and play a really angelic song


A subtle reminder that Rob is the father in real life [for added effect]


Thought i’d pop in to tell anyone that sees this about some great groups with some great bops that don’t seem to be as popular as they should be imo

B.I.G - These boys are SUPER cute and very sweet. They’re really talented, and they have about 6 (give or take) videos for 1,2,3 (their latest song), one being them on exercise bikes. So Good.

Songs I Recommend: 
- 1,2,3
- Taola 
- Are You Ready

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VAV - Now, I recently found this super talented, visually stunning cute group, and I haven’t gone back since. Who needs a bias in VAV anyway? 

Songs I Recommend: 
- Flower (You)
- Dance With Me

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Topp Dogg - Now, I’ve loved these freaks for a while now and they STILL don’t seem to be loved by the masses? The members are adorable and their musical style can be literally anything, they’re just all round amazing.

Songs I Recommend: 
- Flower
- The Beat
- Rainy Day 
- Open The Door

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Day6 - Maybe I’m wrong with calling them underrated … oh wait, I’m not. They’re the kind of group where people of heard of them but haven’t really listened to them. Trust me, when you listen to them for real, you’ll love em’. 

Songs I Recommend: 
- Congratulations 
- Blood 
- Shape Of You (Cover)
- She Will Be Loved (Cover) 

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Varsity - Relatively new. Super SUPER cute. Their comeback stage performances are great. If you’re looking for a new rookie group, here ya go. 

Songs I Recommend: 
- Hole In One

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The Legend - Like the name says; legendary. They’re cool and look like power rangers in the dance practice for Crush On You, who doesn’t want that? The members are too cute for their own good.

Songs I Recommend: 
- Crush On You

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Madtown - STAN THEM!!! I’ve loved madtown for eons and when I say to stan them I really mean it. Seriously. They’re too underrated and underappreciated. They are literally amazing. Yes yes madtown yes.

Songs I Recommend: 
- New World 
- Stunning

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IMFACT - These boys do it all. Cute, sad, weird. They’re such a cute set of guys and they pull off all their musical styles really well. They’re easy to love and are worth giving a listen to. 

Songs I Recommend: 
- Tension Up!
- Lollipop
- Feel So Good

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KNK - They are literally so cute. Super cute. And so very good at what they do. I was sold at their debut and have been since, they’re really really good and that’s all I’ve got to say.

Songs I Recommend: 
- Knock 
- Angel Heart
- Back Again

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UP10TION - Extra, cute and funny boys that serve looks and real good music. If you haven’t already, hit them up!!

Songs I Recommend: 
- So, Dangerous 
- Holic 
- Catch Me!

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AND, last (but not least, I might make another list lol) ……

CROSS GENE - Even though everyone and their mother has probably heard a cross gene song once in their life *cough* Play With Me *cough*, they are SUPER SUPER good and so so cute. Stanning cross gene will bring you no regrets, at least, no big ones. Maybe. 

Songs I Recommend: 
- Noona, You
- Play With Me
- Ying Yang
- Amazing Bad Lady 

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Hopefully if ya read the list you didn’t already know all the groups and got some recommendations. Even if you do know them, spread the word. Help them get more recognition for being GREAT!~

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D&D Homebrew the musical

Context: A Tiefling Magus (Farlas) is threatened by shrine maiden (Reah) that she will destroy a book he desperately wants. In exchange for the books safety, Farlas must distract an army of unknown enemies (weeping angels). This happened.

Reah: FARLAS! Should you guarantee our safety out of the city, I will not burn this book and give it to you.

DM: Don’t even bother rolling perception, you’re to smitten by the book Farlas.

Farlas (OOC): Fuck it. Dance off.

DM: …

DM: One of the angels gives you a thumbs up, while the others are in dance positions.

(Farlas’ theme song, my songs know what you did in the dark, starts playing)

Farlas (OOC): Farlas starts doing the dance routine from the end of Footloose.

(Everyone is dying)

DM (While dying): A magical Owlbear named Kevin Bacon comes out from the crowd surrounding you, and takes your hand. Roll for dance.

*Rolls really high*

DM: You win. You just win. Describe it.

(Everyone still dying)

Farlas (OOC): Farlas, as his dance routine finishes, does sweet flips and as his feet touch the ground, cannons fire signalling the angels’ epic defeat. The cannon balls crush *rolls* 23 percent of the town.

Everyone: …

Farlas: … I totally didn’t do this….


 “I’ve got a crush on Zoe Bosch”

Soo, apparently the girl who plays Hanna Baker (Katherine Langford) in “13 reasons why” made this song a couple years ago, and it’s really good!.. and pretty gay

only angel literally belongs in a fucking 80′s movie like it’s the song that plays in the background where the main character is going through this fucking epiphany in her life where she realizes who she is at that moment is not who she really wants to be and she shows up to school the next day and fucking walks down the hallway with an entire new mindset and ideals and everyone’s heads turn and she could give a fuck what anyone else thinks of her because she finally found who she is and she’s confident, happy, proud, and fucking badass

To my future girlfriend

At first I may be really awkward and weird, but it’s because you make me nervous. I’m scared that I’ll scare you away…
The hopeless romantic in me will always be calling you beautiful, angel, princess, babe, baby girl, gorgeous, and any sweet pet name you can think of. I’ll also buy you flowers and make you dinners. You’ll be surprised with candle lit dinners here and there. I’ll take you to the beach so I can plan a picnic and watch the sun set over the water. I’ll play you songs on my guitar and sing every song that reminds me of you to you.
I’ll always strive to make you smile, make you happy, pick you up when you’re down. My goal will always be to be there for you no matter what. I don’t want to be just your girlfriend but your best friend. You won’t ever have to worry about me talking to other girls, cuz you’ll be the only girl on my mind. I’ll tell you the truth always, I don’t want to keep anything from you.
We’ll cuddle and watch movies and take my dog on walks together. When I kiss you I will kiss you like I haven’t seen you forever. I won’t ever want to go without your kisses.
When you’re sick, I’ll be by your side taking care of you and nursing you back to health. I’ll let you sleep on me and cuddle with me and I’ll hold your hair if you’re getting sick. I want to show you I care about you and even when you’re really sick, I’ll still think you’re beautiful.
To my future girlfriend, whoever you are… I hope you’ll keep me as yours.

kingsman 2 prediction:

harry will refuse to fight bc he believes he really is too dangerous (maybe poppy’s been messing with his guilt way too much idk)

but then SOMEONE hurts eggsy real bad. maybe it’s poppy or one of her men or charlie idk. but something snaps inside harry. it’s like being back in that pub again when those jerks called eggsy a rent boy.

so harry starts kicking ass and taking names bc NO ONE should hurt eggsy. bonus if there’s a jukebox and for some reason it’s on and it’s playing “my boyfriend’s back” by the angels. and harry’s fight is chroeographed to the song.

(okay maybe that part won’t happen but. it’d be pretty dope if it did lol)

♡ — au where yoongi is a rapper and a producer while jungkook is a music student trying to become a singer

“THE PLAN” (aka make yoonkook real)

The whole thing was a setup.

Jungkook sensed it the moment they arrived at the studio and the others weren’t there, except for Jin, who had a blush creeping on his cheeks. He was putting some bowls full of food - that smelled amazing - on the table Namjoon usually used to put part of his Ryan collection that normally stays in the producer’s room. However the plushies were nowhere to be found.

“Ah! The others are arriving… in a couple of minutes… Yeah. Hm. ” He had said, looking all nervous. “I’ve gotta run, yeah, I think I forgot to turn the oven off back home, you guys know how I am, right?”

If he was trying to sound sincere, he was doing a poor job. Jungkook knew Jin. His cousin was a little lost and scatter-brained, but never - ever - in the kitchen. It was his sacred place, he would never do such thing as leaving his oven on to leak gas.

“Are you kidding me?” Yoongi sounded annoyed. He probably sensed that something was wrong too.

“Ahhh… I’ll be back in a few, boys! Bye!” He said, already closing the door behind him with his coat halfway up his arms. They then heard a soft click from the door being locked.

Jungkook sighed and looked over at Yoongi, who was taking off his coat and throwing himself on the leather couch.

“They’re up to something”

♡ ♡ ♡

“Well? Do you think they believed it?” Hoseok asked, while practically jumping in the back seat Jimin placed his hands on his hips and tried to settle Hoseok down but failed, as expected.

“Not for a second. Yoongi didn’t buy my excuse, but whatever. The important thing is that they’re together, and alone, with the best cooking in the world. Everything is going as we planned!” Jin said while closing the passenger side door, and leaning to give the driver (his boyfriend) a sweet peck on the lips. “Now we just have to wait until they contact us. I’m pretty sure that Yoongi will be calling to ask what’s going on soon enough.”

