and people say la fans are bad


In Mexican lucha libre — professional wrestling known for its masked fighters and cartoonish style — the bad guys rule. They’re known simply as rudos.

“Mexican lucha libre is for rudos. We welcome any rudo who wants to come in here and be badder than the others,” says Marco Espinosa, a fan, from beneath his souvenir lucha libre mask.

So it made sense for Sam Polinsky, a 27-year-old wrestler from Pittsburgh, to try his luck south of the border. He came to Mexico about nine months ago and branded himself as Sam Adonis, “El Rudo de las Chicas” or the “Ladies’ Bad Guy.”

When Donald Trump won the presidency after a campaign that regularly scapegoated and insulted the Mexican people, Polinsky saw an opportunity to turn up the heat on his bad-guy character.

“I had a perfect idea: Why not come to the arena with [an American] flag, but I’m gonna take this to a whole other level,” he says, unfurling a flag and grinning. “I have a 4-ft. flag with the face of Donald Trump on it.”

With this prop, he became the surrogate of Donald Trump in Mexican lucha libre.

In Mexico, The Crowd Loves To Hate Pro Wrestler Who Plays Trump Supporter

Photos: James Fredrick for NPR

I know it’s not a super big deal but I saw some people trying to say these were pics of Kaistal and some trying to disprove it. I don’t like lies or drama about Jongin no matter how big or small so I’m just going to set it straight.

I don’t know who the girl in the bottom left is and kinda feel bad for reposting it, but the girl in the top left and right side is a fan who took a picture with him while he was in LA back in May 2015. Some may remember fans making a big deal about him being upset at the airport because it was supposed to be a vacation with his family, and their were alot of rude fans at the airport when he shouldn’t have even known he was there. Jongin is very private especially when it comes to his family and the only reason people knew was because of sasaengs thats why he was upset, NOT because he was trying to hide something. But these are some of the pics he personally agreed to at the time because fans who were polite asked him for a selca. [read their comments] One of the fans mentioned he couldn’t understand her English at all and she had to ask him in Korean. (Another reason he may have came off as “rude” to the international fans at the time.) Here are some others along with the original in the first pic.

i’m not particullary into discourse or wathever but i’ve been wondering if there is a proper word in english for “bien-pensance” i translate it “right thinking” or “narrow-mind” it’s actually word used in politic to discribe conformist ideas in a pejorative way, for example in politic, the far right would say that accepting refugies in a country is just right thinking for this or that reason. and, this previous example aside, i was thinking that the behavior of antis were very close to what i call “bien-pensance” like people can’t make or appreciate controversial stories because they’re bad and because it’s offensing, and they’ll use the fact the work is talking about something not right and also use their personal experience to justify their argument. the contrary of the right thinking is the “délit de la pensée" or “thoughcrime” in english, and i guess it’s a word used by george orwell. so yeah, for me the “bien pensance” is just a way to prohibit ideas because they’re “too offensive” and i guess it’s what antis does by saying killing stalking is insulting and their fans, disgusting, they just can’t fit in another point of view and they’re just censoring way of thinking because they’re not right. and it’s the same kind of pattern we see in dystopian movies or books.

whether or not mark’s friends are bad people i’m not here to judge that so please don’t misunderstand, but i will say what they did during the concert in LA was very disrespectful and rude and mark definitely deserved better than that. the inappropriate and distasteful flashing, dumping water on fans, throwing light sticks, and causing a disturbance because they were so drunk. mark even had to apologize for their crazy behavior at the end of the concert. like how embarrassing. this was mark’s first time back in his hometown in a year and his group’s first concert, how could they do that to their own friend?

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HELP I need your help! Can you tell me something 'good' Harry has done the past few years? Like when he drove around LA giving pizza to homeless people. Some people are going to interview me about Harry and I would like to talk about how good a person he is Sorry for my bad english btw

Honestly the kid had been doing nothing but good things. Here is a tag.

And what did he get back? - respect to the exception -

He’d been constantly mobbed, touched, chased down on highways (and he begs them politely 1000 times to stop it, and eventually he follows their twitter and says sorry.), objectified by his fans. Interviewers had been touching him, flirted with him, treat him as trash who sleeps with everyone, call him eye candy, disrespect him in every other way, pushing their damn questions down his throat when he’s already visibly annoyed. His own fans ask to wash his hair, to cut it, not to wear his fedora, he’s been constantly used by everyone, had to do the walk of shame at AGE SEVENTEEN, and at least 3 times since then. Had been accused of breaking up marriages, had been linked to a woman who easily could’ve been his mother. Had been soloed out of One Direction although he constantly denied rumors of a solo career. He had had his fair share of fame, and I’m surprised the kid hasn’t snapped yet, because honestly, some cameras should have been broken and some hands could’ve been pushed away. 

