and pelvis thrust

Times Like This

Author: ceruleanbucky

Word count: 1079

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: unprotected sex (wrap it in latex or she’s stealing your paychecks), oral (female receiving), language, some fluff at the very end.

Summary: guys this has absolutely no plot like it is pure sin. It’s also in Bucky’s POV, and I’m planning on doing it in the reader’s POV as well, as a sequel of sorts. But, can I get a hell yeah for the smut?

Bucky loved times like this. The feeling of your soft skin on his fingertips, and your hands running through his hair. He absolutely couldn’t get enough of you.

His favourite though, was the sounds you make when you two are together. The soft gasps and breathy moans, eventually growing in volume as he works you towards your peak.

Right now, his head was buried in between your thighs. He was still teasing you; kissing your thighs and hips. He planned on doing this for quite some time, until you were begging. However, that changed when you felt his breath on your core, and a gasp of his name fell through your lips.

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Charisma’s double-standard

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how the mechanics & expectations work for charisma-based characters is a lot different than for combat-oriented characters.

If we treated combat abilities the way we treated social interaction, then we’d see something like this:

  • Fighter: “I stab the guy through the chest, all the way to the hilt, with my blade sticking out of his back and blood pours out of him..
  • GM: "Okay, roll for damage.”
  • Fighter: “….. I got a 2.”
  • <GM & Fighter look at each other and try to explain how the enemy has a sword sticking through him, but only took 2 points of damage.>

Of course, the solution is that combat characters roll their dice first and then, based on the result, describe what they did to achieve that result.  But with charisma-based characters we do things like

  • Bard: “I raise my eyebrow at the bar wench, lick my lips, and then thrust my pelvis at her suggestively.”
  • GM: “Okay, roll seduction.”
  • Bard: “Nat 20!”
  • GM: “Great, you found the 1 creature in the entire universe that is actually receptive to that pervy come-on.”

I guess, what I’m getting at is, should we (as GMs) potentially alter what charisma-based player characters do, so that it is actually consistent with their rolls?

Or are we honor-bound to allow their actions to have the desired effect, even if they make terrible, terrible decisions when interacting with others?

Mewtwo sprite rating

green - his head is so large but he’s got a good battle stance, his tail is a tad bit too small and akin to a limp noodle 5/10

red/blue - he looks like he’s doing shia labeouf’s “JUST DO IT”. thanks to this mewtwo I am ready for all of life’s challenges 9/10

Yellow - a proud boy, thrusting his pelvis forward for all to see, his tail is very high quality and good as well! 10/10

Gold - very good color and shading, he’s a bit plump but that is ok!! 8/10

Silver - the colors are a bit muted, but I like this one because he looks like he’s plotting something, mischievous as fuck I like it >:3c/10

Crystal - Look at this glorious glowing boy!! Magic Man!!!!! 10/10

Ruby/Sapphire/FR/LG - very determined mewtwo here, he points forward like jotaro kujo. yare/10

Emerald - he shrinks and expands? It looks interesting but the sprite animation is a bit strange 7/10

Diamond/Pearl/Platinum - this boy is aware of his surroundings, and he’s got a top notch tail to boot! 9/10

Heart Gold/Soul Silver - now, here he is! my favorite sprite of him!! he’s doin’ a wicked cool pose plus the colors are fantastic and pleasing to the eye! perfect/10

Black/White - i was always a little bit disappointed that they didn’t animate his heart gold/soul silver sprite, and honestly his animations don’t really fit with him too much, he just sorta bounces ya know? 6/10

X/Y - Now, color wise I do not like this mewtwo very much, way too muted, I prefer the deep purples from generations 5 and 4, but the true beauty comes from him being viewed from the back

look at how LONG that tail is!!! It’s tremendous, the tail I’ve been searching for this whole time! 11/10

It’s Not Him

A/N: I’m back from a writing hiatus as you’ve probably noticed, so here’s some Sam Winchester smut.

