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What do you think would happen if Shiro and Allura were in a relationship and had their first fight? Are they too mature for passive aggressiveness? Ignoring each other? Infuriating moments of "Pidge, please tell Shiro that his idea is stupid." "Pidge, tell Allura that it's NOT stupid it's LOGICAL." What would they fight over? How would they make up?

Oh man this might be weird but I LOVE talking about my otps fighting and how they would get over it, so thank you for this ohhh boy. 

I think that their arguments would actually go kinda like:

  • Gritting their teeth and pretending not to be mad for a while. 
  • Blowing up at each other over something small because they bottled it up.
  • Spending way too much time on the training deck (which kinda sucks for both of them because they RUN INTO EACH OTHER THERE).
    • Sometimes they spar with each other if they run into each other and they’re both feeling it, but sparring when they’re mad almost always ends up in angry sex and they’re both huge saps who cant NOT cuddle afterwards, so sometimes they make up because they talk during post-coital snuggling.
  • They refuse to fight in front of the team because they both put waaay too much responsibility on their own shoulders and don’t want to worry them
    • Except for that one time that they argued for a good ten minutes because they both were reckless during a mission and scared the shit out of each other.
  • Allura is much more animated during their arguments. She uses her hands a lot and huffs angrily, while Shiro just frowns a lot and cuts straight to the point. 
  • They never leave on a mission without giving each other a kiss and saying “I love you”, because they may wanna kick each other’s asses but any mission could be their last. Also, it just feels wrong if they don’t do it. 

@immicolia the art improved so much and looks so nice but im just so mad. x4 has the introduces so many new important characters and they just?? skipped it over lol bc the akane arc would be more glamorous (read: has more of izaya and shizuo in it)

there’s some kind of vendetta on tsukumoya at this point i swear. YOU AND ME WITH THE UNPOPULAR OPINIONS ONCE AGAIN

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Different anon. I Don't find your "nice" response as dismissive, because I've followed your blog long enough to know that it's your "thing", and it's a great way to be like casually sending some positive vibes. But people interpret this stuff sooo differently online. Like some people find a "thanks" to be super passive aggressive because they're so used to engage with sarcastic people. But you, you're real nice. 100% authentic nice.


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THIS POST WITH HAVOLINA "Person A owns a flower shop and person B comes storming in one day, slaps 20 bucks on the counter and says “How do I passive-aggressively say fuck you in flower?”"

Oooooh a change up from the Royai AUs. Coming right up, Nonny :’D

With a content sigh, Jean happily placed the last of his cash drawer in the envelope to be delivered to the bank that evening, after which he would finally be able to enjoy a Friday night out on the town. His fantasy of the late night bar scene, however, were interrupted when the door to his family’s flower shop flew - not swung - but flew open as a mess of dark-brown, curly hair stormed up to the counter and slapped a twenty dollar bill on the counter.

“I’m sorry but I need this ASAP,” she hurriedly explained. “But how do I passive-aggressively say ‘fuck you’ in flower?”

Normally Jean would turn away a customer that stormed in at exactly 4:59:46pm… Unless it was a beauty like this. Pulling the toothpick out from between his teeth, he smiled coolly and said, “I recommend starting off with some petunias.”

Where do we stand?

I’m gonna say this again are we friends,
Or we just playing pretend,
I remember the lipstick on your lips,
Do I get brownie point for that?
We was on the phone making each other laugh
We even shared our secrets
We could never spilled the beans cause we’ll always eat it, we never gave another one an ultimatum, the passive aggressive arguments we just shake them, my eyes waken, like you was a mirage I hope I meet her,
She’s a keeper, I’m a sinner
There’s no breadwinner,
My mind circles around
When we talk otp I hope my voice gets you aroused
I was a class clown, but that died down,
You waited for me to mature but you couldn’t stay around,
Now I heard you got someone in your background,
And he’s playing in your playground,
OH wow,
Steaming emotions boil over the pot, it spills
It touches, I hope you get a burnspot,
I never ran from my problems like a spooked deer, I just don’t talk about them, arguments is like exhaustion,
So I put it in the coffin,
I always listen when you talking,
More often, dead man walking,
Ghost stalking, I bought a new set of lungs
Unboxing, I’m dodging the bullshit, boxing,
I’m on the side of the fence, not cause the grass is greener, on your phone all night, if the minutes run out, I’m gonna need more quarters of the meter, so where do we stand, and where do I land, no commands, I’m attentive to your demands, I drag my feet from the sand, I can be your leading man, every second, hour, and, day, if I’m too late, I’m so sorry for the wait, I’m sorry, for not apologizing, I guess I’m not apologetic, it’s not my fetish, everything good, mustard, ketchup and relish, I knew that one day you’ll turn devilish, you vanish, you couldn’t manage, let the venom be in my system, I choose to die no resistant, life after death that’s my privilege, so where do we stand, I’m in the midst I’ll call you when things get cleared up and I can see the man

There is still someone tweeting bullshit to Bobby . . . .

I know who it is.  I don’t believe they’ve been outed here on Tumblr.  But I know who it is, and it’s someone who is active enough in the Rumbelle fandom to prompt A LOT of fanfic authors.  They have been active all weekend up to and including today, mainly reblogging stuff.

I’m also not the only person who knows the identity of this person.  I’m stunned they haven’t been outed yet.  

They deleted their first round of tweets so I kept my mouth shut.  

But now they’re tagging Bobby’s direct Twitter with passive aggressive crap. It’s embarrassing and if Bobby leaves Twitter I WILL out you and I will BLAME YOU FOR IT.  

