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voodoo dicks dude

honestly, at this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if they have that porn somewhere.

Like the whole Onahole thing is interestingly hilarious as fuck because that means Ardyn can fuck and troll Noctis at any point in the game (let’s ignore the obvious non-con and go for comedy porn)

Like, Noctis would just be chilling playing with his phone and then suddenly he feels a dick in his ass and doesn’t know what’s happening at all. Like he knows what a dick feels like because we all know that skank ain’t a virgin, BUT he’s just confused as fuck as to why it feels like this.

But what do you tell your friends??? “Help I think there’s an invisible dick in my ass?” he would die of embarrassment, Nah Noctis would take that shit to his grave. He’ll sit there, feeling how he’s getting fucked non-stop and feeling good as fuck but he has to keep a neutral face while Ignis is making them some Quesadillas and Prompto is showing him pictures of some lame ass bird. He’ll have to just grunt when Gladio slaps his back to say hi and would have to be quiet or else he’ll moan all over the place and talk about how he needs to get fucked harder.

That’s just during camping tho, then they fighting and Noctis suddenly trips when trying to attack because the ghost dick is back and it went in without being announced. Here he is fighting a fucking malboro and getting fucked while literally getting fucked as well. In the end, if you think about it, he’ll become a master of multitasking during sex.

During the night he’s just trying to sleep and then the ghost dick is back but Noctis is like fuck your dick ghost, I’m going to keep sleeping. And that’s how Noctis learned to live with Ardyn trolling him with a voodoo onahole. He has become the master of hiding his pleasure because fuck, when you are getting fucked at any time during the day then how can you not.

But then during the last campfire scene, they all talking about how interesting their lives have been for the past ten years, but Noctis has got nothing to say because fuck he’s been asleep for 10 whole god damn years. He didn’t do shit but pass out and grow a half-assed beard.

So he wants to be part of the conversation and is like “You know, before I took my power nap I was getting fucked by a ghost dick.”

And that’s how the bros find out why Noctis was always so easy to stretch.

Boston Bruins according to my phones auto-complete

Patrice Bergeron is the only one to be able to play the game of hockey.

Zdeno Chara is not going to be a bad guy.

Adam Mcquaid, the only one thing I’ve ever seen before I was born.

David Krejci just had a little too much of the same stuff as the leafs had.

David Pastrnak is the best player in the world but he doesn’t have a good time with the other teams.

Tuukka Rask will have the right to be the only man to take the world.

Torey Krug isn’t that good.

Brandon Carlo was made to take the bus.

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idontknowwhattouseasmyusername’s Submission:

This week my reaction to my drugs agent a bit haywire, but it seams like it’s leveling out now but I’m really struggling with how poorly this week went without them and all of the implications of that.

chikadee’s Submission:

I’ve fallen behind in my coursework. I know I can do it once I get started but I’m having a more difficult time than usual choosing reading my textbook over binge watching TV and playing games on my phone. I take Strattera and it has been a life saver and is the only reason I know I can do it if I can just only START.

coffeepot-pilot’s Submission:

I am struggling with two things. First, getting up in the morning. I am not taking my ADHD meds right now because I can’t afford them on an HSA plan, and getting up is just…hard. My mind is in such a fog in the morning, and it’s near impossible to wake up my brain so I can even function and get to work on time. Even after a full night sleep, I’m tired. The second thing: finding some natural treatments for ADHD. I don’t know what supplements I can use to help my focus and get me moving in the morning.

Anonymous’s Submission:

I graduated college two years ago and have been casually employed since (odd jobs, etc, nothing constant.) Next month I’m going for an intense 4-week course to get a teaching certification and I’m nervous, they say it’s really hard. Any advice for someone jumping back into academics?

