and people on the street screamed when they saw it

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Match up plz? My name is Alex, I'm 5'5"-5'6", I'm scrawny, and I am made up of trash, problems, and excessive emotion! I love animals, video games(mostly horror and dating), art, singing, acting, FX makeup, flowers, and sharp objects. I'm terribly insecure, depressed, anxious, and angry most of the time. I feel lonely and often need reaffirmation to feel like the people I love don't hate me. My life isn't too great but i'm street smart and I'm in a gifted program, but I make the most of life!

woah i looked up fx makeup and that is hardcore

I ship you with Zen!


  • The first time Zen saw you in FX makeup, he was not okay for several days
  • He had just come home from work, and he was looking for you, and he found you in the bathroom, and it looked like your face was peeling off
  • He screamed
  • When you explained to him that it was just makeup, he was hella impressed
  • “Just… if you do anything else like that… please tell me ahead of time.”
  • Right but he will get jealous if he sees you playing dating games
  • So either make sure he doesn’t see you playing them, or be ready to repeatedly tell him that you love him more than the characters in your game
  • And dw about the need for reaffirmation, he’s basically telling you every five minutes that he loves you and that you’re perfect

Request: Can you please do a Josh dun imagine where he and Tyler are doing sound check for msg and y/n is just watching him in the empty pit and it’s really fluffy? And maybe he can be looking at you during the show and after you and him just cuddle and stuff while on the tour bus watching a movie with everyone. Thank you

Today was the day. You had been on the road with your boyfriend’s band for a few months and you finally made it to New York. It was your first time ever being in the city and all you wanted to do was wander around the streets with Josh. But for now you were just as content with watching the boys sound check for the show. Jenna had left you to explore the enormous venue, so you decided to watch them from the pit that, in a few short hours, would be packed full of screaming fans.

You were scrolling through Twitter as they ran through a few songs, smiling when you saw all of the supportive tweets from people waiting outside for tonight’s show. You were just as amazed as them at how far this band has come. You hadn’t been with them for the entire journey, only having met Josh at one of their smaller gigs during the Vessel era, but you watched them grow into what they were today. And to say you were proud would be an understatement.

You decided to respond to a few tweets that you had been mentioned in, sharing your thoughts on how the night was going to go. As you typed away, Josh quietly made his way off the stage and over to where you were sitting.

“What’re you up to?” His sudden appearance made you jump and you looked up at him.

“Just talking to some fans. Sound check sounded good,” you said.

“Thanks, babe. What are the fans saying?” He sat down behind you and placed one leg on either side of your body before resting his chin on your shoulder.

“They’re just really proud of you guys. A few of them asked me some questions about tour life and such,” you finished the tweet you were in the middle of when Josh came over and posted it.

“Can I see your phone?” He asked.

“Why?” You questioned, suspicious of his motives.

“I just want to see what you’ve been tweeting about me,” he laughed. You rolled your eyes but handed your phone over to him. He laid down on his back with you still in between his legs. You started to pick at the skin around your fingernails now that your only form of entertainment had been taken from you.

Every so often Josh would laugh softly followed by him tapping furiously on the screen.

“Are you tweeting from my account?”

Instead of an answer Josh quickly stood up and ran away towards backstage. You groaned, but sprinted after him in hopes to minimize the damage he was creating.

“Joshua William Dun you better give my phone back right now!” You shouted as he darted into the dressing room. You followed after him and found him in the corner of the room, already holding your phone above his head, far out of reach from your grasp. “Come on, Josh. Give it back.” You tried reaching for your phone, but there was no hope in fighting him for it.

“Not until you say I’m the best boyfriend in the universe.”

“Seriously Josh?” you whined.

“Yes, seriously! Say it!”

“Fine,” you huffed. “You’re the best boyfriend in the universe.” Those words made Josh’s grin grow wider and he handed you the phone.

“Thanks, babe,” he said, leaving a kiss on your cheek and walking back out towards the stage. All you could think was how on earth did I start dating a 5 year old?

♠️♠️ During the Show ♠️♠️

The show was going fantastic. You could tell Tyler and Josh were soaking in the energy the crowd was giving off. It seemed like everything was louder and more vibrant tonight. Tyler was jumping higher, Josh was hitting his drums harder, everything seemed perfect. You were standing backstage with Jenna like always, but tonight you two let loose and danced around to the songs.

