and peter is just waiting

Fighting with Peter Parker would include..

- cue dramatic af peter LMAO

- anyways

- the angel just wants you to be happy 24/7

- but sometimes arguments just happen, ya know?

- it started out very simple with slight banter

- and then it escalated to you two yelling at each other in his apartment

- arguing about the littlest of things

- ‘peter did you eat my piece of toast’

- ‘asdfghjkl pls don’t kill me’


- trying to give each other the silent treatment

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Are The Girls Here?

Author: Juju

Pairing: Shawn Mendes x Reader

Warnings: fluff…so much fluff, also sorry for any typos or mistakes in general. If you find one, drop by my inbox and tell me please?

Word Count: 3.1k …sorry?

Summary: At one of Shawn’s Q&A’s, the fans seem to be more interested in you and Aaliyah than they are Shawn.

A/N: There was a Shawn imagine where it was similar but it didn’t include Aaliyah or the same questions. I asked the writer of that fic ( @1-800-sassy-mendes@1-800-sassy-mendes )  if she was ok with it and she was! Hope you understand! Xx

“y/n? y/n wake up, Shawn’s doing the q&a and you said you were gonna come with me.” Aaliyah said as she shook you awake. 

“I’m up! I’m up. What’s-what’s Shawn doing?” You mumbled as you slowly rose from the couch. 

“The q&a! Come on! It just started!” She whined.

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Dead Serious

Request: hey could you do one with peter, where the reader is studying and, he just wants to hangout with her so he gets whiny and so the reader says “let me finish and we can make out for much long as you like” and then they do. Lots of fluff please :)

A/N: I think I have a problem where because my favourite thing is friends who eventually get together, I never write an “hey we’re already dating" type fic, and this would totally be a prefect one of those but LOL IMA NOT DO THAT STILL. Yikes, sorry if this wasn’t what you were looking for. Lol I’m also gonna do a smutty Part 2.

Word Count: 1338


Part 2 // Part 3


“And students, please remember that your midterm will be in exactly two days starting precisely when the bell rings, so do not be late,” your teacher said.

Peter leaned over next to you, “Are we studying tonight?”

“I can’t, but how about tomorrow night?” You whispered, trying to make sure the teacher doesn’t hear you.

“What? Got a hot date tonight or something? Too good to see me?” Peter joked.

“If you count a hot date as studying for my French midterm tomorrow, then yes,”

“Y/L/N, Mr Parker, do you have something to share with the class?” Your teacher called back at you.

“Actually, I was wondering if you could go over the different types of reactions one more time, I was struggling with memorizing them and I was just asking Peter for help, but it would be great if you could go over them,” you lied.

Your teacher eyed the two of you before turning around to the chalk board and began writing out different reactions.

“Nice save,” Peter whispered.

“Well one of us had to say something, and since you can’t lie for your life, that duty falls on me,“

“I can so lie,”

“Sure Peter, and I have a pet unicorn,”


“We go over this all the time, you can’t lie, and that’s exactly why you need me as a best friend,”

“What about Ned?” Peter asked.

“He needs me for the same reason too,”


Peter: Hey Y/N

Y/N: How may I be of service

Peter: Can you paint me like one of your French girls?

Y/N: Peter, why can’t you just let me study?

Peter: Because i’m bored

Y/N: Go bother Ned, i’m busy.

Peter: He has a midterm tomorrow too, he won’t answer my texts.

Y/N: Well how about this, you let me study now and I will entertain you tomorrow after we study ;)

Peter: ugh fine

Peter: But what’s with the winky face?

Y/N: Peter.

Peter: Sorry!


Peter: I’m still curious about the winky face

Y/N: How’s this Parker, you leave me alone tomorrow and I’ll go down on you when we finish studying

Peter didn’t respond for a while

Y/N: Peter did you die?

Peter: You aren’t serious

Y/N: Dead serious.

Y/N: I’ll see you tomorrow ;)


You were sitting in chemistry, barely listening to your teacher ramble on about the different formulas you will need to know for tomorrow when Peter elbowed you to get your attention.

