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BTS ask blog post!!

here’s a ginormous list of all the bts ask blogs i’ve encountered so far! there are blogs on here that deserve much more attention than they’re getting!!! so please give all of them a follow!!! <33 (they’re in no order whatsoever)

Kim Seokjin

@askjinharem | @ask-seokjinnie | @ask-summoner-jin | @ask-jinnie-hyung | @ask-jinluigi | @ask-jins-coffee | @ask-fox-seokjin | @ask-fairy-seokjin | @ask-princess-jin | @ask-artist-jin | @ask-owner-of-eatjin | @ask-jinnie-hyung | @ask-jinnie-boy | @ask-momma-jin | @askwitchjinnie | @ask-gryffindor-jin

Min Yoongi

@ask-yoongs | @ask-college-yoongi | @ask-fem-yoongi | @ask-sweater-yoongi | @ask-student-kumamon (sorry i didn’t have a category for you so i just put you here!) | @ask-mingenius | @ask-smolyoongi | @ask-fml-yoongi | @asktheminyoongi | @askyoongis | @modern-prince-yoongi | @ask-sociopath-yoongi | @ask-new-witch-yoongi | @ask-witch-yoongi | @askyoongi | @ask-slytherin-yoongi | @ask-agust-d | @ask-mintography | @musicmajoryoongi | @ask-minyoonji | @ask-hoodie-yoongi | @ask-deer-suga

Jung Hoseok

@ask-junghoseok | @ask-hoseokie | @ask-writer-hobi | @ask-hobii | @ask-sunshine-hoseok | @ask-hufflepuff-hobi | @ask-junghoseokie | @ask-witch-hoseok | @ask–hobi | @ask-cannibal-hoseok | @redstrings-and-hobbes | @ask-sweet-hobi

Kim Namjoon

@ask-joonie | @ask-kimarmy | @ask-student-joonie | @ask-witch-namjoon | @ask-kimdaily | @ask-namjoon | @ask-gryffindor-joonie

Park Jimin

@ask-flowerboymin | @ask-fem-mochi | @ask-wyrimen-jimin | @askthejiminharem | @ask-witch-jiminie | @ask-slytherinjimin | @ask-chimchim | @askjimin | @askjiminnie | @askballetdancerjimin

Kim Taehyung

@asktaethecollegekid | @posi-tae-vity | @asktaee | @ask-model-taetae | @ask-artist-taehyung | @ask-schariot-tae | @ask-hufflepuff-v | @ask-cottoncandy-tae | @ask-fanboy-tae | @ask-gangtae | @ask-taehyvng | @ask-actress-tae

Jeon Jungkook

@ask-college-jungkook | @askjeon | @ask-jeonjjk | @askbadlydrawnjungkook | @ask-jungcoco | @ask-jungcookie | @ask-fem-kookie | @ask-slytherin-jungkook | @askguk | @ask-bunny-jungkook | @ask-jungshook | @ask-college-jungkook | @ask-bunkook | @askcollegejeon | @ask-playboy-jungkook | @ask-witch-jungkook | @ask-dragon-kookie | @ask-the-jeon | @ask-jungkookie-things | @bulletproof-maknae


@ask-college-vmin | @ask-planet-flower-vmin | @ask–namkook | @asktheweirdtrio | @ask-college-2seok | @ask-hybrid-namseok | @ask-bts-rapline | @ask-college-taegi | @ask-jikookie | @ask-hobijoon | @ask-95z | @ask-95line | @ask-minjoon | @ask-vmin | @ask-business-jikook | @askjiminandkookie | @ask-vmin-blog | @ask-hybrid-roommate-taegi | @asknamjin


@ask-bangtansonyeondan | @ask-soulmate-bangtan | @bangtanhospitalau | @ask-killertan | @ask-bangtann | @ask-bangtancoven | @ask-dope-bts | @ask-overwatch-bts | @ask-nonbinary-bangtan | @askbongtan | @ask-highstreet-bts | @ask-abstract-bts | @askbangtandorks | @ask-bumtan | @askbangtansdamn | @ask-btsboys | @ask-bts-stuff | @ask-femtan | @askbongtan | @bulletproofwitchlings | @bangtanhostclub | @ask-fantasy-bts | @38cmlizard | @ask-magic-bts | @ask-bts-pls | @ask-souleater-bangtan | @ask-fab-bts | @ask-bathhouse-bts | @askbangtansound | @ask-iamb-bangtan

please send me an ask if i skipped you or a blog you know!!

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The masks we weave for ourselves. / / / The Blue Spirit + The Painted Lady.

Every couple of days I receive mail from anons asking me to further clarify on some points that I made in some of my previous posts, and for the most part, I have no problem going back to help you understand what I was trying to say.

But I realize that there is a threshold where no matter how hard I try to explain some topics, I will lose some of you along the way. The topic on formal/informal speech seems especially confusing to many of you and that’s fine, it’s perfectly understandable. But there isn’t much I can add to what I’ve already said, and if at this point you’re still lost then you’ll need to actually go out there and meet more Koreans and get first-hand experience on how relationships and the social hierarchy works. 

Which brings me to the next topic.

I also receive mail from anons who ask me why other Koreans act and think and behave in some way.

