and play jump rope with her


You hosting a yard sale? I just figured while we’re stuck here I may as well work out which stuff to keep and which to donate. Listen I found Hope exploring the rubbish in the attic. She’s restless. She’s not restless. She’s bored. Most kids her age would be at school, they’d have friends to play with. Well, once Freya teaches her to hone her magic she’ll be powerful beyond measure. She won’t need friends. She’ll be worshiped. She doesn’t want to be worshiped. She just wants someone to hold the other end of the jump rope. She’ll be above such things. She will have power enough to protect herself from anything. We won’t have to trap her in bloody boundary spells just to keep her safe.

To The End of Time

SPN FanFic

~Dean picks up the pieces after a devastating accident~

Dean x Reader, Sam

2,600 Words

Warnings: Angst. Death. Blood. Implied Sexual Activity. Mostly just Dean Angst.

A/N: This is my entry for @butiaintgonnaloveem Baby’s Big 50 Writing Challenge! My song prompt was Meatloaf’s ‘Paradise By The Dashboard Light’. I went in a totally different direction than I had originally planned, I hope you like it… 

For the first two days he did nothing. Bruised and concussed, Dean sat on a stool in the garage staring at the wreckage.

Sam checked on him every few hours. He brought him food at mealtimes and cold beers now and then that sat at his feet untouched. He didn’t bother him; Dean was grieving. Sam had seen it before, but this time it was worse. He didn’t speak, refused to look up when Sam entered the room. Gone was the brave front, the placations that so often peppered the elder Winchester’s vocabulary. He wasn’t fine, so he didn’t say it. Sam kept a watchful eye, but he left Dean alone to do what he had to do.

On the evening of the second day, Dean got up; he legs protested with the sudden movement and his muscles twitched, reminding him with each step of the trauma. He ignored the pain and set to work, silently walking around his Baby, deciding where best to start. His hands passed over the hood, dipping into the fresh dents; his fingers catching on the mangled metal that stuck out at odd angles.

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You’re The Brightest Light I’ve Ever Seen Tate Langdon x Reader

Words: 2,108

Description: You move into the murder house after some unfortunate event occurred

Request: Anonymous:  Thought this might be interesting, but the reader has a power that if she touches another living person they die. Which has caused her to cut off everyone in fear of killing them. Till one day her parents allow her to live alone in the murder house to keep everyone safe from her. She ends up getting really close with Tate and instead of being the darkness, he becomes the ‘light’ in her world. Since he is all she has in her small world.

Author’s Note: I apologize so much for not being active! I promise to make it up to all 431 followers!!! Thank you so much! I love you guys XOXO


          I was eight years old. I was so young and innocent to have this curse on my shoulders. I was playing on the playground with my two best friends. A big thunderstorm rolled in out of nowhere. We were jumping rope and writing with chalk on the sidewalk. It rained. It poured. I didn’t understand why it didn’t affect my friends. They were with me. They got soaked. The storm quickly passed over. We were kids, we didn’t run off when the rain came, we played in the rain instead. I walked over to my friends so that we could come up with our secret friendship handshake. It all happened so fast. They were on the ground. Their bodies lifeless. Then the sirens came. I watched as two men came and dragged their bodies off. I stood there speechless. The paramedic came over.

           “Sweetheart, do you know what happened here?” He asked crouching down. I looked down not knowing how to answer. I looked up at him and told him what happened.

           “I just touched them. It’s all my fault they’re gone.” I paused realizing what had happened, what I had done. “IT’S MY FAULT!” I screamed. The man tried to reach over to comfort me but I stopped him.  “Don’t touch me. I’ll just hurt you.” I said crying. 

           “You didn’t kill them. You can’t hurt me. It’s all alri..” The man stopped. He died. He reached over and touched my shoulder. Another person I had killed. I needed to get away. A couple minutes later my mom and dad came. I was surrounded by police officers.

           “Let us through, that’s our daughter.” My mom and dad said, “Sweetheart, it’s okay.” My mother reached over and hugged me. She was unaffected. She helped me up and took me to the car. I opened the backseat door and buckled myself in. My parents then got in. The car ride was silent. It was so silent you could hear a pin drop. A few minutes later we arrived home. I got out and ran to the unlocked door. I ran to my room, slamming the door.

          “Sweetheart may we come in?” My mom said as she knocked. I didn’t answer but they came in anyways. “We have something to tell you (Y/N).” my mom said as she sat next to me on the bed.

          “Is it answers on why I seem to kill everything I touch except for you guys? If so then continue.” I said.

           “It is answers. (Y/N), you have powers. It is passed on to you from us. It doesn’t affect us because we have it as well. You get powers by a storm passing and raining on you. We tried to protect you because we didn’t want you to have this curse. I’m so sorry baby.” my mom said.

            “That’s all I needed. Now get out. My friends are dead, I need some time to myself if you don’t mind.” I said. 

             “Of course. Take as much time as you need.” My dad said as they both left.

          That is how I found out I had powers and an even more unsteady path down my life.


          Ever since that day I have been home schooled. I am now sixteen and I have not left my property since that awful day. Mom thought that if I stayed away from people then maybe the curse would go away. I was going to test that theory. I had met a boy when I was twelve who newly moved in next door. We would play from our backyards. I will say that he has grown up quite nicely and he was taking me on a date to a movie theater. I was excited. He was coming to pick me up at six and it was four. I got up and went to take a shower. After the shower I got dressed and waited. A knock then soon came. I leaped off the couch and opened the door.

          “Hi Jacob!” I said. He had blue eyes and brown hair. He was dressed in a blue dress shirt and black pants.

          “Are you ready?” Jacob asked. I shook my head vigorously. He offered me his arm but I declined not wanting to hurt him. He opened the door to his truck letting me in first. It was a smooth drive to the movie theater. “Do you want anything? Soda? Popcorn? Candy?” He asked.

           “I’m fine thank you.” He got what he wanted then handed our tickets to the man. 

          “How to Live Life, number seven on the left. Enjoy your movie.” The man said with a sarcastic voice.

           “Jeez someone doesn’t like their job!” I said as we both laughed. We arrived at the doors and he opened the doors and let me chose where we were going to sit. 

            “I can’t wait to watch this movie! I heard it’s supposed to be really good!” Jacob said.

            “Yeah same!” The lights soon dimmed and the movie began. I was keeping to myself keeping aware of where my hands were so I didn’t hurt him. The movie ended and he drove me home. He walked me to my front door.

           “I had a really good time tonight.” Jacob said.

           “I did too.” I said as I smiled. We stood there awkwardly for a minute just staring at each other. He leaned in and I didn’t stop him our lips collided and then all of a sudden he drops.

           “JACOB?!” I scream as I back away. I banged on my door. My parents opened it and grabbed me and pulled me inside. “What do I do?” I ask.

          “You go into your room (Y/N) and stay there.” my mom said as I rushed to my room.

       It was too late Jacob died and it was my fault. That day was when I realized that this would never go away. My parents had a plan and that when I turned eighteen I would move to a house by myself called Murder House. It was perfect and I couldn’t wait until that day would come.


        It was moving day and I couldn’t wait. I just wanted to get away from everyone so that I could no longer hurt them. It was a long drive to Murder House, but I didn’t mind. It was worth it in the end.

       After an hour we arrived. I quickly got out of the moving truck and unlatched the back of the truck. I picked up the first five boxes I see. My mom comes out and laughs as she sees how eager I am to move in and be on my own. 