“Are you ready for your French exam?” He whispered.

“No! I’m so nervous. I can read it really well and understand it when someone speaks to me, but I have to write the entire exam in French and I don’t know if i’ll actually do well,”

“Y/N, you doodle in French for gods sake, I think you’ll be fine,”

“I know, i’m just nervous,”

“Listen to me, you’re going to do extremely well, as always. You’ve been taking French for years, you’ve got this in the bag,”

“Mr Parker! Something you would like to share with the rest of us?” the teacher interrupted.

Peter froze, he began stammering out a few words in response to the teacher when you cut in, “Sorry Ms, I was quizzing Peter on elements and their correlating atomic number. We didn’t mean to speak that loud,”

“Studying is for your free time, M®(s) Y/L/N, not class time. Please pay attention and study some other time,”

“Of course Ms. Our apologizes,”

The teacher turned back to the board and continued talking about what she had previously written.

“You need to quit talking so loud. There are only so many lies I can tell,”


At lunch you ran into the car and joined Peter and Ned at your lunch table.

“So?” Peter said

“How did you do?” Peter added.

“Fabulously! I know I did well. I’m about 95% sure I got an A on the exam. I’m so proud of myself. I actually understood what I was reading and what I wrote. I’m feeling really confident about it,”

“That’s awesome Y/N! I told you you’d do great. I’m proud of you,” Peter said.

“Let’s just wait and see how well I do on the chemistry midterm, and then you can decide whether you’re proud of me or not,”

“We’re still on for our study date tonight, right?“ Peter asked.

Ned looked up from his notes where he was studying for his exam in the afternoon.

“Wait, you two are going on a date? Finally. Took you two long enough. You can cut the sexual tension In here with a knife,”

“What?” You choked out

“We-we’re not going on a date. We said study date, Ned,” Peter said.

“I’m going to Peter’s tonight so we can study for our chemistry exam tomorrow,”

“Ha, I get it, you guys are studying YOUR chemistry. Have fun kids, use a condom,” Ned said, standing up and beginning to collect his things, “Well i’m going to the library where there’s less tension floating through the air. Enjoy ‘studying’ tonight guys,”

You and Peter sat silently and waited Ned walk away.

Neither of you were really sure of what to say.

“So do you want to just walk to my place after school together then?” Peter said, eventually breaking the silence.

“Yep!” You agreed.


It was 4pm by the time you and Peter actually began studying, you were lying on his floor with your textbook and notes open around you while Peter was sitting at his desk.

You spent some time quizzing each other and going over notes before Peter began getting bored. This was once of his best subjects so he really didn’t need to study as hard as you did for this class.


You had been studying for three hours and Peter had started whining approximately two hours previous.

You were still on Peter’s floor surrounded by your study notes. Peter had moved to his bed and was lying down.

“Y/N,“ He whined.

“Yes, dear,” you said, not taking your attention away from what you were reading.

“How much longer do we have to study? i’m booooorrreeeddd. We already know all of this,”

“You already know all of this,” you corrected him.

“But Y/N, you know it toooooo,”

“Peter, hon, if you don’t shut up, or just help me study I might lose my mind,”

“You’ll have to make me stop talking,”

“Okay Peter, how’s this? Let me study now, and later we can make out for as long as you’d like, and maybe I’ll even go down on you,”

Peter sat up, “Wh-what?”

“I feel like at this point, my lips on yours is one sure way that you won’t be talking,”

“I-i- are you serious?” He questioned.

“Dead serious Parker, give me half an hour to review the rest of my notes and you can have your tongue down my throat for as long as you’d like,”

Peter’s eyes widened, and he shut up. You didn’t hear a peep out of him for the next half hour.


When you were finally done reviewing your notes, you put them back into your folder and stood up.

Peter sat on his bed, watching you.

“Were you really serious before, or were you just trying to get me to shut up?” Peter asked.