Namjoon started the car and left the front of the building where the Cypher Studio was located. Their plan was as simple as it could be. Make Yoongi and Jungkook believe they were all going to meet and celebrate the 3 year anniversary of the studio, pretend that something came up and leave the boys alone. Jin had made some of his best dishes, brought some wine and had the stereo ready to be activated from his phone, set to play some playlist that Taehyung swore on his life that it was romantic. He hoped so.

No one could stand Yoongi and Jungkook dancing around each other anymore, saying that they were friends, when everyone could feel their sexual tension from miles. But it wasn’t just that. They clearly had feelings for the other but they acted like it was nothing. They would spend all night talking, absorbed in their own little world when all of them were around. Their touch would linger way longer than friendly acceptable and they kept staring like they were reading the other’s mind. It was creepy but, at the same time, it was beautiful. Namjoon had known Yoongi for years and he never saw his friend like that, happy, giving so many smiles and taking care of himself. The boy driving the car was praying that everything would work out and his two friends would acknowledge their feelings so they could finally be together.

♡ ♡ ♡


Where are you guys?



Oh, hey Hyung!

Hey?? Where are you, brat?
You guys were supposed to be here
Kookie and I are waiting for 40 minutes
Aren’t you guys coming???!!!


What the fuck, Tae?
What do you mean by “no”??

It means we’re not going!
Sorry, Hyung!

I knew!
I knew you were all up to something
What’s going on?

You’re a smart boy
You’ll figure it out

Shut up, Tae
What he meant is
Why don’t you and Jungkook just enjoy the night?
Jin-hyung left some food and wine in the kitchen
You guys can talk
And enjoy the night…

Smooth, Hobi-hyung

I can’t believe this
Are you guys seriously playing matchmaker with us??

If this is what it takes
To make you guys realize you should be together
Then yes, we’re really playing matchmaker
Good night, Hyung!

♡ ♡ ♡

Groaning, Yoongi threw his phone on the couch and turned to look at Jungkook, who was sitting at the piano, softly touching the keys almost like he was afraid of the sound. He took his time staring at the boy. He was dressed like he always was; skinny jeans, a sweater that is clearly too big for him and the damn timberlands he insisted on using every freaking time. With his hair looking like a planned mess, in the strange yellow light of the studio, casually playing the piano, he looked like a model. Yoongi didn’t know how that was possible, how could the boy look like he was at a fashion shoot all the time. Like he knew that Yoongi was thinking about him, Jungkook turned around and smiled, showing his bunny teeth and closing his eyes.
Yoongi never stood a chance.

He should have known, from the beginning, since the day that Jin-hyung called to invite him to a special welcome dinner for his little cousin that was moving to Seoul to study music. The boy had a captivating personality and boyish smile. He looked like he was really naive and shy, but as soon as he was comfortable, he would become playful and touchy. He was smart and good at nearly everything. But, above all, Jungkook was passionate about music and that really did a number on Yoongi, himself being a music lover since he was little. And then, when he sang for the first time for the older, with a sweet voice that could reach amazing tones, apparently, it reached Yoongi’s heart too.

Maybe it was the long periods of time they spent together, maybe it was the way Jungkook was always up to eat tons of lamb skewers, or maybe it was the way that he seems to really get Yoongi understand him like no one else could. He knew when the older boy needed to chat about random things like new music equipment and anime, or when he just needed the company, just needed to know that Jungkook was there for him. Whatever it was, Yoongi knew he was too far gone, his feelings for the boy with the bunny smile too obvious to pretend they weren’t there.

Smiling back, Yoongi got up from the couch and headed to the piano, sitting with Jungkook.

“This is one of my favourite songs, and I never showed it to anyone… Until now” he heard Jungkook let a little-surprised sound before he started to play the notes he knew too well. “It’s called I Need U

♡ ♡ ♡

The song was a beautiful mix of delicate and melancholic, while still sounding a little happy.

Jungkook felt mesmerized every time he heard Yoongi playing and he allowed himself to really watch him. The older never looked so angelic as he looked when his fingers were sliding over the piano keys like it was the most natural thing in the world. He looked at his face and he had his eyes closed, looking so peaceful and… passionate. It was overwhelming and it felt like Yoongi was showing his soul. Jungkook felt warm inside. Looking at Yoongi’s face and hearing the song felt like it was too much. This was, probably, the most beautiful scene Jungkook has ever seen. Even if it wasn’t the first time he listened to him playing, he still needed to catch a breath.

It was like every time he was with Yoongi, he had to force himself to breathe. He would constantly catch himself staring at the pianist, getting lost in his moonlight-kissed skin, his lazy eyes and his lips, that looked oh-so-soft, that these days seemed to be a constant theme in his dreams… And before he noticed, his face was almost purple, both from embarrassment and for the lack of oxygen.

When the music came to an end, the notes slowing fading, it was like the melody still remained in the air. Yoongi took a breath, his hands still ghosting over the keys , like he refused to part ways.

Like it was the most natural thing to do, Jungkook slowly took his hand to the piano, his fingers brushing onto Yoongi’s and softly caressed them, like some sort of “thank you” for the song. The boy felt like the warmth he was feeling inside was spreading through his whole body, contrasting with Yoongi’s cold hand.

“Jungkook-ah…” His name sounded like a breath, a whisper.

He waited for the older boy to complete the sentence but he didn’t. Instead, he moved his hand, their fingers intertwining into a loose grip. Jungkook felt Yoongi’s thumb slowly move like he was drawing something on the back of the boy’s hand.

It felt oddly normal to stay like this, even though they had never held hands this way before. Sure, they touched each other’s hands once or twice but it never felt like this. So personal, so meaningful. It felt right.

Jungkook already had some plans in his mind, about how to approach Yoongi and tell him about his feelings, maybe ask him on a date or at least make his intentions a little more clear, but while holding the older boy’s hand, he figured this was as good time as any.

“Hyung, I…” his voice cracked a little, He couldn’t hide how nervous he was feeling, even if he tried. Hearing his name, Yoongi looked at Jungkook, their hands never parting.

While gazing into Yoongi’s eyes, it was hard to get his month to work and say the words he wanted to say for so long, to ask for the things he craved so much, things that made him lose countless hours of sleep. But Jungkook couldn’t and wouldn’t let this chance slip away.

“Hyung, can I kiss you?”

Yoongi blinked a few times but didn’t seem like he was shocked, as Jungkook had imagined he would be. He just kept staring at the boy, like he was seeing into his soul, until he let a hard breath leave his lungs, his voice sounding a little strange. Almost desperate.

“God, Jungkook-ah… Just… Yes. Yes, please.”

And as soon as Yoongi said the words, Jungkook moved closer, their face mere inches from each other. Yoongi’s hot breath brushed against Jungkook’s face and both held each other’s gaze, like repeating the question, just to be sure. They were so close, their noses almost touching , when Jungkook finally gave in and closed the distance between them.

The young boy couldn’t help but let out a little whisper, as soon as he realised that yes, Yoongi’s lips were just as soft as they looked. Maybe more. Jungkook felt that his fingers were no longer intertwined with Yoongi’s, but soon enough he found out why because he felt the pianist grab his sweater and pull their bodies even closer, their lips never parting.

Yoongi pressed his lips against Jungkook’s, softly, before tracing the boy’s bottom lip with his tongue. He let go of the boy’s sweater, just to let his hands move to the back of his neck. Jungkook reacted taking his hands all the way to Yoongi’s hips and holding him in the place like he was afraid of the older boy leaving. Even in the awkward position, they kept kissing and breathing on each other’s lips, their tongues slowly touching every now and then. Jungkook craved for Yoongi’s lips, like he never wanted anything in his life. He tasted like coffee and warmth, and Jungkook felt addicted, a sound of contentment leaving his lips without him noticing.

They broke the kiss reluctantly to catch a proper breath, feeling like they had been kissing for hours, but their bodies remained close. Their lips were still touching when Jungkook murmured on the other’s lips.

“Kiss me again. Please kiss me again”

Yoongi didn’t have to be asked twice, kissing the boy with desperation, all the want and longing he had felt for so long finally being paid, with their lips locked together and their tongues caressing the other. It felt like heaven and Jungkook was feeling dizzy from happiness and want, a shiver running through his body like there were sparks dancing all the way down his spine.

Nothing had ever felt this good.

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Why does no one in the bayonetta fandom talk about how good of a song Battle For The Umbran Throne is?



I think problem is that, unless you play angel slayer, it only plays once in game which is honestly a HUGE FUCKING SHAME since it really captures the essence of the ancient umbra witches

How I see you.

(The many ways Jughead Jones sees Betty Cooper.)

“What does that even mean?” Archie huffed, scratching the top of his head in unconcealed frustration.

“It’s a hyperbole Arch, its kind of like an exaggerated statement. It’s a joke. See, look how it’s written here.” Betty pointed a finger to a sentence in Archie’s literature textbook, her long blonde hair falling over her shoulder as she helped her redheaded best friend understand his homework.