Anonymous’s Submission:

ive been really struggling with executive dysfunction. i missed two days of classes this week because i couldnt make myself get out of bed. now i have a bunch of homework as well as a few personal projects that just arent enjoyable for me to work on anymore… i need help :(

Anonymous’s Submission:

I struggle to accept that the thing I crave most from a pro-diagnose is the validation, and not the help/meds/therapy. Several people have tried to convince me not to seek a diagnosis, and when defending my wish it’s so much easier to point out that I desperately need help, even tho the validation is what I need the most but I can’t explain why, and that makes me feel ashamed. Maybe I don’t even want help, what if I just want an easy excuse to continue to be the dipshit I am

Anonymous’s Submission:

my usual way of dealing with strong emotions, being too distracted, or too much energy is going for a walk. Unfortunately, the weather is getting much colder and I have chronic pain. So walking can’t always happen. Anyone have any alternatives for getting energy out?

Anonymous’s Submission:

I love my job, but I come home with no executive function or attention energy left to do basic things. Sometimes I go a couple days without showering because I can’t force myself to do it. It’s like the only thing I can do in a day is go to work. I’ll even stay up late begging myself to go to bed, but I can’t. Any advice on forcing myself to do something when I just can’t? I set an alarm for getting ready for bed. That helps, but not enough. 

Please reblog or send in your thoughts regarding these issues. This is your community of ADHDers sharing the things they are struggling with the most right now. We are crowdsourcing support!

It is a game of hate.
Heavy metal rages
move those iron plates.
My rep’s pace matches
the beats and rhythms
that my phone is playing.
I’m not displaying
It’s just fun
and self-improvement.


adhd college gothic
  • it’s 2:20 pm. you blink. it’s 2:20:01 pm. you blink. it’s 2:20:02 pm. you blink. it’s 2:20:03 pm. you blink. it’s 4:36 pm
  • the next chapter of your textbook is 5 pages long. when you turn the page, it’s exactly the same as the page before it. you read it anyway, and turn the page. it’s exactly the same as the page before it. you can’t remember what you read on the page before this one. you still have 5 pages left in the chapter.
  • you are told to highlight the important parts. you highlight the important parts. when you look back, everything is highlighted.
  • you leave for class ten minutes late and get there ten minutes late. you leave for class 30 minutes early and you get to class ten minutes late. you leave for class on time and get to class ten minutes late.
  • the professor says your research paper can be about any subject. ‘any subject,’ he repeats. he meets your gaze, his pupils swallowing the iris and whites of his eyes. ‘any subject,’ he drawls. the floor cracks open at his feet and you can hear the buzzing of millions of flies from the crevice. ‘you have all semester to finish,’ he adds. ‘no check-ins.’ the crack in the floor extends under your chair. the flies swarm up under you. ‘good luck,’ the professor says. the buzzing fills your head and blurs your vision.
  • the professor is talking about something you learned last year. you pull out your phone to play a cell phone game until she gets to something new. when you look up, she’s handing out the final exam. you check the date on your phone. the semester has ended. you remember nothing.

I recently saw a pain scale with the caption “if you can still talk, your not at a nine” and it really really bothered me. One of my doctors (who works extensively with teenagers with CRPS) said that one common theme he sees in his patients is a complete lack of reaction to pain. He told me that when he performs procedures and tests that are objectively extremely painful, often the teenagers will be smiling and cracking jokes, even though he knows that they are in excruciating pain. At nine I can carry on a conversation (not very well, because at this point things start to get really cloudy for me, but still a conversation). During my nerve conduction study (If you’ve ever had one you know how awful it is, and if you haven’t, it involves a six inch long eighteen gage needle stabbed deep into your muscles over and over while you clench and relax them as instructed.) i chatted with the nurse and played games on my phone. It wasn’t that I wasn’t in pain, it was just I was also outside of it. For teenagers with chronic pain a disassociation from themselves and their bodies is common, even expected. If I “grounded myself”, saw myself as In my body and of my body and nothing else I don’t know how I would survive. In order to live, to get out of bed or wash my hair or put on pants I have to separate ME from my body. It’s how I can pop my shoulder out of socket and put it back in during a conversation. It’s a matter of survival. And I’m tired of people saying that my pain isn’t real or valid because of it.