“I told you, Parker. I’m dead serious,”

okay so

i was just at target and this really cute guy walked up to me and was like “hey i just wanted to say that you’re really beautiful and i was just wondering if i could maybe get your name and number” and me being the awkward piece of shit i am literally freaked out and ran out of the store…this is why i’m single

Secrets (trans!peter)

For @chase-is-not-crash



“Crap crap crap crap crap.”

Peter, in full Spider Man costume, dropped onto a roof and ducked behind an AC unit, holding his right arm tight to his chest.

It hurt, oh man it hurt and he could hardly draw a breath between the pain and his binder was too tight today and honestly he thought he might pass out if he couldn’t get laying down somewhere safe. But on this side of the city he was minimum twenty minutes of swinging, and close to an hour taxi ride from the safety of Aunt Mays apartment.

Too far.

He dropped his head back against the AC unit and tried to suck in a deep breath, tried not to scream when everything seized up. His arm, his chest…this was a horrible day.

And he was late for his injection, which made everything worse. He was supposed to take it last night, and had passed out exhausted before he remembered and then had ran out the door late to school and now here he was several hours later.

“What’s up, Spidey?” A deep voice startled him, but not as much as the red and black masked face that poked around the corner. “I’m sensing a damsel in distress.”

“Go away, Deadpool.” Peter flinched behind his mask at the ‘damsel’ comment. “I’m fine.”

Liar!” Deadpool crowed and moved to kneel in front of him. “Who knew our friendly neighborhood Spider Man lied like a fat kid stealing cake?”

“Please.” Peter bit out. “Please. Leave.”

“Hey.” Deadpool’s voice dropped, softened. “You’re not alright, alright? Plus you’re like twelve, and I just can’t leave a twelve year old superhero alone and hurting on the roof somewhere. Where’s your dad?”


“The Iron Giant.” Deadpool said impatiently. “I heard he looks out for you.”

“Don’t want him to know.” Peter was starting to feel a little lightheaded, lack of oxygen and the pain radiating up his arm making him dizzy. “And I’m not twelve.”

“Well you certainly aren’t eighteen.” Deadpool looked around, then seemed to come to a decision. “Well, I live close by, want to come to my place? We can get you patched up and–”

No!” Peter blurted. “I mean, no. No thank you.”

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Requested: Hi, can you do a imagine that y/n’s assaulted and Shawn comforts and helps her? I understand if isn’t possible! Thank you, have a good day (sorry for my bad English, isn’t my first language) ❤️

Thanks for the request! You don’t have to apologize for your English! It’s great for English being your second language. Hope you enjoy this! Sorry that its short and a little different than you were probably expecting, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out though and I hope you are too :) 


Shawn’s hand on your waist makes you involuntarily jerk away from him as your heart starts pounding with panic before you can even process that it is just Shawn, and nothing to be afraid of. “Shit, I’m sorry,” He immediately says as he removes his hand from your waist and runs it through his hair instead.

“No, I’m sorry,” You respond quietly, shaking your head, just trying to get all the bad stuff out, just trying to forget it all.

“Can I,” he hesitates for a second as though he isn’t sure if he wants to even ask or not before continuing, “Can I hold your hand?” His eyes are wide with concern and worry. It is a simple request for something he shouldn’t even have to think twice about just doing.

The self-hatred has already started eating you alive. Why did you let it happen? How did you let it happen? You wish you could have done something to prevent it. You wish you hadn’t gone out that night at all. Now your own boyfriend has to ask before he can hold your hand because if not you’ll literally freak out on him, even if you don’t mean to and even though you wish you didn’t. He’s still getting used to that too. He’s not used to having to ask permission for something as simple as holding your hand, or touching your waist when he comes up to you. That used to be something that was so natural, something neither of you ever thought twice about, but now he has to, and you have to hype yourself up just to let him touch you. You have to constantly remind yourself that Shawn would never hurt you.

