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The Final Proof

*A lot of people have come up with this theory, but it’s so perfect I had to write it down.

They say you learn the most from your mistakes. Mine came as I was watching “Murder Most Foul” and Charming said this:

I hadn’t really been paying enough attention to realize that he was talking about the sleeping curse that the Evil Queen had placed on him and Snow, so my mind immediately went to: What other curse needs to be broken? Luckily for me there is another curse that needs to be broken. Many of you know this, but it’s the curse that is keeping everyone in Storybrooke.

What we don’t realize is which part of the curse is still active. It’s not the dark aspects of the Dark Curse - that was broken by Emma as was prophesied/dictated by Rumpelstiltskin. No, it’s the other part that the pesky imp created that is trapping everyone here still.

The Savior curse. Think about it. The only reason Emma Swan is the Savior is because Rumplestiltskin made it so. In theory, Emma was no longer supposed to be the Savior after she broke the Dark Curse. Everyone was supposed to go back to where they were from, but that didn’t happen. Which means what? That portion of the curse, that tiny little drop, is a curse all in itself, and it too needs to be broken. When it is, Emma’s fate as the Savior will be broken; she will live.

Now you ask: But Emma was given the Shears of Destiny or whatever to cut herself from her fate and no longer be the Savior and she didn’t take it!

Well, we know how Rumple’s curse works right? A pair of pretty scissors wouldn’t break this curse because only one person has that power: Emma herself.

We’ve come full circle. Once upon a time Adam and Eddy pitched the idea that the curse would take seven years to fully break. Now we’ve reached that point. Once Emma breaks the Savior curse, Rumple’s spell that he placed on her life will break. Her Hero’s Journey will be complete, and she will return to her life in the real world, where no one needs her to protect them.

(I’ll come back to this in a minute)

So we know what needs to happen. Here I take it a step further and answer:


It turns out that we have that answer too:

Ah yes. True Love. Here’s where I know I’ll lose half of you because “Once Upon a Time is obsessed with Captain Swan. Why can’t you see that, you’re blinding yourself, stop perpetuating nonsense, wake up blah blah blah blah.”

Well, I’m going to counter that with: Why is Emma still the Savior then? If Once Upon a Captain Swan is genuinely the entire point of this show, why is Emma still fated to die?

Answer: You can’t break a curse where you’re the Savior of the fairytale characters with one of the said fairytale characters.

Here you respond again with: “Well, Smartypants, you call yourself a Swan Queen shipper, but you’ve just contradicted yourself. You think the Evil Queen can break the curse with Emma? She’s a fairytale character too!”

Well, reader, you are very clever indeed. But shall I provide you with my next exhibit:

While it was super fun to watch, Split Queen was not just done for the optics. It was a setup for endgame. The Evil Queen may be a fairytale character, but Mayor Regina Mills (like Emma and Henry) is a completely original creation of our world. Which means, like Emma, the daughter of Prince Charming and Snow White, she can live a completely normal life outside of the Enchanted Forest.

I was trying to figure out the purpose behind bringing Wish Robin Hood back, and this line really explains it:

The writers are priming us for a much bigger version of this concept. Robin is the first test of the portal system. Will it allow someone who isn’t supposed to be “real” stay in the “real world”? We know Storybrooke, by our standards, isn’t a real place, it’s a refuge for fairytale characters from many realms, so it makes sense that he passes the test in this case, but what about Regina? Will she, a person who isn’t supposed to be real, be allowed to live somewhere like Boston or New York if Storybrooke doesn’t exist. This first trial proves that yes, she will be able to because something about her is connected to our world (that thing is literally the writers themselves). They have Regina grapple with this issue- Why was wish Robin able to come here?- because she’s next, and she needs to know that she’ll be okay when she tries to stay in this world.

If Regina remains unconnected to the Evil Queen, she should be able to help Emma break the curse and remain in this reality. Will it really be True Love’s Kiss that frees Emma from the Savior Curse and sends everyone to where they belong?

I would hope.

I also hope that I’ll find $2000 on the street tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean it’ll happen.

But it’s certainly the most reasonable solution since literally every curse is broken with True Love’s Kiss…

Have you ever wondered why there’s never been a True Love’s Kiss with Emma & her parents or Emma with Hook? Perhaps part of that is because True Love’s Kiss can only work with people who are from the same reality. Since Regina had True Love’s Kiss with Henry, that means she’s a part of his reality. Part of her belongs in our world. Emma has never shared True Love’s Kiss with Hook because he isn’t a part of her reality. He’s still a fairytale character. They can get married, she can choose that life, but that means she will remain tied to her fate as the Savior. She will always be connected to the Fairytale world. She will eventually die for them.

But if somehow, Regina Mills is Emma’s true True Love; if two “real people” who were created in this world- Emma Swan the bail bonds person, and Regina Mills the Mayor- shared True Love’s Kiss (not saying they’ll make it gay like they should) then the entire curse could be broken.

I just don’t see any other way they could go with this. The show has always foreshadowed that Storybrooke isn’t supposed to last.

