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I’m kinda seeing Stanley as being quite similar to Gaston in the cocky/arrogant aspect, but…softer? If that makes sense. And definitely not in an asshole way like Gaston was towards the end. He does make an effort on his appearance, unlike most of the other townspeople, and has a bit of an “I’m better than you” vibe at some points. Most of which was probably brought on by how he (and many others) completely idolized Gaston. Like I feel as if Stan would be one of those guys who’s always like, “do it like a man!” But internally he’s always had a bit of a problem with it, but he just sorta pushed that aside. Until the wardrobe scene. After that he’d probably realize that gender roles are stupid, but he’d still slip up sometimes with the “like a man” comments. Even so, he’d still be a very confident, self-assured person. But, like I said before, not in the douchey way that Gaston was.
Yes, he’s sweet and kind and caring and gentle and all sorts of lovely things. But he also followed Gaston with enthusiasm that seems to surpass that of just a follower looking to earn the approval of their leader. When Gaston is gone, Stan would still be a bit conceited and over-confident, that’s just part of who he is. However, those things added to his other personality traits would make him quite a likeable person in my opinion

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In regards to your reply to yinyangswing, there's a lot of us who are sincerely worried for you as a human being. We get that you like Newtina a lot, but defending them as individuals and as a pairing seems to be causing you a lot of stress, and your plate is really full now with all the stuff going on in your life. PLEASE remember that, if someone doesn't like Newt, Tina, or Newtina, or if they disagree on your interpretation of them, that's not a personal attack against you as a person.

I get that a bunch of people are worried about me personally but please don’t worry? Please?

I love Newtina, and I actually feel pretty good when I’ve defended them because I feel that I’ve done my bit? I don’t know if that makes sense to anyone but me… Defending them doesn’t stress me out at all, even if my tags or attitude indicates it does - I’m just kind of a bit “salty” over the internet.

My stress comes from doing a drama degree at university where people don’t fucking turn up to rehearsals. It comes from working at a cinema with little money in the bank. It comes from the fact my grandmother has cancer.

It does NOT come from defending Newtina or Newt/Tina as individuals over the intenet.

And I’m aware that it’s not “a personal attack” against me as a person, I am. I just get pissed off to be honest. I’ve been pissed off for years with various things across various fandoms that have very little to do with me.

Thank you for being “sincerely worried” about me, but you really don’t need to be. “Worrying means you suffer twice” after all.

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okay listen. everyday, trying-to-fit-in kara kills me. the glasses, the flats, the argyle sweaters, it kills me. she is the embodiment of “too pure, too good” and it is really too much for me to handle. it’s all to try and blend in and seem insignificant, but guess what?? kara could be wearing camouflage and she would still stand out bc who smiles that much? whose eyes light up like that when they see potstickers for christ’s sake?? kara is so observant that she probably knows the birthdays of all the employees in the office at catco and gets them a card or a donut or something, and she notices because she cares so much about everyone. like she wants to make sure no one feels left out or forgotten and loves to make people feel special. she tries so hard to blend in but she’s too kind, too thoughtful, too bright to ever be anything but remarkable. and that has nothing to do with supergirl, that’s just kara being kara.

My Fire Emblem Heroes Team! ★★★★★
I put Roy as my leader because I’m an asshole to people in Arena


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“I know my value. Anyone else’s opinion doesn’t really matter.”

Cute past!Ardyn with his black chocobo *_*
I want to know more about Ardyn’s past life before he became evil guy…

Ok ok hear me out:

Smol Link with his tol boyfriend Sidon


Smol Zelda with her tol girlfriend Urbosa