You nod in response to his question, and he slowly intertwines his fingers with yours, carefully watching your eyes the entire time, making sure you’re not feeling triggered at all. “Sit down with me?” He questions, and you nod, following him to the couch. Once you’re both seated, he starts talking, “Baby, I know I can’t change what happened, and I can’t force you to feel better. I’m not trying to do that, I know you need time to heal, but I just want you to know that I love you. I want you to know that it’s not your fault. None of what happened was your fault, okay?” He says, trying to make sure you understand. He’s already told you this, so many times, but yet, you still find it hard to believe. You just nod in response. You want to believe him, you do, but it’s hard to get out of your head, to not think about the past.

He doesn’t try to pull you any closer to himself, even though he’s a very touchy person, well at least he used to be. He used to always need to touch you, always pulling you down into his lap when he sat down somewhere, always resting his hand on your hip, or throwing it over your shoulder. Now, he wants to touch you, to hold you close, to keep you safe, but he doesn’t.

“I love you.” He says, and even though you know he means it, his voice is full of hurt. Hurt because of what happened to you. Hurt because he feels responsible, even though there was nothing he could have done because he wasn’t even with you when it happened. But most of all, hurt because he knows you’re a different person now, and neither of you are sure you’ll ever be able to find your way back.

jealous peter headcanon !!

hear me out, because this photoset is totally giving me jealous/irritated peter vibes 

  • so you and peter weren’t officially together but there was definitely a thing there
  • like lots of flirting, a couple times y’all held hands, a few cheek kisses that made peter’s head spin
  • basically it was just waiting to be official 
  • anyways one day after school peter is waiting at your guys’ normal meeting spot
  • he spots you walking out the double doors and he instantly gets that little rush of excitement when he usually sees you 
  • and you have your head thrown back laughing at something but he doesn’t know what it is yet 
  • but that excitement fades when he sees flash walking alongside you
  • he raises an eyebrow at your newfound “friend” 
  • his arms instantly crossing across his chest in defense 
  • watching the friendly exchange between yourself and flash makes him tense up 
  • you catching peter’s eye and shooting him a huge smile while waving him over
  • he softens up just a little bit when he sees you inviting him over
  • but he’s still salty 
  • trying not to show his saltiness as he shuffles over to you 
  • “what up penis parker”
  • “fuck off flash” 
  • you giving peter a huge hug 
  • him still watching flash with his arm around you
  • almost like he’s challenging flash 
  • there’s an awkward silence between the three of you 
  • you pulling away from peter to say bye to flash 
  • flash gives you a hug bye and raises his eyebrows at peter
  • at this point peter is absolutely livid 
  • this is peter currently: (ง'̀-‘́)ง
  • he hates flash 
  • he hates when guys are all over you 
  • the two combined are a recipe for disaster
  • he glares at flash and you pull away from the hug quickly, sensing peter’s discomfort
  • flash walks off with another unnecessary goodbye to you
  • peter would describe it more as obnoxious 
  • “jealous much?”
  • “no (ง'̀-‘́)ง“ 
  • him walking you home like usual
  • but you can tell it’s still bothering him 
  • slipping your hand into his 
  • “please talk to me” 
  • he’s still silent 
  • but he has his thinking face on 
  • where he’s biting his bottom lip and has his lil’ eyebrows furrowed 
  • sighing very dramatically because he’s being stubborn
  • “you know i don’t care about flash the way i care about you, he’s really an ass, you know i’m just nice to everyone and we got paired up so i don’t want there to be any issues and-” 
  • him stopping in the midst of walking to take your face with both hands and kiss you 
  • you relaxing into it immediately and kissing him back bc wOW 
  • it lasts for a good minute or two 
  • but who’s counting?
  • pulling away and tbh you don’t know what to say 
  • “you’re mine, just making sure you knew that”
  • also adding, “maybe I’ll need to talk to flash more if i get that out of it each time” 
  • this puts peter back into (ง'̀-'́)ง (ง'̀-'́)ง (ง'̀-'́)ง mode
  • “babe chill, only got eyes for you” 
  • lowkey the first time you’ve called him babe 
  • “well if you’re calling me babe i might as well call you g-girlfriend?” 
  • it’s more of a question than a statement 
  • “sounds good boyfriend” 
  • he swears his heart stopped 
  • swears he’ll never thank flash out loud 

anonymous asked:

O shit I need more dad!tony stark with reader dating spiderman

Sure thing pal!! 

