and pictures of my face


She’s beauty, she loves space, she will punch you in your face. Mod Pidge’s shirt came in today!


anyways, i love namjoon

Bias Tag!
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Comic update! I have the dialogue and the panels set up for pages 13 and 14, and my plan is to have them finished by Wednesday, or Thursday at the latest! So, here’s a little doodle I did in the corner of my notebook for funsies. Also, here’s some pictures of my face in case you were wondering what I looked like. (I got bored while sketching so I took some dumb selfies, lol.) Again, thank you all SO MUCH for your patience! I’ve seen artists get hate if they don’t update fast enough, so I am so happy you all have been patient with me and instead of hate, I see hype. Thank you all! ^v^