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#33 with SS!Zelink?

Ss zelink yessss

Link’s the sleepy head so I had to go with his pov again :P I hope you enjoy!


Lake Floria was exceptionally beautiful today. The way the sunlight reflected off the water’s surface, making it appear to be liquid diamond. It gave me the impression I might very well be dreaming. Maybe it’s the season, Lady Faron told me about that. I think she said summer was the best around here. The water was certainly perfect for swimming. However, the most exceptionally beautiful and perfect thing I could see, had to be Zelda.

Not a few hours ago I taught her how to swim, and she was already better than me! I don’t think I’d ever stop being impressed by her. My goddess incarnate. My very best friend. The woman I loved…

I went through hell and back for her. Fought the epitome of evil. Nearly died along the way many times. And I would do it all again. A thousand times over, if it would protect that smile on her face.

She rose from a dive. Her hair swirled around her in the water like liquid gold. Her lips barely parted to take in much needed air. There couldn’t possibly be a more heavenly sight. My beautiful, kind, fun loving, goddess.

I took the opportunity to dive under while she wasn’t looking at me. The water was crystal clear, of course making it perfect for finding Zelda. I swam below her, watching to see if she’d noticed. I could stay under for much longer than her with my gift from the goddess- her actually. She looked around, calling my name, and I struck. I twirled up just like the Zora’s taught me and launched above the water, effectively catching her by surprise and splashing her.

“Link! You almost gave me a heart attack!” She laughed, splashing me back. I laughed and held up my arms to defend against the attack.

“You’ve given me plenty over the years, figured it was time for a little pay back!” I retorted in mirth, back handing the water. She laughed as droplets collided with her face once more.

A war began. We were splashing, chasing, laughing. I wasn’t sure I’d had this much fun in my entire life. The surface was really an amazing place. I couldn’t wait to spend the rest of my life here, with Zelda. We waded together in the water to catch our breath. “Hey Zel?” I asked, “do you think everyone in skyloft will come down here with us eventually?” Thoughtfully, she looked to the sky.

“I hope so,” she turned to me, a mischievous smile playing her lips. “Although… I wouldn’t mind if we had the surface all to ourselves for a little while…” she swam towards me, eyes sparkling. What was she planning? Her hands ran up my bare chest. I shuddered under her touch. ‘Oh’ I thought ‘that’s what she’s planning’

“Zelda..?” She cupped my cheeks, looking into my eyes, and I was sure I would melt and become one with the lake. Her lips found mine, our eyes closed and our heads tilted in unison. My hands found her hips and I pulled her closer, until our bodies were flush against each other.

Then I woke up.
Of course it had to have been a dream, The only thing that remained so perfect in both slumber and reality was my dear Zelda. She lied in my arms, completely awake, playing with my hair as she did most mornings. “Feel like visiting lake Floria?”

Have you seen this photo?? Do the seem unhappy?? The only things I see are love, happiness and two beautiful people as much outside as they’re inside.

The things that happened in Paris this weekend were rude to say the least. People stalking them when they just want to enjoy is really idiotic. Thank you for this beautiful image you gave of French fans! Shame on you!! Most of us LOVE them, let them enjoy their holidays and respect their privacy.

As for Instagram, Esther doesn’t deserve all the hate she’s been victim of. This is really anormal that Matt has to delete pics of her because he was receiving too much bad comments. I mean, how can you send hate on a people that makes Matt HAPPY ? These two are nothing but sweethearts. Don’t spit out the hate on Esther, please.

Whether it pleases you or not, they’re happy and in love ❤️

Rod Serling during his final interview, March, 1975. Mr. Serling, of Twilight Zone fame, died on June 28, 1975.
  • Linda Brevelle: What do you like for people to say about your writing?
  • Rod Serling: Well, I guess I like for people to enjoy it.
  • Linda Brevelle: And what do you want them to say about the writer Rod Serling a hundred years from now?
  • Rod Serling: I don't care. I just want them to remember me a hundred years from now. I don't care that they're not able to quote any single line that I've written. But just that they can say, "Oh, he was a writer." That's sufficiently an honored position for me.
  • Linda Brevelle: Then that's what it all boils down to really?
  • Rod Serling: I guess we all have a little vaunting itch for immortality, I guess that must be it.
Sunday Night

I wont lie, I’m nervous about this. I just want to write stories and have people enjoy them, so here goes everything nothing I guess…

Resting his head on my shoulder, he whispers sweet nothings into my ear. He tells me all the ways in which he loves me. He tells me about the
habits he loves to hate, the way I absentmindedly tap my fingers against the table when I’m focused, how I knit my brows together as I read.
But then he shifts: starts telling me about his future; our future, the one with the house we’ll move into once school is far behind us. The house
with duck-egg-blue windowsills and clean white walls. The fridge covered in the polaroids I insist on taking, the ones he secretly loves.
He tells me about the children that will accompany us in this dream house; our children. Little copies of him an I. Now its my turn and I tell him that they’ll have his eyes, vibrant and strong in colour. They’ll have adopted his music taste as well, and I’ll adore the times he sings along with them to ACDC or Blink-182. They will sing the words so loud and so confidently, even though they won’t quite understand all the lyrics yet but their voices won’t falter.                       Now he makes a point to tell me all the ways in which they will remind him of me, he says they’ll have my smile, the one that imprints dimples on my cheeks. Apparently, they’ll have my laugh too, intense an infectious and he’ll love it all the same on them. He tells me he loves them already, despite the fact that they are ten years into the future, he says he loves them because they are the best parts of him, mixed with the best parts of me.