Pairing: implied Dean Winchester x reader, Sam Winchester x reader 

Word Count: 3,120

Warnings: SMUT, SMUT, SMUT. Angst????

Originally posted by couplenotes

His lips on your neck only barely ignite the spark you’d feel if it were the man you’d imagined. Why you’d initiated this bar bathroom quickie was a mystery to you. No one was him. No one came close to being Dean Winchester.

What was this guy’s name? Henry? Harry? Hal? You can’t remember, and quite frankly, you don’t care. Quickies and one night stands only tide over the very strong need for Dean for a day. Is it even worth it?

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anonymous asked:

Could you do short scenario for Bakugou, Kirishima and Todoroki on having wet dream with their s/o.

You groan slightly as you feel something hard prodding against your ass. You open your eyes blearily as the object repeatedly ruts into your backside. Shifting in the arms that are around your waist, you hear a grunt come from Bakugou

“Ah, f-fuck, (Name),” he groans under his breath, “God dammit.”

You blush when you finally register what is happening. Your boyfriend tightens his grip on you, thrusting his pelvis and panting in your ear. You are about to turn and wake him when you feel a warm, sticky sensation at on your lower back. You blink. Did he just … ?

“Eh? What the hell, Katsuki?!”

“Huh,” his voice is thick with sleep, “What the fuck are you screaming about?”

“You just came all over my back! What the fuck!”

Bakugou blushes and sits up, “J-Just shut the fuck up, (Name)!”

He climbs out of bed, trying to hide his reddened cheeks with his hand, and walks to the bathroom to get you a washcloth. 

Kirishima snuggles against your chest. Sleeping with you is a privilege that he loves to indulge in. You are so soft in his arms and you smell so nice and you feel so good to him. A breathy moan leaves his lips as he moves his hips against your thighs. You are stirred from your sleep when you feel a hardness against your thigh. Your vision is unfocused as you slowly open your eyes. You blink to clear the sleep from your head.

“Eiji?” you mumble.

Your boyfriend doesn’t respond, but you can hear your name tumbling from his lips. 

“(Name)-chan, like that … uh … please don’t stop.”

You look down at the boy against your chest. A light blush tints his cheeks as he moves his hips. He is dreaming about you. A chill runs through your body. You reach down and feel a something sticky between your thighs. Your face twitches. 


“Mmm, yeah, babe?”

“Oh, my god, it’s all over me! Again, Eijirou, really?”

The red headed boy shoots upwards. His face morphs into an expression of horror. Kirishima scrambles out of bed, nearly tripping over himself as he rushes to get a washcloth for you. A string of sorry’s pour from his lip as he watches you wipe yourself down. Sleeping with you is a privilege, one that he had most likely lost yet again. 

You whine and shift in your sleep, feeling something hard between your cheeks. The hard length pushes into you again. It’s steadily grinding into the flesh of your ass. You bring your hand to your face and wipe the sleep from your eyes.

“(Name) … don’t tease me …” Todoroki groans under his breath.

You blink, eyed widening when you feel your boyfriend rut against you. Todoroki’s lips are partially separated as he pants against the nape of your neck. You freeze. He is dreaming about you. Fantasizing about you. Should you wake him or let him sleep? A hot blush finds it’s way into your face. What should you do—

You freeze, feeling something gooey and wet againt your lower back. You hesitantly reach back to confirm your train of thought. 

“Sh-Shouto!” you squeak. 

Todoroki blinks the sleep from his eyes to find you staring at him with a indistinguishable expression and a sticky hand. Your boyfriend blushes and immediately get up to retrieve towels for you.

“(Name), I am so sorry,” he look at the ground.

You pat his arm and clean yourself up, “It’s okay, Shouto. It’s actually kind of flattering.”

Todoroki looks off to the side as he covers a blush with his hand. 

