and people keep saying where they're from

I took a personal day from work today (I was crazy exhausted and kind of sick and slept for 15 hours last night) and I have to admit it was really nice to have an extra day away from my one co-worker who always makes fun of me for only reading old books and listening to old music. And today I spent the half-day I was awake reading a book from the 18th century, so THERE, co-worker! hmph!

(I mean I’m still not going to tell her that… if she knew the full extent of my anachronicity she’d never let me live it down, and it’s tiring enough having to tread the minefield of “avoiding pop culture” with her every day… she was like literally trying to harass me into watching the Super Bowl… and saying things like “I’m not interested in football” simply has no effect on her… sigh)