We know there’s going to be a “reset” for the show…

And we know that Regina is no longer connected to the Evil Queen. Everything is setting up for the fairytale characters to return to their world.

But what happens next?

A good story always comes full circle, but the hero returns home with more knowledge and is in a better place. Odysseus goes on a crazy journey with a bunch of messed up shit but eventually makes it back home. Dorothy wishes she could experience life over the rainbow, but when she does, she learns that there’s no place like home. Harry Potter steps onto Platform 9 ¾ for the first time alone, and in the last book he steps on with a family. So if in the Pilot we see Emma in her lonely Boston apartment, wishing on a star to no longer be alone, it only makes sense that the last time we see her, she’s in her Boston apartment but she isn’t alone- she has a family.

We know Henry will be a part of that family, but it’s safe to assume that Regina will be there too, because of this promise:

Unfortunately all magic comes with a price, and my prediction is that price will be that everyone forgets that any of this ever happened.

I’m grounding this theory in the fact that the last time there was a reset, that happened to half of the parties involved: Emma and Henry 

In that scenario, the Dark Curse was destroyed. The Dark Curse’s purpose was to create Storybrooke, so once it was gone, Emma and Henry forgot that Storybrooke ever existed… But everyone in the Enchanted Forest still remembered Emma and Henry because the Savior Curse still existed- they all remembered the Savior. They were able to go back and get her and recreate the bridge between our worlds because Emma was still the Savior. Once the Savior Curse is gone, everything will be wiped out. Everyone will forget that the Savior existed, and why she existed. All the fairytale characters will return to their world where their stories will play out, and all the characters from our world will begin to lead a normal life.

That life for Emma and Regina could very well be together. It’s not guaranteed, but it would certainly explain why the writers have made an effort to keep Emma and Regina apart in Storybrooke while maintaining a certain amount of tension between them- because their story isn’t meant to play out in Storybrooke. It would also explain why it’s not a topic of conversation for any of the writers or actors- it’s a major plot point,  and talking about it would be a spoiler. Lastly, Adam Horowitz said himself that they weren’t queerbaiting:

If they’re planning on having Regina be a part of Emma’s new life free from the Savior curse, then technically this isn’t a lie.

But could they make it so that Emma and Regina’s relationship is merely as platonic co-parents in the real world? Of course. But at the end of the day we would still be right: Swan Queen would still technically be endgame, and it’s still a hell of a lot better than Captain Swan.


HISTORY MEME → [1/3] Wars: Wars of the Roses

The Wars of the Roses were a series of wars for control of the throne of England fought between supporters of two rival branches of the royal House of Plantagenet: the House of Lancaster (associated with a red rose), and the House of York (whose symbol was a white rose). The conflict lasted through many sporadic episodes between 1455 and 1487; however, there was fighting before and after this period between the houses. The power struggle ignited around social and financial troubles following the Hundred Years’ War, combined with the mental infirmity and weak rule of Henry VI which revived interest in Richard, Duke of York’s claim to the throne. Historians disagree about whether the Wars of the Roses were caused by the structural problems of bastard feudalism or Henry VI’s ineffectiveness as king.

With the Duke of York’s death, the claim transferred to his heir, Edward, who later became the first Yorkist king of England, as Edward IV. His son reigned for 86 days as Edward V, but Parliament then decided that Edward and his brother Richard were illegitimate and offered the crown to Edward IV’s younger brother, who became Richard III. The two young princes disappeared within the confines of the Tower of London.

The final victory went to a claimant of the Lancastrian party, Henry Tudor, Earl of Richmond, who defeated the last Yorkist king, Richard III, at the Battle of Bosworth Field. After assuming the throne as Henry VII, he married Elizabeth of York, the eldest daughter and heir of Edward IV, thereby uniting the two claims. The House of Tudor ruled the Kingdom of England until 1603, with the death of Elizabeth I, granddaughter of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York.

How AC characters study for finals
  • Altaïr: *stares at the stack of papers* DESYNCHRONIZED
  • Malik: *tries to get Altaïr's shit together by repeatedly insulting him* NOVICE!!!
  • Ezio: *sexts his girlfriend*
  • Ezio text: [hey come over I'm going to fail this anyways lol]
  • Connor: *studies hard the whole night, watches puppy videos to relax*
  • Connor: I'm going to die :,)
  • Haytham: *doesn't need to study because this ass is a smart ass*
  • Lee: *procrastinates because knows that he's gonna cheat from Haytham tomorrow*
  • Hickey: *doesn't give a shit, drops out the day before finals are over*
  • Aveline: *crams material that isn't even on the final, but just in case*
  • Aveline: Imma learn all capitals of the world for this math exam....
  • Edward: alright, after studying hard for an hour, I'm going to take a shot of vodka...lets go
  • Edward: *gets drunk in 30 minutes*
  • Adewale: *tries to help Edward, gives up and drinks as well*
  • Shay: *betrays his study group, skips finals, decides to become a sailor*
  • Shay: fuck ya'll, imma swim to the sunset.
  • Arno: *consumes a large amount of baguettes in 15 minutes because he's nervous*
  • Arno: Ah merde, there are no questions about me. I'm going to fail.
  • Elise: *tries to study while watching Arno sob about his sorry ass*
  • Elise: ....why am I dating you again?
  • Evie: *studies hard af a month before finals, takes extra classes, barely leaves her room*
  • Jacob: :D lel where da party tho?
  • Henry: *joins to study with Evie just because he has a crush on her*
  • Henry inside: *^* she is so concentrated, omfg I want her now.
  • Starrick: *joins Haytham on the Smart Ass train*
  • Starrick: idgf, I've got money, ya'll can suck my d-

since i can’t seem to stop cranking out pynch oneshots this week have another one (with a side of bluesy because why not):