Even if Caryl never goes “tongue-wrestling, horizontal-tangoing, admitting their love by speaking the words ‘I love you’” canon, this is canon:

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when Daryl Dixon, angry redneck and self-appointed pariah, gave Carol Peletier a Cherokee rose as a symbol of human kindness and hope. And this is canon:

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‘ good mythical morning ’ sentence starters ━━━━

❛  i have been repeatedly spooned by this man.  ❜
❛  what i discovered is that i bleed…  &  then i heal.  ❜
❛  he had a dream vomit.  ❜
❛  i am a modest princess.  ❜
❛  whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat  !!  ❜
❛  bikers wanna do more than kiss.  ❜
❛  hey…  hey girl…  hey.  hey girl…  i like your boots.  ❜
❛  laughter is like farting out of your mouth.  ❜
❛  i sleep with reckless abandon  !!  ❜
❛  just call me sugar daddy.  ❜
❛  soft tacos are wannabe burritos.  ❜
❛  i’m gonna be a rapper,  i’m gonna call myself ritz cracker  !!  ❜
❛  it’s made from the muffin tops of men.  ❜
❛  my cheeks are sweating…  all four of them.  ❜
❛  the fastest way to a woman’s heart is through a worm’s anus.  ❜
❛  dare me to eat the anus  ??  ❜
❛  i could,  at any point,  share something inappropriate.  that’s part of who i am  &  i embrace it  &  constantly battle with it.  ❜
❛  embrace the taste.  ❜
❛  when in doubt,  whip chocolate out.  ❜
❛  question:  how do you eat a fart  ??  ❜
❛  when in doubt,  choose humping.  ❜
❛  everybody wins a goat.  it’s like oprah,  except it’s goats.  ❜
❛  cheese pizza is for kids  &  sad people.  ❜
❛  do you wake up with melted booty dents  ??  ❜
❛  you gotta cross a few lines to get to the circle.  ❜
❛  uneven sideburns are off fleek.  ❜
❛  paint me like your french fries,  jack.  ❜
❛  elbow points are a sign of intelligence.  ❜
❛  you show you mine,  i’ll show you yours.  ❜
❛  these have been boiled for safety.  ❜
❛  i was an anxious child.  i felt safest on the couch.  ❜
❛  you heard of that band  ‘ vomit launch ’  ??  i heard they’re coming into town in a few minutes.  ❜
❛  we’re eating the stars.  everything is stars  &  that makes everything okay.  ❜
❛  we are living in an instant world  &  i am an instant girl.  ❜
❛  let’s talk about that  !!  ❜
❛  i don’t want to  ‘ lady  &  the tramp ’  with you  !!  ❜
❛  now don’t go with too much gusto or you’ll pop through.  ❜
❛  you can do it,  serpent king  !! 
❛  volcano boarding is real.  ❜
❛  nachos are for sharing.  ❜
❛  what the–  what the crap  ?!  ❜
❛  which type of poop do you want to make  ??  ❜
❛  are you harboring a bad relationship under your left butt-cheek  ??  ❜
❛  she’s not gonna go to pittsburgh with me to open the put-put palace with me.  ❜
❛  bubbles are the answer.  ❜
❛  today we master the art of the contour.  ❜
❛  this is like the first thing people see see when they arrive in hell.  ❜
❛  i want you to glow,  man.  i want to be the glow boys.  ❜
❛  i could be a bird.  that’s what i’ve learned.  ❜
❛  when it comes to turkey,  i am a breast man.  but when it comes to humans,  i am a wing-man.  ❜
❛  me  &  my sports bra dance amongst the windmills.  ❜
❛  there’s no real crotch under here.  ❜
❛  i think they’re just making sarcastic remarks directly into each other’s mouths.  ❜
❛  there are moments when you really frighten me  &  i question why you’re my best friend.  ❜
❛  answer the question  !!  what color are your nipples !?!
❛  i’m on top of you  !!  ha-ha !!  i’ve got you right where i want you  &  that’s under me  !!
❛  my rectum is so tight.  ❜
❛  i’ll be caressing your dinosaur fossil on a regular basis,  if you’re okay with that.  ❜
❛  a cookie solves a world of problems.  ❜
❛  this has got to stop.  this,  us eating  &  drinking gross stuff,  has got to stop.  ❜
❛  you’re the mouth king  !!  you’re the mouth king  &  nobody knew it until today.  ❜
❛  you need me  &  i need you.  we need each other at certain points in our lives, that aren’t the same times.  ❜
❛  when you serene really hard you start chillin’.  ❜
❛  let’s touch our sword tips.  ❜
❛  everybody’s got a butthole,  but i got two.  ❜
❛  go to bed.  don’t pee on your ritz crackers.  ❜
❛  the sun is always shining on a unicow that’s milking itself.  ❜
❛  i’m always thinking about women in corsets  &  i’m always thinking about getting my piercings snagged.  ❜
❛  before i apply my face,  i like to mist myself with a light film of my signature scent,  febreze.  ❜
❛  i always say nothing livens up a party than a pair of chaps.  ❜
❛  ever pooped out an engagement ring  ??  ❜
❛  there are also professional butt slappers.  ❜
❛  lotta foreskin going around these days.  ❜
❛  i don’t know if you can feel how hard i’m breathing,  but that’s the sound of winning.  ❜
❛  hey,  i’m a bird of paradise.  ❜
❛  i might say stupid things,  but at least i know they were stupid.  ❜
❛  you began to thrust your pelvis out to meet the bat.  ❜
❛  you seem to be getting a little too much of a thrill out of beating the crap out of me.  ❜
❛  there’s nothing like the feeling that your balls are impervious.  ❜
❛  i’d like to see the root of that sternum.  ❜
❛  he must look  &  feel amazing.  ❜
❛  oh gosh,  i can’t look away.  ❜
❛  you’ve never worn panties before,  huh  ??  ❜
❛  kids,  this is how you make a baby…  first,  you get a belly bongo.  ❜
❛  i think it’s gonna become clear as i take my clothes off what i am.  ❜