His name had been dragged through the mud, and even in 2015 some people just cannot let the PR go and still use his name because everything sells better with the name Harry Styles. 

But he’s just the nicest person in this entire world and  it breaks my heart how people and his own fans treat him. My heart breaks for Louis for having to live through this and not being able to speak up and defend him, breaks for Anne and his family. Awful. 

He’s expected to be aware of the dictionary of slang, body language appropriate and not appropriate throughout the countries in the world, to be aware of every catastrophe and he dares tweeting about one of them his own fans ask him out what about the other 3523352 events happening in the world? 

How is this fair?

He even had his birthday guest book stolen.

I can’t with people. 

Here’s 5 pages of H being a great personHere’s H’s womanizer ways. LOL.

And of course I can’t find my tag when he visited that sick girl’s family during his own free time during WWA tour. If anyone can help with it.. that would be very useful..Article. Google search.


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AS IF Louis had waited SEVEN MONTHS to inform his…

what’s worst is that they did “know” that she was badly ill but still showed off at lax that they were going to the UK as if louis was giving them a free vacation or something but really they were seeing his dying mother

exactly !! also dont forget as*ley snapchatting money emoji while flying, their selfie to show off outfits taken in the airbnb thing they were staying, the selfies and the pictures with as*ley ‘’boyfriend’’, the snapchats of them singing in the streets like nothing happened, ALL THIS while this baby’s grandmother was dying……..i have no words honestly. i think the reason why byriani wasn’t snapchatting her way to london was because she was pretending to be there already and ashl*y only joined her later but too bad she kept posting stuff from LA on snapchat like 5 days before the flight so fans already knew she flied with ashl*y and stayed for two weeks only. Like the ENTIRE story of them not knowing until the last week of november is absolutely asburd and i can’t BELIEVE there’s supposed to be a PR or someone from louis’ team guiding these people and telling them what to say. i am honestly so mad and sad that these people are still associated with someone like Louis and his beautiful family that deserve nothing but RESPECT…. i just CAN’T honestly i truly hope this can end with this shitty year because they did nothing to deserve having to deal with these people on top of everything else.

When Benedict talks about his so-called private life, I hear the seeds of platitudes. His phrases are trite ramblings bereft of the import and candor that drew many to him. He has long sought approval, but it used to be more subtle. Now he’s desperate to make people believe and approve of what he says. He still has charisma and candor; you see it when he talks about anything else. 

That is one of the main reasons why he needs to switch the focus off his private life and back onto his work. Not only is it suspect to continuously talk about the same old events, but as he’s bad at selling his life Kardashian style, he needs to stick to his strengths. People were not impressed with Pissybatch in LA, and GrimReaperBatch isn’t winning new fans, either. He looks a bit better physically, but he’s going to need to make a full recovery and quit sounding dead. And as he’s not gotten much better in five months at talking about his so-called private life, he needs to ditch it for a shtick that works. 

[x] What’s that? Having people constantly insist you have a secret love life is frustrating and unpleasant to deal with? Having people make up stories about you and intrude into your private life is a bad thing? As a fan, seeing people insist on making up false stories about 1D is frustrating and something worth caring about?

I know Larries say they have no impact, they’re just fans, obviously something actually published in a newspaper is going to have more impact. But how many articles have been written about Larry and the phenomenon of Larries? How much have they pushed to bring attention to themselves, constantly? How much have they harassed people directly? I wouldn’t be surprised if more 1D fans believe in Larry than believe Harry’s a “womanizer.” Certainly I’d say it’s had more of an impact on their lives than any one article - they never go away, whereas regular rumors come and go.

I know they also say “well these stories are bad and there’s nothing wrong with Larry being real,” but they’re the ones who are most offended by Harry’s relationships. And they’re insisting Louis is pushing a doll around LA and introducing it to his little siblings… Plus they deny Harry and Louis their humanity, completely strip away their control over how they’re seen and their ability to define their ‘selves’ for their fans. They reject and suppress any sign of agency from Harry and Louis.

And yet they keep insisting that “if we were wrong, we just created a beautiful love story and blogged about something we love,” when actually they’ve created a false image of the boys that’s likely been more persistent and intrusive than any tabloid gossip.