Jughead stared openly at the scene in front of him, she was just so.. warm. No matter what Betty Cooper did it was always in the most gentle and assuring way possible, Archie had been asking the same question for the past ten minutes and while Jughead wanted to throttle him Betty was as patient as a saint. She was all reassuring words and soft encouragements, it really was something to see.

“I can’t do it! I’ll just fail, it doesn’t even matter.” Archie threw his pencil on the cafeteria table angrily.

Betty shook her head
“You can do it, don’t you dare give up on me Andrews. You’re incredibly smart, you think coach Clayton would just let you give up in the middle of a game? I don’t think so. So you pick up that pencil and you finish this study guide.” There was a fierce determination in her eyes that couldn’t be argued, with a sigh Archie picked up his pencil and continued writing.

Glancing up through long lashes, Betty grinned at Jughead, her dimples poking through as she continued her tutoring, clapping her hands when Archie finally finished and declaring Milkshakes were on her after school.

Betty Cooper was the very definition of warmth.

She was spinning in circles outside of his trailer, tiny pink polished toes barefoot on the dying grass, her hair stuck to her back as rain pelted from the clouds.

“Come on Juggie! We haven’t done this since we were little. Where’s your sense of adventure!” She shouted over the thunder, her arms open wide as her eyes shone with mischief.

Jughead tried desperately to keep the grin off of his face as he leaned against the doorway

“I’d rather not catch a cold, you’re insane! It’s practically a hurricane! Get inside.” He called for her.

“It’s just a little sun shower! I get it, you’re chicken! Aw poor little juggie afraid of a little rain!” Betty put her hands under her arms and began making clucking sounds, splashing through puddles while she taunted Jughead.

He rolled his eyes playfully before shrugging his denim jacket off and running after the drenched blonde, gripping her by the waist and swinging her around as she squealed and clutched the hands holding her.

“Who’s chicken now?” He whispered against her ear, reveling in the way she shivered at the sound of his voice.

Whipping around Betty brought her lips dangerously close to Jugheads causing the dark haired boy to gasp sharply, her breath mingled with his and she whispered back

“Still you.”

She shoved him back and he tumbled into a particularly large puddle, staring up at her with shocked eyes as she giggled and slowly backed away, the rain was slowing down now as he stood and marched towards her.

“See.” She beamed “just a sun shower.” She pulled him towards the truck giggling.

Betty Cooper was the very definition of sunshine.


“Go! Just go! Get out of here!”
Betty dug her fingernails into the side of her head, cradling her face as she rocked back and forth. Jughead was standing in front of her, moving slowly to the blonde crouched in the corner of her bedroom

“Bets.. baby, It’s okay. I’m right here.” He tried to steady his voice, but he had never seen her like this before, she was shaking like a leaf and the heavy tears were dripping down her cheeks.

“I don’t want you to see me like this, I don’t want you… you can’t see my darkness. Please..” she whimpered, shoving her hand out to stop him, his eyes instantly fell to the dark scarlet drops of blood falling from her palms. Fuck it.

He ran to her then, picking her up and dropping her onto his lap, his arms coming around her and wrapping her up as he whispered in her ear as she sobbed openly, clutching his shirt in her cut up palms.

“It’s okay, I’ve got you, I’m right here.” He pressed his lips to the crown of her head, inhaling the strawberry and cream of her shampoo.

“My dad.. I just…” she choked out.

He shushed her softly, rubbing circles into her back.

“I know, I know.” He held her until she fell asleep and even after that, they stayed wrapped up in each other’s arms.

She was damaged and broken and lovely but Betty Cooper was the very definition of Perfectly imperfect.

“I’ve got the last box!” Betty held up the medium sized cardboard box and wiggled excitedly.
“Were officially moved in! Our first home!” She dropped the box on the carpeted floor and stood in front of Jughead her hands on her hips as he smirked at her.

“Casa Cooper-Jones. it’s kind of a dump but..” he trailed off, rubbing his neck nervously.

Betty approached him then, her slender arms coming around his neck

“It’s perfect and it’s all ours, our very own trailer.” She smiled up at him, happiness and love shining through her eyes.

They had bought out one of the trailers on the Southside. Both of the twenty year olds had decided to stay in Riverdale, with Polly being a single mother and Jugheads father getting out of prison soon it was almost impossible to leave their families. Jughead had been the one to bring up the subject and of course his beautiful girlfriend had been nothing but understanding claiming Riverdale community college had a great education program, Jughead was in the process of getting his first novel published So working from home really wasn’t a problem for him.

“I’m going to buy you a big house one day Betty Cooper, I’m going to give you everything you’ve ever dreamed of.”

Betty pressed a soft kiss to his lips and smiled dazed

“You already have.” She whispered.

Betty Cooper was the very definition of his angel.

The familiar melody of a 1950s love song played through the speakers in the reception hall, Betty was tucked against Jugheads body, his arms squeezing her waist, fingers toying with the soft white lace on her hips. She hummed into his neck, his nose running up her bare neck, exposed by the ornate updo.

“Have I told you how beautiful you look Mrs.Jones” he mumbled into her soft skin.

Betty giggled
“Only about a hundred times Mr.Jones”

“Well I’m going to tell you every single day until the day we die, you’re my wife now, I think I’ve earned that.” He pulled back and spun her out.

Betty spun back into his arms and laughed
“I can live with that.”

Betty Cooper was his wife.

  • alright so you have your soulmate’s name tattooed on your skin in this au
  • which should be all good and fine, right!!! except sometimes the universe is confusing and sometimes people don’t go by their birth names all the time
  • so while joshua goes by, well, joshua hong, your tattoo says hong jisoo. and one of your parents remarried, so joshua has a tattoo with your original last name, not the one you use now
  • essentially this is like a craigslist missed connections au but with fate
  • you work at a cafe  near pledis ent, and part of your job is being chill w/ the idols that come in and out and not leaking pics of them all the time, so you’re pretty used to seeing famous people and it doesn’t faze you much
  • seungkwan happens to really like the way you in particular brew coffee and you happen to really like seungkwan’s personality so over the long years at pledis the two of you become buds
  • he drops by every once in awhile and you’ll take a break and he’ll dish all the gossip and sometimes vernon or hoshi will tag along and you’re all just casual friends
  • you give them free leftover pastries a lot even when they’re on a diet…… so they like you a lot unsurprisingly
  • everything is nice and good and then one day the cafe is empty and seungkwan comes in with four other guys trailing behind him. you recognize seokmin and jeonghan but you don’t know the short one or….. wow….. the one with the beautiful sparkling eyes
  • and like you see the afterschool and pristin members a bunch…..and you’ve met jun….. but this guy is the most beautiful person you’ve ever seen and how could you not have met him before?????????
  • some part of u is like wow i hope he’s my soulmate wouldn’t that be cool, which isn’t a thought you’ve had for a really long time but when you make eye contact with him something just feels right????
  • seungkwan highkey sees u checking joshua out (and vice versa) and is like joshua~~ hyung~~ come meet my friend~~~! and your heart falls when he says joshua, not jisoo
  • it’s sort of habit to introduce yourself with your full name (in case u meet yr soulmate) you introduce yourself with your last name and joshua’s smile dims a little when he hears your name
  • because he also thought u were super cute and felt something and your name is so close to his tattoo like you have the right first name but!!!! not quite there!!!! 
  • and you’re both left with this unsatisfying feeling that you’re missing something, like when you have all the pieces of a puzzle but one but you don’t know where it is
  • so both of you are sorta like ;( but seungkwan drags you out from behind the counter and you all fall into a little conversation, them complaining about how high the notes in the new song is and you just listening
  • the whole time you and joshua are glancing at each other
  • after they leave you think about searching him for a hot sec because you still feel like you’re missing something and like…… u know he’s famous, but you feel weird about that and you just resign yourself to the sad truth that he is not your soulmate
  • the rest of your shift your regular customers are like why are u playing such moody piano music??????
  • and ur like…… “fate…fuck fate am i right……….”
  • little did you know jeonghan [eyes emoji] picked up on u and joshua clearly finding each other cute, and he and seungkwan decide to scheme
  • from then on the vocal team are like always??? coming to the cafe??? super frequently and you don’t know why but at least you get to stare at joshua (and joshua gets to stare at you)
  • until one day a couple weeks after your fateful first meeting joshua accidentally spills his drink on jeonghan because he was too busy watching you as you cleaned up for another customer
  • and jeonghan goes “HONG JISOO!!!!” like an exasperated mom
  • but you freeze when you hear it because??!?!?!??! that’s your….. soul mark???!?!?!what the hell?!??!?!?
  • seungkwan picks up on it and the next day he comes in by himself and is like…. hey btw what’s your soulmate’s name…….. and ur like…… uhh hong jisoo
  • and hes like k thanks g2g uhhh sing
  • that night you are like ??????? what the heck is going on and you finally cave and google joshua hong and when u see that his korean name is hong jisoo you swear you can’t breathe for a moment
  • but you’re also confused because he didn’t say that you were his soulmate??? so you figure he is your soulmate but not yours ;(
  • and then the NEXT day joshua comes in on your shift and you’re like. wow it really sucks knowing that he has a soulmate that isn’t you
  • except instead of ordering anything joshua is like “i heard i’m your soulmate” and internally ur like damn ur really gonna rub it in???? but externally you just laugh awkwardly and go “is your name hong jisoo???”
  • and he’s like “are u [your full birth name]”
  • and ur like wait…………… i mean……….. yes?
  • and that’s the story of how u first met!!! like a bad romcom!!!!
  • you guys are a super soft couple most of ur dates are just cuddling up in bed and watching anime, you think it’s sweet when joshua gets super into a naruto episode but also you make fun of him because naruto???? really????/
  • (you get super into the fight scenes too tho)
  • you like to wear his big cozy sweaters and cuddle and joshua is like …… i can’t believe this i can’t believe how cute they are
  • whenever you’re eating dinner with the boys seungkwan’s always like say joshua i’ve forgotten….. can u tell us again the story of how i got you together with the love of your life????
  • you have a dumb running joke where when one of you sees the other’s soul mark ur like “oh no! your soulmate’s name is hong jisoo??? i think you’ve made a mistake my name is joshua hong” and whenever any of the other boys hear it they’re like plz… stop
  • hums to himself a lot and you always giggle when you catch him doing it but it really makes your heart go crazy because he’s so much like an angel! and he sings to you sometimes and thinks it’s cute when you get all flushed from how pretty his voice is
  • makes playlists for you to play in the cafe and sometimes he’ll just sit there on a day off when you have to work a shift listening to music and be like “oh who made this playlist? wow this song is so good?? who’s singing it?? oh your boyfriend?? wow he must be pretty cool”
  • if you’re fluent in english the two of you talk in english in front of the rest of svt to make fun of them, if you aren’t he likes to say little cheesy sentences about how nice you look etc in english and laughs when you look at him confused
  • says corny things on broadcasts when the hosts tell him to and then afterwards he texts u like “that was for u” and ur like “shut up”
  • he likes regular kisses but he likes kissing you on your nose and eyelids and knuckles really gently just as much!!!!!!
  • you really are so special to him and he holds you so close to his heart ;(

