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@ the guy blocked by writscrib, who could have possibly imagined that a person with a pedo blog would refuse to respect someone's wishes or take "no" for an answer


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yknow what, i like su, but i'm not gonna be a dick to you about it bc u dont like it. i think tumblr could use a little bit of that mindset once in a while; as long as someone isnt hurting someone, leave em the fuck alone. (ofc that doesnt apply to incest/pedo ships and the like but yknow what im saying here)

Hey anonymous, I like you.

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You're the kind making fandom unsafe. You can't see now, you won't acknowledge but in 10 years I hope you will have grown enough to see it and help some one not be like you are now.

in 10 years i will have personally obliterated every pedo in fandom spaces

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Calling it, some crappy clickbait sites will start making up bullshit about Writscrib being the worst thing since Nazism because of angry tumblr bloggers.

Fuck, probably.

Some tumblr transplant: “Callout for witscrib user DongShlonger, who is a racist nazi pedo UwU kill yourself”

Witscrib: “Yeah thats bullshit, and you can’t do that here. It’s against the rules to call people racist/sexist/pedo/etc without proof, and also to tell people to kill themselves. Your blog will be deactivated and your IP blocked.”


Buzzfeed, the next day: “Witscrib: How It Ruined the Life of a Poor 23 Year Old Child (And Let A Pedophile Run Free)”

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¿Qué hago, estoy muy asustada porque estoy en once y no sé qué estudiar? O sea, se que me gustaría estudiar artes, pero, no sé, como que al momento de enfocarme en eso me asusto mucho y no hago nada y lo dejo así, después eso me atormenta y me estreso, lloro, vivo enojadada, odio mi vida, culpo a todos sobre mis errores, y lo peor de todo es que no hago nada para cambiar porque el pinche miedo de cierta manera me domina. En serio, no sé que hacer para superar eso, ¿me podrían aconsejar?

Cariño, calmate un poco, relaja el pedo. Piensa en lo que estás haciendo y verás que no hay razones para tener miedo, estresarse, llorar, enojarse, odiar y demás. Estudia lo que quieres, comete errores, aprende de ellos, y si cambias de gustos, pues cambia de carrera. Sólo sé feliz y disfruta lo que haces.

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What do the actors have to do with Harry Potter fan fiction? People are writing about the book characters. Who don't exist in any reality. And he promise you 100% that no Harry Potter fanfic reader had been turned into a pedeaophile. Either you are one or you aren't. Fic doesn't turn people into pedos.

well omg since u promised me…. one HUNDRED percent… that no harry potter fanfic reader had been turned into a pedeaophile….

dang i guess there’s no way that the media people consume can affect their irl feelings and actions.. if u PROMISED me…

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ummm, hi anon? You might think you're being funny n' stuff, but you're actually being rlly creepy and what your saying could be taken as a death threat which (since you've so kindly told us where you live) is VERY ILLEGAL in America. Also, Nova, don't worry, if you came to the state's I'd keep you safe from creepy stalker-pedo anon :>

@ask-indyandjaejeu t-thank You!…

Things in Kpop That Need to Die
  • adding “eu” to the end of words (snakeu, speakeu, etc.)
  • “woozi is yoongi’s son”
  • “jUnkOoK oPPa”
  • claiming all girl groups are the same
  • “when someone says all the members look the same” *inserts picture of angry idol*
  • “when someone asks why you listen to kpop when you dont speak korean” *inserts picture of angry idol*
  • “when someone says anything remotely negative about kpop” *inserts picture of angry idol*
  • we get it, you’re 12.
  • Fan Wars!! What’s the point???????
  • leaking private pictures??? it’s gross???
  • only stanning 1 member of a group 
  • putting “jagiya” in non korean fan fiction
  • using korean words in every day life even though you don’t even remotely speak korean (ex: that’s not very daebak you pabo)
  • yes that is a real sentence someone has said to me
  • spamming idols posts with “daddy”
  • “im gonna move to korea i’m just so in love with the culture uwu”
  • “i wish i was reborn as a korean”
  • “im not interested in any boys at school because im so in love with my 12 korean exo oppars”
  • “im gonna audition for bighit because its my dream to make music”
  • no its not
  • you probably had no interest in music until you saw taehyungs face
  • your white koreaboo ass only wants to meet ur BTS oppars and nothing else
  • you probably dont even know what a fermata is dont come at me saying your dream is to make music when you’ve never put in effort to learn anything about music
  • “i only stan new groups”
  • “older groups have no talent”
  • calling girls group members sluts for wearing a short skirt and a bralette when y’all will faint over jackson ripping his shirt off on stage
  • calling someone racist for asking a korean how he learned english and then heading over to twitter to defend dreads and blackface on idols.
  • “kpop is my life”
  • “i cant wait until *insert underage idol* turns 18! omo im such a pedo noona”
  • stooooooooooooooooop
  • feel free to add more
Enough with this anti Otayuri crap.

