and pick up on the hints


Moon Jellyfish

These alien-looking creatures are named for their translucent, moonlike circular bells. Instead of long, trailing tentacles, moon jellies have a short, fine fringe that sweeps food toward the mucous layer on the edges of the bells. Prey is stored in pouches until the oral arms pick it up and begin to digest it.

The coloration of a moon jelly often changes depending on its diet. If the jelly feeds extensively on crustaceans, it turns pink or lavender. An orange tint hints that a jelly’s been feeding on brine shrimp.

Scientists have studied the life cycle of this jelly extensively. They know the adult male moon jelly releases strands of sperm, which are ingested by female moon jellies. 

Found worldwide in temperate and tropical waters, moon jellies feed in quiet bays and harbors. Although moon jellies have a sting, they pose little threat to humans. (Source)

Okay, but imagine Dan accidentally stumbling across the engagement ring Phil has hidden somewhere and he has a momentary heart attack because OMG Phil’s going to propose! So then he puts it back where he found it, and for the next couple days he’s really upbeat and keeps hinting to Phil about a wedding and Phil catches on pretty quick that Dan knows, so to mess with Dan he keeps finding reasons to get down on one knee, like tying his shoe, or picking up something he ‘dropped’ and each time Dan internally flips out, but after the fifth or six time he catches on to what Phil is doing so he goes out and buys his own engagement ring and proposes to Phil that day instead of waiting around for Phil to actually pop the question himself.

Garnet Fusion Theory - I Think I Know Who The Two Fused Are

Ok, so the stones/crystals/gems that are used in Steven Universe seem to be the type that have a lot of metaphysical lore and attributed characteristics. if you’re going by the kinds of gemstones that the show seems to use - the most widely known/used for spiritual purpose - then the gems they’re picking aren’t obvious, but not a surprise either.this is more obvious if you look up the metaphysical meaning behind them and then look at the gem in the shows personality. but this also gives those who know a lot about gemstones and the lore connected to them major hints about them - and more often than not I’m not surprised by what gems show their face and how they act.

what actually surprised me originally about the show was that while amethyst, pearl, and rose quartz are all not only basic gems any little kid would know (ideal for regular characters) but also metaphysical staples, garnet seems to… come out of left field. its kinda… specialized? its far from unknown, but its a bit more removed from the usual ‘name some gemstones you know real quick’ list.

until i read the garnet fusion theory, and it all snapped together.

when i first read the theory my first thought was ’that’s cool, but what gems could garnet be?’ i figured the obvious thing to do would be to run through the quick list of basic gemstones i could name off the top of my head, going from most easily recognized by the general public to more obscure.

obviously rose quartz, pearl and amethyst are out. next is clear quartz - unlikely because its so close to rose quartz. next was obviously diamond. i think we’ll see diamond at some point, thats to obvious a gem not to use for a major plot point. similar ideas for emerald, gold, and silver. amber? maybe, maybe not - its technically not a gemstone but i wouldn’t be surprised either way; but i don’t think it fits for garnet. next is ru-


IT’S SO BASIC! how did i miss this!? it’s one of the most widely known gems, especially for color variety. why, there was even this one movie i watched where all the girls picked their favorite jewel - it gave them distinct colors so they could be easily told apart. one picked diamond, one emerald, one ruby, and one sa-


OH MY GOD wait wait YES. ruby and sapphire are two of the most basic well known gemstones - they would be some of the fist thought of when making any list of gems. plus garnets are maroon - a deep red-purple color. rubies most commonly range from red, to a deep burgundy, while sapphires most commonly range from pale blue to cerulean. the most likely color you would get from mixing a deep red and a pale blue is maroon. it would make perfect sense for this to be the case for a fusion.

/EDIT/: This also makes sense from the metaphysical aspect. For garnet being the fusion of ruby and sapphire, the CHARACTER garnet would logically have a personality reflecting not only the aspects of the gem it is as a fusion, but also as the two individuals. so lets see.

the metaphysical attributes of rubies are: Invulnerability, protection, power,strength, joy. said to protect the home from storms and negativity. it was also said to guard soldiers from wounds in battle. 

for sapphire we have: psychic ability, love, meditation, peace, defense, health of body. thought to banish fraud, therefore allowing truth. returns negativity back to its sender

and finally, we have garnet: strength, energy, happiness, peace, balance, patience, inspiration, persistence, protection, healing, balance. said to enhance endurance, and vigor. also said the mere presence of a garnet wards against criminals, specifically thieves. supposed to help align the emotional body to the spiritual body.

the charactor garnet has, with a bit of creative license, all of these aspects in their personality - but this is only a guess right? thats not a done and proven theory.

until i remembered.


