and people say she doesn't love her fans

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For people saying that Mila doesn't shut down fans & CS in a way Lauren does just because she isn't outspoken etc, watch this youtu(.)be/_513SOJ1_IA from 1:00 THAT IS THE REASON WHY, BECAUSE SHE ACTUALLY GETS IT

Aww my sweet baby Camz, I love her so much seriously

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I just don't think people understand that Mary doesn't really know her sons and that she doesn't have to be the Perfect Mother for them? I mean, I feel like a lot of fans want her to be that but she isn't and that's ok! Even in fanfics, people paint Mary out be the cookie cutter mother that says honey and bakes cookies. People are freaking out and hate that they can't box her into that role. 🙄

like, honestly this is it. I wrote Let It Be cause I wanted to explore that before I even knew Mary was coming back to the show. She wasn’t perfect, her actions in part started the whole story. I love that they’re taking her off her pedestal…Amara gave her back to Dean because it was what he thought he wanted most in the world, but it’s the very definition of “be careful what you wish for.” It’s forcing the boys to look at their illusions and look at themselves through her eyes, and that’s cool.

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Fans are discussing if Camila is coming out b/c of the picture she posted or about her songs using she pronouns. I know we shouldn't label other people but I think Camila is someone who doesn't really care about labels. Yes she supports the LGBT community but she repeatedly said in some of her interviews that she just "loves love" or "love is love." In a way she's "free" but she must say something wanting a boy so gp think she's straight. What do you think?

i really dont mind her keeping her sexuality ambiguous. i love that she wrote songs with different pronouns. she doesn’t owe anybody any explanation but i feel like somehow she’s giving us a sense of who she is with her songs. expressing her reality through her art. that alone is good enough for me.


In response to this confession: { x }

In no way way am I out to attack this confession, but to anyone that thinks Minah has a bad attitude, I would love to show you how Daisies see Bang Minah. Minah is sensitive, especially when her fans are mentioned and holds them close to her heart. She is caring toward her sisters even though she is the second youngest. She’s an incredibly hard worker and never misses the chance to express how much she wants to show in her performances. The most admirable thing about Minah is her optimism. No matter how little she’s slept, how intense of a diet she has, how much she’s practiced, or how busy her schedule is, she is always smiling brightly. If you truly want to be apart of any fandom, start by seeing them through the eyes of their fans. ♥

Big thank you to minahsday for helping me!

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Elk posted a video with her hand visible to show the tattoo after the fans were saying it wasn't there. I can't with this desperation lol. Iiii love when the beards look at our reaction to go use immediately their sm to fix everything. God forbid people believed the tattoo of the true private love wasn't there. What a blasphemy. Everyone needs to know!!!1

lmao I told y'all she would do this 

“I don’t pay any attention to the fan thing, because I think it’s a very strange culture nowadays. People have always been fans of people, but I can’t relate to any of these girls or boys who scream. It’s idolizing someone you don’t know. None of these people know me.”

when normani compliments you she’s so honest and sincere that even you believe what she’s saying and that’s what really got me when i met her because it made me realise that i’ve hardly heard any fan stories about people meeting normani which makes me sad because goes to show that not enough attention and emphasis is placed on her she’s the most underrated member by far

“Sakura doesn’t really love Sasuke.”

This fierce, dedicated queen of everything states she loves (not past tense) Sasuke Uchiha with all of her heart (ON MULTIPLE OCCASIONS) and there are people STILL saying she doesn’t love him.

We have main characters, side characters, one chapter characters saying this girl loves Sasuke and yet, there ARE STILL PEOPLE DENYING THIS.

This isn’t even a case of not liking/not shipping SasuSaku, this is a case of outright denial. This is a case of being incredibly biased and ignoring actual manga facts.

And yes, it is FACT that Sakura loves Sasuke.

You know what isn’t a fact? Sakura being in love with Naruto.