My proposal for types of ‘Dream Mommy’ characters
  • Library Mommy: library lady trope, wears an overly large sweater and has a collection of pens; doesn’t actually have kids, but sometimes a family can be one woman, two cats, and a netflix account
  • Mechanic Mommy:  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I want her to fix my car; two twin kids that run around, has three tattoos and a barbershop haircut, fixes other gadgets on the side and shows me how to hold a wrench
  • CEO Mommy: pencil skirt, on the phone, gotta work hard to woo her but she will take you to the pier and you’ll ruin the financial lives of several wall street bankers together, Buff™- works out to get rid of stress
  • Ghost Mommy: floats in and out of the game, totally dead, kind of see-through, solve her murder and you unlock some supernatural lovin’
  • Rockstar Mommy: plays the guitar, ripped clothing, responds in grunts, a lil’ tipsy at points in the game and will show you her gauge collection, wears sunglasses 23/7
  • Susan, from accounting: she’ll have to date me eventually
  • Monster Mommy: straight up funky monster lady of your choice, rips her shirt off at least once during the full moon, route involves getting rid of all the silver in your house; her son trades Yugioh cards

Tony and Jan were promptly banned from Morning Jog Time™

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The total solar eclipse and Native Americans.

Tomorrow is the the total solar eclipse. For those of you that don’t know, I am half Navajo on my mothers side, and I am Prairie Band Potowatomi, Sac and Fox, Kickapoo, and Shawnee on my fathers side. According to Navajo culture and lore, when a solar or lunar eclipse occurs, Navajo people must stay inside and not look at the eclipse. To Navajo people the sun and the moon are sacred spirits and when they overlap in an eclipse we must respect this unison by staying inside sitting quietly, praying and reflecting upon ourselves. The spirits are performing their own ceremony and we must not eat, drink water, or go about our daily activities. Navajo people believe that if a Navajo person does not give respect to these spirits and go out during the eclipse, looking at the eclipse, or not praying at home quietly (means no tv, no video games, no phone, not much talking, no playing with toys for kids) can lead to great misfortune to ones self or their family. We must give thanks to the creator and the other spirits that give us what we need to live in this world. So me and my family will not be outside peering at the sun and moon. We will be praying from the start of the eclipse to when it ends. It will be a long wait but this teaches us patience’s and teaches us to be thankful for the things we have. Some people may think this is a burden or think it silly but this has been apart of Navajo culture long before this country was formed. This also goes for a lot of tribes in the southwest. I know that the Pueblo’s and Apache’s have a similar outlook on the eclipse, but I am sure a lot of other tribes do as well. So please keep in mind that not everyone will be viewing the eclipse and to know that for some people around the world this eclipse is a representation of powerful spirits and forces that come together to bring blessings as well as teach us that we are all just children on mother earth in the presence of two amazing beings, and the creator.

A side note is that in New Mexico and Arizona, a lot of Native American students that are apart of the tribes not involving themselves in the eclipse are excusing students, or shutting down entire schools so students do not have to view the eclipse. I found this pretty amazing, but I wish that schools outside these areas, that have students of these tribe would do so as well. Some schools do not see it as a sacred event and will give unexcused absences or belittle students and parents for having their child skip school. But when push comes to shove these religious acts are protected by right to religion and schools are not allowed to infringe upon these ceremonial proceedings. Also certain businesses, and native gov'ts are letting their Native American staff members off for this day. “THE MORE YOU KNOW!”

For those of you viewing the eclipse… go buy the eclipse viewing glasses (but make sure they are the real deal because I heard their are fakes going around). I know you can also make a small hole on top of a box and cut a small viewing screen on the side to see the light coming through the pin hole to make a circle and just watch the light get blocked out by the moon. But there are other ways to view it without the glasses, but for the love of the creator, don’t just stare at the eclipse you can make yourself blind!

Thanks everyone!


