and pizza rolls not gender roles

Instead of doing a baby gender reveal do a Hogwarts house reveal. Everyone shows up expecting to find out if you’re having a boy or a girl. Decorations everywhere, what will it be? People ask you all day and you say how excited you are to find out, and hope that it’s the same house as you or your husband; your guests barely notice but don’t think much of it.

Finally the reveal.
The baby is a Slytherin.

But is it a boy or a girl?
The baby is ambitious. The baby is cunning. The baby is a Slytherin.

ben literally does shit like……. telling tilda swinton he wishes he was a woman so he could wear her clothes and then when she goes into this pizza rolls not gender roles speech he agrees and goes off on this lil tangent about how we shouldn’t let gender define us in full seriousness, like he’s literally as progressive and cute as rich white guys can get and contrasting that with what ppl on here say about him is honestly so sad.. like i’m not even saying this as a stan, it’s just literally completely unfair

don't say "but not ALL men do that!"

instead, say, “dude, not all men want to hear you talk disrespectfully about women like that.”

say,“not all men need to conform to stereotypes of hypermasculinity.”

say, “no, not all men would take advantage of a girl in that situation. what you’re describing is sexual assault.”

say, “not all men have penises.”

say, “not all men can make it up those stairs. why isn’t this building more accessible?”

say, “not all men have food and shelter; what are we doing about that?”

say, “i prefer movies, books, and video games that include women characters, not all men.”

say, “i know not all men respect boundaries, so it’s fine if you’d feel safer not engaging with me.”

don’t say, “not all men are like that!”

prove it.

I have a headcanon that when Kirishima describes something as ‘manly’ he really doesn’t mean masculine. He just means awesome or good, manly is just a positive word for him, it’s a essentially a synonym with cool. For example.

🉐Uraraka beats up a villain? 'Manly as heck!’

🉐Bakugou bakes some muffins? 'That’s super manly bro’

🉐Mina gets an pretty new shirt? 'That shirt is so manly, I love it!’

At first the rest of the class is confused by it at first but eventually they get used to it. There’s even a joke going around that everyone needs to take a shot every time Kirishima says manly. People who are close to Kirishima (Bakugou, Kaminari, Mina, Sero, etc) even start using manly without meaning to. They’ll just causally throw 'manly’ into their sentenced as one would with the word 'nice’ or 'awesome’ (When someone points it out to Bakugou there is a lot of screaming involved). Kirishima also uses 'unmanly’ and 'not manly’ un-ironically and it drives Bakugou insane. (Like for gods sake Kiri other insults exist too)

🉐Learning how Todoroki was treated but his dad? 'Dude that so unmanly’

🉐Hearing about Izuku’s childhood bullies? 'Bullying someone is so not manly!’

🉐hearing a rude comment about the 1-a girls credibility as heroes because they’re female? 'Sexism is the most unmanly thing ever dude!!’

Kirishima is just a super sweet boy who uses manly to describe literally anything he finds cool because who needs gender roles when you can have pizza rolls

Dangerous Woman Tour Sacramento Soundcheck Highlights

Outfit: Ariana was wearing her yellow “Pizza rolls not gender roles” sweatshirt and had her hair in a short ponytail.

- Ariana said it feels way longer than 4 years of The Way and after a fan yelled, “It feels like 40!”, she laughed and said, “I was gonna say more like 10.”

- Someone asked if Ariana could do a livestream and tease new music but she said she isn’t ready yet, because she has a big surprise with this album and that it is something she has never done before, which is why she is taking her time with it.

- Ariana said she would never order the Starbucks secret menu drink that is named after her

- A fan yelled, “Toulouse let’s see your wink!” and Ariana said, “He’s so confused, he can’t understand you. He’s only a dog!”

- She said her favorite Sam & Cat episode is the ATM one because Cat breaks the law

- When a fan was shocked that Ari answered her question, Ari laughed with her crew, “Did your soul leave your body?”

- A fan yelled, “Justice for Focus!!” and Scott said, “Yeah!” and all the dancers laughed.

- The dancers said it was the loudest soundcheck they have ever had.

- Jones Crow was at Soundcheck.

[and now for a few non-soundcheck moments]

- During M&G, a fan told her to “belt her dick off” and instead of laughing like they expected, she just said “I don’t have one but okay,” so they responded, “Oh my god, I fucked it up I’m sorry,” and she said, “Nah you’re good,” and then the fan had to leave so the next person could go. Afterwards, that fan talked to Joan because they were so upset and Joan hugged them and said “Honey, I’m her mother. Believe me that she thought it was funny. She was just replying like that because that’s how she is with her sense of humor,” and then hugged them again and told them to stop crying.

- A fan mentioned during M&G that they had tweeted at her saying they would love to see a DWT rehearsal and she said “Oh my gosh that’s right! That was you? I wish we could have done something like that. Maybe in the future!”

- Joan told a fan that she doesn’t let Ariana look at Twitter sometimes because some people are so mean and it really affects Ariana even though she tries not to pay attention to it

anonymous asked:

Everyone: When you get back home what's the first meal you want to eat? What about junk food/snack food (i.e. pizza rolls, twinkies)?

Lance: I don’t care what it is as long as my mama made it. 

Pidge: I miss pizza rolls and pizza bagels so much.. I can no longer say pizza rolls not gender roles…

Hunk: She cried once while thinking of pizza rolls. And I want some of my mom’s cooking too, I miss her so much. And the rest of my family of course, but also my mom’s food is so good it could stop wars so yeah.

Keith: I don’t know, I’ve never really had a home cooked meal before.

Lance: Dude… That’s tragic, you’re coming home with me when this is all over, Mama McClain will treat you right.

Shiro: At this point, I’d take any kind of Earth food over the food goo.