“Careful sweetie. You don’t want to hurt yourself.” My mom says as she laughs. She grabs the top two boxes off the top and helps me.

I unlock the door and take in my surroundings. The house is so beautiful that I had to pinch myself to make sure it was real. I went upstairs and picked out my bedroom. I let out a sigh and breathed it all in. I went downstairs to finish unloading.

After four hours I was finally settled in and I had said goodbye to my parents. I went into the living room and sat down on the couch turning on the television. I just watched the first thing that was on and didn’t think much about it. A couple minutes after I just got comfortable, the doorbell rang. I groaned as I got up and went to the door. I opened it and was met with very dark brown eyes.

“Hi, I’m Tate Langdon, your neighbor. I saw you move in and figured I would say hello.” Tate said. He held out his hand and I just stared at it for a little bit.

“Sorry, I’m a huge germophobe. Anyways, I’m (Y/N),” I said as I smiled at him.

“Beautiful name for a beautiful girl.” Tate said. I blushed furiously and looked down but then looked up with a smirk.

“I bet you say that to all the girls.” I say.

“Only on the special ones, and so far that has only been you,” He said as he looked at me and smiled.

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“Anyways, it was nice meeting you.” I said as I was closing the door. Tate stopped it with his hand.

“Can I see you again?” He asked.

“Yeah, sure.” I said as he smiled.

“Well than I’ll see you tomorrow.” Tate said cheerfully. I smiled back and closed the door. I was absolutely blown away that this cute guy was talking to me. Then, I felt even worse because I could never have a real relationship with him. I shook off the sad feeling and decided to go to bed. I fell asleep thinking of Tate.

The Next Day

         I woke up and took a shower. I went downstairs and looked in the fridge to see if I had anything to make for breakfast. I decided on making pancakes. I had just finishing making the pancakes and heard a knock at the door. I dropped everything and went to open it. I unlocked the door and opened it revealing Tate.

“Good morning! I smelled pancakes and decided to come over to see if you would be so kind and share them with me. Please?” He said with puppy dog eyes. I laughed and let him come in.

“Of course. How else am I going to make friends? The kitchen is down the hallway and to the left.” I said while I laughed.

“Gotcha. So shouldn’t you be like in school?” He asked. I came into the kitchen and placed some pancakes on his plate and then I sat next to him with my own plate filled with pancakes.

“Nope. I was home schooled throughout my life and so I didn’t go to college. What about you? Shouldn’t YOU be in school?” I asked while laughing.

“No I dropped out. Didn’t like school. I felt imprisoned so I had to get out.” Tate said. I nodded my head while we ate pancakes. “So why did you move here?”

“Things happened and I had to leave where I was.” I said while looking at my plate.

“Let me guess, ex boyfriend?” Tate said.

“Something like that.” I said as I smiled and looked down. I saw out of the corner of my eye Tate moving my hand to my cheek. “Don’t do that. I don’t want to hurt you.” I said as I moved myself out of hands reach.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.” Tate said. As he slowly retracted his hand looking embarrassed.

“It’s okay. I should tell you.” I took in a deep breath and told him my life story, right from the beginning, “So that is why I moved here. I apologize for not telling you the truth. It’s okay if you run away. Everyone does.” I say as I looked down and let out a soft chuckle. 

“Well I guess we do have something in common. I haven’t been completely honest with you either. Please don’t laugh or run off. What I’m about to tell you is true. I’m dead. So it’s okay if you touch me. I’m a ghost so you can’t do much damage to me anyways.” Tate says.

“You’re just saying that to make me feel better.” I said with tears. Tate started to slowly approach me.

“The thing is, I’m not.” He brought his hand up to my cheek and kissed me deeply. It had been my first kiss and it was amazing. I pulled away and looked into his eyes.

“So you weren’t kidding huh?” I said laughing with tears. 

“No,” Tate said as he laughed. We kissed again and just stayed in each others arms for the rest of the day.

Two Years Later

“I love you Tate Langdon,” I said as I leaned in and kissed him deeply. 

“I love you even more, (Y/N),” Tate said as he pulled me in for another kiss. Life has been complete since that day. I’ve defintely have felt the most love I’ve ever received in my entire life. “(Y/N), you make me so happy. I am thrilled you moved in here.” Tate said.

“Tate Langdon, you’re the brightest light I’ve ever seen. There is nothing that could change the way I feel about you. I love you.” I said as I pulled him into another kiss. I died in the house. A robbery occurred and I was shot and killed. I was sort of happy because now I can spend forever with Tate, my love.

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Christine Sydelko Sentence Starters

I’ve been bingeing Christine’s vines and vlogs, and everything she says is perfect for crack-tastic hijinks. 

  • “Don’t ask questions, just drive!”
  • “Too bad you can’t hot glue gun your marriage back together!”
  • What happens if I put hot dogs in the garbage disposal?”
  • “One time when I was twelve I made my sim woo-hoo with a ghost and my mom walked in and saw, and she took my computer away for a month.”
  • “And so I say onto you, Adam and Eve are my OTP, and the only thing I vape is the Holy Ghost. Amen.”
  • “Oh god why did I do this, why did I do this, why did I do this?!”
  • “I hate it when guys only offer five goats and ten chickens for my hand in marriage. Hello! Clearly I’m worth five goats, twelve chickens, and a rabbit pelt.”
  • “The macarena was an inside job!”
  • “Yeah, I–I bet he’s got a penis.”
  • “Eyy girl, so when we gonna churn butter and chill?”
  • “Hi, welcome to to bible study!”
  • “Hi, Horror Club is doing a human centipede on the quad tomorrow. BYSK, bring your own sewing kit.”
  • “I’m like, it’s not my fault you got lice.”
  • “This is why dad left you.”
  • “I’m wearing a jean dress and I feel good!”
  • “Oh my god, my mom was right! Peer pressure is real!”
  • “It says here that you wish to have your ashes brewed in a Keurig?”
  •  “Celine Dion put a curse on my family and now our crops won’t grow.”
  • “What’s better than this, guys being dudes?”
  • “His favorite fruit is a mango, but will she be ready to tango?”
  • “Kumbaya my lord!”
  • “Drive, bitch! To the…pussy store.”
  • “My mom says I can’t play with you anymore.”
  • “It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s the good kush!”
  • “He was a dolphin in a whale suit!”
  • “If you don’t call your boyfriend papi, is he really your boyfriend?”
  • “Yeah, uh, tip of the penis to you too, ____ !”
  • “Yeah, I know where that is. You’re going to the left, to the right, take it back now y’all, two hops this time, and then cha-cha real smooth.”
  • “Money over love!”
  • “It’s like, yeah, like, I do skin cats for fun, but I’m not a psychopath. Don’t label me, you know?”
  • “Oh, I was just making sure you weren’t two kids trying to sneak into an R-rated movie.”
  • “Run, it’s almost midnight! I turn into a fuckboy!”
  • “You think this is a game? This is fucking science! I don’t play that shit!”
  • “Ew girl! What the fuck are you doing burping in my mouth and shit?!”
  • “ ___ get your credit card. Hurry up, get your fucking credit card!”
  • “It says you wish to be mummified in fruit roll-ups?”
  • “LMAO, he just gave her the D!”
  • “Do they have a snapchat geo-tag?”
  • “I want ____ to rip out my large intestine and use it as a jump rope.”
  • “I’d like to thank all three of you for coming. Now, she wasn’t very pretty, and she wasn’t very smart…”
  • “I believe in equality. I believe your dick is equal to the size of a tic tac, how about that?”
  • “My dick is stuck in a Pringles can.”
  • “I just saw your google search history and I think we need to talk. Now, what are ‘sexy minions’?”
  • “Oh girl, you’re going to get with the penis real soon!”
  • “Only get on your knees for two things: beer bongs and blow jobs.”
  • “I think I swallowed a nickel.”
  • Nice scrapbook, or should I say CRAPbook?”
  • “Tom and Jerry were lovers! The government is lying to us!”
  • “Well looks like this body…is a dead one.”
  • “So ____ starts choking me and saying ‘Bitch, you bought the wrong lunchables!’“
  • “The rain is just God’s tears. He’s crying because we’re sinners.”
  • “Give me my tupperware, ___ !”
  • “ ___, the flower crown you got me is too big! I can’t show my face at Coachella like this!”
  • “No one cuts off my banjo solo!”
  • “You stayed up all night playing the sims again, didn’t you?”
  • “Heeeeeey, Mister Big Cock!”
  • “Do I need this? No. Do I want it? Also no.”
  • “If you spit in my mouth I will murder your family.”
  • “I only twerk on Priuses. Eco-friendly!”
  • “I am shooketh.”
  • “Why does the lady at Taco Bell know my name?”
  • “They’re bueno.”
  • “Can you tell me why I stole a pool ball from that bar?”
  • “I’m not even on my period!”
A Few PnF Things