George Harrison and Ringo Starr, 1990. Photo: Getty Images.

“At a private reception Saturday at artist Shepard Fairey’s Subliminal Projects gallery in Echo Park, Starr was perusing the lyrics to one of the previously unpublished songs included in the new volume, one that name-checked him, ‘Hey Ringo.’After smiling at a rhyme about ‘my guitar sounds so bare/when your drums aren’t there,’ the 75-year-old drummer became choked with emotion by the next line: ‘Hey Ringo, there’s one thing that I’ve not said/I’ll play guitar with you till I drop dead.’‘I’m sorry,’ he said, his eyes misting and turning back toward his wife, actress Barbara Bach.” - Los Angeles Times, 24 February 2017

“The book includes a handful of lyrics never recorded, including something from the early Seventies called ‘Hey Ringo,’ which includes the line: ‘Hey Ringo, there’s one thing that I’ve not said/I’ll play my guitar with you till I drop dead.’ 'I was really moved because I’d never seen it,’ Ringo Starr told Rolling Stone, minutes after seeing the song for the first time during a weekend VIP celebration of the book at Subliminal Projects in Los Angeles. 'He was my best friend. I had two other great friends, and three brothers. We were pals.’” - Rolling Stone, 2 March 2017

“'There was a folder in George’s piano bench and inside I found a typed lyric for Hey, Ringo. It think it dates from around 1970,’ Olivia Harrison said. She also said she believed he had recorded music for the track on a home cassette.
She added that the piano bench was 'the stool Billy Preston (Beatles organist) used to leap about on when he played with George.’
Olivia Harrison gave a copy of the lyrics to Starr at a party in Los Angeles commemorating her husband’s 74th birthday in February. She said: 'He’d never seen this song before. He said "What is this?” He was so surprised.’“ - NME, 17 June 2017

EXO: late night adventures


-  so he’d text you in the middle of the night bc he can’t sleep, and practically drags you out of your bed to go to the grocery store that’s opened 24/7
-  and he’s like babe…ilysm idk how you can stand me and my randomness but I really couldn’t sleep bc I kept thinking about you and tbh I was coming over anyway and I just needed an excuse
-  so now you’re drinking your third slushy and he’s talking about getting married and traveling the world with you
-  whenever you’d scoff at his wild suggestions, he’d move closer to you on the pavement and put his arm around you
-  "I’m serious. Then I wouldn’t have to take like 3 busses just to come over to your place, and we can finally have our own slushy machine to make them at 1 in the morning, jagi"

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-  he was working late in the studio one night and asked you not to wait up for him, but you thought you’d surprise him (low key you just wanted to watch him dance)
-  so after hugging you for an hour, he leads you to one of their studios since there’s no one there at this late hour, and shows you this new track they’ve been working on
-  and he’s so mesmerized by your expression and smile, and the way you’re nodding your head to the beat
-  and he’s thinking ‘why don’t I invite her to the studio more often??? …oh yeah bc I’ve got those flock of puppies to look after’
-  after spending some hours goofing off and making diss tracks about each other, he saves it onto a flash drive and sleepily heads home with you

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-  Yixing had just come back from a long schedule in China, and he’s so happy to finally be back in your arms and your shared apartment
-  neither of you could sleep, despite the late hour, so he suggests taking you to this place he discovered while out with the boys one day
-  it’s an abandoned building, where you both sat on the roof and stared at the night sky of the city
-  he’d smile in awe as you yawn and lean your head on his shoulder, but you two would keep talking until there’s nothing left to talk about
-  he’d protectively wrap his arms around you when the sun started to rise, and whispers to you that he wants to come here every night from now on (sike, it’s too cold yixing, you’re lucky I love you)

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-  you’d just finished watching a midnight viewing of this new movie, and both of you were now standing outside the theater, with baekhyun’s lips lazily tracing your jaw and neck 

-  "y/n, what do you say we go back inside and watch another movie?“ He asks mischievously. “Didn’t you say you spent your last dollar on those twizzlers???”
-  and he’s like “well, I said nothing about paying for our tickets. Let’s go.” Lmao he’d drag you back inside and tries to act nonchalant
-  you’d pretend to be looking at the schedules for the movies and avoid all the workers until you get close enough to the entrance near the ticket line
-  he’s like an actual puppy and he’s holding your hand while running over to the nearest movie playing. It just so happened to be the same movie you just watched…nice going

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-  he wouldn’t do anything too wild, probably suggest a karaoke match-off when you tell him that you can’t sleep, and this is great bc he can’t focus on his work either 

-  so this is a much needed break. Plus, it’s a chance to show off his vocal skills and have you rolling your eyes
-  pulls you in his arms during duets and stares into your eyes and he’s basically serenading you
-  might take it too seriously and go full *exo chen* mode, with the dance routines and everything
-  and although he’s mostly playing their songs now, you can’t help but to sing badly along with his angelic voice and you finally understand why opposites attract  

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-  he takes you out to an amusement park and you two would spend the whole day together, not realizing that it’s REALLY late now but neither of you wanna go home 

-  so since they’re gonna be open all day and all night, might as well make it a night to remember
-  you’d ride the ferris wheel so many times, to the point of the vendor just going “look, there’s literally no one here but you so idc, yall can go on it as much as you like, just press this button and wake me up when you’re done”
-  he’d be pointing at the random buildings in the city and claim that’s your apartment, that’s where you’re gonna live next, and that’s where you’re gonna have your kids playing in the backyard
-  ofc with his arms wrapped around you, he’d keep whispering cheesy stuff in your ear and kissing you every now and then

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-  not the type to do this often, but he sees you’re really stressing over your work and offers to take a walk with you around the area 

-  he’s loving the fact that no one’s awake at this hour, and it’s just you two walking peacefully, hand in hand
-  would get butterflies in his stomach when you shiver and move even closer next to him, then he’d offer his jacket and wrap it tightly around you, all while scolding you for not bringing one
-  he’d suggest stopping at a local ice cream shop and buys you your favorite flavor
-  when you try and mess with him by placing some on his nose, you better run bc you’re about to be attacked with tickles and kisses

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-  late night adventures are a constant thing in your relationship and you couldn’t live without them, esp when he’s always suggesting random places to visit in the middle of the night, like the park near your place
-  you’d be childishly playing on the swings as he loudly cheers you on from the top of the slide
-  having dance battles in the sandpit, and flicking sand on him to mess him up (nice try, he can’t mess up even if he tries)
-  once you’ve settled down and sat on the benches, you’d cuddle into him as he quietly talks about his childhood and how he always used to come to the park and mess around
-  then ruin the moment by randomly giggling at some random memory he had and now he can’t stop slapping your knee and wheezing

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-  he’d be hella sassy and tell you to bother someone else since you can’t sleep. Then he’d be like aw I took it too far, she just wants to hang out with me
-  so he’d be like alright, let’s go to the beach, jagi, bc what could go wrong this late at night? So you’d happily walk over to the beach near your shared place, and he’d immediately proceed to take off his shirt and dive into the freezing water
-  you’d take out your phone and take hella pictures of his dorky self, and threaten to post them if he doesn’t stop and come sit next to you
-  after trying aegyo and failing, he’d dry off and use your body head to warm him up bc he was too dumb to bring a change of clothes
-  it would be really peaceful, sitting closely to him and listening to the sound of the calming waves and the complaints of your freezing boyfriend

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Millie please make one of those amazing posts of yours for Howon too. I love it when non-Howon biased people praise him. Also he deserves all the love but there is still prejudice towards him (thankfully it's less now compared to few years back) So let's spread Holove 💜 - infnthoya

Of course I am more than happy to make a post about our wonderful HoyaYahoHoya! Especially for you @infnthoya !