Someone told me to start out by writing about personal experiences. So here you go (hoping this doesn’t flop)  xoxo

this just in: slime, paint mixing videos and fidget spinners are cancelled for anyone who enjoys them but thinks that its weird/“inappropriate” when people stim by chewing, rocking back and forth, flapping their hands, or any other form of stimming that doesn’t fit their cute, satisfying aesthetic uwuwu

“I don’t like reading at all, but I love to write!”

My view on the “waiting for the McElroy culture to go sour thing” is that,,, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it? I feel like this is where the rift is going to split open, pitting “things inevitably go bad” against “I really just enjoy them, please let it alone” people

We’re making problems where there really aren’t any? I see people citing the fact we refer to them as “good sweet boys” which is literally just mimicking the way the guys talk, themselves. Ofc we’re not infantilizing them, we’re just enjoying their comforting humor, pls don’t make problems where there aren’t any

If you can’t distinguish fiction from reality or you think other people can’t then I’m sorry but this isn’t our problem. If you choose to be bitter about something other people don’t have a problem with, then go away. Turn off the internet.

In the spirit of Space Australia posts...

I like the idea of humans not being the only species with a need to unecessarily bond and form ‘packs’ and whatnot, or the only species to enjoy putting themselves in danger for the adrenaline rush, or the only species to recreationally poison themselves, or even the only species to have parties.

You know what I love, though?

Crowd psychology and the concept of group flow.

I love the idea that humans are the species that is in love with group flow. Sure, any alien can listen to music and enjoy it, maybe even go to concerts in large groups. But humans are the only non-telepathic species where going in a large group enhances the experience simply because you know that dozens or hundreds or even thousands of other people are all getting in the zone with you at the same time for the same reason. Any alien can go to a concert, but they marvel at the sight of hundreds of humans singing along to their favorite artist not because it makes the song objectively better, but because it enhances the experience.

I love the idea of aliens trying to figure out mob psychology, looking at sports fandoms and the riots that happen if a team fails to win a game, and asking themselves and other humans how it gets to that point. Because they can put the same human in front of the same game and get two entirely different results based on whether the human is alone or not. A lone human may break a bottle or curse, but they will likely not do more than that, unless they go online to rant. A human in a group that feels the same way can do much more damage.

I love the idea of aliens trying to figure out the aspect of performative grief for dead celebrities, not understanding that it is not only practice for when a death comes closer to home, but that it is a form of bonding, a call and an echo of “I feel this way too. This person mattered to me too,” across thousands or millions of people’s screens and faces and pens.

I love the idea of aliens taking a look at frat parties and nightclubs and karaoke and being so confused, because they can understand that intoxication might be fun, sometimes, or that singing or dancing with strangers can be fun, but the sheer chaos of an out-of-control college party is terrifying to them. There is nothing here that people will enjoy come the morning, but somehow that doesn’t matter, because in that moment, with those people, the humans are connecting as they sing their drunken songs or eat their terrible food or dance the night away. There is a sense of belonging even in this awful mess, for those who know how to find it.

I love the idea of aliens looking at conventions and wondering how it is that there is such a difference in a person wearing a costume in the privacy of their home and wearing it to a large con, how the endorphin levels soar even when the human is not receiving compliments, just because the convention is an echo chamber of “I love this show, this character, this franchise, this life.”

I love the idea of aliens coming to earth and understanding the meaning of bonds and enjoying music and knowing fiction and surviving our weather and planets and everything and still not being able to understand how a room full of strangers with no telepathy can feel so connected and in-tune simply by sharing an experience. The feelings aren’t always positive ones, but they are there, and there is a comfort in sharing them with endless people you’ve never met.

Anyway, that’s my contribution for Space Australia.

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Is Anxiety ok? He looked pretty down.

Yeah, it was a little bit of a realization that perhaps he might be the only facet of my personality that can let me down. As much as Anxiety tries to cover it up, there is the feeling of being the odd one out, and in this video, he also felt like he had made friends with Logan, but their exchange at the end made him feel otherwise. Anxiety does make me feel nervous about certain things I’m doing, if I’m doing them correctly, and if people will enjoy them, but there’s another layer to Anxiety that will definitely need to be explored and that will happen in a future video.


    if you play ANY sort of villainous character - from a pick-pocket to a full-scale serial killer - and i follow you, please know that i’ve come into this FULL WELL what i’m signing up for. i don’t expect you to soften your character for me, i’m not going to complain when they aren’t nice to my characters, and i honestly probably love watching them do what they do. not all characters are going to be the “good guys”, or the type of villain that can be redeemed. not everyone has a tragic backstory that makes them do the things they do - some people enjoy it, others just do it because they can, and for some it’s all they know. yes, there are villains with a soft spot or two - this doesn’t mean they need to change everything. our characters become friends/lovers even though my character is a “good guy”? you keep doin’ you. keep stealing those purses, killing those people, burning those villages to the ground. 

        tl;dr - I DIDN’T FOLLOW YOU BECAUSE I WANTED SOMETHING SOFT AND EASY - you keep bein’ a villain, babe, cause you’re  just as excellent as the heroes.

hey no offense but can we stop getting mad at people for not knowing every musical? i’ve seen a lot of posts lately targeting people who are only into the newer musicals or only know a couple and that should be allowed? like yeah there are a lot of amazing musicals that are a little more obscure and it would be great if more people discovered and loved them but at the same time musical theatre is really inaccessible and it takes a lot of energy to get to know a show, whether you have to figure out how to see it live or how to get a bootleg or download the cast album, and it’s a big time investment no matter what. not to mention the fact that people might like one musical for a specific reason that doesn’t apply to other musicals (like people might enjoy hamilton, but its style is really different from most of musical theatre). so let people enjoy the musicals they know and don’t attack them for not learning more.


Ben & Sophie high five each other & hold hands at Wimbledon final, July 10 2016