Josh glanced over at the two of you in the middle of Lane Boy and couldn’t contain his laughter when he noticed your dance moves. You stuck your tongue out at him and continued to make a fool of yourself. After the song ended, Josh motioned for Tyler to come over and whispered something in his ear. Tyler’s eyes flicked over to where you two were and he nodded his head before continuing on with the concert.

During the next song, both of the boys would look over to you and Jenna and try to hold back laughter. You picked up on this and turned it into a game of who you could make laugh more. Unfortunately, Tyler grew tired of the two of you breaking his concentration.

“So, as many of you know, Josh and I got to bring along the loves of our lives with us on tour,” Tyler said after the song finished. This was met with a loud cheer from the audience, and caused you and Jenna to completely freeze in fear of what was about to happen. “These two wonderful ladies have been showcasing their amazing dance skills backstage, and I think it’s a little unfair that you all can’t see them.”

Your face had already turned completely red and you tried to escape before Tyler could call you on stage. But the crew had already caught onto what was happening and pushed you closer to where Tyler was standing. Jenna grasped your hand and started to drag you on stage, obviously more confident than you were.

“There they are!” Tyler cheered, and just as quickly as Jenna had grabbed your hand, she was gone again, hugging her husband. Josh left his spot behind his drums and wrapped his arms around you.

“You totally deserve this,” he said, laughing slightly. You gave him the best death glare you could muster up since he knew you hated being in the spotlight.

“Now since you two want to dance so badly, why don’t you go down and join the rest of the crowd?” Tyler’s voice boomed over the sound system. The fans cheered again and Jenna gave a shrug before dropping down in front of the stage. Josh left a kiss on your cheek before nudging you towards the pit. You jumped down with the help of the security guards and stood in front of the barricade while the concert resumed.

The fans were thrilled that you two were now standing with them, and you ended up taking pictures with a lot of them. After a while though, you continued your embarrassing dance party, this time in front of everybody. You knew there were videos being taken of you two, but it didn’t matter anymore. The only thing you could focus on is Josh’s smiling face as he watched you from his seat on stage.

♠️♠️After the Concert♠️♠️

“I cannot believe you made us come on stage! You’re such a dork!” You playfully slapped Tyler’s arm. All of you were finally back on the bus, trying to unwind from the concert.

“That’s what you get for trying to distract us from the biggest show of our lives,” Tyler countered.

“If it’s any consolation, I loved your dance moves,” Josh said. You rolled your eyes and relaxed back against him. The four of you were all sitting in the couch in the back area, cuddled up against your respective partners.

“Do you guys want to watch a movie or something?” you asked.

“Sure, it’s my turn to choose too,” Josh said excitedly. He slid out from behind you and started flipping through the DVD collection that they had brought on tour. “We’ve watched like all of these,” he complained.

“We have Netflix too,” you reminded him. Josh’s face lit up and he quickly turned on the TV and started up Netflix. He started scrolling through the lists before he landed on a familiar title. “Oh no. Come on Josh we’ve seen this a thousand times!”

“Hey, we’ve only seen it three times,” he said clicking on Stranger Things. “Plus you’re always talking about how amazing this show is.” Josh reclaimed his spot next to you and you cuddled back against him. His arm wrapped around you and pulled you closer before he threw a blanket around the two of you.

“You’re lucky you’re cute,” you whispered as the boys on the screen played D&D.

“Love you,” he answered back. You could tell all of his attention was already pulled into the show. No matter how many times you watch this with him, he’s always completely invested in it.

“Love you too,” you answered, knowing that you would soon fall asleep.

And sure enough the combination of Josh’s faint heartbeat and steady breathing lulled you to sleep. After a while Josh could hear a few light snores coming from the girl curled up against him, and all he could do was smile. Because damn was he lucky to have you.

Things I Have Experienced While Playing Pokemon GO

-A guy in a suit on the phone to his boss saying the reason why he was late to the call because “There was a Jynx and it kept escaping”

- Two old guys who had never played a Pokemon game before excitedly talking about the pokemon they caught and where some swarms and flocks are

- A little old lady down the street giving out water to passing trainers

- A huge mob screaming “CHARIZAAAAAARD” and running around the Sydney Opera House

-Hundreds of people swarmed on one hill where the Charizard was found

-Screams of Joy and Anguish coming from people who caught or lost the Charizard

-Hundreds of folks walking around with their phones attached to portable chargers

- Two young kids coming me and sharing information when they saw I had my phone out

Pokemon GO is a magical experience

You knew it was gonna happen. As soon as we got the shot of Lexa waking up from a nightmare, I just couldn’t resist…. @killthegiant feel free to make it worse

