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For those asking: the new Vicbert scene from the American edit of Victoria from the MasterpiecePBS Instagram. It’s actually an extended scene and starts up right after the “a love like ours can burn down a city” line.

Their Instagram has lots of interview clips with Jenna Coleman, Tom Hughes and Daisy Goodwin as well!

Mercy Street morning musing

Putting aside the general consensus about the loathsomeness of Frank Stringfellow, the pointless and nauseating Bullen storyline (is he the first immortal? Why can’t he die?) and the only slightly more appealing than a rogue squid (the squid would be smarter) Jimmy Green, my frustration is with Clayton McBurney, a character who could have been truly frightening, struggling with madness he tries to conceal, skilled in enough ways that we see his utility as an officer, a real alternative to undisciplined, brilliant Jed, lackadaisical Summers whose management style now seems more effective, dogged, workman Hale. Instead, we get a guy who ricochets around popular lay conceptions of a variety of mental illnesses in ways that are largely derogatory and who is so identified with wacky humor that we don’t get a moment of grief/disbelief when his *friend* (mentor?) dies on the operating table. What a waste.