You can see the previous posts (Sunggyu/Woohyun/Sungyeol) here!


Okay but before I say anything else, this performance he did on Hit The Stage with the amazing (queen) Choi Hyojin still reduces me to tears because it is PERFECTION and it really showcases the fact that Hoya can dance in a different style to his usual go-to hip hop moves!

The theme for that episode was This Love and although everyone’s performances were great, Hoya and Hyojin absolutely deserved their win because this was ART and totally projected all this raw emotion and I will never get over it. 

Hoya is INFINITE’s main dancer and it’s not hard to see why. Over the years it’s been amazing to see him improve and build on his skills and talents. He actually dropped out of high school to pursue dance, even though his family were against this decision. He did eventually get his high school diploma, but it took a while for his relationship with his family (and his father in particular) to be mended again. 

It’s great to see that nowadays, Hoya’s name is often mentioned when people talk about the greatest dancers in k-pop. He is more than deserving of it.


Although Hoya started out as one of INFINITE’s rapper line, he’s had vocal lines in songs for a looooong long time. However, not everyone noticed how much his voice had actually improved until INFINITE’s more recent albums. In 2015 Hoya opened up his own YouTube channel and surprised everyone by posting his first cover - Zion T’s Kiss Me. He followed this up weeks later with an English cover song, an acoustic arrangement of Ariana Grande’s Problem. Although he hasn’t been as active as we might like on the channel, it’s a goldmine that shows of how wonderfully soothing and great his voice is. My personal favourite so far is his cover of 이게아닌데 (This Ain’t It) by Taeyang. But for some nice visuals, check out my second fave (and another English cover), John Legend’s All Of Me. 

Then of course, there’s the fact that he got into the composing game just like fellow member Woohyun. The song One Day on INFINITE’s 2016 album INFINITE Only was co-written by Hoya and was performed on music shows during promotions for 태풍 (The Eye). He also wrote and composed his own track 아무렇지 않은 척 (Pretending It’s Okay), which he performed on 4Things Show. This song seriously gets stuck in my head all the time and I really wish he’d upload a full version on his channel or that it might feature on an INFINITE/INFINITE H album in the future. On top of all of this, Hoya has always been involved in writing his own raps ~~


One of the first things I watched that had an INFINITE member in it was Reply 1997. And in that (incredible) drama, Hoya played Kang Joonhee. And that character was an ANGEL. He played the role so well, so convincingly. I really connected with his character and Hoya was praised a lot for his role. This is my absolute favourite scene of all time. Excuse me while I go cry. 

Hoya has also starred in: Reply 1994 (cameo as Joonhee), My Lovely Girl (alongside member Myungsoo), Mask and as a lead role in the movie Hiya. Currently he is in both Strong Family and Radiant Office. Despite the fact that Lee Howon is an awkward baby, his acting skills are A+++++ so pleeeeeease check out everything he has starred in so far. 


I feel like I got way too emo in this post, but genuinely I love Lee Howon so much and wish he was my best friend tbh. Here are some more things I think everyone needs to know about him: 

  • His sexy, R-rated solo stages. Okay so… these speak for themselves
  • His weird jokes that only he finds funny. Honestly, prime DadJoke material. 
  • Hoya’s passionate hard work. Not only does he dance and dance and dance some more, even to the point of injury (that happened because he danced too hard on an existing weak ankle to ‘impress everyone in the audience’) and well into the night, he also worked hard to speak in Seoul dialect so he could be easily understood by fans. 
  • Overwhelming love and affection for his fans. Everyone always says Woohyun is the fan service king in INFINITE and while that may be true, Hoya is definitely fierce competition. Just look at how many V Live broadcasts the boy has done, his Instagram stories and frequent updates, and the song he covered as a dedication to Inspirit. 
  • His relationships with the other INFINITE members, whether it’s the gag-duo of Sunggyu + Hoya (HOBAK GOGYUMA), the affectionate Dongwoo + Hoya couple (INFINITE H), awkward bros Woohyun + Hoya, brother-like love Sungjong + Hoya…. he matches so well with every member in different ways. 
  • Those eyebrows, that jawline…. His visuals are no joke

And here concludes me pouring all my repressed Hoya feels into one long ass post. I really hope you all enjoy it and please love Lee Howon just a little bit more than you did before

Call Me That Again (Part 2)

Cody Christian x Reader 

Request : @steph-oliveira

words : 1.5k (I WAS SOBBING) 

Summary : the wedding

note : I have no idea about Christian weddings. I’m just gonna write what I know via Movies and tv shows. Sorry if I get things wrong. I’m not Christian.  

Also, it feels so weird writing this because I know he is a real person and I’m not writing about Theo, a fictional character that you can change up the way you like. When you write about celebs you always have constant thought ‘what if he’s not like this, what if they’re this completely different person and you’re writing them different, the authenticity is gone’ it’s really weird. I’m not complaining. Do you get what I’m saying?


warning : not proof read 

I hope you like it :) i really want this to be satisfactory





“Are you ready?” Britt asks you peeping through the door. Today was the day. You had horrible wedding jitters. Cold feet. Whatever you want to call it. You were nervous. What if Cody runs? What if Cody says some other name? You brush off these thoughts. You’ve been watching too many sitcoms. Your sister was checking her phone. She was your maid of honour.

You brush your white dress one last time to straighten it out. You were so sure you were going to cry. You were wearing your mother’s wedding dress. You tweaked it a bit, your mom didn’t mind it. Your mom walked in, following Britt’s entrance. She pauses to look at you and take in what’s happening. “My lovely, you look beautiful” she says, her face was overflowing with emotions. You smile at her. “Mama, I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for me” you say softly holding her hands. She squeezes your hand. “I love you, sweetheart” she says. You already feel your tears brimming your eyes.

“We don’t have time for a crying session, ladies” your sister calls out and helps you with your dress. You squeeze your mother’s hands one last time before letting go. “Where’s dad?” you ask. “outside waiting for you” your mother says and leaves the room. You pick up your flower bouquet and take a deep breath. You nose smells the flowers in your hands. They smelt beautiful. They calmed you down.

You slowly walk out of the room. Your father sees you in awe. “I hope he knows he’s one lucky man” your dad says and you giggle. Your dad always put a smile on your face. The man was full of charisma. You take his arm and put yours around it.

You enter the hall and the music plays in the background. There were people sitting but you didn’t focus on any of that. You couldn’t. Your eyes were set on the man at the end of the aisle. Nobody else mattered at this point. He was looking at you. He looked handsome, extra handsome than usual. a smile crept your face when he smiled at you. This was all so unbelievable for you. You wanted to pinch yourself.  You reached the end of the aisle. He mouthed a little ‘I love you’ to you and you only blushed. It’s crazy how he still makes you blush. It’s surreal.

Your dad almost didn’t let your hand go. You giggle at it and he lets go and kisses your cheek. You stand facing your husband-to-be and he takes your hands as soon as you let go of your fathers. Everything was a blur, you couldn’t focus on anything but the details on his face. The Priest was talking about matrimony and love and everything in your brain focused on Cody. The occasional hand squeezes made you believe it’s true. Nothing could wipe that smile off your face. His hands travelled up to your face and wiped the tear that fell, you didn’t even notice it. The priest asked you to declare your vows. Cody went first.

“Meeting you was a blessing (y/n), and reaching to this point, feels like a miracle. The first time I saw you, I knew you were something special and it would be sin to let you off my radar. I love you and I’ll keep loving you till the last star in the sky shines. I don’t want to make it very cheesy” he admits and you giggle. You hear little chuckling.  