It’s the middle of the night when Lexa opens her eyes, and she immediately realizes that there is something wrong. It’s nowhere near dawn yet, it should be all dark and quiet, instead there is a glowing light coming from her window, and muffled sounds she can’t identify. She gets up from the bed and slowly makes her way to her window. When she looks outside, her mouth falls open. Polis is burning. The light she saw when she woke up is the fire flaring everywhere, the sounds she heard are the screams of her people being slaughtered in the streets. She is frozen with shock and dread, watching the city and the people she vowed to protect dying before her eyes, when suddenly she hears something else, something much more terrifying than a scream. A chant, repeated over and over again.

“Nou Heda noumou.” Commander no longer… 

Dread in her heart, she cautiously walks away from her window, opens the door and exits her room. Her two guards are there as usual. Except that there is nothing usual about it. Nothing normal in the way their empty vitreous eyes stare up at her from the ground, dead. Lexa walks past them and slowly moves down the hallway. The chanting resonates in her ears, louder and louder as she approaches the throne room. Then she arrives in front of the closed doors, and before realizing what she’s doing she walks inside. The sight is nothing short of horrifying. The Nightbloods–her Nightbloods–are there. Their tiny bodies sagged on the floor, their blood spilling everywhere on the cold marble. Aden’s blonde hair now black with the blood from a head injury Lexa can’t see. Her eyes fill with tears as she walks among the bodies of the dead children she watched grow up, the children she took care of and learned to love. Innocent…. She’s in the middle of the room when she finally looks up. Titus lies bleeding and cold at the bottom of the stairs that lead to her throne, his face still contorted in an expression of pain. Whether physical or emotional-for failing to protect the children–Lexa doesn’t know. And then Lexa sees her. Sitting on Heda’s throne, on her throne. Ontari. The Natblida from the Ice Nation. Covered in the blood of her novitiates, smiling proudly, a hand caressing the wooden armrest of the throne, as if it was her right to sit there. All around her stand the twelve Ambassadors, relentless in their chanting. ”Nou Heda noumou.

Lexa wants to kill all of them, wants to rip them apart with her bare hands, but she can’t move. Her muscles don’t work, she is frozen there on spot. Then Ontari’s smile widens and she just says “For you…”

Lexa’s legs move on their own accord, she has no power over them, and they make her turn around. And when she sees her, Lexa’s heart stops in her chest. Clarke. Kneeling in front of her, held down by an Azgeda warrior. Lexa wants to run to her, wants to free her and take her away from this horror, but she can’t move once again. She can’t even beg for Clarke’s life, her voice is gone. Her petrified body is shaken by tremors when she sees another warrior drawing his sword and resting the blade on Clarke’s neck. Ontari’s words reach her ears and hurt more than a death by a thousand cuts.

“This time you get to watch…”

Anguish and despair gnaw at her as the warrior lifts his sword. Lexa wants to move, to shield Clarke, but she can’t. She wants to scream, to tell them to take her head and not Clarke’s, but she can’t. She wants to cry and tell Clarke how much she loves her, but she can’t. She desperately keeps trying to fight the invisible force holding her still, when suddenly Clarke looks up at her. She stares at her with a look of utter betrayal in her misty eyes and then, with a broken voice, she shatters Lexa’s heart forever.

“Why didn’t you save me?”

Lexa’s face twists with a silent scream as the sword cuts Clarke’s down.

And that’s when Lexa finally wakes up, her heart in her throat. A concerned Clarke looking at her, asking her what’s wrong. Alive. Yes… it was only a nightmare.


There was a huge pokemon event in my city tonight with several thousand people walling around and lures as far as the eye can see. I cosplayed vaporeon for mystic (people were wearing team colors and glow Sticks).

My favorite part of the night was when a group of 50 or so people in yellow stormed past screaming “we’re taking the bridge for instinct!” Then they just stopped and whipped out their phones to take the blue bridge gym. Strangest gang I ever saw.

There was also tons of street musicians, vendors, even people selling pizza. The city was so alive!

The Deal 2: Hell on Earth (Chapter 22)

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No smut in this chapter!!! :) We’re getting really close to the end now too. After this chapter, there’s only 2 left. Enjoy while you can!!!


Vic’s POV:

It felt like my mind had left my body. I’ve heard about people seeing accidents happen in slow motion, but when I saw Kellin get hit by the car it happened so fast, but I registered every millisecond.

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