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Five [Kakashi Fancomic, 38/?]

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so uh hey everyone this is my first follow forever and i decided in november that i wanted to do this on my birthday to celebrate but i dont really know what a follow forever is so if i do it wrong dont come after me please, anyways im sorry the banner is so bad i tried to make it pretty but i suck at this sort of stuff. i usually ramble a lot so apologies for this is so long lmao but i started this blog in october and ive met so many nice people who i have so much fun talking to and honestly youre all too cool to be following me lmao but ive never had a better time running a blog like ugh you guys make my day complete i love you all and please if you ever want to talk to me just pop me a message, im bad with words sorry but i hope you get the gist 

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2018 is the year when we don’t undervalue creative work and content creators just because ‘it’s fun not work’

Welllll… after a brief break from tumblr, I feel like I’m capable of social interaction again- hello again you positively magnificently puzzlingly frustrating blue app from hell… I’m back!

madiesunny  asked:

Spreading some real positivity! I really hope you have a wonderful day my friend. Sending a virtual hug, to show that I love and support you :)

Hugs all around! I hope you have a wonderful day as well and I’m sending you some of that PMA right back atcha!

alright, so as some of you already know, things are pretty rough in my personal life right now. to put it in a vague nutshell, i was forced to take time away for health reasons and am now struggling with basic things like food or paying rent. this has been a pretty difficult month and i HATE struggling in this way and having no other options. i’ve gone through a lot of avenues and have so far been unsuccessful. so, i’ve decided that maybe, just MAYBE, you guys will need some rp graphics, or any kind of graphics in general! i have a list for my commissions HERE if you’d be willing to take a look. that is greatly appreciated. i have also done graphics and css/html coding for a variety of blogs and even tumblr roleplays so i can and would be willing to lend a hand in anything and everything. my commission page will only have the things i normally work on but if you have a specific request or want something not on that list, just message me and i am sure we can come up with something. if you don’t need anything or make your own graphics, a nice reblog would be helpful as well. thank you so much and i sincerely appreciate it all, thank you again.

HEY SO I’M LISTENING TO THE LAND OF ALL BY WOODKID AGAIN AND IT JUST HIT ME SO HARD THAT this is a ritshou song from shou’s perspective and the lyrics in that light are. actually makin g  me cry,,

esp the part thats like
“i miss the friends i had to leave behind, my dad saying ‘im proud of you son’, it makes me want to go home”

🌸 rules: put your playlist on shuffle and list the first 10 songs + tag 10 people💿 !

-i was tagged by @iluvmino, tysm for tagging me love!

❤︎ : favs I recommend

  1. bboom bboom - momoland ❤︎
  2. boy - the boyz
  3. 1 night - mura masa❤︎
  4. love & live - loona 1/3
  5. see u never - niki
  6. instagram - dean
  7. canvas - 4minute ❤︎
  8. baby don’t like it - nct 127❤︎
  9. timid - jeebanoff❤︎
  10. i just - red velvet

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could you like or reblog this if you’re okay with late replies to roleplay threads / asks / etc.?

by late, it means anywhere between 1 day to 1 year. because i know some people prefer writing and replying on the spot, but i’m also sure lots of peeps struggle with that for various reasons, and threads get dropped because their partner has long lost interest or something, which can be very discouraging. so i hope we can all be understanding here!