How The Signs Are Around A Crush
  • Aries:*blushes furiously and smiles a lot*
  • Taurus:*goes right out and says they like them*
  • Gemini:*uses pick up lines*
  • Cancer:*avoids that person at all costs*
  • Leo:*laughs at everything they say*
  • Virgo:*denies all bad things said about themselves*
  • Libra:*drops subtle hints that they like them*
  • Scorpio:*hangs around that special person a lot*
  • Sagittarius:*just giggles a lot*
  • Capricorn:*tries to be cool*
  • Aquarius:*play fights with them*
  • Pisces:*fights anyone that comes near their crush*
150319 Summary of EXO-L’s recent detective work

I can’t take credit for this really because people figured it out in LITERALLY like less than five minutes that’s why pathcodeEXO was like “I believe you figured out the hint” and all that bullshit. But here’s the meaning behind today’s password in case you missed all the hullabaloo :

Today’s teaser was Tao’s, released at 10:10am Barcelona time.

Tao picked up the newspaper and was shocked when he saw this headline:

“El cometa esta apareciendo en diez ciudades de todo el mundo” translates to “The comet will appear in ten cities worldwide.” 

This number appeared beside the article he was reading as well:

SOMEHOW people remembered that 3380 was Tao’s Stardium code from way back when

SO then since people speculated that the teasers will go in the same order as their pre-debut era (since Kai’s teaser was the first one, a lot of people already expected today’s teaser to be Tao’s). Teaser #2 was Kai and Luhan, teaser #3 was Tao. Teasers 4, 5, and 6 were all Kai, who we’ve seen already, but teaser #7 was Sehun and Kai, and teaser #8 was just Sehun. 

35an is Sehun’s Stardium code, and it was the password to see Tao’s teaser pictures on the official website. So the next teaser will be Sehun’s and the rest will go in the same order as how the pre-debut teasers introduced the members. Kai, Tao, Sehun, Lay, Xiumin, D.O., Suho, Chen, Baekhyun, Chanyeol.

PathcodeEXO tweeted that the next hint (and probably the next teaser) will be revealed at 5:12pm of a certain city. I’m so done lmao SM knows that we have detectives in the fandom and they’re finally giving us something to do I can’t even omg

And I’m thinking that the hints will all be totally random. They won’t all come from the members’ instagrams (also not all of them have instagrams but I believe Kai’s was used because he just made his and it spread around the fandom recently). The first hint was easy to figure out so it seems like these are gonna get more difficult.

Some favorite pieces from the #MACxCinderella collection. Look out for swatches and more soon!

Stroke of Midnight palette - 6 classic MAC neutrals like Satin Taupe, Omega, Phloof and Vapour, combined into one
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Coupe d'Chic Iridescent Pressed Powder - this is not a blush or highlighter! It’s a finishing powder that gives a barely-there veil of sparkle over your face and body
Royal Ball Lustre Lipstick - a translucent, pearly beige-peach to mute the color of your lips

#CremeSimon Crème Universelle - for my tired skin
#JeanPatou Sira des Indes pur parfum - champaca blossom, banana, sandalwood, and a hint if orange blossom and milk for a fresh but exotic pick-me-up

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Louis Tomlinson’s Mum Reveals Big-Hearted Star Sent Home Almost Half His X Factor Wage

Over recent months we have seen Louis Tomlinson pick up a lot of flack for his party lifestyle and accusations made by various mystery sources.

However, the 24-year-old star’s mum, Johannah Deakin, took to her Twitter account last night seemingly fed up with her son’s bad reputation and set the record straight on how big-hearted and downright lovely he is.

Among hinting towards all of the amazing work that he does for charity without being publicly acknowledged, Jay also revealed that when Louis was competing on The X Factor at the age of 18 he sent home almost half of his already-tiny wage.

Replying to a fan, the proud mum-of-seven wrote: “Hey thank you.

“Louis is a super kind person. Not many people know that his first wage on XF was £55 - he sent home £25 x”.