So … . . in order to put this completely out there … . you have one chance.  Please delete your tweets.  Every single fucking one of them that you tweeted directly to Bobby by putting his Twitter handle in the body of the tweet – delete them.  If they are not deleted by Thursday evening, I will assume you didn’t see this post and I will PM you and ask you to please delete your tweets.  

If there is no response to THAT by Friday – I’ll reveal your Tumblr ID on my Twitter feed.  

The rest of you, if you don’t know, please don’t PM me asking ‘who is it?’ cause I’m not saying until this person is given ample time to fix this shit.  I want to offer that much courtesy.

I don’t care if you don’t agree with me or if you think you’re ‘expressing an opinion’.  Bobby has a right to his private life and he has a right to keep his reasons for doing/not doing whatever he does to himself, as does any other actor or any other HUMAN BEING, as long as what is being done isn’t causing physical harm to someone.

If Bobby not showing up at a fan event for an hour is causing you physical harm, you don’t need to send angry tweets, you need professional help. 

Sorry for the rant.  But I’m done with this crap.  Carry on.   

so I was going into the shower and for some reason I had the thought of 2pFrance screaming at white moms.

and @francis-bonnefoys-mum says that there aren’t enough fluffy headcanons about 2pfrance being a dad to 2pcanada so-

Loic on the PTA

Loic at bake sales with tiny, grade-school James.

Loic helping smol Jamie run a lemonade stand.

Loic teaching Jamie how to mow the lawn, and giving him little chores to do around the house for money.


Oliver getting revenge by buying James a set of kazoos.

Kazoo noises everywhere.

MF and AmA are family oriented and very protective of their kids.  While I don’t think they would totally abandon BC I could easily see them distance themselves as much as possible from him and the sham to protect their own family.  They don’t want pics of their own kids out there and get them removed when they do show up on someone’s fanpage.  So it would be totally understandable if they want to be as far from this sham mess as possible.  It is 100% against their way of life and how they live.  I don’t think they would really try to hurt him either, but sometimes people make little passive aggressive digs as a “wake up call” because they hope it will trigger a reaction to act and change.  Not being in the same place as BC or making little jabs could be from worry as well as anger that he is participating in something so far from their view of what’s right.

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(Marvel Ship) hi there! I literally just spent hours reading everything on your blog <3 I'm English, old fashioned, and straight. I adore reading and music and I am sassy af. I am on the curvy side and have brown hair, but I think I'm meh. Whoever you choose will be epic. Thank you for writing!

Thank you so much, love! Thanks for reading :)

I ship you with: James Buchanan Barnes aka The Winter Soldier.

Fandom: Marvel

Dating him would include :

  • Bucky loves reading with you because he is an absolute nerd and that’s how you spend most of your quality time together. Reading up old classics or anything you can find
  • You have passive-aggressive fights that always end up with Bucky rolling on the floor with laughter because you’re so good with comebacks.
  • “I don’t care what you want, just put Presley on!”
  • He adores you and loves playing with your hair (whenever you two cuddle, he keeps tangling his fingers in your hair)
  • The thing that connects the two of you most is your love for old fashioned things (for obvious reasons).
  • Sometimes things get heated, but they cool down not long after because Bucky can’t keep his hands off of you (“Shut up, you’re not too curved, I love you as you are.”).
  • Him annoying you and you trying to hit him back but only hurting yourself in the process BECAUSE OH GOOD LORD HE HAS A FREAKING METAL ARM.
  • Bucky, of course, being an absolute dork and fussing over you.
  • Crazy and I mean C R A Z Y make out sessions.
  • Lots of tickling.
  • Him trying to imitate your accent and failing.
  • All the other avengers teasing you and Bucky by saying-”His best friend is Mr.America and he dates Ms.England.“

No more please.

BB18 is a joke. Everyone in that house saw Da'vonnes season, they saw she stirred everything up unnecessarily and was generally a poor game player, yet she uses all her same tricks and Frank gets the bad hand!

I’m not saying Franks behavior is justified, he definitely gone too far, but jesus guys, approach him and tell him there’s a problem, don’t passive-aggressively try to remove him for no reason! He’s a legitimately sincere guy and he genuinely didn’t want to cause any harm, but Da has emotionally manipulated everyone against him because… Why? They try to justify themselves in the diary room, but he hasn’t lied or maliciously manipulated anyone, in fact every evictee sans Bronte were houseguests that everyone who is now against Frank has wanted out. He gave no indication he was going to gun for any of the eight pack in the immediate future, it’s just such a clusterfuck of fools. And Paulie was so awesome, too!

Da has got to go, she is toxic to the solid games of the other players. Michelle too, but she’s just a poor gameplayer, not hurting anyone besides Frank and Bridgette.


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how would the matsus react if they saw their crush being flirted with??

Osomatsu: He punches the flirter in the face and takes his rightful place as the flirter.

Karamatsu: Steals the show by sparkiling so much, He accidentally send the flirter to the hospital.

Choromatsu: Ignores the flirter and just talks over them to his crush.

Ichimatsu: Glares at them till they leave and than he talks to his crush passive aggressively “Don’t let creeps do that to you, they were gross and not worth your time.”

Jyushimatsu: “accidentally” shows his crush a swing technique and sets the flirter flying into the sky. Theyre blasting off into the sunset. Beautiful.

Todomatsu: Tugs on his crush. “Oh My god!! We NEED to check out this cute shop! Can we please please please~” Cute charm to the max.