“You are the kindest person I’ve ever known, you manage to knock the wind out of my lungs every time I look at you. You are my greatest supporter, my strength when I can’t find courage to go on. I love you and I promise to keep you happy every second I breathe. Your dad can hunt me down if not” he says and you chuckle looking back at your father. He was giving Cody a thumbs up.

“I hope it never gets to that” he pretends to wipe sweat off his forehead. You playfully and softly hit his arm laughing. “The botton line is (y/n), baby, I don’t know what I did to deserve you, I love you”

“I love you too” you say. You tried to keep your emotions in control but it got harder and harder as he kept talking. It was your turn.

“I’m already a sobbing mess” you say and chuckle wiping your eyes a little, without smudging the make up but you didn’t really care. You hear a soft. “It’s Okay baby” from Cody.  His thumb was rubbing your palm in a comforting way.

“Well, I’m very bad at declaring love, always have been an awkward mess” you chuckle and you hear a few in the crowd too. “Cody, you flipped my world upside down, you never had an idea of how much your presence affected me, still does, I just got better at ‘playing-it-cool’” you say and he laughs. You loved his laughed. It was so precious.

“I always wondered this love that artist sang about or the poets wrote about. It seemed magical, when I was 15, I get it now. I was told only a few people get to experience it, I’m lucky I get to be one of them, especially with you. You changed me so much as a person, taught me so many things, about myself, you and us as a whole.” You smile at him. He flashes one of his infamous dashing smiles.

“You’re my personal cheerleader, You never let me stay sad and I promise I won’t let you have one bad day. It’s a team, we work together, I promise I will keep supporting you and loving you, no matter what” you finish. You kept sniffing through it all. You never dared to look anywhere but Cody.

“Do you, Cody Allen Christian, take (y/n) (y/m/n) (y/l/n) as your lawfully wedded wife?” he asks.

Cody looks at you and smiles, “I do” Those eyes could melt you like ice cream.

“Do you,  (y/n) (y/m/n) (y/l/n), take Cody Allen Christian as your lawfully wedded husband?” he asks.

“I do, I do” you nod along smiling. He smiles back. You were glad everything went so smoothly.

The priest then made you exchange rings and then said “I now pronounce you man and wife, You may kiss the bride”. You still couldn’t believe it was true. You always thought you’d end up a cat lady and die alone.

“C’mere” Cody says softly before pulling you closer by your waist and kissing you. Nothing tops this. This was probably the happiest you’ve ever been. Your jaw was hurting from smiling so much.

He pulls back and everyone is clapping.

“Ready to eat and dance, husband?” you ask, smiling wide.

“Call me that again”


(play ‘Perfect by Ed Sheeran’ now)

I found a love for me
Darling just dive right in
And follow my lead

The song PERFECT plays by Ed Sheeran for you first dance as husband and wife. Cody lead you to the middle of the dance floor. Your anxiety would’ve skyrocketed if Cody hadn’t helped you through it. He took your hand and put it around his neck and placed his hands on your waist pulling you as close as possible. He kissed your forehead as you started swaying.  You buried your face into his coat. It was relaxing after such a stressful week. “I still feel like I’m day dreaming in our apartment” you say and he giggles. He pulls back and little and kisses you. “wasn’t this real?” he asks after pulling back. “You’re silly” you say putting your head on his chest again.

Not knowing what it was
I will not give you up this time
But darling, just kiss me slow, your heart is all I own
And in your eyes you’re holding mine

“Have I told you how gorgeous you look today?” he asks looking down. “I believe not” you say playfully. “My wife looks like an angel” he says and you go red. “I’m never getting used to that” you mutter before he kisses your cheek. The music plays on and the people are still watching.

He suddenly starts singing in your ear just for you to listen.

“Baby, I’m dancing in the dark with you between my arms” you giggle at him singing. You didn’t expect it. You’ve heard him go at it at raps but not really singing. It was beautiful. You wanted time to freeze.

Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favourite song
When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath
But you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight

You giggle at his actions like a teenage girl. He had a beautiful voice.

Well I found a woman, stronger than anyone I know
She shares my dreams, I hope that someday I’ll share her home
I found a love, to carry more than just my secrets
To carry love, to carry children of our own


We are still kids, but we’re so in love
Fighting against all odds
I know we’ll be alright this time
Darling, just hold my hand
Be my girl, I’ll be your man
I see my future in your eyes

He continued to sing to you and you couldn’t help but look at him in awe. You could see the love in his eyes. You could feel the happy tears brimming your eyes already.  

“Darling, you look perfect tonight”

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hey babe! i absolutely love your writing & was wondering if you could write a fic based around 1x10, jugs party? where betty and jughead decide to have their first time at his party? or maybe they leave the party early and head over to betty's house for a more quiet setting. could be sweet sex or not ;)

Thank you, honey! I hope you enjoy :)
Warning: aaaall the smut, if you hadn’t already guessed from the prompt that is…


So it wasn’t exactly going to plan. The bass was thumping throughout Betty’s entire body, drowning out her pounding heart as she twisted her hips to the beat. What she’d planned for was a quiet little gathering for Jughead’s birthday, his closest friends - the people who cared about him - and maybe some music and presents. She’d gone to so much care with the planning, finding the perfect sweater she knew would earn her an amused smirk, making the burger cake, hanging every blue and gold balloon and streamer so that they fell perfectly. Half of which were now torn and trampled as thrashing bodies fell through them wildly.

She’d been slightly perturbed, yes, but she couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by the infectious joy of her peers as they lost themselves in the thrill of sweaty bodies grinding against one another, underage drinking, and much needed relief from the daily grind of high school. It had pulled her in like a magnet, encircling her in carefree abandon until she was surrounded, succumbing to delinquency.

It was a long shot to try and drag Jughead into the throngs with her, pulling gently on his hands as his feet stayed firmly planted beneath the living room doorway. She wanted him to feel as free as she was beginning to, adrenaline buzzing beneath her skin.

“Come on, Juggie, dance with me?” she pleaded as a song she recognised began to play, throwing him her most seductive smile and looking up at him beneath thick fluttering lashes. Butterflies erupted in the pit of his stomach at how beautiful she looked beneath the dim flashing lights, strobes highlighting her golden hair like a halo. She looked dangerously angelic - the devil was a fallen angel, he thought sardonically to himself as he offered her a small smile.

“It’s not really my scene, Betts,” he shrugged, gut twisting at the way her plump bottom lip pushed out slightly, begging to be bitten. As much as the thought of holding her impossibly close to his body sent unfamiliar shockwaves along his every nerve, the idea of being surrounded by the hoard of people that were no strangers to his torment felt suffocating. “But you go, have fun. I’ll be waiting for you,” he promised, rubbing small circles against the back of her hand with his thumb. She held his gaze a while longer, torn, searching the sincerity in his bright blue eyes before nodding slowly. She leant in for a sweet peck against his lips, the public display causing him to blush and duck his head slightly, before slipping into the masses.

Betty had to admit, a while later, that she might have gotten slightly carried away by it all. It just felt so wonderful to not have to think about murder, or Polly, or her parents for just one blissful moment. She paused in her dancing as sweat began to drip down her temples, breathing heavily as her eyes scanned the edges of the makeshift dance floor.

He wasn’t difficult to spot, sitting perched on the edge of the table set up for drinks by the front window. He was watching her, a soft, enamoured expression planted firmly on his features. She looked so beautifully happy, so wildly free. He could have watched her all night and this party would have been worth it. Jughead was still there, like he promised he’d be, always waiting for her, always understanding when she needed room to breathe or wanted him close at hand.

Betty started towards him, pushing gracefully through the crowd until she was standing before him, hands slipping up his thighs. She parted them slightly as he gulped, placing herself between them and leaning forward. Her slightly dry lips pressed a kiss against his jawline, continuing down his neck, covering his quickening pulse point with her mouth, swiping her tongue over it. Jughead swallowed thickly, shifting slightly in his seat. He eyed the red cup she’d placed next to him on the table. Taking a steadying breath he placed his palms on her shoulders to hold her back for a moment, collecting his thoughts.

“Betty… maybe, do you think there’s another force in control right now?” he asked, nodding slightly to the cup. She followed his gaze, mouth parting in confusion. Realisation dawned on her, quickly being replaced by a menacing grin as her fingers dug more firmly into the dark denim of his jeans, grazing the crease at his groin. All the air left his lungs as a rush of blood travelled south. She balanced on tiptoes to rest her lips against the shell of his ear, sending a shiver down his spine.

“It’s just soda, Jug,” she whispered, imparting her secret for his ears only. “I am completely,” she bit his earlobe gently, high on adrenaline, “one hundred percent in control.” He’d never seen this side of her before, unable to chalk it up to intoxication any longer it completely baffled him. He definitely wasn’t complaining though. She pulled back to meet his eyes, brilliant green shining with excitement, hints of nervousness peeking through as she scanned his face. His hands wrapped themselves around her waist, holding her warm body close, breathing in her scent of sweat mixed with vanilla perfume.

