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20 Questions
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name | jude

nicknames | jb, jules, davey, damme/aggy

zodiac sign | leo-virgo

height | 5′8.5

orientation | poly pan ace

nationality | american

favorite fruit | oranges?

favorite season | summer

favorite book | hitchhikers guide

favorite flower | peony

favorite scent | friend

favorite color | blue

favorite animal | duck

coffee, tea, or hot cocoa | hot cocao

average sleep hours | 3?

cat or dog person | both!

favorite fictional character | *sweats* ,,  Neil deGrasse Tyson

number of blankets you sleep with | 3

dream trip | friends

blog created | 2013??????????

number of followers | 536 (+ 102)

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Language of Flowers
All of these were posted separately throughout this year before summer, but I kind of wanted to have them altogether in one post, sorry to those who already seen them! :) These illustrations were part of my bachelor’s project. In place of my signature was the project’s logo, typography was slightly different in spacing in presented pieces.

Individual posts: