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Instagram post by Lili Reinhart • Jun 13, 2017 at 3:33am UTC
The FIRST thing anyone learns in Photo 1 is never cut off feet from the front. Cole doesn’t follow most photo rules, but this is not one of those rules meant to be broken, it’s pretty hard and fast. If you do break it, it’s with great intention. And then you see KJ’s shoe. If this was just of Lili, he would have changed his position slightly so kj’s foot was out of shot and all of Lili’s shoes were in. Conclusion…Lili fucking cropped KJ out of the photo. Not to mention, she didn’t tag him even though that’s his shoe and if it were Cami’s shoe she would have. With what we have now, this is THE ONLY photo from Coachella that KJ isn’t in. Unless I see more than one, KJ is in this photo. I kind of can’t believe she did that??? Like….wow

Apparently, now it isn’t merely PR, PR, PR as one of PT’s socks is insisting, it’s that Lili is, literally, spinning an evil web (or something) to keep Cole and his Beloved Power Bottom apart….

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  • EW Photog: Let's get a shot in Mulder's living room...
  • David Duchovny: Hey, what if you sit in my lap?
  • Gillian Anderson: Great idea!
  • EW Photog: Wait, um, okay...
  • Gillian Anderson: Then what if I climb the stairs and hold you from behind?
  • David Duchovny: Just get right on my back!
  • Gillian Anderson: And I'll wrap my legs like this...
  • EW Photog: Okay, I guess this works too...

Danny: “- Sooo, don’t you think it’s time for us to wake up together in the same bed soon, like this sunday for example?”
Morgan: “- You want to come over for a sleepover?”
D: “- You know what I mean…”
M: “- Yeah… I’m going away for a photo shoot in Oasis Springs on Friday, I’ll be back late on Saturday… would 11pm be too late for you to come over?”
D: “- Absolutely not!”
M: “- I guess we have a deal then…”
D: “ - I can’t wait…”