. 

       “Come stay at the castle! It would do the royal family well to see you as well! We were all worried!”

    She comes to agree, a new eagerness in her eyes when she turns to Tsumugu. You shall meet the greatest moron Ive had the honor to befriend and the woman which inspires me to envy!”    

   Guest rooms vibrant with gossamer stand on two sides of the hallway, one which Freya is quite familiar with, whereas she is more than certain Tsumugu is a bit overwhelmed by the large window overlooking the moat and the kingdom in the distance; A bed canopied by beige gossamer, a carpet of an animal similar to a lion lays on the floor in front of a fireplace with an ivory couch.

    “Once the royal couple return from their meeting, I shall inform them of your presence, but their orders insist that upon the time you were to ever return from your absence, you will be given only the best. That includes your… friend.” The maid bows, before quickly walking away. She never realized just how missed she was, rather dazed when the maid disappears down the hallway.

   But she smiles now while leaning against the doorframe, watching her betrothed. 

This would suit a honeymoon more than a return. Is that what you are thinking?”  


During our skype date
  • Me: aside from all the other ways 50 Shades makes me mad, I hate that they refer to the room they use for the sexings as the "playroom". Like. When i hear playroom I think of pool tables and beanbag chairs. Not nonconsensual abuse. When he says "meet me in the playroom" they can go in and play hot wheels or something
  • Elsa: playroom makes me think of megablocks
  • Me: yeah and instead of a red sofa they can have that rug with all the streets and cars on it. And instead of the scene where he ties her up and whips her six times, he can tie her up with jump ropes and tickle her with an oversized feather six times.
  • Elsa: how do you tickle someone six times?
  • Me: well back and forth is equivalent to one tickle. And instead of crying out in pain she has tears of laughter from the tickling. But she still gets mad and says "does this give you pleasure?"
  • Elsa: that sounds like a much better movie