-Phineas’s transition from sassy little snark to innocent optimist

-Ferb’s map

-Doofenshmirtz’s fear of vending machines

-Mr. Cutie-Patootie

-Ducky Momo


-Baby Perry loving music

-Giant Floating Baby Head


-Talking Zebra

-Yes, yes I am

-Maniacally laughing at all the same stuff

-Marty the rabbit boy and his musical blender




-Aglets, yay

-Whatcha Doin’?

-Perry going back for Doofenshmirtz

-Doofenshmirtz going back for Perry


-My name is Norm

-Giant jump-roping robots

-Goldie living among the dolphins

-Ferb’s footie pajamas

-Buford’s obscure musical instruments


-Always look in the box

-Where’s Perry?

-Well, don’t just stand there! Kiss her!

-The rollercoaster

-Relax! They’re just rubber!

-Quirky Worky song


-Phineas and Ferb are making a title sequence

-*Finishes playing guitar anyway*

how do i explain this without it all coming out the same-
you’ve all heard it
a girl born into this world accidentally
with so much to say
but words don’t come easy to the undeserving

so she’s left to rot
with legs that don’t stop shaking
and a buzz in her ears that will never go away

so she’s left to wonder
with fistful’s of unclaimed love
and a knife that’s thirsty for only her blood

how do i say this with out anyone worrying-
it’s not like she’s getting worse
she’s always been the same
no one should hold her
too delicate to risk
but they played jump rope
with the strings of her heart

like she was unbroken
like she was unbreakable

only for her to come back empty
and afraid of childhood games

only for them to scream that she should have been careful
and no one should dance that close to the flames

how do i say this-
how do i say this-
how do i say this-

she was born into this world to fail
the world failed her

—  the girl you met at the train station//kayla

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I need a fluffy fic of bughead meeting as kids

A/n: So basically what I learned from writing this is that I’m super out of practice with fluff fics and I’m terrible at writing little kids. But here you go nonnie - I tried.


“Elizabeth, it’s time for school! Come downstairs!”

Betty looked in the mirror one last time, clumsy fingers trying and failing to tie the bow wrapped around her waist. It was the first day of elementary school, and she was wearing a brand new dress. Pink, her favorite color. She let out an frustrated sigh and scrunched up her nose, giving up and pulling the ribbon into a knot.

She bounded down the stairs, gold sequined flats squeaking against the hardwood.

“Ready mommy!” She yelled, entering the kitchen and presenting herself with a wide, toothy smile.

Her mother turned, her lips upturning in a small smile as she assessed her daughter. “Elizabeth dear, you haven’t tied your bow properly. Come here, let me help.”

Betty dutifully approached her mother, trying not to wince as she pulled the ribbon just a little too tight.

“Why your father let you buy this ridiculous dress is beyond me.” Alice mumbled under her breath as she pulled the bow together, “It cost an arm and a leg and it’s completely impractical.”

“I promise I’ll wear it all the time mommy!” Betty turned, trying her best to cheer up her scowling mother. She scowled a lot, usually at the things Betty liked. When Betty had asked her dad about it, her dad had told her that her mommy just couldn’t see the color in life. Betty wasn’t quite sure what that meant, but she figured a pretty pink dress was a nice place to start.

“Let’s hope so.” Alice gave Betty a soft smile, giving the bow one last tug and pushing a stray hair out of Betty’s face. “There, now you look perfect.”

Betty grinned, happy to have received such high praise. The pink dress is working already, she thought.

The school day flew by, and before Betty knew it recess had begun. Her teacher led the class out to the most magnificent playground she had ever seen. Bright red slides, shiny blue monkey bars, and gleaming green swings were sprawled out before her, and Betty was positively buzzing with excitement. Her mother never let her play in parks - too many germ-filled children, she’d say.

Betty spotted a couple girls playing jump rope and instantly sprinted forward, excited to join in on the fun. Her joy was short lived, however, when she suddenly found herself crashing head over heels into the mulch.

She landed on her bottom, sitting in stunned silence as her little mind registered the incident. She looked down at her palms, scraped and stinging, her small, round lips forming a perfect “o” as tears slowly began to form in her eyes.

“Are you okay?”

Betty looked up toward the voice with reddened eyes and wiped away a stray tear. “I’m okay, thank you.” She did her very best to be convincing, just the way her mother had taught. She smiled faintly at the boy in front of her, his bright blue eyes shining with concern.

“You don’t look okay.” He said, crossing his arms over his chest as he stared at her.

“Well I am.” Betty scrambled to her feet, uncomfortable with the strange boy’s attention. She was preparing to walk away when she glanced down at her dress, her bottom lip suddenly beginning to tremble. She definitely wasn’t going to be able to stay smiling now.

“My - my dress.” She sputtered, her bloody palms reaching down to grab the tear that had appeared in the skirt. “It was perfect and now -” Betty felt panic rise in her chest, “I ruined it.”

“That’s okay!” The boy quickly reacted, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a safety pin, “I can fix it. Here.”

He crouched down and grabbed the hem of Betty’s skirt, causing her to jump back in surprise.

“It’s okay! I fix broken clothes all the time. Almost all my clothes are broken!” He smiled up at her and she relaxed, letting him pull her skirt toward him. He clumsily fastened the pin to the dress, pulling the tear closed. “There! All fixed.”

Betty looked down at the skirt, the measly pin doing almost nothing to hide the obvious tear. She sniffled, teary eyes looking up at the boy in confusion. “But it’s still ripped. Now there’s just a pin in it.”

He scrunched his eyebrows and looked at the dress, placing his hands on his hips in determination. “It just has character.”

“What does ‘character’ mean?” Betty asked, the word unfamiliar as it crossed her lips.

“It means special. Unique. Or at least that’s what my mom says. My clothes are full of character.” He smiled at her proudly.

Betty wasn’t quite sure what “unique” meant, but she knew what special meant, and she knew it was a good thing. She looked down at the dress again, gently swaying from side to side. The pin glinted in the sunlight, and Betty couldn’t help but smile. Character. She liked the sound of that.

“Thank you.” She said, reaching forward and giving the boy a hug. He stiffened at her touch before slowly wrapping his arms around her. He was a good hugger, Betty decided.