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Lmao @ the people calling you misogynistic that's exactly what Taylor swifts white feminist ass would say, disliking somethings because of their overall actions has nothing to do with misogyny. And being a 1d fan doesn't root the dislike for her. She's an overall shitty person and once you pop your head out of her flat ass and realize it then your life will be better. Grow up and stop claiming misogyny for not liking your fucked up fav.

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idk if you've ever watched buffy and the ep where everyone in sunnydale loses their voice and they have to like communicate their words/feelings without speaking - but maybe an alien makes everyone unable to speak and maggie realizes just how much alex feels about her when she's doesn't say a word but its still not enough for her to make the leap to break up with her gf (yet)

read on ao3.

Maggie’s never been a fan of silent movies.

Her mom loved them. In fact, one of her first real memories of her mother is watching a silent movie with her. She was on her lap, her mother braiding her hair, and she told Maggie, “Pay attention, mija. You can learn everything from body language.”

And well, it was mostly true. As a detective, Maggie learned people through body language. She learned people’s tells, which surprisingly still didn’t give her an advantage at the precinct poker nights, and how to pick a liar out of a lineup. It was all body language.

But still, she found she didn’t learn anything from silence. After years as a cop, and a few as a detective, Maggie’s learned that while body language did a lot, language did a lot more.

She’s in an expert in tone. She knows how to listen. She can read a lie told verbally than one given away by shaking hands or twitching of the nose.

Maggie likes words. It’s as simple as that.

So when an alien pressed the mute button on National City, it’s pretty safe to say that Maggie wasn’t happy.

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“Kubo Tite makes Ichigo and Rukia so very far from each other”

>How unfortunate that even when two people are physically far away from each other, their hearts remain close to each other. It’s a stark contrast to another girl who, despite being physically close to Ichigo for all of 17 months, could not reach his heart no matter how hard she tries. (-̩__-̩)

“Ichigo and Rukia would confess their love to each other”


Did Isshin and Masaki confess??

Did Katagiri even directly confess to Ryuuken? I remember people posting a page from the flashback where Katagiri said, “If you are sad… I will also be so sad..” or something like that. And Ryuuken understood it instantly. I think that counted as a confession. If that is so, hasn’t Failhime expressed her love multiple times already?

“I..I want to be with Kurosaki-kun! I’m not hungry!!(*´▽`*)”

“I..I’m so happy that Kurosaki-kun is okay… (-̩__-̩)”

“Please don’t get hurt anymore (-̩__-̩)”

“Kurosaki-kun let me heal your wounds! (-̩__-̩)”

“Kurosaki-kun your hair is so long! (-̩__-̩)”

“I’m so nervous because this is your room, Kurosaki-kun! ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ”

“(≧∇≦)/ (≧∇≦)/ Kurosaki-kun will you go to Sado-kun’s house (≧∇≦) with me (≧∇≦)/ (≧∇≦)/ (≧∇≦)/”

Honestly. Ichigo doesn’t know? HE DOESN’T KNOW? He understood the meaning of a kiss and you said he doesn’t know?!


GEEZUS. And you people say we IR fans are brutal.

Wait wait, I think what you really believe is that Ichigo would be the one who confesses his undying love, amirite.

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When you truly love someone, you are so defensive of that person, that just hearing someone talk bad about them makes your heart sink. Now, put yourself in Taylor's shoes and imagine the hurt she feels when her own fans sometimes bash the guy she loves. It doesn't matter if she's rich and famous, words are always going to hurt in some way, and so I can see why she wouldn't want to get on tumblr and see the crap some people spout.

knowing that saying anything would only make things so much worse must be absolute hell.

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Alycia love Lexa, but she does love Clexa .

uhhh, duh. I’m sorry, is this even a question up for debate? I think she is uncomfortable with the fan art and things creeps on twitter say, but she loves the relationship and the dynamic. I think it might be overwhelming for her and she isn’t has open and talking about Clexa as much as Eliza. But, this is partly because Eliza has more opportunities to talk about the relationship. Alycia hasn’t really been asked about Clexa but rather her character. Alycia loves Lexa, Clexa and Eliza.