and photoshop is back and yay

A couple of Dannys before I call it a night


After that it was like “Okay! i’m on tour like when do you need it done, How can we going to make this happen” and uh… we you make things happen When you really wanna do them, So we really figured it out. - Carrie Underwood Behind The Scenes Of “The FighterMusic Video. ⭐️

“Thank God for people that remain kind even when the world is not kind with them” - unknown // Made this while on a 12 hour turbulent flight home using my trackpad (lol, what’s new hahah). The background photo was taken at the Queen Elizabeth park in Vancouver.

(Hello!!!! I’m alive and back home! That means that I FINALLY HAVE TIME TO ART AGAIN, YAY! Watch out for new things!)

Commission Sheet OPEN!

Alrighty!! Now that I have Photoshop back (YAY!) as promised my Portrait Commission Sheet is now OPEN!! The Portraits will be colored busts and with a simple background.
Like the one above and below:

One character per slot, one slot $25.
Payment through PayPal (
Email me at to fill your slot (with reference photos (portraits of real people from photos, favorite characters) or a detailed description of your Original Character)

Slots left: 11/20


but what he never expected was that the memes would fight back


C a n n o n s !


trying to learn how to identify jumps so what better way than to gif a jump 6 times on laggy photoshop ft Worlds 2017 

part i, salchow

edge jump. for skaters who spin counterclockwise, takeoff from back inside edge of left foot, land on back outside edge of right foot. note: kaetlyn (first gif on right) spins clockwise