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Art thieves stealing from charity

It’s no secret that I hate art thieves, but if anyone thinks for a single second that they can STEAL from CHARITY for their own personal gain, then they are the lowest of the low. These are the people you’re stealing from. I honestly don’t know how anyone could be that selfish. If you see people stealing art (ever, but especially from a charity project), please, please call them out and inform the artist so they can file a copyright violation. We as a fandom are better than this kind of despicable behavior. We as human beings should be better.

As always, please don’t harass these people (though you can leave non-threatening messages asking them to stop and you can @ tag the artist on the repost so other people who see it know not to like it). 

And in case anyone is wondering if talking to these people (instead of reporting them) will help:

No one’s laughing, dude. Almost all of these have either no credit or intentionally misspelled credit (so that you can’t find the original artist). 

Links below for two different massive art thief accounts (some of you are tagged twice).

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anonymous asked:


have you ever walked so far that by the time you got where you were going, you wanted to stay there for as long as possible so you could avoid walking back?
have you ever been so exhausted that you didn’t have the energy to do what you had to do?
have you ever procrastinated until the stress nearly broke you?
have you ever made a mistake so big, you couldn’t take it back and you tried and you tried and you realized the more you tried, the more you struggled, the more you suffered, so you just let go, you just stopped in your tracks?

that’s what falling in love with someone all wrong for you feels like. it feels like walking too far down the wrong road and suddenly, you’re so tired and so far from home and the only two choices are to stay the night with someone who makes you feel safe or to crawl back alone.

—  stop asking people why they can’t just leave - you already know

I hate all kind of fandom drama and I feel truly sorry for the people whose ships didn’t become canon, but I will also defend Thomas Hamilton with my life and will literally punch the next person that says something bad about him.

And I didn’t mean biracial people can’t speak on their blackness or be the speaker for all black people when it’s necessary. I mean, when it comes to mainstream media, can white people stop asking the most lightest or half-white person to speak on blackness. Because it seems blackness is only “interesting” when it’s adorned in whiteness or biracialness. Blackness is often fetishized that way, and I hate it. It also gives off the dangerous notion that us visibly black folks, especially women, are already comfortable in our blackness, so there is no need to ask us what it’s like to black. It’s very harmful towards those who are brown and dark-skinned.

anonymous asked:

Some of these anons who left you messages are so dumb it hurts. They have no idea how fandoms work, where some people ship a person with literally everything and everyone. Shen can't do shit about people making up ship names or people who ship her with others. She can ask them to stop but in all honesty, this is the internet, so they will ship her with whoever they want anyway. It's not something she has control over.

I mean, that’s true, but from what you can see is a lot of people doing the Oaselk thing (aka muselk x oasis when both are already in a relationship) people are blind and ignorant. They don’t care about you, only their own liking.

Even though we should all stick to “shipping applies to fictional characters, it really shouldn’t with real people” but you know  

I have this dream where I am not afraid to hold your hand in Texas. This dream where I don’t have a visceral reaction to seeing gay pride flags. This dream where I can invite you home for Christmas dinner and my mother is so kind to you. And she asks where you went to school and she doesn’t choke on your gender identity and she pulls me aside later to tell me how sweet you are. I have this dream where people on the internet stop changing the pronouns in my poetry. I have this dream where I know exactly what to say when my southern baptist relatives ask if I’m dating someone. I have this dream where I don’t have to keep coming out over and over. Where people don’t think my sexuality is a phase unless I can produce a girlfriend on command. Where people stop asking me who fucks better: men or women. Like those are the only options. Like the answer wouldn’t be a gross generalization. I have this dream where people aren’t always waiting to say, “maybe you haven’t found the right guy.” Where I don’t imagine them jumping out from behind doors and bushes and shower curtains to say, “I hope you get over this in time to have children of your own.” Where my friends don’t say “faggot” in front of me and then apologize. Where I don’t say, “it’s okay.” Where we don’t repeat this until it’s stuck under my skin. I have this dream where I can tell my parents that you and I are thinking about moving in together. I have this dream where all of my queer representation isn’t murdered on tv. I have this dream where my queer friends aren’t murdered on the news. I have this dream where I feel safe. In rural Kansas. At my grandparents’ house. In a gay bar. At Pride. I have this dream where I only write you love poems and none of them have to say, “I’m so glad we’re alive.”
—  QUEER GIRL OVERTURE by Trista Mateer

maple-maypole  asked:

Okay but, are you *seriously* bothered by fishmob? I don't want you to feel awkward or bad or just plain uncomfortable with any of this. You're amazing and sometimes jokes can get tiring (not for me ofc fishmob is hilarious but, yeah). I love your artwork btw! You're so good, and such an inspiration. Thanks.

oh haha not really, I’m not bothered by fishmob at all!! I just kinda have this pretty tight regulations around the idea of fishmob in my head (which doesnt apply to anyone but me anyway, I just like a bit of a guideline for my absurdism), a part of which is that any headcanons about fishmob is valid as long as its pushed far enough. I kinda try to make that as apparent as possible through my posts bc it is a bit irky to get //questions// (this is the keyword) about fishmob all the time when you can literally go to town with him with all of the consent I’m entitled to give. I am as serious as fishmob allows me to when I say I only know as much as any of you about him, so if you have a //question// about fishmob you probably already have the answer. just be as weird as possible and there you go.

and this becomes a rant I’m sorry that Im like this