Let’s start by saying that I’m not a hardcore Otayuri fan; I don’t mind them, I just like Viktuuri better. 

Now, ship hate is nothing new: always has been, always will be -cause some people are just incapable of sharing their opinions without bashing and flaming. You have the right to dislike a certain ship if it’s toxic or unhealthy (like Sasuke/Sakura for me) or abusive (like Sangwoo/Yoonbum for me… still read KS though, I’m a sucker for psychological horror) or illegal (like Sebastian/Ciel in probably every industrialized country in the world, but I mind my own business), or simply triggering. You have the right to state your reasons.

You don’t have the right to be an asshole without a reason though.

Here a piece of advice: you think that Otabek is a pedophile? That Otayuri is unacceptable for age reasons?


If it makes you feel that way, it’s your opinion. Your own perception. If thinking about a relationship between two teenagers of 16 and 19 respectively makes you feel uncomfortable because your idea of age of consent is different from the one stated by the law, it’s a matter of opinion. Every opinion matters, but you have to keep in mind that Otayuri has shippers from all over the world, and the age of consent might vary. 

Here’s some data:

In many countries (at least in most of European/Western countries) the age of consent is set at 14-16. For example, where I come from (Italy, one of the most close-minded country I’ve ever seen, but things are slowly changing, thank God) it’s perfectly acceptable to have sex if you’re at least 14 -of course the consent is invalidated with partners who have custody or some kind of institutional power over you). In Italy you can even have sex at 13, but in this case your partner must be a minor him/herself and 3 years older tops, otherwise it’s punishable. So in Europe Otayuri is generally legal.

I don’t know much about American law, but I know for sure that A) the age of consent varies from State to State, and B) the most common one is 16. Same goes for Canada. So in Northern America Otayuri is generally legal as well. 

Yuri!!!! on Ice is a Japanese show. Kubo Mitsoru is Japanese. In Japan the age of consent is set at 13 (although in some prefectures every sexual act conducted on a minor is considered illegal, while in Tokyo the age consent is 17). Guess what? With some variation, in Japan Otayuri is legal.

In Kazakistan? Here the age of consent is set at 16, regardless of consent and sexual orientation (yes, in some countries taking it up the ass makes a difference, don’t ask me why). I’m getting tired of repeating myself, but according to the law of Kazakistan Otayuri is legal. 

This leaves Russia. “Article 134. Sexual Intercourse and Other Actions of Sexual Character with a Person Who Has Not Reached the Age of Sixteen Years: Sexual intercourse committed by a person who has reached the age of eighteen years with a person who has not reached the age of sixteen years shall be punishable […]”. That means that even in Nohomoland™ Otayuri would be legal. 

So, as you can see, most of these antis are not simply stating their opinion, which would be their right if they were to respect others as well. Otayuri is legal in almost every industrialized country (Arabia and Islamic countries are another matter, and I’m definetly not getting started on that), so why the fuck are people talking about pedophilia?!? Do you even know what a pedophile is? Apparently you don’t, and you’re lucky you don’t. 

A pedophile is the old beggar at the corner of the street who tried to shove his hands under my sister’s shirt when she was 5. A pedophile is a sick person, a dangeros person, a criminal who lusts after children. 

If that’s what you think of this when you watch YOI and see an Otayuri moment, then you’re lucky enough to not know what a real pedophile is. 

Keep in mind that every data I collected is taken from the Internet, since I’m not a law student nor I have access to legal data from the other side of the world, but I tried to be as accurate as possible. What I’m trying to say is that, if Otayuri makes you feel uncomfortable because of the age difference, you don’t have to bash other people because of it: every country has its own code in the matter, although there’s a general tendency, and that has nothing to do with ship wars. And keep in mind that the age of consent matter is an ongoing debate because it has little to do with age per se and more with psychological maturity. I mean, if we were to listen to Mother Nature, women would have the right to have sex at 12, 10 in some cases, since their bodies can bear children, right? 

It. Is. A. Matter. Of. Perspective.