and people crying from laughter

As the former (and rumoured to be dead) King revealed himself in plain sight, Sloane could feel the ripple of all kinds of emotions through the crowd. However, she doubted that anyone’s delight matched hers. With much care, she untied the ribbon holding her mask up and a wide smile spread on her lips. While Sloane was usually much more subtle with her emotions that that, she couldn’t help it. Not that she was excited by his return specifically but she knew the kind of chaos and strife that would soon occur and she was literally bouncing on her toes. This was even better than The Pit. She picked up a glass of wine from a stunned servant and promenaded the room, looking for a good vantage point to watch the chaos unfold. She could hear people crying and she fought the delighted laughter that threatened to spill from her lips. “Oh, this is so good. God bless us all,” she said to herself.

Inspiration Post 6

So it has been a few weeks or a month or a couple months since I’ve posted a design inspiration post for you guys. It’s been pretty busy here in the world of Virtual Crasis with a handful of new clients I’ve recently started working with and trying to get my personal site up, I decided had to put these posts on the back burner for a bit. That being said I made a little time to get another one pushed out to you, hopefully it was worth the wait!

Olan Roger’s Soda Shop Short Documentary


Olan Roger’s a very hilarious Youtube personality, who has also become kind of a house hold name for my friends and family and a lot of other people I know, takes a break from making you cry tears of laughter and instead makes you cry from being inspired to be an entrepreneur. It’s about 15 minutes, make some time to watch it, and get motivated to do something that makes you happy!

Veronique Lafortune Branding


This branding work by Veronique Lafortune, is beautifully crafted, and put together as a portfolio piece on the abduzeedo site. I love everything about this work, from the font and color choices, to the photography and the way it is presented. I love how they made a gif for the “Le Café Oui-Mais-Non Villeray” everything is super clean and super creative. It’s a great example of how we should put our work together and it reminds me to make an effort on every part of a project and to be detailed and diligent with every part of whatever I am working on. Just a good job, well done.

Againts Typeface


So at first I thought this typeface was called “Against” however as I’ve looked at it, I realized it’s called the “Againts” typeface. After I googled it and had to change it so that it didn’t redirect it to “against”, I didn’t really find any definition of this term. Not sure if the creator meant for it to be “against” but worded it “againts” to be different or what, either way it’s a really sweet looking font, that’s worth checking out if you have the opportunity to do a project that may be a little more rebellious! You can download it at the bottom of the page in OTF, TTF formats.

Sonos Logo Design &


As the headline on “the verge” website states, “logo design pulses like a speaker when scrolled”. Which is cool by itself, but when you realize that Sonos is a company that creates audio products, like speakers, sound bars, phone docks and what have you, then you really appreciate the effectiveness of the design. I’m not quite sure they didn’t try to incorporate this new logo on to their actual website header ( ) but you can still see it on some of their products images. This design reminds me to really think about the client’s role to their customers while creating.

Inside Designers Bags Post from Hongkiat


This compilation of images of what designers carry around in their bags was very interesting and might help you remember why you liked design to start with, I know sometimes we get a little burnt out because of clients or “designers block”, but hopefully this sparks your passion again, just a little. You can be your own unique person and this article just shows that a little by comparing different designers and what they carry around within them and their bags.

“Indie Game The Movie” Documentary


There is so much I can say about this but I will try to keep it minimal. If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur like myself, especially one who is a creative or designer of some kind, this documentary will hit home with you. I related to the majority of the personalities in this documentary as they struggle to get their projects finished, to meet deadlines and to try and be perfectionists with a craft which they love. It really can be a love hate relationship sometimes, because we want everything to be right but we also have to deal with public demand or clients wanting things to be finished in a timely manner. If it wasn’t for trying to make an income on a regular basis I could probably spend an eternity on a single project, creating revisions and modifying my designs over and over again, never finishing, and always creating, this documentary sort of showcases that struggle, but it also inspires you to finish what you’ve started, so that you can justify all the time and effort that has gone into it. Check it out on Netflix, and I believe it may be on Amazon Instant Video as well.

Zelda Re-imagined by Joshua Nisley


This Zelda artwork was created by a friend of mine Joshua Nisley, he’s a very talented individual as you can see. I think the thing that stood out the most to me on these was the amount of detail and texture that you can find in each and every one. My personal favorite is the “Darknut” with the shield that is a face. That was just insane to me. You can follow him on Pinterest or Facebook to see more of his work and you can find some of his work being discussed on Youtube if you do a little search for him. His work here just inspires me again, to be meticulous and detailed in every piece of work I do.

Café Racer Typeface


This was just another sick looking font that I came across while browsing Behance. Check it out, I love the rebel feel that is has, similar to the Againts typeface I shared above. This one though is simpler, but would still be a great header font to use on a project. You can purchase it for $10 on the Creative Market here: Café Racer Typeface

Steam Punk Creatures


The work here really speaks for itself. I love steampunk and I love digital art, so this was awesome to me. Andrew Serkin, made these look like somehow they could exist and function and that is a seriously awesome job well done. My favorite is the spider at the top, but that’s just me, just the way it has the air vent on the top of the back of it sold me on it, such an awesome concept and even better work.

Clean Minimalist Portfolio Site


I found this on Pinterest, and all I know about the designer is his name is Xavier, however other than that I have no idea. If you see this somehow be sure to let me know! What I saw in this site design, is just how straight and to the point it is all the while still having his personal touch on it. For instance the word “skillz” with a z on the navigation. And just the fact that everything he needed to show for his portfolio and get across is here and there is no extra junk. It’s minimalist and it’s a great example of how to put together a simple portfolio site.

The Work of Marco Teixeira


I came across this when I was actually scrolling down my Facebook wall and saw his awesome rendition of Yoda as a young jedi. Then I dug a little deeper and found the video above. It reminded me of a darker, grittier matrix with Lord of the Rings and Starwars like beings. His art just really stood out to me so I wanted to share it with you guys. It is all really great stuff… minus the clown looking guy with a grenade for a nose, I hate clowns, but even that piece is very great work!

Nicholas Hiatt Digital Artwork


The first piece that stood out to me was his digital artwork of the looks to be a walking robot cannon that is surrounded by soldiers and a destroyed town of some kind. If you browse down through his work though he has a ton of awesome pieces, I don’t think I can discount any of the work he’s done on this page it’s just amazing. I really like his landscapes he’s created towards the bottom of the page, I love getting lost in those kind of pieces, I’m constantly making my desktop wallpaper some cosmic looking land or cityscape and these would be great ones to use for that, and just gaze into and zone out to while you imagine the people and cultures that exist in them.

Well that’s it for this inspiration post, keep the blog in mind though because my next post will be a tutorial on how to integrate your paypal account with your aweber account, so check back here in a couple weeks or so! Have a great week!

-Craig, Virtual Crasis