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hi! I'm majoring in ancient history and classical languages next year and i was wondering if you have any advice? I'm a bit worried about starting Latin from scratch, do you have any tips that might make it a kinder experience or perhaps anything i should know in advance? thanks!

hello! yes absolutely! i would say first off, don’t work yourself up about it. latin is no more difficult than say french or spanish, and it doesn’t come with the speaking component so you have much more class time for grammar and things like that. for the most part, it’s a fairly logical system once you learn the rules and patterns, and once you get the hang of it, your intuition is usually right. 

the other thing i would say is vocab vocab vocab. If you build up a solid base of words, everything else from thereon is either a compound or a related word, so you’ll know how it declines/conjugates.

latin might seem intimidating because of the fact that the nouns decline and it’s a dead language and it’s got a fairly intense grammar system but it’s really not too terrible. just put your work in doing the exercises in your textbook (no matter how dull they feel) and it will work out just fine! you’ll do great. 

that being said, I  am also always available for grammar/translation questions and advice!!!!!!

also ps don’t freak out if after a few weeks you still can’t quite get the mottoes of schools or quotes you see on tumblr because a lot of the published literature and authors are really bad about leaving out important constructions because they assume you’ll know what they mean and tbh mottoes are just completely inane when it comes to translating them “correctly” (because that frustrated me too)

i hope that helps!!!! 

xoxo icb


Happy 5th Anniversary, Resonance of Fate! [28.01.10]



The video you can see above was a Christmas gift from my adorable and talented friend, nosmaeth. (Check out her works here!!)

I’m very excited to finally share this with you because it actually moved me to tears the first time I saw it. What is perhaps the best thing abiut the whole video is that we’re getting glimpses of SO MANY characters and places. And I especially like the beginning.

ABOUT THE MUSIC: ‘Blackened Roots’ is one of my favorite pieces from the amazing artist Adrian von Ziegler. And ‘The Woods Somewhere’ by Hozier is a song I discovered not so long ago; its atmosphere matches that of my story (and perhaps in general, my writing) quite well.

For those who care, the new instalment is more than just a bit late, but I thank you for all your amazing reviews, kudos and all other sort of feedback. Everything matters, and I’ll be back soon.

Lots of love,


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Underlie Update (late...again)

I really hate to do this guys, but I gotta push the update back a bit more. I kinda sorta maybe aggravated my wrist a bit *coughs* so i’m gonna be a bit slow with the rest of the update. I have it all sketched out and stuff! i just need to finish inking and coloring. Not sure when its going to be up… a few more days perhaps?