“My name is Betty.”

The little boy grinned at her, “I’m Jughead.”

She giggled, sniffling as she reached up to wipe her nose. “You have a funny name, Jughead.”

He blushed, ducking his head for a moment and causing the over-sized beanie on his head to shift, “You have a pretty laugh.”

Betty was going to tell him that he had pretty eyes - he did, they reminded her of the sky - when the recess bell rang. She jumped, turning to watch as her classmates fell into line behind her teacher. She started to run away before remembering her new friend Jughead, but when she turned to say goodbye he was gone.

She frowned, glancing down at her skirt and rubbing the silver pin between her fingers. Her dress wasn’t perfect anymore, but for the first time Betty wasn’t so sure that was a bad thing. It may have been ripped and dirty but, thanks to a silver pin and a blue-eyed boy, her dress wasn’t ruined. It simply had character.

Baby Sitters (Daveed Diggs x Reader)

WOAH. omfg okay so I finally finished this. It took me forever but I finally did it. Now I can finish my other fics lol. Okay, so I hope you all enjoy this, it took me so long. As always send in requests if you have them. 

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x reader

Word Count: 5482

Summary: Reader is left in charge of babysitting Nala, Anthony and Jasmine’s puppy, for a week and Daveed comes to “help”.

Warnings: Cursing, smut, Nala (puppies should always be warnings)


“Yip! Yip!” Jasmine and Anthony’s new puppy, Nala, chirped as you walked into Jasmine’s apartment.

You bent down and Nala ran towards you, slipping on the hardwood floor. “Oh my god!” You picked the dog up when she was close to you. “Hi there, baby!” You said using a ‘baby’ voice. Nala kept yipping, and you almost started crying because of how adorable she was. “Who’s a good little girl? Who is it? It’s you!”

Anthony sat on the couch, laughing as you immersed yourself into a conversation with the dog, asking her how her day went and if her daddy was being nice to her.

“Daddy was being nice to someone.” Anthony mumbled into the glass of water in his hand, a huge smirk evident on his face.

“Oh, gross. The baby can hear you, ass-wipe.” You chastised.

“She’s a puppy.” Anthony argued. “She doesn’t understand what we’re saying yet.”

Both you and Jasmine gave Anthony a dirty look.

“My baby will not be learning your nasty language.” Jasmine said.

“But she can’t talk!”

“But she can understand! We will not be using inappropriate language as of today.”

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crazybonnie75150  asked:

I can imagine the joker and harley do to pick up cp from daycare and she has the kids making a throne out of building blocks for her . Headcannons please

Joker and Harley walk in and the teacher is tied up with jump ropes and when they ask her what’s wrong she keeps repeating ‘mutiny’ terrifed.

The daughter has one kid making her a crown out of legos and another cutting the crust off her pb&j

All the batman action figures have been put in the time out corner.

The kids who didn’t want to play had smiles drawn on their faces with red markers.

When Joker goes to pick her up to take her home the other kids start trying to bite his legs to keep her there so he kicks them away.

Harley takes pictures for the family photo albums.

Acquainted with the Night (11/16)

Summary: In a bid for the power born of true love, King Arthur binds Emma to the broken blade Excalibur.  Unbeknownst to him, Killian Jones is bound to the other half, having given himself over to the darkness in order to exact his revenge on Rumpelstiltskin.  He frees Emma from King Arthur’s control, sparking the beginnings of war between Camelot and Misthaven, and a quest to rid her of the darkness.  (No Curse AU)

Rated: M

Warnings: None

Words: ~7600

Chapter: Prologue, One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Epilogue

Notes: My endless gratitude to @ripplestitchskein​ and @unfolded73​ for their help with this fic.  Credit to @seethelovelyintheworld​ for the gorgeous banner.

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Chapter Ten

On solid ground, the rain didn’t seem quite so punishing.  It was light, and it felt like winter but smelled like spring.  It would have been pleasant – changing weather, a new city, new people – in different circumstances.  

As it was, Emma leaned far over the hull of the ship, grieving the damage, her fingers digging into the rail.  There was a steady, frozen breeze, and the rigging clanked softly overhead.  The sails fluttered, a mournful sound that curled around the tears in the heavy fabric.  There upon the gravel beach, the ship groaned under the strain of the unnatural angle.  Emma sighed, and pushed strands of wet hair out of her face, her hand lingering over her eyes.

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-“They became the King and Queen of Gotham City, and God help anyone who disrespect the Queen.” AHHHHHHHH


-“That’s your lady, Joker.” “That’s right!”

-Literally just the ENTIRE car chase scene, as short as it was. It was pretty much directly out of BTAS.



-Literally every single time Harley says “Puddin” or “Mr. J” in the movie. Every. Single. Time.

-Harley just telling Griggs “You’re screwed” and laughing after he gives her the phone and reveals he’s working with Joker because she just KNOWS her Puddin is ‘bout to fuck him up.

-Also, Joker LITERALLY smuggled Harley a secret, custom-made phone JUST so they could communicate.

-Harley kissing her “PUDDIN” collar before putting it on.


-“Question. Would you die for me?” “Yes.” “That’s too easy. Would you… Would you live for me?” “…Yes.” FUCK ME UP MAN


-The way “Gangsta” played over the Ace Chemicals.

-Joker turning around to leave but then basically saying, “Goddamnit, I need her,” and jumping in to save her.


-Literally just the entire Ace Chemicals scene. That was pure perfection, okay?

-The grin on Harley’s face as she stood up and walked over to the helicopter.

-ALSO, the fact that Joker stopped shooting the second she started walking over and lowered the rope, waiting for her with open arms.

-“Come on, baby!”


-“You got all dressed up for me?” “Oh, you know I’d do anything for you.”

-“Okay, honey. It’s me and you.” “Let’s do it!” Aka, JOKER AND HARLEY ‘BOUT TO FUCK SHIT UP AS A TEAM AND I AM HERE FOR IT!

-The *heart-shattering* way that Harley ran over to the edge of the building as the helicopter crashed, desperately trying to find a way to stop it before realizing there was nothing she could do and just… crying and collapsing to the ground… god fucking damnit, Ayer…

-Harley crying on the car and taking off her collar before trying to act okay and happy again in front of the squad. My heart hurt so much, man…


-“He married me!” and “I want that!” AHHHHHHHHHH

-Harley telling Enchantress how she “lost her Puddin” and asking if she can bring him back.


-“Let’s go home.” ANDDD NOW I’M DEAD!!!

Week One (Maxwell x MC)

So, blame this on @gayforgayle, who put the idea of an AU single dad!Maxwell into my head this afternoon.  I’ve got plans for six parts, if people are interested.  This is not my best, original writing, but it’s slow-burn, Hallmark Channel fluff piece that makes me stupidly happy to write and think about.  

Summary: When Marianne gets a job as a substitute teacher at Cordonia’s premiere private school, she gets a lot more than she bargained for.

Rating: PG?  Nothing scandalous here.

Word Count: 2876… sorry, y’all.  I can’t be brief when I write this guy.

               Marianne Crawford hurried down the austere hallway, her heels clattering on the wood floors as she followed the stone-faced headmistress.  She’d always heard that the staff at the Cordonia International Academy were a tough group, but nothing had quite prepared her for the quiet, serious environment.  There was no noise coming from the classrooms; no laughter, no questions, no learning. As she peered into the few classroom doors, she saw teachers either standing at the blackboard or sitting at their desks, lecturing to their group of students.