The moment was broken when Betty was suddenly jostled from behind, unconcerned party-goer falling into her in a drunken haze and throwing her further into Jughead’s hold. He caught her as she stumbled, throwing a sharp glance over her shoulder at the offender before turning back to check she was alright.

“You ok?” he asked, smoothing her hair with a short caress. She nodded, waving a dismissive hand and cuddling up closer to him.

“A lot more crowded than I wanted in here…” she said, rolling her eyes. “Maybe we could take some time out at my place? It’s a lot quieter over there,” she mumbled bashfully, bright pink flush coating the tops of her cheeks, travelling down beneath the collar of her shirt. Jughead wished he could follow the pretty colour on it’s decent. He nodded, mouth suddenly numb at what he was sure she was implying. He followed her on wobbling legs as she led him quickly out of the room, gratefully sucking in a lungful of fresh, cold air from the night outside.

They were comfortably quiet as they crossed the street to Betty’s house, hands fit tightly together, a nervous energy sparking between them.

“Nobody home?” Jughead asked as she opened the door to a still, silent darkness. He wasn’t sure if his tone was wary or hopeful; he couldn’t even begin to sort out the mess of emotions that were turning about his head right now. She shook her head, kicking off her shoes by the door. He followed suit, feeling her eyes on him the whole time.

“Nope,” she sighed, with a vague gesturing around her. “Mom took Polly into the city for the weekend - she wanted them to spend some ‘quality time’ together now she knows Polly is spying on the Blossoms,” Betty explained, quote marks heavy in her voice as she shook her head slightly. He chuckled at her sarcasm, both of them staring at one another as the conversation drew to a close. He smiled at her, small and unsure, shifting his feet awkwardly, like he did under her gaze that day in her bedroom, the morning of Jason’s funeral. Betty squared her shoulders. This was ridiculous, it was Jughead standing before her. He was still just her Jughead, despite the faint notes of promise that hung in their air above them, the slight shift in the atmosphere that teased that something more was about to happen. She tilted her head towards the stairs. “Shall we?” she asked innocently.

The question hung heavily around them, loaded with meaning. Shall they? He could see the tender understanding in her eyes. He’d told her, in a barely audible whisper beneath the sanctity of a hastily constructed fort of blankets and pillows, one night after he climbed through her window seeking the comfort of her arms, that he loved her. That he’d been in love with her for as long as he could remember, never dreaming that he would get to hold her the way he was now, not even close. Her eyes had shone with unshed tears and she pressed a shaky kiss to his lips, confessing her own love against the curve of his mouth. He’d gone on to describe the ache he felt at the thought of having her so close, but never getting to touch. He’d never felt that for anyone but her, didn’t think it even possible, he had no interest in anyone else ever. But now they were finally together she’d awakened something within him that he didn’t even know lay dormant. He wanted to explore every inch, try everything new, if it was with Betty.

He nodded, smile warm and determined, as he picked up her outstretched hand once more and followed her up the staircase.

The thumping bass of the party could be heard faintly through Betty’s closed window still. Jughead wandered over, looking out with a tired amusement at the flashing lights and stumbling bodies he could see pouring out from within his new residence. Betty walked up behind him silently, slipping her hands around his waist and resting her palms on his chest, chin finding its place on his shoulder.

“I’m sorry your party turned into… that,” she whispered in the quiet of her room, grimacing as another person stumbled onto the Andrews’ front lawn. Jughead shook his head, turning in her grip to rest his hands on her cheeks, turning away from the party for one final time. “I just wanted to celebrate-” He cut off her worrying with a deep kiss, pulling every last breath from her lungs. He released her slowly, only moving back an inch to gaze into her eyes with the strongest sincerity.

“It’s ok, Betty, I know what it meant. It’s not your fault that Cheryl descended, flying monkeys in tow,” he smirked. She allowed herself a giggle before she bit her lip at the renewed intensity in his eyes. “I’m just happy I get to spend my birthday here, now, with you.” Betty felt herself melt into him, leaning back in to place her lips over his once more. It didn’t matter how many times she experienced this feeling, it would never be enough to sate the desire that flared up in the pit of her stomach, rising up until it flowed throughout her entire body and she felt like she was floating.

She walked them back, never breaking the kiss, until her knees hit the mattress behind her, falling into a mess of uncoordinated limbs. He hovered over her, content to stare down at the heavenly beauty that lay beneath him. He didn’t believe in god but if he did then only he could have made something as perfect as Betty Cooper. She squirmed under his gaze, and he was more than happy to continue at the sweet pink blush it caused to form over her cheeks. Once more he followed it down her neck to where it dipped teasingly below her shirt. She followed his eyes, leaning up before her nerves got the better of her and pulled the shirt and jumper over her head in one fluid motion.

Jughead swallowed, feeling almost naughty as he let his eyes trail down her torso, the smooth skin of her stomach, the pretty blue lace cupping her breasts where they heaved with her every anticipatory breath before him. He’d barely blinked before she was reaching behind her to release the clasps of her bra, shimmying the straps down her arms and throwing it away to join her other discarded clothes on the floor. He’d never been this close to a woman’s bare chest in real life before but he was pretty certain the Betty’s was perfect. He lifted a trembling hand, dancing his fingers up her side with a feather light touch that made her shift and giggle musically, until he was closing his palm was squeezing the soft mound gently. Her shaky inhale was encouraging, spurring him to knead her breast gently, thumb rubbing across the hardening pink peak. A low whine left her throat and he repeated the action, sure he’d never tire of eliciting that sound. His confidence grew with every moment, leaning forward to trail wet, opening mouthed kisses down her neck, across her chest, until his lips sealed around her nipple. Betty gasped, hands coming up to pull at his hair, back arching into his face. Her hips jerked as he swiped his tongue across the flesh, alternating between gentle sucks and teasing bites. Her thigh jolted, rubbing against the ever growing bulge in Jughead’s pants. The involuntary groan he let out vibrated through her chest, causing her to flush with heat, beads of sweat gathering in the valley of her breast which he quickly licked away as he moved to give the same attention to the other side.

He would have been happy to spend forever worshipping every part of her chest, her body, but the pleasurable bruising sensation was becoming too much for Betty to handle, pulling him back by his ebony waves so she could paw at the hem of his shirt, catching his eye in a silent request for permission. He lifted his arms, both laughing breathlessly as the offending material got caught over his head, Jughead emerging looking more dishevelled than before. Bare chests pressed against each other for the first time as their lips connected once more, tingling sensation heightened by their already swollen lips.

Jughead’s hips circled almost subconsciously against Betty’s as he sucked a blossoming purple bruise against the side of her neck, a swell of unusual pride flourishing in his chest at the thought of her walking round school with his marks on her skin, sneakily trying to hide the bites he left on her, running her fingers over it as she daydreamed about the feel of his touch on her skin. His wandering thoughts only served to turn him on further, hard-on feeling suffocated by the tight zipper on his jeans.

Fumbling fingers battled with the button of her jeans. He shot her a withering look as she giggled, every inch of her looking sinful beneath him, hair falling from her ponytail, pupils blown wide with lust, lips bee-stung and enticing. He peeled the material off her legs, following the reveal of tanned skin with kisses to her abdomen, hipbone, thigh, his cool breath fanning over her core as she rubbed her legs together in anticipation. His jeans were the next to go, black boxers doing little to hide his arousal above her.

He’d be lying if he said he hadn’t done a little ‘research’ over the past couple of weeks. Thoughts of being this intimate with Betty had become a constant invasion in his mind as of late, interrupting him every time he smelt the strawberry of her shampoo or saw her crack her neck during a study session. He wanted to be able to make her feel as good as possible, she deserved to have the best first time he could possibly give her. His fingers dipped over the top of her sinfully small panties as he tore his eyes away to meet her gaze, eyebrow raised in question. Her breath caught as she nodded her consent, lifting her hips slightly to help him pull the lace down her legs.

She held her breath as he stared down at her, fully naked before him for the first time. He thought his heart might burst at the privilege. Her pulse quickened as his fingers trailed up her skin, legs falling apart slightly as they reached the apex of her thighs, hovering above her. The first swipe of his fingers through her wet heat had her head falling back against the pillows, eyes sliding shut with a moan. His teeth dug into his lower lip as the sound, the sensation, shot straight to his groin, hips jolting as he tried to steady himself, refusing to let his eyes close and miss a moment of this. His middle finger found her entrance, pushing an inch inside before halting.