Halloween prompt.


What’s a nice ghost like you doing in a crypt like this?

Warnings: mentions of sex but mostly fluff

“Why are you dragging me to this freak show woman?!” Ivar growled as his girlfriend pulled him by the arm to the line. Halloween was always a favorite holiday of Catherine’s and she wasn’t going to pass up a haunted house.

It was a crisp October night in Connecticut. She and Ivar had flown to her hometown from Copenhagen, Denmark to visit her parents. After moving to Denmark to attend Graduate school, she had met and fallen in love with the brooding Ivar. This was Ivar’s first time in the states and she was eager to show him everything. This also meant dragging him to all of the Halloween events.

“Don’t be a killjoy. This will be fun I promise! I have some friends working in this haunted house.” She folded her arms and moved closer to Ivar for warmth. She was only wearing a light cardigan and it was particularly cold out. Ivar reached out and pulled his girlfriend into warm embrace from behind. She was so tiny compared to him. Ivar’s arms wrapped around her and he dipped his head to nuzzle the top of her head.

“Can’t we just go back to the house and watch a scary movie?” Ivar was whining at this point which made Catherine roll her eyes. She knew what Ivar really wanted. They hadn’t been able to have sex for the past week. Catherine’s parents were just down the hall and were uncomfortable with her sharing the room with Ivar. Her parents were not used to her having a boyfriend.

“No babe, we drove an hour to get here and already bought the tickets. Suck it up.” Catherine looked up at Ivar’s pouting face and smirked. “You’re lucky you’re so good looking. You’re a pain in the ass.”

Ivar growled playfully and buried his face into her neck, pressing kisses to her most ticklish spot. She giggled as he walked them forwards in line. “What do I get for this?”

Catherine raised her eyebrow, “what do you mean?”

“What do I get for being a good boyfriend and going along with this?” Ivar whispered salaciously, his full lips brushing the shell of her ear. Ivar had kept his dark hair down and it tickled her at her cheek.