               She cringed, wondering if she hadn’t made a terrible mistake.

               As if sensing her discomfort, Madame Lykel cleared her throat and spoke, her thickly accented voice echoing in the hallway.  “Thank you for agreeing to come in on such short notice, Miss Crawford.”

               “It’s my pleasure,” Marianne said, following her up a winding staircase. “I’m glad to have an opportunity to get back into the classroom.”

               She hadn’t realized how true the words were until she said them out loud. From the day she’d graduated, teaching had been her life.  But after three years of pointless meetings, overzealous principals, and increasingly impossible requirements, she’d begun to wonder if following her passion was worth it.  Determined to enjoy her summer off, she’d bought a ticket to Europe while she decided what to do with her life.  But something had changed when she’d arrived in Cordonia.  For the first time in months, she felt at home, enchanted by the people and the lifestyle.  With her heart in her hand and a half bottle of wine fortifying her, she’d called and quit her job in New York City, deciding to stay in the country for as long as possible.

               Still, she’d needed a job.  She was willing to go back to waitressing, but she’d applied for a substitute teacher positions open at international school instead, hoping for the best.  Less than twenty-four hours later, she’d received the call.  They needed her for six weeks to teach first grade while a teacher went on an unexpected vacation.

               “You should know,” Madame Lykel said as they walked down another hall.  “Our school has an impeccable reputation.  The King attended here when he was a child, as did his older brother.  Many members of the court have their children enrolled here.  Nothing can besmirch out reputation.”

               “I understand.”

               “The teacher you are subbing for is one of our finest teachers.  She’s been with the program for over twenty years. Many of the students in her class are children of her former pupils.  She runs a tight ship, so I doubt you’ll have any difficulty following her program so long as you’re willing to toe the same line.”

               “Whatever you need, ma’am,” she said as they rounded a corner.

               Madame Lykel cleared her throat.  “You should know that you won’t be alone.  Every Wednesday, a parent volunteers to come… assist… in class.”

               “Oh, that’s nice!”

               The headmistress said nothing, but kept walking.  “We are very engaged with our parents and work very closely with them to ensure that their children achieve the high expectations set for them. Our school motto, ‘Decorum, Dignity, and Dedication,’ guides everything we— merciful heavens!”

               Madame shrieked, her hands flying to her cheeks as they stopped in front of a classroom.  Worried, Marianne looked thought the window into the classroom.  Twenty first graders stood in a mob around a tall man dressed in gray pants and a black button down shirt.  The man pulled at a frighteningly comedic horse mask stuck on his head, obviously losing the battle.  The children screamed and laughed, dancing around him and poking him with rulers as they shouted “giddy-up!”  

               Madame Lykel threw open the door, her voice like thunder as she placed her hands onto her hips.  “Stop this at once!”

               All the children stopped immediately, turning towards the door with ashamed, worried expressions on their faces as they dropped their rulers. Even the man in the horse mask stopped, hands still gripping the mask as he looked up, facing the blackboard.

               Madame cleared her throat.  “I am over here.”

               The man swiveled around, almost falling over.  Somewhere in the group, a child snickered.

               Clamping her mouth shut to stop from laughing, Marianne suddenly noticed one student sitting at her desk, drawing a picture instead of playing with the others.  She didn’t seem to notice or care that Madame had walked in.

               Apparently satisfied, Madame cleared her throat.  “Students, this is Miss Crawford.  She’s going to be substituting for your teacher while she’s recovering.”

               “I thought she was on vacation?” Marianne asked, frowning.

               “Recess time!” the headmistress announced.  “Line up.”

               Without a word, the students assembled into a perfect line, including the small girl sitting at the desk.  Marianne couldn’t help but notice her hair as the girl walked by and smiled to herself.  The braid down her back was haphazard and dangerously close to coming undone. Whoever had done her hair that morning had tried hard, but obviously had no idea what they were doing.  But when she stopped next to Marianne, she looked up and flashed a smile, revealing a large gap where her two front teeth should be.

               “I’ll leave you to… this,” Madame Lykel said as she clapped her hands twice.  The students followed her out the door and Marianne watched as it swung shut behind them. It was silent for a moment, then she heard the accented voice.

               “Is she gone?” the man asked.

               Marianne turned, smiling.  “Yes.”

               “Thank God for that.  A little help, please?”

               She went over, grabbing onto the snout and ears of the ridiculous rubber mask. She pulled upward and forward until suddenly it slipped off into her hands.  

               Finally free, the man in front of her shook his head and ran a hand through his brown hair.  When he looked up at her and smiled, her heart skipped a beat.  His eyes were a stormy gray, but they were warm and friendly, which set her at ease.  He wasn’t much older than her, or at least, he didn’t look like it.  There was a boyish charm in his smile, but there was a wisdom and worldliness that made him seem older.

               “I’m Maxwell Beaumont,” he smiled at her.  “I’m your parent volunteer.”

               “Nice to meet you,” she said, her voice a little higher than usual.  “Marianne Crawford.”

               “And this is Drake,” he said, taking the horse mask from her with a smile as he held it up and put his hand inside so it looked as if it were starting at her.

               She laughed, but it sounded so stupidly girlish and cliché that she caught herself and cleared her throat.  “Do you always bring Drake to class?”

               “Not usually, but I was told they were going to a petting zoo this afternoon so I thought I’d get into the spirit of things.”

               “Petting zoo?” she asked, looking down at her outfit.  There was no denying that her pencil skirt, nylons, and low heels were definitely not animal friendly.  “I had no idea.”

               “Don’t worry, you look amazing,” he said with a wave of his hand.

               She looked up at him as his eyes widened.  “I mean, you’ll be fine.  It’s just donkeys, and goats, and… I’m sorry… you were saying something?”

               She knew she hadn’t, but she took the out anyway.  “So, petting zoo today it is.  What about tomorrow?  Do you know where she kept lesson plans, anything like that?”

               “She hasn’t let me touch much since I accidentally singed off her eyebrows,” Maxwell said, running a hand through his brown hair as he gestured toward the desk.  “But I think I saw her writing down in some notebook over there.”

               “You… burned off her eyebrows?”

               “Accidentally singed,” he said, walking over to a table and putting down the mask.  “That’s an important distinction, according to my lawyer.”

               Marianne’s eyes widened but she said nothing as she turned and walked over to the desk and pulled open a drawer.  There were several leather-bound notebooks in the drawer, so she grabbed them all and slipped them into her messenger bag.  “Thanks.  I’ll look over them tonight and see what I need to get ready for tomorrow.”

               “Great!  You want to go out to recess?”

               “Do we do that?” she asked.

               “Only if you want to have fun,” he said with a grin.  “Come on, I’ll show you the ropes.”

               She put the bag down and followed him down the stairs.  He whistled as they made their way outside to a lush lawn filled with thick grass and several play sets.  He turned to say something to her, but before he could even get a word out, he was swarmed by children.  Boys and girls from ages five to ten clung to his leg and jumped onto his back, shouting.

               “Help me slay the dragon!”

               “…promised you’d teach me how to build a crossbow!”

               “I found a slug!”

               One of the stronger children pulled at his hair as they climbed up onto his shoulders.  Looking up at Marianne, he winced.

“Help me!” he mouthed.

               She shook her head and covered her mouth to stop from laughing out loud. He rolled his eyes and suddenly took off running, two children on his back as another group ran after him, screaming and shouting.    

               She was still chuckling at the scene when another teacher walked up to her. “You must be the first grade substitute.”

