The Court of Nightmares: Queen Morrigan

A queen—a queen who bowed to no one, a queen who had faced them all down and triumphed. A queen who owned her body, her life, her destiny, and never apologised for it.

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So, because I've been in a bit of an IzuTobi mood today and because of that post about Hashi and Tobi's shitty relationship, I started thinking about an AU were Izuna survived the clan wars and managed to become good friends with Tobirama, only to discover how shittily Hashirama (probably other Senju, too) treated him. THAT led to imaginings that have swiftly devolved into exaggerated "Aggressive-Literally-Fire-Breathing-Smol-Defends-Exasperated-and-Secretly-Touched-Tol". HOO BOY

Oh, yissssss. Precious Izuna protecting Tobirama. It reminds me of that “small salty pixie decided they’re going to defend big guy who’s amused and touched at this” post xD (I need to find that post again, it was hilarious)

Anyway, YES. Izuna has a very strong relationship with Madara and to see that his best friend is being abused like this (because in Izuna’s eyes it would be abuse), he would flip his shit. 

Hashirama takes Tobirama for granted and treats him like shit? WELL YOU’VE GOT ANOTHER THING COMING come on Tobi you’re coming to live with me now you’re Uchiha let me sew the fan on the back of your shirt real quick now you’re ours your brother can go fuck himself if he isn’t going to care for you then you’re up for grabs and look there’s casually a free room just beside mine isn’t it a perfect coincidence?

Tobirama is bewildered and secretly touched and even if he bitches at him “(I can’t just up and leave, I have duties!” “administrative ones you can fill as an Uchiha.” “I don’t want to be an Uchiha!” “ok ok geeze I won’t sew the fan on your back but at least stay over for a month or two? As trial run?”) he eventually allows Izuna to do what he wants.

Madara bangs his head against the wall because of all they strays you had to bring home a Senju why couldn’t it have been a cat like all other younger brothers?  Then Izuna explains why and Madara throws a hissy fit because he didn’t think his best friend was such an asshole and he’s going to righten this.

Izuna is smug as fuck, Tobirama is confused, wrapped up in a blanket like a burrito, with a mug of tea.

He could get used to this

NCT Dream Reaction: You’re 165-170cm (5′4-5′7) Tall

A/N: thanks to @stigmatrash for pointing out the lies fact that Jisung is 173+cm tall and not 165… like ive been toLD DAMMIT


Mark is 174cm tall, so he wouldn’t be that much taller than you. Honestly, he’d be okay with the fact that you’re around the same height, it makes it easier to give you kisses (although he is wAY tOO shy to admit that). He’d probably like to back-hug you and rest his chin on your shoulder.

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His height wasn’t on any profiles that I could find, but I think he’s about 165-170cm tall. Like Mark, that’s not much taller than you, or he’s the same height. Renjun though, would find it cute that he’s taller than you and would jokingly tease you about being short, despite not having much of a difference. Although he teases you a lot, he secretly likes being able to look you in the eyes without looking up or down. Also, expect Chenle to join in on the teasing.

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Jeno is 171cm; not much taller than you. I think he’d be completely fine with your height, even to the point of calling it cute, but I also think he’d wish to be a bit taller. He’d want to be able to do the things he’s read and heard about, like helping you reach things on high shelves, etc. Otherwise, Jeno wouldn’t really care about your height. He’d probably give you a lot of cheek kisses tho, since your face is more reachable. (lmao)

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Donghyuk (Haechan):

Donghyuk’s height is also 171cm, which isn’t much of a height advantage. Nonetheless, he’d flaunt that extra centimetre or two. Your nickname would be def be shorty. You’d be fine with it though, it’s cute whenever he gets excited over something so little (pun intended.) Surprise kisses are a common thing in your relationship, so much so that it’s not really a surprise anymore. 
*ignore the text*

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Jaemin’s height also hasn’t been disclosed, but I’m gonna guess that he’s 172cm. Like Jeno, your height wouldn’t really matter to him. Besides, you’re still growing so he probably knows the two of you will get taller (or he hopes so) eventually. At most, he’d find it adorable whenever you’d have trouble reaching things, but wouldn’t be much help in the matter. He’d probably have to call Johnny to get whatever you need for you. He’d probably enjoy kissing you tho since he doesn’t have to lean over or reach up to do so.

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Chenle’s height hasn’t been added to any profiles that I’ve looked at (so like two) but he’s about the same height as Renjun, who is around 165-170cm. I don’t think he’d mind being the same height or shorter than you, since he’s still growing, but there would probably be times where he wishes he was taller. Your height (and his) probably wouldn’t effect your relationship.

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Jisung is 175cm tall, so he’s definitely taller. If you guys were the same height, he wouldn’t really say anything about the matter, but since he’s taller he thinks you’re adorable. He’s used to being taller than most people his age, but when it comes to you he’s weak. Especially when he have to help you reach things that are just centimetres away from your fingertips. Despite being so young, he likes the fact that you have to depend on him for things like that.

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