Catherine was not about to be manipulated by Ivar’s allure. She had been with Ivar for almost a year and that move had worn out. They were all most at the front of the line and Catherine was not going to take no for an answer. If he wanted to play that game she was more than willing to one-up him. She looked up at Ivar and narrowed her eyes. “I could always go by myself. It’s a forty minute haunted house so you will have to find something else to do.”

Ivar was taken aback for a second. “Fine then,” he let go of her and took a step back. “Go on then and be scared. You won’t have me to protect you.” He gave her a little shove forward.

They were at the front of the line and the man waited for Catherine to hand him her ticket. She looked back one last time at Ivar with a devilish smile and handed the man her ticket. “Who says I need you to protect me?” With that she turned the corner into the haunted house, disappearing from Ivar’s line of sight.

Ivar stood there dumbfounded. He couldn’t believe Catherine actually left him by himself. He let his insecurities grab hold of him for a moment. She was so independent sometimes that he felt like she was better off without him. The cold had caused an ache in his legs. His braces would make it difficult for him to catch up to her. Still, he wasn’t going to back down from a challenge. The thought of Catherine getting scared and jumped at without him also grabbed at Ivar’s heart.

Ivar handed the man the ticket and went in after her. When he turned the corner she was nowhere to be seen. “Catherine?!”

The entrance was set up like a haunted graveyard. Coffins and tombstones all around. He heard screaming in the distance which caused the hairs at the back of his neck to stand on end. What if it was Catherine who was screaming? He walked through the graveyard cautiously, the fog machines making it difficult to see far ahead. He heard the crunching of leaves beneath someone’s feet. At first he thought it was his own but he soon realized that he was no longer walking. He couldn’t see anyone around him and soon, the crunching sound had stopped.

He then felt lips brush the back of his ear. “What’s a nice ghost like you doing in a crypt like this?”

Ivar jumped, yelling and cursing in Danish as he whipped himself around to face his would-be attacker. He was met with his girlfriend, doubled over and laughing so hard that she had tears in her eyes.

“Fucking HELL Catherine! You almost gave me a heart attack!” He grabbed her and pressed kisses all over her face, finally silencing her laugh with a kiss. “Don’t leave me like that!” Ivar scolded and pulled her close.

She hugged Ivar back and rocked with him. She then pulled herself away and grabbed his arm. “Come on tough guy, let’s get through this and we can go home and watch a movie in bed.”

Ivar smirked and pulled her back from behind. “When we get back, I’m gonna make you scream.” He made his point by thrusting his pelvis into her backside.

“I’m sure I won’t be screaming as loud as you just did,” Catherine teased which earned her a sharp slap on the ass.

“Move forward you cheeky little girl before I teach you a lesson right here.” Ivar let Catherine take the lead but kept a firm grip on her hand. “You’re lucky I love you.”

Catherine turned and walked backwards as she pulled him forward. Ivar was giving her a look of adoration that warmed her soul. “Yeah…I am.”

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Bucky wearing the Winter Soldier suit as foreplay/ during sex

Hello, Soldier…”

You’d just been drifting off to sleep with Ivar secured to your backside when you thought you could feel a looming presence. Something startling at first, since you and Ivar were home alone. 

Except the intruder was your lover standing at the foot of the bed, still clad in full battle gear, black Kevlar and Velcro from head to toe. Metal arm gleaming in the dim light of your bedroom. Bucky’s eyeing the two of your bodies with hunger in his gaze and you can’t help but look at the daunting figure with the same heat.

He moves first, setting one knee on the bed with intent to join you, but you’re quick to stop him. Stretch out a leg and set your foot on his abdomen. 

“Not so fast, Soldier,” you croon. “I want to savor this.”

Bucky’s chuckle is barely audible in the quiet room. You rub your hand firmly over Ivar’s forearm to make him stir. He groans as he wakes, tightens his arms around you before nuzzling behind your ear.

“I will kill you if this is a dream…”

“No dream, Prettyboy,” Bucky snaps back. He becomes tired of waiting. Grabs you gently by the ankle and you’re pulled from Ivar’s arms, halfway across the bed when Bucky descends. 

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“You’re a verra noisy woman, Sassenach,”

he said, leaning forward to whisper in my ear. “Ye make the same kind of sounds when I rub your neck as ye do when I—” He thrust his pelvis against me in a discreet but explicit motion that made it quite clear what he meant. “Mm?”

“Mmmm,” I replied, and kicked him—discreetly—in the shin. “Fine. If anyone hears me behind closed doors, they’ll assume you’re rubbing my neck—which is about all you’re likely to do until we get off this floating plank.“

-Drums of Autumn

A Perfect Beginning

The Black Fairy’s curse has passed. Magic has left our realm for good. No more dark ones or curses can hurt them now. Emma is on her way to discovering just what it’s like to lead a normal life with the man she loves

                                            I: Honeymoon 

 Miles from Storybrooke, was where the Jolly Roger was anchored, far from any intrusive parents or well meaning dwarves. On the deck, tangled in each other, the sun kissing their naked skin, the two newly weds were lost in each other. 

    Since departing, Killian had taken care to make love to Emma on every available surface. The passion and love he felt for his new wife-his wife, his heart, his luv, his-had over taken him body and soul. Their couplings had been passionate beyond belief. But now, with the sun beginning to be engulfed by the sea, the former pirate took his time. He drew lazy kisses from her mouth, down, down, down tasting and teasing as he went. 

    Emma gasped as his tongue encircled her nipple, drawing it into his hot mouth. His tongue and teeth played across her skin. Hot coiling desire coarser through her, Emma’s hands came up, her fingers grasping dark locks, her wedding bands catching the dying sun light. 

    “Killian,“she sighed as he released her nipple to draw path down the slight curve of her belly to that sweet place between her shapely thighs. The cry that fell from her lips was lost to the crashing of waves on the sides of the ship. 

   He sucked, he kissed, he devoured her very nectar, drawing his wife to the highest peak of passion with his slow torture. His mouth closed around her clit, sucking hard, bringing Emma a kind of pleasure she’d never truly experienced. Her mind spun, her very bones turning to liquid. She lay limply beneath her husband as he rose up on his knees, positioning his throbbing cock at her entrance, with a practiced percison, he entered smoothly and hard.

   Her eyes flew open at the fullness of him, it felt so good to have him there. Killian clasped his hand in her own, holding it high above her head. His piercing blue eyes were the color of mercury as they bore into her own. 

   "Watch me, Swan,” he growled. 

   Emma could only give a wordless moan, but her green eyes never left Killian.

   Killian bucked his hips, the movements hard and slow, jarring her with every thrust, giving her his full length with every churn of his pelvis. Emma met him-thrust for thrust, both keeping the steady pace.

   "You’re so fucking beautiful, luv,“ he growled as he released her hand clasping her jutting breast, squeezing. 

   More pleasure flooded her, all at once the slow pace wasn’t enough for her. Emma rose up, gently, but firmly guiding Killian to his back. His only answer was a cheeky grin. He rearranged his legs, holding his shaft still for Emma to seat herself. She moved without hesitation, taking him to the hilt. She rode him like a warrior, a vengeful Amazonian goddess.

   Killian was captured by the beauty of her as she moved over him. And bloody hell did it feel amazing having her there. The woman he loved more than his own life riding him with a purpose. Killian grasped her neck tugging her lips down to meet his in a ravenous kiss. 

   It left them both gasping, Killian held her closer to him, thrusting deeper inside her. Their movements rose in tempo, their harsh breathing beating against their skin. The fire between them reached a powerful crescendo. Emma released a cry as her orgasm rocked through her, her arms grasped Killian tightly, as though he were the only thing anchoring her to the earth. Killian’s own completion was equally as powerful as he buried his face in the crook of his wife’s neck. 