Unpopular opinion:

  • Neil actually has a really good taste in music
  • This shocks all the foxes later
  • he spent A LOT of time in the car and his mom and him weren’t that… talkative (unless they where planning or going over back stories) so instead of spending that time in silence they would play music
  • He memorized the top ten charts for eight years in a row because he needed something anything to do that had nothing to do with running or he would go crazy
  • Neil and Mary also spent a lot of time in small dive bars (fight me on this) cause they often didn’t have cameras and was full of drunks who kept their heads down, dont ask questions, and pay no mind to a random lady and a tough lookin kid sitting by themselves at a table in the corner
  • What these bars lacked in size they made up for with live entertainment
  • Mainly Local bands that would play covers of practically anything
  • This is where Neil learns a lot of classics and other popular songs
  • Neil kept a lot of secrets (duh) but most of them where shared with Mary… some he kept himself
  • Like that these where his favorite night’s while on the run, he always got excited when Mary stopped the car in front of a crappy looking bar and he would see someone dragging in a drum and some speakers in through the back
  • He (also securely) really wants to sing with one of the small little bands at least ones but he knew it was unrealistic
  • One band preformed Dog Days Are Over by Florence and the machine and the song stuck with Neil for years. he knows every word
  • Years down the road all the foxes make playlist for long bus rides or work outs and they are all surprised when Neil actually has one to share
  • And it’s really Good!
  • It’s got a bit of everything and they transition really well (never goes from a fast song to a slow song, or a soft song to a loud song, nothing jaring)
  • everyone is for once happy with the playlist they all have to listen too
  • Now Neil is the one shocked as the Foxes unanimously elect him to be in charge of music from now on
Bully me in a phone game? I'll destroy you from the inside.

I once played a game on Android, called Kingdoms at War. Similar concept to Clash of Clans.

Anyway one day I was just minding my own business and building my kingdom, and I got attacked. In this game when you got attacked, you essentially couldn’t do anything for a set amount of time if you lost. No biggie, I’d wait it out.

I came back a couple hours later, and I still couldn’t do anything. I’d been attacked like a dozen more times. Turned out this bullshit bully guild would go around doing this to people, flooding them with attacks so they couldn’t do anything. I basically couldn’t play the game for two days.

Alright, time to get even.

I made a new account, and after about a week of effort - insinuating myself in chats and being near members - I got myself invited to this guild. They didn’t know who I was, of course.

I played nice with them, doing whatever I could to help. I gained their trust and was promoted to an officer in the guild after a couple months.

So now comes the revenge. People would do this thing where they would temporarily transfer guild ownership so they could join another guild and help out with wars. They would only do this with people they trusted explicitly for obvious reasons.

About a month later, the owner asked me to hold the guild for the day while he helped a friend out. Of course, I said. No problem. My time had finally come.

The second I had the guild, I fired every officer and banned all members. I transferred all gold to a new guild I’d set up on my original account. Then I disbanded the guild and deleted my alt account.

They never knew what happened. Game, set, match you bully motherf*ckers.


I record things on my phone basically every day, melody ideas or lyric ideas…but I don’t tend to write when I’m on set, and that’s because it’s fun. When I write lyrics, I’ll leave the room, I’ll go off on my own and write somewhere for however long I need to. But with acting, it’s all these fun people I get to play with for the day; it’s like going to play school, so I wouldn’t want to isolate myself. I enjoy everybody’s company, just messing about. You’d be surprised how much we mess about on Game of Thrones. —Raleigh Ritchie Photographed by Jason Hetherington for Interview Magazine

Fic: Happy Birthday, Naruto

Word Count: Ion’t know | Genre: Real ass shit | Relationship: M/M | Warning: Unsafe for the eyes of those sensitive to real ass shit

A/N: A gift for Naruto, the birthday boy. SNS. 


Overhead, fluttering under the bright rays of a radiant sun, a carrier pigeon delivered a scroll.

‘Hinata baked a birthday cake for me, but I just wanna get my 10 inch candle deep up in your cakes and fill you with my custard cannon baby. Use Water Release: Fleet no Jutsu before I arrive so I can eat a lil dessert with my present too. 😩💦💦💦👅🍅’

Sasuke rolled his eyes, scoffing at the lowly vulgarity. It wouldn’t be long before Naruto descended on him now. Subtlety didn’t exist in his dictionary.

