and photo friday too i guess


Danny: “- Sooo, don’t you think it’s time for us to wake up together in the same bed soon, like this sunday for example?”
Morgan: “- You want to come over for a sleepover?”
D: “- You know what I mean…”
M: “- Yeah… I’m going away for a photo shoot in Oasis Springs on Friday, I’ll be back late on Saturday… would 11pm be too late for you to come over?”
D: “- Absolutely not!”
M: “- I guess we have a deal then…”
D: “ - I can’t wait…”


Hello everyone ^^ It’s Mun ~
Well… I think you all noticed that I am a little inactive… I AM SO SOOOORRYYY ><

It’s because my school started last Wednesday… And I am addicted to my new game XP … …And because I was sick this weekend too~

But what I want to say is: Yes, I’ll probably be inactive from Monday to Friday. BUT I AM SUPER FREE AT THE WEEKENDS!!!


… Oh~~ And today is Munday! So my Munday post is under the cut >V<

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  • EW Photog: Let's get a shot in Mulder's living room...
  • David Duchovny: Hey, what if you sit in my lap?
  • Gillian Anderson: Great idea!
  • EW Photog: Wait, um, okay...
  • Gillian Anderson: Then what if I climb the stairs and hold you from behind?
  • David Duchovny: Just get right on my back!
  • Gillian Anderson: And I'll wrap my legs like this...
  • EW Photog: Okay, I guess this works too...