She then added: “Not that I asked of course. He has always looked after his family & he always will”.

Jay went on to admit to another One Direction fan: “It is quite horrid reading untruths about a good person. I never talk but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t make me sad”, and then took the opportunity to share an unknown story about the star.

Jay wrote: “One day I may just write all the things that Louis is about & that he does with no intention of getting any acknowledgment for! He helps lots of people & asks that they don’t say anything.

Jay also shared this throwback of herself with Louis

“He does it for them. NOT for the story!

“One thing recently…. A beautiful boy, no longer here, was his guest at a gig. He left him a microphone toy on the bed of his hotel as a surprise & one for his twin brother & a present for his sister.

“Not silly flash items but things that he has researched that they would like! Too many of these stories to tell you about.

“In 5 years I have never spoken to the press or waxed lyrical on social media! Thank you to all the lovely people that look out for him.

“You really have no idea how much he appreciates you all.”

And Lou has no idea how much the fandom appreciates him, with #LuckyToHaveLouis trending worldwide soon after his mum’s heartfelt posts.

Last summer it was reported that the One Direction star donated millions of pounds at a ball that he organised for the Believe In Magic charity,
of which he is the ambassador for.



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This line from Beetee has stood out to me since my first viewing of Mockingjay Part 1. It feels deliberate. Beetee tackles all these projects, whether they be for the Capitol or the Rebels, as if they are puzzles to be solved. He always looks at it for the “science of it all”, without thinking of consequences. He doesn’t figure in collateral damage or the end result. It’s all the science. Like the science of making bombs that explode not once, but twice. 


The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

Really is there something I could say that hasn’t been said? Doubtful, but in utterly stupid human style I will write a review anyway attempting to tell people how cool this book is.

This is plainly an awesome idea. I had always wondered what happened to the kids of half gods/goddess and humans. Here’s the story to quench your curiosity. Percy Jackson has been dumped around from border school to border school. He has never been quite like anybody else, but as the end of sixth grade approaches he’ll find out how unique he actually is…

I picked this up thinking that I would enjoy it, but not to the extent of really beinghooked so fast. Literally from the first pages I knew I was gonna finish this book. It’s geared towards middle grade readers and mostly male I think, but really all that goes away when you’re reading this. As an older reader I did see most of the twists coming but that is because the author is generous about hints, which I have always liked. What really sold it for me though is the action. I have mentioned this numerous times, but I’ll say it again, I am a total sucker for action scenes . Give me a good fight sequence and I’m there.

A few reviews mention how this is ripoff of Harry Potter, and now that I think about it I could see where they are coming from. There are definitely similarities, but to be honest I didn’t really catch that, (I guess I’m kind of dim…I shouldn’t probably admit to that *shakes head* moving on) because the world the author set was so original that the similar setup can be easily forgiven.

We all love heroes. Especially ones like Percy. People never expect much from him, and that’s what makes this journey of his so personal to the reader. You root for him and are so glad that his muscling his way through it. It has the feel of cheering for the underdog. And I’m guessing this underdog is going to blow everyone out of the water.

by guest reviewer Cara

Get the book here!

Read excerpts from the book here!

College students with an .edu email address, click here!

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I am so tired of the Sexuality PoliceTM. If I drop hints that I like women, you may think that I like women. If I drop hints, here and there, that I like more than one gender, you are allowed, and, personally, encouraged, to consider the possibility that I do. You’re not “forcing” anything on me. Your speculation does not harm me, as long as it’s respectful and you do not act with the purpose of hurting me (for instance, outing me to people I don’t want to come out to). Dropping hints here and there is a safe way to test the waters or prepare the ground for a coming out, and people reading the signals I give away is a direct result of me sending out those signals for people to pick up on them. I don’t care if you read me as lesbian, even if I identify as bisexual. The assumption does not hurt me. It’s more harmful to assume that I’m straight unless I state otherwise.

So last night I was joking with my dad and I said something along the lines of “But, I want it both ways!” And my dad started laughing and was like “So, you’re like.. What do they call it? Oh bisexual?” And I was just like “Yes…” And he just kinda looked at me and was like “Whatever makes you happy, baby.” Then he just turned back to continue watching Cap2 and after a few minutes he looked back to me and was like “Do think Cap is bi too? Cause I mean… Bucky.”