   They remained like that for the span of a heart beat, Killian still buried deep inside her. Emma relaxed against him, pressing a feather light kiss on his temple as she sat up. 

 "That was …" 

 "Most definitely not a one time thing, luv,” he teased as he tucked a blond lock behind her ear.

 Emma released a light hearted giggle as she caressed her husbands face. “Hmm, well …" 

 "Minx,” he growled as he rolled her back beneath him, and began to remind his beautiful wife that he was not a man who could be satisfied with just a one time thing … .


Every magician inherits some family artefact. Baz has a wand, like me; all the Pitches are wandworkers. But Penny has a ring. And Gareth has a belt buckle. (It’s really inconvenient—he has to thrust his pelvis forward whenever he wants to cast a spell. He seems to think it’s cheeky, but no one else does.)

@dennislesbian Because of you, I couldn’t stop thinking about Charlie’s line in the episode The Gang Gets Analyzed. This is your fault. So here we are.

“Dennis, can I give you some advice? Look, hey, do what you wanna do in life, you know? And know that there’s nothing wrong with that.”

Before we get to that though, let’s remember what happened just prior during Charlie’s time with the therapist. 

“Being comfortable in your own skin is never a bad thing.”
“Given your non-traditional life choices, you are surprisingly well adjusted.”
“Do the things you do […] and stop hiding the pigeon. Let him be who he wants! Let him fly away!” 

As an audience, we are shown Charlie completely misunderstanding the therapist’s words and meaning, and he seems to take them in the complete opposite/wrong direction. But we all know Charlie is not as dumb as he seems. He gets the bigger picture. ‘Be yourself and do what you want–there’s nothing wrong with that.’

And then we go to the waiting room. Mac is doing quadra-lift thrusters, literally thrusting his pelvis directly into Dennis’ face. At this point in the show, everyone in the gang is well aware of Mac’s latent homosexuality, except for Mac himself. 

Now let’s recall Dennis’ session with the therapist.

“To be in someone’s mind, to have complete control. It’s like the thrill of being near the executioner’s switch. Knowing that at any moment, you could throw it. But knowing you never will. But you could. Never isn’t the right word. Because I could, and I might. I probably will.” 

Dennis goes on some rant about being in control. We’ve seen him get off on it. And now, he’s literally drugging his best friend to stimulate his weight loss because he deems it a hindrance in his own life. But I think there’s more to it than that. 

We’ve seen multiple times throughout the show that Dennis definitely has some semblance of control over Mac’s life. Could it be that Dennis also believes he has some control over Mac’s sexuality? Imagine what would happen if Dennis actively pushed Mac towards accepting himself instead of being a passive bystander. It probably wouldn’t have taken forty years for Mac to come out of the closet. But Dennis has never made a move. And I mean like a clear, 100% homo no denying the gay move on screen

But he could. And he probably will. 

Charlie knows this. He knows Mac and Dennis have massive boners for each other. He probably also knew about the ‘size pills’. Because Charlie catches on to more than anyone gives him credit for. Hence Charlie’s advice to Dennis: 

“Make a move, you loser. There’s nothing wrong with that.” 

stop the car

standalone; NC-17; fluff and smut; Scully/Reyes; post-Improbable; Monica and Scully have a girl’s night. 

A/N: happy Valentine’s Day! I’m gonna try and get the last part up to love you but you’re green but here’s something else. This is more romantic than I’d care to be but they’re too cute


“Why not go a little wild with it? Hot pink,” suggests Monica. Her brush strokes are focused and precise, because she will not screw this up, even though she kind of sucks at it.

“Agent Reyes,” Scully warns.

“Or maybe a pretty powder blue.” Her tongue pokes out at the corner of her mouth as she lifts Scully’s right hand to inspect her work. “ Or a sexy Camaro red.”