“I’m Marianne,” she said, extending her hand.

When the stone-faced women didn’t reach to take it, she withdrew it and folded her arms around her middle.  “Nice to meet you, too.”

“I see Lord Beaumont as your parent helper.”

               “Lord Beaumont?” she asked, her eyebrows shooting up.

               “Just don’t get any ideas,” the woman said with a dramatic sigh.  “Our school has zero tolerance for any untoward relationships with parents.”

               Marianne was stunned.  “I… I haven’t… I mean I just met him.”

               “Sometimes, that’s all it takes,” the woman said, turning to look at the fence as several large trailers pulled up.

The trucks honked and all the children began to shriek in delight.  They ran to the fence, faces pressed against the chain link as the men climbed out of the cabs and began to unload the animals from the trailers.  Once the animals were finally set up in their enclosures and pens, teachers began to select students ten at a time to go pet and visit the animals, handing out food pellets before and hand sanitizer afterward as the students were ushered back into the playground.

Marianne shaded her eyes with her hands, scouring the playground.  Most of the parents and teachers were standing under the shade of a tree, chatting quietly with one another as they stayed as far away from the animals as was possible.  

               “What’s her name?” she heard a familiar voice call out.

               She turned towards the animal pens.  Maxwell was already on his knees in the sawdust, a chicken on his shoulder and a baby goat in his arms as he fed it from a bottle.  She giggled quietly to herself as the chicken began to peck at his hair and all the children waiting in line laughed.  She walked over, counting students as she stepped through the gate to help control the line.

               She had her back to the animals and was squeezing hand-sanitizer into germy hands when she heard the shout behind her.

               “Look out!”

               Two arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her to the left.  At the same time, the llama in the enclosure kicked its back legs out, slamming them into the fence where she’d been standing. Gasping, she looked over her shoulder. Maxwell was holding onto her, his arms wrapped her middle and his hands cradling both of her sides.  He stared down at her, a slow smile crossing his face.

               All of the children in line clapped, cheering.

               She blushed as he slowly let her go and she stood, brushing hair out of her face.  “Thanks.”

               “Got to be careful,” he grinned, looking away from her as he scratched the back of his head.  “Everyone knows llamas are the world’s most dangerous animal.”

               She moved to the other side of the fence, keeping one eye on the children and the other on the man who was kneeling in the sawdust, encouraging even the shyest children to pet the animals.  She bit her lower lip and forced herself to look away from his smile and the sharp angle of his jawline.

               When the visit was over, she walked the students back into the classroom and helped students pack and collect their backpacks.  Maxwell helped as well, dismissing all the students until only he and the little girl with the terrible braid remained.  Marianne watched as he held out her backpack for her with a smile.

               “My lady.”

               She grinned, slipping her arms through the pink shoulder straps.  

               Marianne smiled, suddenly understanding.  With her brown hair and gray eyes, the little girl looked like her dad. They even had the same sparkle in their eyes, even though she could see a hint of something else lurking in their grey depths.  

               Before she knew it, her eyes were drifting towards Maxwell’s left hand, realizing there was no wedding ring on his fourth finger.

               Stop that.

               She cleared her throat and waved as they walked past her towards the door.  “Have a good afternoon.”

               He smiled at her.  “You too, Miss Crawford.”

               She sighed, looking over the classroom.  She spotted the drawing on the desk and ran over, grabbing it as she ran to the door.  “She forgot her—“

               It was too late.  They were gone.

               Curious, she looked down, her fingers going a little cold.  The little girl had drawn both herself and her father holding hands while she wore a pink dress and her father wore the same grey pants and black shirt he’d worn in class.  But instead of smiling, they were both frowning.  She’d even drawn little blue tear dots on her father’s face, making a little puddle under his feet.

               Something in her chest began to ache.

               Marianne put the picture into her bag and left, making sure to wave goodbye to the stone-faced secretary out front.  She stopped by a small pizzeria on her way home, grabbing dinner before she got to her apartment and climbed the four flights of stairs to her attic apartment.    

               She opened a bottle of wine and began to flip through the notebooks, eating dinner as she looked for lesson plans.    

               She flipped open the largest one, realizing it was a daily journal that went back to the beginning of the school year.  A paragraph or more was written under every day in an elegant, flowing script that was sometimes indecipherable.  Marianne narrowed her eyes, then widened them as she started to read the entries.  They were all comments about students, most of them critical, and some of them exceptionally cruel.

               …not intelligent at all.  Thankfully, his family has money and he will never need to contribute to anything.

               She is wildly intelligent, but takes after her mother and looks like a hippopotamus rather than a Duchess….

               Marianne frowned, flipping back to the very beginning of the year. Immediately, she noticed that the entries for Wednesdays were twice, if not three times, as long as the others.

               My worst fears are realized. That child and her father have been assigned to my room after I specifically asked them not to be.  The headmistress must be trying to get me to quit. But I don’t back down that easily.

               Marianne flipped to the next week.

               … Adriana Beaumont will still not speak in class.  She’s intelligent, all test scores point to that.  Perhaps she refuses to talk because her father never stops talking?

               She flipped though the notebook, realizing with horror that every Wednesday was filled with the same negative, hateful rhetoric.

               …brought another live animal to class.  It disrupted everything!  

               … wouldn’t be allowed in to this school if weren’t for his friendship with the King.  I wish some scandal would cause his ouster and we could remove them from the school….

               Adriana continues to be quiet in class.  At this point, I believe it is defiance instead of a physical problem.  Beginning tomorrow, she will be disciplined accordingly…

               I’ve never seen a more unfit father.  He has no idea what he is doing.  

               Marianne closed the notebook and flung it over onto the other end of the couch with a grimace.  The food and wine in her stomach churned uncomfortably and she went to the window, opening it to let in some of the cool, autumn air.  She closed her eyes as the smell of the sea washed over her, trying to clear her mind and relax.  But nothing, not even the faint sounds of music from the floor below her or the gulls singing to one another could remove the image of the little girl with her gap-toothed grin and haphazard brain or her father and his gray eyes from her mind.

               She sighed, covering her face with her hands.  

               She’d come to Europe hoping to escape her problems… so how had new ones had found her so quickly?


Donnie stood atop the wooden platform, his hands held together with iron shackles. The sky was overcast and threatening rain. Nobody from town had come out to witness the execution.

A tired-looking priest recited scripture in a rote, monotone fashion.

Donnie felt the rough fibers of the rope scrape against his skin as the noose was lowered over his head. The hangman pulled the rope tight against Donnie’s throat. He swallowed hard, already having trouble finding his breath.

Without further ceremony, the hangman stepped back. Donnie closed his eyes. He heard a grunt of exertion and the creak of wood before the ground fell out from under him. The briefest moment of freefall, and then a choking—a terrible blow to the throat.

His body fell, stretching his neck and snapping his head back.

Donnie felt something inside him fracture. An agonizing pain shot through him.

The break wasn’t clean. He was still conscious.

The fibers of the rope had torn into his throat, and he could smell blood.

Donnie felt his windpipe being crushed as his entire weight pulled against the noose. He struggled and gasped as pain filled his world. He felt intense pressure and heat in his face as the rope squeezed his arteries.

Desperately, Donnie thrashed and kicked, but soon grew too weak to continue.

As consciousness began to slip away, Donnie’s life started playing out like the reels of a kinetoscope, but so much more vivid—so much more real.

He remembers the smell of his mother’s hair—the warmth of her arms.

He remembers the farm house where he grew up. Taking unsteady steps through the fields. Later running. Jumping from boulder to boulder on the stony plains.