Stark!Reader x Peter Parker

The tower was unusually quiet making Tony a lot more anxious as well as worried for you because you’d started, as Tony puts it ‘Heroing around’.

“Vision have you seen (Name)?” Tony asks Vision who was sat on the sofa reading a book.

“I saw her with that young man, I think his name was Peter ” Tony raises a brow ‘What are those two up to?’

“Parker?” ‘Why’d I introduce that spiderling to her’ “Where?”

“I think they were headed back to her room” You and Peter in the same room, Tony wasn’t going to let that happen, he stormed off without saying a word towards your room.

“Ouch…Peter it really hurts” Tony stopped right in front completely shocked at what he was hearing.

“It’s okay (Name), I’ll make it better” Tony was enraged Peter Parker had the balls to touch his daughter under his own roof, without any thought he slams the door wide open.


“Dad?” “Mr. Stark?” Tony’s face became bewildered at the sight of Peter helping you bandage up a wound.

“What the heck dad? Why’d you think we were doing that?” Peter’s face turned as red as a rose along with your.

“Whoops my bad” Tony gives an apologetic look whilst rubbing his neck, a bit embarrassed at his own actions.

“Jeez Dad, just knock next time” You say rubbing the bandaged wound.

“Yeah, yeah, you two play nicely” he says walking off.

“Woah, I don’t think I’ve ever been more afraid of your dad” Peter says resting his head onto your shoulder.

“Pffft my dad, scary?” You giggle at Peter only for him to tackle you with a hug “Just wait till he finds out we’re dating” 

“Don’t remind me”

You're so dark • Shawn Mendes

Originally posted by mercyshawns

A/N: oh hey, totally didn’t see you there. This is just some good'old Shawn fluff (not smut, sorry if u see this in the smut tag) inspired by the song ‘You’re so dark’ by the Arctic Monkeys. Enjoy! also feedback is wholly appreciated!   ☼  ☼ 

Warnings: N/A (Unless you’re freaked out by the band Rammstein which i totally understand) 

MASTERLIST - Hey come and check out some of my other mildly average writing!

and you’re so mysterious / got that obsession with death / i saw you driving your prius / and even that was munster koach-esque / you watch italian horror and you listen to the scores / leather-clad and spike collar / i want you down on all fours / cause you’re so dark, babe - You’re so dark, Arctic Monkeys

She was into rock and roll. Into the hard stuff, heavy stuff - the kind of music that could burst your eardrums and set your ears on fire with with one strum of the electric guitar.

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  • Matt: I'm sorry to hear about Wade.
  • Peter: Wait, why? What happened?
  • Matt: Nothing. I'm just sorry to hear about him.

Description: While hanging out at the coffee shop the reader’s parents own, Michelle brings up an article that she read in a magazine. One that says you can tell if a person is a good kisser by the way they eat an apple. The reader gets dared by Michelle to put the theory to test, resulting in an interesting Saturday afternoon.

Author’s Note: This was so much fun to write and I hope ya’ll enjoy it as much as I did. My inspiration for this fic came from one a read a while back and really liked. Anyways, if you want to be tagged in any upcoming fics or want to request something feel free to message me.

Word Count: 1521

It was almost too simple. Sitting side by side in the back of the school’s library, shoulders pressed together, and knees touching. Right in that place of not-quite-more-than-friends and nearly at the place of very-obviously-more-than-friends.

It would only take one move for them to become something greater than just best friends. One of Ned’s crazy plans, one of Peter’s embarrassing blunders, one of Michelle’s dry comments that had an obvious hidden meaning. Just something to push the pair together.

Peter and (Y/N), thrown together by some crazy twist of fate, anything could make them Peter and (Y/N).

They’re just waiting on a catalyst.

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