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klance being in a long distance relationship and meeting for the first time
aka ive been in kinda a shitty mood today, so i wanted to write some happy

WC: 1231

Today is the day. The day to end all days. The day that Lance has both been dreading and anxiously awaiting. The day that put his stomach is in knots, but heart flutter happily. That plastered a smile on his face, but created a sheen of sweat at his brow.

Okay, but backstory. 

Lance meet Keith in a fairly big group chat of astrology nerds. At the time, Lance had a love for the stars, but never really studied them. He knew some names, he knew basic facts, but he never knew the nitty gritty, nor did he have much of a desire to. That was until he was added to the group chat by Hunk, his resident Best Friend Forever. 

You see, in said group chat, there was a user by the name of Xx_flamingknives_xX . Shitty name, right? Plus the emo “Xx,” like that’s just a disaster waiting to happen. But that’s beside the point.

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