“Too distracting while I’m carving up the dead.” Scully pulls her hand back and hums appreciatively. “You colored inside the lines.”

“Gross.” They both laugh and Monica recaps the tan polish sitting between them.

It’s a Friday night and William is improbably, blessedly asleep in the nursery. They’d gone through Monica’s bottle of wine and pulled a little something from Scully’s stash before Monica had offered to help her with a much-needed touchup.

“No time to get a manicure with my class schedule,” Scully had explained, holding her hands out gratefully.

This thing where they dress up in their comfiest pajamas and talk about stuff they never really paid any mind to in real life, like Bureau gossip and celebrity crushes, has been going on a little bit, and neither of them knows just how much the other needs it. Scully cannot remember the last time she had another woman as a friend, and had never had one quite so much like herself, unmarried and ambitious and a little turned on whenever she gets to take her gun out. Monica knows she’s never had a friend like Scully, so radiant and mind-numbingly intelligent it rubs off on her in small and large ways, inspires her to be a better agent, a better person.

And so began a new weekly routine, a droplet of normalcy in a drought of the truly bizarre.

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Peter Quill x Reader

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Date : Thursday 6th April 2017

Requests : Open

Imagine / Series? : Imagine

Title : Dance floor

Warnings : Mentions of sex and theft

If you didn’t love him - he would be dead.

Your boyfriend Peter, was so amazing. He was almost flawless. First of all. The thing that attracted you to him in the first place. He was amazingly good looking. Not only was Peter the definition of tall, dark and handsome. But he was also slightly dorky looking in all honesty giving him a sort of innocence to his otherwise lusty ways. Another thing about Peter was he was the only person who could make you laugh so hard you could cry on Que. You don’t know, and probably never will know why he’s so hilarious, but guessed the mystery was just another added bonus of being in love with him. There was just one problem

His dancing. Now, you weren’t saying he was a bad dancer, he was actually rather good and it was amusing to watch. But, when he was dancing around you for an hour straight, the same tape playing over and over again,his pelvis repeatedly thrusting near your face - which by the way made you very flustered and uncomfortable - There was only so much you can handle. Finally he had gotten on your last nerve and you pushed him away lightly standing up, an action that simply encouraged him more.

Today was one of the guardians lazy days. And as much as you wanted to be a guardian of the galaxy. You weren’t. You lived in Xander as a simple sales women. You got good deals for Peter whenever he stole something and needed some good money for it. Of course you would scold him afterwards, but money was money. And Peter was the one who wore the trousers in your relationship so he paid the bills mostly.

Glaring at Peter you asked. “I’m filing papers. I understand your home and you want some, fun…” He smirked cockily. “But I have work to do Peter. Stop being impatient and let me finish.” You hissed, marching over to his tape player to turn of the music which was now more of an annoyance then anything. Before you could pause the music. A hand wrapped around your wrist and you were suddenly pulled into Quills hold. He kept you close. His arms securely around your waist.

“Come on (Name insert), Im only here for two days before I’ve got to go off fending for the galaxy again. Being taken by you means I’m not allowed to get up to my old star lord habits with the ladies meaning you are my only…”

“Only what Peter?” Your glare told him to choose his words carefully.

“You know…”

“Do I Peter? Do I?” He was silent. To be fair, you did feel bad depriving him of sex. Though before you could say anything he lent into your ear and huskily whispered.

“Your my only dance floor (Name insert).” His hand then span you before dipping you down where you were met with his goofy grin,making you laugh.

“Peter stop it. I told you I’m not happy with you.” Your face went back to looking serious, though the twinkle in your eyes told Peter otherwise. He chuckled, knowing you wanted him to continue, after all, you missed him. Dipping his head down, his soft lips kissed yours and with his free hand which wasn’t supporting your waist, he swiped some hair from your face.

“Well I’m happy with you (Name insert). Always have been always will be.” Biting your lip, you supposed your paper work could wait. After all, it had been a long time since you had provided him your ‘dance floor’.