A rendezvous in the Hokage’s mansion; that plan Naruto concocted when he swept Sasuke off his feet, ignorant of any passive protest, would end in his well-deserved favor. The fourteen missed calls from Hinata, the read receipt attached to the text prying into his whereabouts (Read: 3 hours ago), and the unsigned marriage annulment documents crumpled within Sasuke’s pocket fazed not a nerve-ending in his body. Naruto left all those obstructions to the birds as he hastily stabbed at the touchscreen of his phone, ‘I’m at Sasuke house playing the game like fr my dick gone get skid marks the way you riding it so hard 💀💀💀😂🔥🔥😂🔍🔍🔥😤😴,’ in an evasive maneuver that freed him from the all-too-tight chains of banal concepts such as personal responsibility.

Inhaling that fresh air of freedom, Naruto’s atoms dispersed in a vibrant beacon of light before flashing back together at his destination with his lover in his arms. Agreeable, subdued to no one’s path but one where they could be together, just like Naruto, and the Uchiha’s wife, expected him to be. In Naruto’s case, it was more akin to a demand than a expectation. A demand not expressed with teary eyes, passive threats one was too weak to act upon, and appeals to a romance one felt entitled to, but expressed with the promise of being saved by the threat of fists. The specter of breaking the other’s bones to drag him back home to complete his triad of emotional receptacles: the village, his aspiring monarchy, and a certain Uchiha’s acknowledgement. With a smile on his face and only the purest intentions lacing his heartstrings, Naruto refused to tolerate anything less from his most prized bond.

It elated Naruto to know Sasuke made not just the right choice, but the only choice.

Encased beneath a hurricane crashing in the violent waves of passion, Naruto found solace in nothing short of devouring the decadence of the Uchiha’s body like the sweetest confection. Eliciting sounds from Sasuke that not even his wife was privy to, committing the rich palate of his flesh to his tongue’s memory, and claiming every corner and curve his hands traversed as rightfully his own.

Said hand, an eager one, slid beneath the now disheveled hem of Sasuke’s shirt to trace the attractive grooves that shaped his lower abdomen and advertised a sharp pathway toward what begged for Naruto’s attention.

“M'gonna get in them guts and bust down your walls like the Kyuubi at the Konoha gates,” was the rasp that accompanied Naruto’s hand tugging down those pants, slipping his palm inside Sasuke’s underwear without shame, to reveal…

A glock.

The heater, the burner, he was strapped with that draco.

Naruto froze.

“Happy Birthday, Naruto.”

Sasuke Uchiha, his lover, pistol whipped him in the heat of passion.

“The only walls you’re busting down are the ones to my reparations fund. You don’t want this work.”

Naruto, for once in all of his days…

Couldn’t believe it.


“You beat me down, begged me to return to this putrid country, and fraternize with the very elders who subjugated my family and ripped them away from me. The vermin who caused my defection in the first place drink tea with you, unsweetened at that. This ‘peace’ you professed to me was nothing but a farce to lure me here, and I won’t hesitate to bust a cap in your dome, your scalp, your cranium.”

Naruto’s eyes widened. Shock washed over his features like a tidal wave.

“B-B-But ya gotta understand the Leaf’s mistakes were-”

“Genocide and tyranny are not mistakes, braindead idiot,” he presses the barrel to Naruto’s forehead.

“Can we talk about this?”

“No. Deliver my reparations in monthly direct deposits or I will never let you snort lines of coke off my ass again.”

Now it was Naruto’s turn to fall silent. He never imagined Sasuke…didn’t need his saving.

“I’m sick of being the neighborhood’s emotional vessel, doling out validation by the demands of my so-called friends. Your parasitic acknowledgement, Sakura’s narcissistic love, Kakashi’s bruised sense of being a failed sensei who, in a brazen show of hypocrisy, disregarded my rightful goal when I was vulnerable and trusted him.”


“Shut up, usuratonkachi. It would behoove you to know: your dick game’s wack and your stroke is trash.”

Sasuke may or may not have been lying, but today is the day he rescinds that oh so coveted acknowledgement at all costs. Despite that, the color sapped from Naruto’s face at the blow to his strengths. There was no way his dick game was wack…

“You’re going to catch this bullet precisely where you catch my nut every night. In the eye.”