“Jug…” His pause was too much for Betty, hips thrusting forward until the digit slid inside her fully. The feeling of her dripping, silken walls clenching around him was almost too much - he couldn’t help but imagine how she’d feel around other parts of his anatomy. Carefully he pulled his hand back, almost all the way, before pushing back in, starting to build a steady rhythm. She was writhing beneath him, high pitched whimpers causing a pleasant buzz to simmer beneath his skin, before he remembered her neglected bundle of nerves. He brought his thumb up to rub in small quick circles, delighting in her reaction. Her hips flew up at the new touch, his other hand coming to steady her as he continued his motions. All telltale signs of her impending orgasm began, thighs quivering, muscles tightening, before stars exploded behind her eyelids. Her mouth dropped open in a delicate o as she rode out the high, his fingers unrelenting until she began to soften, limbs falling heavily against the mattress. He withdrew his hand with a pleased grin, her eyes fluttering open. She smirked.

“What are you looking so smug about?” she quipped, humour glowing in her sparklingly eyes as she trailed a finger down his stomach, hooking it over the waistband of his boxers. He shivered, neglected erection giving a painful twitch as Jughead pulled in a sharp breath through his nose. She leant up on still weak elbows, fishing in her bedside table for the condom she’d stolen from Archie’s stash a little while ago - just in case.

“Betty… it’s ok, we don’t have to-” he began, perfectly content to just pleasure her tonight, despite his betraying body. She cut him off, pulling him down till his face was inches from hers.

“I want to feel you, Jughead. All of you,” she whispered fiercely. His groan was swallowed by her mouth as she attacked his lips once more, fingers creeping lower to pull the last article of clothing that separated them down. He kicked the boxers off his ankles, pulling back as he watched her eyes wander, taking in his manhood for the first time. She tore the foil packet, reaching forward to roll the condom down his member. He blew out a breath at the intoxicating feeling of her warm hands encircling him.

She lay back, opening her legs wider to accommodate him, breath leaving her in unsteady gasps. He lined himself up against her opening, leaning down to kiss her as he began to push forwards. It was slow and so pleasurable it was almost to the point of pain but eventually he stilled, fully sheathed within her.

“Are you ok?” he breathed, muscles shaking as he forced himself to remain still while she grew accustomed to this new intrusion. She shifted slightly, face twisted in thought.

“Yeah… yeah, you can move now,” she nodded, stroking the backs of her fingers across his forehead, down his cheek, hooking her ankles around the backs of his thighs to pull him deeper. Jughead began his movements, pumping in and out of her as she clenched deliciously around him, the sensation dizzying. Her moans propelled him forward, picking up the pace, the sound of skin slapping against skin echoing throughout the room in no time, as they hurtled towards their ends, each bringing one another to the edge.

“I don’t think I’ll last much longer,” he confessed a while later, dipping his head into the crook of her neck as his thrusts became uneven. She hushed him, digging her fingers into the short hairs at the base of his neck.

“It’s ok, Juggie, come on,” she encouraged, figuring out how to clench in time with his thrusts. His mouth dropped open in a silent shout, tendons in his neck standing out as his hips stuttered, releasing inside of her. She guided him through it, hands stroking down the damp muscles of his back as his arms gave out, collapsing on top of her.

The sounds of their harsh breathing was all the filled the room, both of them wrapping their heads around what just took place between them. When Jughead thought he could finally regain control of his limbs he rolled off her, not having to wait long before she curled into his side. The sweet silence stretched on between them for some time before he hummed in contentment.

It was awkward, and messy, and there was very little finesse, but neither of them could imagine their first time going any other way. Jughead didn’t know if he would ever get the grin off his face, slow warmth pooling in his stomach as he still felt every touch of her skin against his with an electric spark. Betty was glowing, a light shining brightly from within her as she relaxed, truly, for the first time in months.

“Was that… was I good?” she asked eventually, voice small. The fingers that were stroking up and down her arm halted in shock, disbelieving chuckle bursting from his lips.

“I can definitely say, with complete certainty, that was the best birthday present I’ve ever gotten,” he murmured, looking down at her in awe. She met his mischievous eyes, giggling at his words before tucking herself more firmly against him, her every curve fitting perfectly against his side. Yeah, it was the best one she’d ever given too.

Dating Gabriel Headcannons

Dating Gabriel would involve…



-Romantic Dinners


-Pranking each other

-”I’m just saying, a little lab puppy running around would be cute”

-”Gabe, it’s only gonna stay a puppy for a few months

-Nights in when you have a lot of candy and goof around

-Watching some movies

-Playing fun games, like cards against humanity

-”Ok, but what about a rabbit?”

-”We can’t take care of a rabbit!”

-Him giving you suggestive eyebrows daily

-Your wish is his command

-He isn’t really one to get jealous

-But he’s protective af

-There’s been multiple occasions when gods, or angels, or who knew what else tried to kill you

-And Gabe ended them.

-He’s normally a cute little cuddle puppy though. 

-He goes all out for your birthday every year

-Balloons everywhere

-All your favorite songs

-And your favorite food

-His favorite food

-Driving to the beach and blasting music

-Waking up sometimes and you’re in some parallel universe

-Sometimes you also find exotic animals in your living room

-Or Ponies

-”Gabriel what even is this?”

-”A Margay Cat”

-Picking you up from behind and spinning you around

-If your baking Gabriel will 100% without fail get something on you face

-”What’s on your shirt? Boop!”

-”You dropped your pocket.”

-Tapping your shoulder and pretending it was someone else

-Trying to find ways to get back at him

- His siblings not being very fond of your relationship

-Obviously a few, like Cas, are super supportive

-Gabriel enlisting in Cas’ help when your endanger

-Even though you’re a hunter and know how to take care of yourself

-Meeting Gabe through the Winchesters

-He finds seeing you fight super hot

-Sometimes he goes on cases with you

-He’s much better at going undercover than Cas

-Sometimes you make Gabe back off though, because he always tries to do all the work so you don’t get hurt

-Barely ever arguing

-When you do argue it’s for a good reason

-You both prefer talking over screaming and yelling though

-Your relationship is very stable

-Neither of you need to hear it to know that you love each other

-Though you both remind each other frequently anyway.

The Melody In My Head (A Jonah Marais Imagine)

Part One

*As Requested*

Disclaimer: Because this request contained more in-depth plot-lines and story segments, it will be divided into three parts, posted at different times

Have a lovely day!

Word Count: 2329

Description: In which your boyfriend, Jonah, hears you singing to yourself and, on a whim, records it. Funny, how one simple recording, posted to the internet, can change someone’s life forever.

    I’d never been a very outgoing person. Even as a kid, I’d always preferred the company of my own imagination and thoughts to those of other children. I never tried out for any extra-curriculars, never managed to make more than a handful of friends, never really became anything. I was always just Y/N, the girl at the back of the class, with my head in a book, keeping to myself, not rocking the boat. I was a freshman in university at Stanford now, my dream school, because being smart had always been the only thing that I really excelled at. That may come across as sounding insecure to some people, but I don’t think of it that way. I never really valued anything over my education, not even my social life. Which made it particularly shocking to the few who know me well when the word broke that I’d started dating a rising international pop star. I remember the first day after the word hit the internet, a few articles had hit the tabloids, and a few photographs of us on a date at the park had surfaced; my mom called me up on the phone to make sure I hadn’t had a social breakdown. My few closest friends had called to see if I was being held against my will. Of course, neither of those things were true, but to this day I’ll get comments on how different we are- and truthfully I don’t know if I could explain how we fell in love if it would save my life. Some things are inexplicable, and when they happen it takes most everyone by surprise, even though it suddenly becomes the most natural and comfortable thing in the world for you. I’d been with Jonah for about a year now, and while most everyone is supportive, I’d be lying if I didn’t notice a blog post here or tabloid story there, talking about how odd it is that such an outgoing and self-assured guy like Jonah would be dating such an introverted, anti-social Brainiac like myself. I’d seen more than a few fans comment how it reminded them of Troy and Gabriella from High School Musical, but I’d never seen much of Gabriella in myself. Maybe Kelsey, but without the piano skills, or Ryan Evans. Nevertheless, we somehow fit together, and somewhere along the road, he’d become my favorite person, which is a massive step up from my previous favorite person- no one.

“Hey babe, the boys and I are heading out for pizza, you sure you don’t wanna come?” Jonah shouted from down the hall. I nibbled absentmindedly on the edge of my ballpoint pen as I continued copying down the notes from last weeks lecture into more legible handwriting. Smiling softly, I shook my head, before realizing he couldn’t see me.

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The Bidders and Karaoke: headcannon

Ah, here I am shit posting once more. Great. But I couldn’t get this out of my head. 

Tagging the squad: @2bedroom-baddestbidderlove @catchthespade @maidofstars


Songs: We all know he’s gonna sing some extra ass shit, I’m talking Celine Dion, Cher, Mariah Carey, and Christina Aguilera. And yes, he does the vocal riffs and nails them. Asshole

Performance: Its like he’s trying to seduce the crowd. Definitely some suggestive eyebrow action, and some hip swiveling happening (Shakira, Shakira indeed.) The Bidders and Mc are definitely uncomf. 

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