He remembers the fire. The scent of burning wood and the towering of the flames. The stinging of salt tears in his eyes. He remembers leaving home and never looking back.

He remembers Maria. The taste of her lips, the feel of her skin, the way her brown eyes sparkled with mischief. He remembers her walking away from him for the last time.

He remembers stealing those horses. The feeling of freedom as he rode all-out against the setting sun, deluding himself that he wouldn’t be followed.

He remembers the wooden platform beneath his feet. The iron shackles on his hands. The droning of the priest.

The ground falling away.

He remembers the rough rope cutting into his throat, the burst of pain as his windpipe is crushed by his own weight.

Pain. Blinding, tearing pain. It seems to stretch on forever.

He remembers how his life began to flash before his eyes.

His mother’s hair and warmth.

The farmhouse, the fields—jumping from boulder to boulder.

Fire. Loss.

Maria. Her eyes. Walking away.

The horses. Fleeting hope.

The platform. The shackles. The priest. The noose around his neck. His windpipe being crushed.

Pain. The smell of blood.

Remembering remembering his life.

His mother.

The farmhouse.

The fire.


The horses.

The noose.

Crushing pain.


Day 1- First

The first time Ahsoka Tano uses the Force is when she’s not quite three years old.

rating: g

pairings: none

word count: 1274

(read on ao3)

this is my fic for day 1 of the Star Wars Fictober Challenge! I can’t believe I’m really doing this but here it is.

The first time Ahsoka Tano uses the Force is when she’s not quite three years old.

It’s a hot, quiet afternoon, the kind where there’s not a breeze in sight and the air is still and heavy. Mother is reading on the porch up by the house, Father is in his shed carving a new sculpture and Ahsoka and her sister are doing what they always do on days like this- playing in the stream that runs into the woods behind their house.

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City of Harmony (Lúcio Correia dos Santos Imagine)

(A/N: Lucio fluff requested - sorry I switched it up a little since I just published a bath scenario. Hope it’s okay!)

Numbani had to be the most amazing place you’d ever had the pleasure of visiting in your entire life. Gigantic buildings climbed high up into the clouds and reflected the sun beautifully, all the while the city buzzed with life. Omnics and humans lived together in peace here and you were thrilled when you were invited alongside Lena and Hana by Lúcio, the four of you were inseparable in battle and out.

“I’m so excited, I can’t believe Lúcio is performing here in Numbani! This place is perfect for him to release a new message.” Lena hooked her arms between Hana’s and yours, smiling widely as the three of you navigated through the city.

In your right hand you held an old, paper-made map of the city, squinting at the confusing scribbles. “I have no idea how to read this.”

Snorting as she raised her cellphone, Hana tapped away at the screen with her thumb and handed it to you, “Here. I don’t know why you’d even carry that old thing around. You know it’s made from trees right?”

You snatched the little pink device from her and she stuck her tongue out at you playfully, “You’re such a child, Hana.”

“At least I don’t use scrappy old things like whatever that is.” She motioned towards your map and you blushed, scrolling it up and shoving it into Lena’s backpack before raising the phone to your face.

“So we have to catch a tram onto the outskirts of the city to the beach, but how do we do that? I’ve never been here before.” Raising a hand to the sun, you blocked it’s harsh rays from your eyes and squinted at your companions.

“It’ll only take a tic, love. C’mon, let’s go! I wanna see what kind of shells there are!” Tracer dragged the two of you through the busy crowds, big eyes darting between people - both metal and flesh, to search for a passage route out.

A lot of pushing, shoving, prodding and apologies later you were standing among yourself, clinging to the metal pole above your head for dear life as the tram began moving at a speed you didn’t expect. Hana carelessly toyed with her phone with one hand, the other shoved into her pocket, the rocking of the tram didn’t seem to even faze her at all.

You however, swayed and rocked as the moving contraption did, “I think I’m gonna be sick,” you warned and Lena’s hand found your back, “No need, we’re here, look.”

Raising your green face, you sighed as the tram slowed and stopped at a small station where other omnics and humans waited patiently, you could see the beautiful blue off in the distance and didn’t hesitate to throw yourself off of the tram.

“Is that it? Is that the beach?” You giddily asked, and both girls laughed at you, walking side-by-side. “Pretty, innit?” Tracer commented, and Hana hummed in agreement.

“When is Lúcio going to join us? Doesn’t he have to set up for tonight’s show?” Hana grabbed Lena’s hand and Lena grabbed yours, the three of you taking off into an excited run.

“Lúcio has a whole bunch of staff doing that stuff for him, he got a lot of credits for those underground shows he did, remember?” Blinking to keep the sun at bay, you neared the beach, the pavement sidewalk turning into soft sand along the way.

“Lemme get our passes out.” Tracer stopped, swinging her backpack off of her shoulders and digging through it before pulling out three ID tags attached to red ribbons. She looped hers around herself before turning to you and dumping yours playfully on your head, the string hanging onto your nose.

“I’m nervous.” You confessed as you adjusted the neckband. “Don’t worry about it, Y/N. This is like our own little beach party. Not many people are gonna even be here.” Hana assured and your heart fluttered, “I hope not.”

“It’s our beach tonight, just ours and our pals’!”

Unzipping your jacket and folding it in your arms, you approached the beach, feet digging into the sand unsteadily. Around the beach were several large men in black suits and sunglasses surrounding the people behind the red rope that separated the party from the rest of the beach.

Your eyes scanned the crowd for Lúcio and when you saw the sway of those familiar dreadlocks you smiled, moving forward to greet him when a hand raised, blocking your path.

“Got ID?” He asked, looming over you with an intimidating stare. You stuttered nervously before tapping the laminated ID tag around your neck and with a quick inspection, the man unhooked the red rope and allowed you in, Lena and Hana following closely behind.

Despite the large expanse of beach available, the crowd seemed to really stay close together as they danced in the sun, a band on a small platform playing live keeping the fun up and the party jumping.

“Gimme your jacket, love,” Tracer offered, shoving the material into her backpack and kicking off her flip-flops. “How deep is that thing?” Hana laughed as she, too, shoved her jeans into the bag. The two girls stood in matching bikini sets and you snorted, “That is so lame.”

You kicked off your pants and shoes and folded them, compressing them into the bulging backpack and crossing your arms over yourself, you felt very exposed.

“It’s a beach, Y/N. Take your shirt off.” Shaking your head, you turned away, “I don’t want to get sunburn, or whatever.” A comforting hand on your shoulder had you slumping and as you turned, Lena smiled at you, “We’re gonna be in the water most of the day anyway, so no one is really gonna see you, love.”

A moment passed and with the bite of your lip and a timid nod, you removed your shirt and sighed at the feeling of the sun on your bare skin. “God, you could use some fresh air, Y/N.” Hana teased as she rushed off into the crowd of dancers to find Lúcio.

Tracer took your hand in hers as she dumped her bag carelessly in the sand and pulled you closer to the water, noticing just how anxious you were. You’d never been to a beach before, and this was an entirely new experience for you.

“It’s cold at first, but just give it a tic and it’ll feel great. I promise.” The Brit assured and you hesitantly dipped a toe into the waves. They beckoned you closer and step after step, the beautiful ocean waters swallowed you up to your waist.

You let out an excited shriek as a particularly large wave bashed against your body, taking your footing. Lena had her arms raised and she sighed, closing her eyes. “I love the beach.”

