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sleepover saturday is such a cute idea !! ok so i have a boyfriend and we've been together for a couple of months and MAN do i love him so much and i dont wanna be artsy and shit but he's like the fucking sun ok his eyes are hazel and his hair is light and his skin is golden and he's so ??? perfect ??? and like perfectly imperfect like he's got acne (who DOESN'T) and his teeth are crooked and he's only an inch taller than me and i LOVE HIM SO MUCH because of it ahh !! i'm beyond lucky !!!!!

!!!!!! i love this. it’s great, you’re great, he’s great. you should definitely tell him all of this :)

sleepover saturday

I didn’t fall for you because you spoke perfectly, I fell for you because you stuttered every time you were excited.
I didn’t fall for you because you were kind, I fell for you because you’d put me before yourself; you’d always be by my side.
Nor did I fall for your adoring smile,
I fell for you because you’d laugh at all my jokes; regardless if they were terrible.
I didn’t fall for your deep, fruity voice,
I fell for the stories you’d tell of your childhood, the times you’d talk about me and how much you were absolutely in love.
I didn’t fall for your dark brown eyes either,
I fell for they way they’d look at me when I spoke about all the things I was passionate about.
I didn’t fall in love you because you were perfect, I fell in love with you because you were you.
—  a.a.
“perfectly imperfect” m.k.j.

frozen is the first disney movie that teaches girls that they don’t need a man!

frozen is the only disney movie about loving sisters!

frozen is the only disney movie where love is not the main theme!!

frozen is the first disney movie that have powerful role models!

frozen is the-


Status Inglês

• Promise me you will never forget all the times we spent together.
(Prometa que você nunca vai esquecer todos os momentos que passamos juntos.)

• Treat your girl right or someone else will.
(Tratar a sua garota bem ou alguém o fará.)

• I am perfectly imperfect.
(Estou perfeitamente imperfeita.)

• Love and kindness are the very basis of society. If we lose these positive emotions, society will face tremendous difficulties.
(Amor e bondade são a base da sociedade. Se nós perdermos essas emoções positivas, sociedade enfrentará dificuldades tremendas.)

• Imagine all we could accomplish if we just used our imagination.
(Imagine tudo o que poderíamos realizar se usamos nossa imaginação.)

• There will always be a lesson behind every pain.
(Sempre haverá uma lição por trás de cada dor.)

• Sometimes music is all you need.
(Às vezes a música é tudo que você precisa.)

• Don’t ruin today by worrying about yesterday’s problem.
(Não estrague hoje por se preocupar com o problema de ontem)

• Keep your head high gorgeous, there are people who would kill to see you fall.
(Mantenha a cabeça erguida, lindo, há pessoas que matariam para vê-lo cair.)

• I never changed. I just learned.
(Eu nunca mudei. Eu aprendi.)

• The best medicine in the world is a mother’s hug.
(O melhor remédio do mundo é um abraço de mães.)

• The hardest thing is not talking to someone you used to talk to everyday.
(A coisa mais difícil não é falar de alguém costumava falar para todos os dias)

• Sometimes i keep my feelings to myself, because it’s hard for someone to understand
(Às vezes guardo meus sentimentos para mim, porque é difícil para alguém entender.)

• The only thing worse than not finding happiness is finding it and throwing it away.
(A única coisa pior do que não encontrar a felicidade é descobri-lo e jogá-la fora.)

• Sometimes, I’m afraid to tell you how I feel.
(Às vezes, tenho medo de lhe dizer como me sinto.)

• Be crazy. Be weird. Don’t be afraid of what anybody thinks.
(Ser louco. Ser estranho. Não tenha medo do que os outros pensam)

• somewhere between emotional and emotionless
(em algum lugar entre o emocional e as emoções)

• The older I get, the more I realize what really matters in life.
(Quanto mais velho fico, mais eu percebo o que realmente importa na vida.)

• Good people go through the most bullshit.
(Boas pessoas passam pela maior merda.)

• Do what is right, not what is easy.
(Fazer o que é certo, não o que é fácil.)

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Jack Pearson sets the bar higher.

In yesterday’s live chat with Milo and Mandy before west coast premiere of the finale, a fan commented saying she (we all lol) has set the bars higher for men after watching Jack and MIlo said that Jack’s not perfect. You know what? Of course he’s not perfect. Rebecca isn’t either. No one is. The reason why we’ve set our bars higher after watching Jack is BECAUSE we see the imperfections in him and we see the multiple ways he has tried to overcome it. He drinks a lot for a year when the kids were little, he stopped immediately after Rebecca told him off, immediately determined he’s going to be the 200% parent Rebecca expects him to be. He knew they were drifting and he made an effort to rent their old house and put lights and shit for Rebecca just to make sure she knows he loves her more than anything in the world still. He wanted to steal from a bar last night and he stopped because he noticed Rebecca and I bet you a hundred bucks the reason he stopped isn’t because it’s true love at first sight, it’s because that true love at first sight made him think that woman deserves a better man. In the last scene, he got drunk and he knows it, he doesn’t know how to make it right again (he mumbled on going to support group) but he knows that if his wife wants him out, he will be because he respects her. He gave the most beautiful speech and still walked out, why? Because that’s what a respectful man does, he knows he did wrong and she needs space. He’s not perfect but he tries to be better ALL THE FREAKING TIME and THAT is why we’ve set our bars higher on our choices in men after watching the show. 

Perfectly Imperfect | Drabble.

pairing: Jungkook x Reader
word count: 1027 words
genre: fluff??? angst??
a/n: idk what this is so i hope you enjoy it anyway! Also, would this qualify as a oneshot or drabble? who knows.

When your coworker asks you why you stick around you struggle because… Why? How do you put into words that he’s your whole world and it’d be like giving away your heart and soul if you no longer got to wake up and know he loves you of all people.

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