He cocks, the glock, the burner, the draco…

Naruto pauses, takes Sasuke by the wrist, gently.

“Wells Fargo or Bank of Konoha?”

“Neither. I’m with a credit union in the Sound Village. Write the reparations check for it there or I’ll make you spew the flames of Amaterasu straight from your asshole.”

Sasuke didn’t bother with his blabbering, his excuses. He had to pay the elders a visit now. Turning on his heel, he breezes past Naruto and begins to take his grand exit from the country yet again.

“Then…if you planned to leave me. Who were you getting thick for all this time?”

A low chuckle leaves Sasuke and he flashes his smirk over his shoulder.

“The Revolution.”


minister-of-silly-walks replied to your post

So then, what is your opinion on the Actor for Elliot saying that Elliot used to be apart of a Star Gate team from the Stargate: SG1 series?

I love it. LOVE IT. It fixes literally the only flaw that I actually cared about in the show. 

The thing that made my eye twitch a little bit in the first couple of seasons of Leverage was the hacking - the ‘I know he’s a Super Genius, but the hardware for what he’s doing with that flip phone literally cannot do what they’re doing’. 

But if it’s in the Stargate universe, then of course  some of that advanced tech has slipped unnoticed into the private sector. Boom! Suspension of disbelief now fully back in play. 

(SG:1 was my main obsession for years - including a decade of playing in and running a Stargate online game (OCs). It was before I’d gotten back into any kind of online fandom, mind you, so I didn’t do fic, but nevertheless! My screen-correct gate team jacket - the style Daniel’s wearing in the top gif - is still my favourite piece of cosplay ever.) 

i talk about this a lot but i’d LOVE to rewind back to summer 2016 when pokémon go first came out and absolutely went viral. it was truly a golden time that brought society together for a bit and it’ll forever be imbued into my head as that one surreal month where complete strangers would come out and drive to local parks just to play a silly game on their phone

Maybe, if I post every time this happens, abled people will stop thinking that this sort of thing is rare.

A while back I was sitting by the restaurant in Ikea and using my phone while I waited for Marvin to buy some things.

I was seated at one of four high-backed chairs arranged around a low coffee table. Across the table from me was a stranger, his young son sat in the chair to the right of me, and his daughter, who was about nine-years-old, sat on the floor at the coffee table. She was colouring and her brother was playing on a DS.

Their father stared at me while pretending he wasn’t. It’s pretty obvious when someone is watching you from eight feet away, though. I didn’t get angry vibes so I wasn’t concerned and just pointedly ignored him while catching Pidgey after Pidgey.

My phone had a semi-transparent, soft plastic case on it. I usually covered it with cute stickers. At that time, it had large words written in sharpie on the back that said, “It’s rude to stare”.

I was absorbed in my game when the stranger across from me laughed suddenly, loudly, and pointed me out to his daughter.

“Her phone says, ‘It’s rude to stare’,” he said.

He chuckled and looked at my face, expecting an explanation.

I stared at him.

He stared back.

I sighed.

“Oh, yeah. People stare at me a lot,” Just like you were, I thought. I waved my phone to show off the words. “So I wrote that on there. So, yeah.”

I went back to my game. Guy chuckled again.

“Really, people stare at you? Why?” He asked.

I looked up from my phone. I stared at him.

He stared back. I raised my eyebrows. He kept waiting for an answer.

I held up the butterfly-printed cane that had been leaning against my legs by way of explanation. “Sometimes I use a walker or wheelchair, too.”

“And people stare?” He pressed.

“Yep,” I said shortly.

“Wow. Well, you know, I think it’s probably because of their own personal fear.”

I seriously bristled at that. The tone was awful, really patronizing.

“Yeah. Seeing disabled people in public is a real shock. We remind people of their own mortality,” I said humourlessly, adding in some sarcastic laughter for good measure. I tried to signal my disinterest by lowering my head and leaning over my phone screen.

“Yeah-” he said, charging full speed ahead like he didn’t even need me for this conversation. He clearly had something to say all prepared.

"And you know, it’s funny. But I used to be scared of- people- people with disabilities,” he said, with a smile and lean-in, touching his fingertips together, making me want to punch his face.