Nodding in response, the two of you ventured out further into the water until it was at shoulder-depth. You tipped your head up and wet your hair, enjoying the feeling. You felt so light, like you didn’t weigh a thing at all, and that was wonderful.

“I could almost take a nap.” You mused, and from behind you came a low-pitched laugh. “I don’t think that’s such a good idea, Y/N. At least let me get you some floaties.” Lúcio’s head bobbed closer to the two of you, Hana no where to be seen. “Do you have any?”

Your spirits lifted with Lúcio there but you suddenly realized just how intimate this was, the four of you were closely-knit but there was always something that held you back from truly connecting with Lúcio on a level of your own like you had with Lena and Hana.

Whenever he flashed that gorgeous smile at you, whenever his dark brown eyes found yours or whenever he called your name with a friendly wave, your heart fluttered uncontrollably. No one else had such an intense emotional effect on you, not like Lúcio.

“Let’s go out further, guys.” Lena suggested and you frowned, toes curling into the sand below, “I don’t know, it’s getting pretty deep. I can’t swim.”

Lúcio flashed that toothy smile at you and you melted, “Get on my back, Y/N.”

Eyes wide and face burning red, you shook your head furiously, “I’m too heavy!” The two gave you a half-lidded stare as if to say really. Without another word, the DJ wrapped your legs around his torso and cupped your upper thighs, oblivious to your embarrassment.

Turning your head to Lena you mouthed a ‘help me’ but the Brit smirked, swimming carelessly by your side as you wrapped your arms around Lúcio’s neck hesitantly. “I’m glad you guys could make it, tonight’s gonna be great.”

Lena nodded enthusiastically, “I’m excited, I haven’t seen you live in ages. How many people do you think will turn up?” The dreaded man grinned as the three of you deepened the waters, “A lot. A lot will turn up.”

“Someone sounds sure of himself.” You teased, relaxing against his smooth back. “People from all around are coming to celebrate this year’s festival, it’s gonna be awesome.”

Nodding, your gaze turned from ahead to all around, watching the shapes and shadows of the tiny ocean creatures pass. It was soothing until you saw something dark with long, sharp fins swimming towards you at an uncomfortably fast pace.

Lúcio must have felt your legs tense around him because his head fell back, eyes finding yours. “Hangin’ in there, Y/N?” You pointed a finger at the mysterious creature, eye unblinking in fear if they did, you’d lose sight of it. “What kind of fish is that?”

“What fi - ” hands squeezed against your flesh in fright as Lúcio’s gaze followed yours, turning to face it. “Oh, that fish.” Turning to warn your oblivious British pal of the possible dangers, you panicked to find her missing. “Lena, where’s Lena?”

The two of you scanned the ocean beyond and turned back to see the speedster who was playing volley ball at shore. Neither you nor Lucio had even noticed she’d been replaced by a vague, scaly third party. “Lucio, let’s go, let’s go back.” You pleaded and Lúcio nodded, “You don’t gotta tell me twice.”

Holding you tightly, he backed up slowly. Every step he took, the fish inched closer and the faster the DJ moved, the faster it reacted.

“I’m scared. What is it?” Lúcio rubbed your thigh comfortingly and the sensation made you shiver. Somehow the feeling was intensified underwater. “Don’t be scared. I’ve got you.”

You felt relaxed by his assurance before a huge, grey fin emerged from the surface and you screamed. You screamed so loud Lucio thought he’d go deaf, he tossed you as closely as he could to the shore, “Run, Y/N! Shark!”

The declaration had everyone scrambling in a panic out of the water and onto the shore and you felt yourself getting pushed and shoved between waves.

“Lúcio? Lúcio!” You cried, pressing past people and deeper into the water, searching for your friend. When you couldn’t see him, your heart sank and tears began forming in your eyes. Cries turned into screams as you searched the waters with your eyes, praying you wouldn’t find him in a dark pool of crimson.

The thought had you frenzied and as you opened your mouth to scream again, you felt arms wrap around you, pulling you in. “I’ve got you,” his soothing voice said, “I’ve got you, Y/N.” You turned and threw your arms around him, crying profusely. “I thought you got hurt. I was so worried!”

Lúcio held you in his arms for a while, whispering soothing words to you to calm you down. “It’s okay.” He promised, “Hey, look at me.” Tilting your head to look at him, Lúcio’s soft eyes were enough to calm the intense anxiety welling inside. “You’re okay. We’re okay.”

You watched his face. His skin was dark and warm looking, his eyes were inviting - a window to his soul and his lips were always alluring, especially when he spoke your name. Without another word, you closed the gap between the two of you, heart hammering in your ears.

The only thing you could hear was the uneven rhythm of your heart and the only thing you could feel was Lúcio’s lips firm against yours. You didn’t know this, but his hands were hovering over your back in shock, fearful that if he touched you he’d scare you off. The last thing he wanted was for this kiss to end.

Finally pulling away, you were scared to open your eyes expecting to find Lúcio’s disgusted scowl. That isn’t what you found - a dark blush blanketed his entire face, extending to the shell of his ears and neck. Lúcio was about to open his mouth to speak, arms still trapping you, when the most obnoxious laugh cut into the moment. There, in her little blue bikini and snorkel mask was Hana, flailing in the shores as she howled violently. “You should’ve seen your faces!”

Your eyes narrowed as you spotted the dark, grey fin strapped to her back.

Nesryn and Chaol Friendship Headcanons
  • Nesryn teaches Chaol archery and he’s horrible at it
  • “Westfall the target is over there” “idiot”
  • he’s not allowed near a bow and arrow after he almost shot Nesryn in the shoulder
  • they get drunk together and cause so much havoc (especially for Dorian)
  • Chaol is her friend as well as her dad’s friend
  • he never had a positive father figure so it makes sense
  • one day she gets home and sees Chaol and her dad baking cookies together
  • the kitchen is a mess and Chaol is just laughing while he’s covered in flour
  • her dad loves Chaol though
  • “Chaol you’re like my son, and it will be that way unless you try anything with my daughter”
  • Chaol and Nesryn sing songs together (neither one of them will admit it and it stays between them)
  • their voices sound really nice and Chaol plays the guitar
  • Dorian went over to Nesryns house to hang out with Nesryn and his boyfriend but he heard them singing from down the hall
  • he totally didn’t get Nesryn’s dad to listen too
  • and they totally didn’t die laughing over it
  • Chaol is one of the only people who can make Nesryn smile
  • they are very sarcastic and they think it’s hilarious when other people don’t catch on
  • Nesryn is the pun master
  • they help children without a home by bringing them food and clothes
  • they usually end up playing games with the kids
  • imagine Chaol and Nesryn battling to see who can jump rope for the longest (Chaol can)
  • they love playing pranks on Dorian 
  • when Dorian was going to an important meeting, they put a fake snake on his chair and they could her Dorian cursing and screaming from where they were hiding
  • Chaol is the ultimate wingman
  • if anyone wants to date Nesryn they have the go through the Chaol Test though, and if they don’t pass they aren’t worthy 
  • if anyone looks at Nesryn the wrong way he will tell them off or just stare at them with burning rage as hot as ten thousand suns
  • and if someone is hitting on Chaol, Nesryn will pretend to be his girlfriend and be very touchy 
  • ”Nes, get off me!”
  • ”you shouldn’t be complaining, anyone would be lucky to have all this” *wink*
  • he just walks away shaking his head
  • they’re very trusting of each other and have late night talks, where they just talk about their lives and fears 
  • they just want the best for each other and they both know that they’ll be there for each other until the end