and pelvis thrust

Mewtwo sprite rating

green - his head is so large but he’s got a good battle stance, his tail is a tad bit too small and akin to a limp noodle 5/10

red/blue - he looks like he’s doing shia labeouf’s “JUST DO IT”. thanks to this mewtwo I am ready for all of life’s challenges 9/10

Yellow - a proud boy, thrusting his pelvis forward for all to see, his tail is very high quality and good as well! 10/10

Gold - very good color and shading, he’s a bit plump but that is ok!! 8/10

Silver - the colors are a bit muted, but I like this one because he looks like he’s plotting something, mischievous as fuck I like it >:3c/10

Crystal - Look at this glorious glowing boy!! Magic Man!!!!! 10/10

Ruby/Sapphire/FR/LG - very determined mewtwo here, he points forward like jotaro kujo. yare/10

Emerald - he shrinks and expands? It looks interesting but the sprite animation is a bit strange 7/10

Diamond/Pearl/Platinum - this boy is aware of his surroundings, and he’s got a top notch tail to boot! 9/10

Heart Gold/Soul Silver - now, here he is! my favorite sprite of him!! he’s doin’ a wicked cool pose plus the colors are fantastic and pleasing to the eye! perfect/10

Black/White - i was always a little bit disappointed that they didn’t animate his heart gold/soul silver sprite, and honestly his animations don’t really fit with him too much, he just sorta bounces ya know? 6/10

X/Y - Now, color wise I do not like this mewtwo very much, way too muted, I prefer the deep purples from generations 5 and 4, but the true beauty comes from him being viewed from the back

look at how LONG that tail is!!! It’s tremendous, the tail I’ve been searching for this whole time! 11/10


Every magician inherits some family artefact. Baz has a wand, like me; all the Pitches are wandworkers. But Penny has a ring. And Gareth has a belt buckle. (It’s really inconvenient—he has to thrust his pelvis forward whenever he wants to cast a spell. He seems to think it’s cheeky, but no one else does.)

anonymous asked:

Maybe the other anon was refering to the moment in one of the concerts where Cnu took of his jacket and started doing some kinda sexy movements? (If it's that I totally get you dear anon)

ahh you think? I guess that didn’t stand out to me in the context of anon asking if he was okay or it being out of place since… well CNU does that from time to time lol. It’s like he gets a sudden urge to just thrust his pelvis in everyone’s face and simultaneously kill us and make us rise from the dead. I love it.

Well if that’s what you were talking about other anon, then yes he is ok, he just has his need to unleash himself every now and then~ 😜


The Nazi SS belt buckle gun,

One of the most unusual weapons of World War II, these belt pistols were produced in limited numbers by Louis Marquis, who designed the weapon while a POW during World War I.  The strange pistol was disguised as a common belt buckle with the Nazi Eagle emblem.  Activation of a spring loaded mechanism reveals a four barreled secret pistol, chambered in either .32 acp or .22 long rifle.  Four triggers were located off to the side, which fired each barrel independently.  Less than ten of these pistols have been authenticated, and they were issued to high ranking officers within the SS organization.  The purpose of the pistol was to serve as a secret weapon which captured SS officers could use as an escape weapon.  Of course the practicality of such a device is questionable.  One could only imagine an escaping Nazi, thrusting his pelvis as the pistol went “pew, pew, pew, pew!”.

Age of Ultron was like really looking forward to a date only for them to drive by and throws eggs at your face before driving off laughing and Mad Max was the hot, really nice person that picked you up, wiped egg off your face and got you a bottle of water all the while pelvis thrusting in tight leather pants and playing a really cool riff on their two-necked guitar that spewed flames. 

“Today I was sitting in my car making a phone call. I noticed a man walking in front of my car, so I glanced up. As soon as we made eye contact, he turned to me and started thrusting his pelvis in my direction and circling around his groin with his pointer finger. I immediately looked away as soon as I realized what he was doing. He continued for a little while longer, and upon seeing that I wasn’t responding, he yelled, “Fine! Keep your dirty pussy away from me!” and walked away. I felt so gross and embarrassed. I was wearing a long sleeved shirt and a scarf, which are the only things he could see from where I sat in my car. Unbelievable.”

Submission from swanrachelle

“But What Was She Wearing?” is a project documenting what street and sexual harassment actually looks like. Submit your own!

So I see comments on YouTube , about Hyuna new video , you have those calling her a slut and some saying it’s her company forcing her to be that way. Havnt you guys ever thought that it was somethubg she likes to do thou. I know this is a YG confession blog but this goes for all female idols in the industry , but CL and Hyuna both get flack for being over sexualized. Then you have ppl hating on Minzy for twerking yet your precious oppa can sit here and do pelvis thrust grab his junk right in front of your face and omg he is so hot???


I’m one of those fans that find when male idols do those such things to be hot and manly what not , but when females do it also find it to be hot. CL, Hyuna , Minzy can do the slightest sexual move and you guys flip. Also to the double standards between certain female idols as well. Just because so and so is not your fave doesn’t mean you have to call degrading names when your fave does the same thing. Your no better then ones calling your fave the same. Watch who your pointing fingers at cause you have three pointing right back at you.