I was in a bit of social shock. I just kept thinking, are you kidding me? This Ikea food court confession is happening right now, huh?

“Not physical disabilities, but mental disabilities.”

He was so smarmy, you guys. When he said that, I think my soul left my body. And I had no idea how to either respond or extricate myself reasonably. 

I hesitated, looked from this guy to his children, who were watching the exchange with awkward interest.

“Oh. Uh. Well, I’m autistic, so…” I let my words trail off. To this day I have no idea where that sentence would have gone.

“Oh. Oh! But I mean, you can’t tell,” he turned tomato red. “You’re so well-spoken and- I guess you could say that you have really overcome.”

As he was fumbling, I was giving him an exaggerated but sincerely felt grimace and an unimpressed "ehhh”.

At his pronouncement of my overcoming, I sat up straight and said, loudly and pissed enough that his children started looking worried, “Uh, yikes. No.”

Guy’s daughter looked like she would rather he did anything but continue talking, but that’s what he did. Like any allistic abled white dude worth his salt /s, he powered through, ignoring my obvious and projected displeasure.

“But, I mean. In school, it’s funny, because it ended up that most of my friends were handicapped. I guess I kind of protected them-” His voice took on an artificially soft, sticky quality. It was at this moment that I snapped.

“Okay. I’m going to cut you off there,” I said. I put my hand up. His tomato face spoiled.

“What? Why?” He seemed torn between expressing frustration and wanting to appear kind-hearted and open-minded in front of his children.

“Well. Uh. Ugh,“ I looked at his kids, wondering how harsh or how kind I should be. I hated that he put me in this spot. In that moment I hated him so much.

"Well, you’re saying a lot of stuff that non-disabled people think is nice to hear, but it’s not. It’s just- it’s just not.” I knew it was pointless to try to explain. My words were failing fast. He didn’t really care, anyway.

“I wouldn’t even be able to explain it to you,” I shrugged.

He gaped at me. Now he was angry. This wasn’t going how he had wanted it to.

“I know you’re coming from a good place. But it’s not nice. It’s just not… yeah.” I gripped the handle of my cane in one hand and my phone, Pokémon Go forgotten, in the other. I fought the urge to literally run away. I felt the surreal pressure of my behaviour being one of these kids’ formative disability-related experiences.

“Oh. Uh. Well. Okay. Sorry,” he said, embarrassed, not sorry. “And uh, thanks for saying that,” he said, trying to get me back. I looked away.

“I just-” he started. Even his children looked unhappily surprised that he was trying for that last word.

“I just want to say that you’re great.

I didn’t look at him. I smiled at his daughter, who smiled back out of habit, more confused than anything. His son looked down at his DS, secondhand embarrassment turning him red too.

“Hmm. Well, your kids seem nice,” I offered breezily.

After that, I moved away from the circle of green chairs and sat in an uncomfortably high stool in the corner. I hid there, head down, my hands shaking very slightly, feeling paranoid. Like I failed. And that my friends, is ableism. 

Aries on a plane: “Yass take off!” 

Taurus on a plane: “I wonder what the in-flight meal will be?” 

Gemini on a plane: “So why are you headed to…” 

Cancer on a plane: *Smiling or making faces at all the babies or toddlers*

Leo on a plane: *Secretly trying to push the seat back, even after it’s reached as far as it will go*

Virgo on a plane: *Has gum, hand sanitizer, 3 ipads, blanket, air sickness meds, snacks, a book, travel pillow. PREPARED* 

Libra on a plane: *Face glued to the window*

Scorpio on a plane: *Head phones in*

Sagittarius on a plane: “This is one of my natural habitats.” 

Capricorn on a plane: “Of course I get the seat by the crying baby or obnoxious talker…”

Aquarius on a plane: *Befriending the flight attendants*

Pisces on a plane: *Feel asleep reading a book/playing a video game* or *Listening to someone tell them their life story… not Pisces choice* 

Mystic Messenger : Prologue ~ V Walkthrough (FULL ANSWERS)

I worked all alone - I cheked each answers ~ Please be considerate.

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