and pasta!~

Okay… @therealjacksepticeye we need to talk. Do you SERIOUSLY eat pasta with a fuckin SPOON? I mean…like I don’t wanna judge, but how do you even get it to stay on??? Noodles are so slippy slidey they swoosh right off the spoon and into the 12th dimension! How do you even go about doing that? I tried it once…didn’t end well.


Chicken Tagliatelle with Puttanesca 

A quick pasta recipe that I shared via Instagram stories two weeks ago. This was quick and simple and so delicious. Grilled some chicken, boiled some tagliatelle pasta, sautéed some beautiful grape tomatoes with garlic and shallots. Everything came together with a lovely Puttanesca sauce purchased from Home Goods. This was amazing. Once I remake the dish, I’ll post a full recipe! 


Ratatouille Pasta

This is my recipe for Ratatouille Pasta that’s bomb as hell and I eat it by the bucket load. It takes about 30 mins.

•Bunch of cherry tomatoes
•Zucchini and/or Eggplant
•Bell pepper
•Dried Mixed herbs
•Balsamic vinegar/whatever vinegar you have on hand
•Garlic in whatever form

•Chilli/red pepper flakes if you want heat
•Fresh herbs if you have them like thyme, oregano, basil
•Parmesan or Yeast Flakes to make it vegan

1. Oven goes on at 220C/425F

2. Toss cherry tomatoes with a couple tablespoons of oil, salt and pepper and stick in the oven in a small dish

3. Chop up zucchini, eggplant, peppers and onion into cubes and toss with ¼ cup oil, 2 tsb vinegar, a couple cloves of garlic, herbs, salt, pepper and chilli if you want. I like my flavours hella strong so I go overboard always. Chuck in the oven on a tray, single layered

4. Cook up some pasta & save a little cup of pasta water

5. Toss the vegetables after 20 mins and put them back in for another 10-15 until they’re golden and delicious looking

6. Pour cherry tomatoes which should be all blistered and juicy and beautiful into drained pasta, and add a dash of pasta water to create a sauce. Add roasted vegetables and toss.

7. Add any extras on top like fresh herbs, parmesan or yeast flakes etc. Go wild with the salt and pepper if you fancy. Et voila!

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