It may have started as a joke, but Adam’s not laughing now.

It’s been a few months since everything happened. Some things (Blue finally being able to kiss Gansey) have been easier to adapt to than others (Noah’s disappearance, Ronan and Adam finding themselves co-parenting a half-goat girl) but they’re making it work.

Truly, Adam’s biggest problem at the moment is trying to decide if he wants to keep one or both of his jobs over the summer to save up for any college expenses not covered by his (very, very generous) full-ride scholarship.

And Ronan’s current outfit. That’s definitely jumped to the top of Adam’s list of problems.

Henry had decided they needed more fun in their lives and that it was time they acted like the teenagers they are before September rolls around and everyone goes their separate ways (well, Henry, Blue and Gansey are going one way and Adam and Ronan are going two other ways but the point still stands).

His lease for the Litchfield house is up at the end of June and he decides to have one last blow out party to celebrate.

But not just any party.

A costume party.

“You do know it’s fucking June, right?” Ronan had muttered when Henry had burst into Monmouth carrying streamers and cans of glittery spray paint.

“That I do, Lynch. Which is why it’s a costume party and not a Halloween party.” Henry had said with a grin.

And that was that.

Now it’s the morning of the party and Adam’s having a hard time keeping his mouth shut as he sprawls out on the bed and watches his boyfriend get ready. Ronan, pissy about dressing up (“It’s a costume party Lynch I think you can chill out on the whole ‘I don’t lie’ thing in this particular case”) had decided that if he was going to be forced to be someone else for the night, then naturally it would be at Gansey’s expense.

One orange polo shirt and a pair of pressed khaki shorts later and Adam is having a crisis. He’s never really been into Gansey’s particular aesthetic (neither had Blue, actually, which Adam privately finds hilarious) but there’s something about Ronan wearing his signature items that’s doing something to him.

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Happy New Year

+ this is a little fic just to let you know i’m still here and to wish you happy new year. let’s hope 2017 will be kinder to us all +

(Y/N) wasn’t having a fantastic time.

Well, that wasn’t entirely true. She was surrounded by her coworkers and best friends. Prentiss was already very drunk, and that was always fun. Hotch had brought Jack with him, and you always liked talking to him about the new superheroes he liked, the two of you always arguing about what was the best: Marvel or DC. Derek had shown up as a surprise at JJ’s New Year’s party, alongside Savannah and Henry. Rossi was having agrand time chatting up one of JJ’s single aunts. JJ was the perfect host, making sure everyone was having a great time, and a filled glass. And Garcia never left (Y/N)’s side, worried about her recently single friend and how she was doing after her breakup, at this time of the year no less.

(Y/N) was fine. Actually, more than fine. She was actually surprised at herself, being so fine after getting dumped by her boyfriend of a few months one day before the last day of the year. Garcia thought that the youngest girl of the team was trying to be brave, putting on a tough face in front of people so they wouldn’t know how hurt she was. But the truth is, she wasn’t. Hurt, that is. She was fine. More than that. (Y/N) was relieved.

She couldn’t quite pinpoint the why but damn, she was happy that after being so heartbroken post-breakups all her life, she was finally getting a bit more emotionally stable. Or at least that was what she thought.

But she wasn’t having a fantastic time. It was okay, to say the best. If she was being quite honest with herself, (Y/N) was a bit upset that Spencer wasn’t there. I mean, obviously JJ had invited him, and if he had planned on attending the party, surely he’d be there already, being responsible and punctual and all that. So (Y/N) assumed he had other plans, but what could they be?

Maybe Spencer had gone to Vegas to spend New Year’s with his mother. At the thought of that, (Y/N) unknowingly smiled. He had a great relationship with her, and they had gone through so much already. The thought of him spending an important holiday with his mother made her happy. Because it was exactly something that would make Spencer happy. But then again, he would’ve told people he was going away, right? So maybe he wasn’t spending New Year’s with her.

Oh, god. Did Spencer have a girlfriend and was spending the turn of the year with her? Dear lord. That would explain a lot of things. Like why he had withdrawn from (Y/N) for a few months, probably busy being with this woman. And how, after the breakup, he was nowhere to be seen. He was one of (Y/N)’s best friends and he hadn’t been there for her at a time she needed, so surely there was an explanation.

A girlfriend. Of course. He had been too busy with his new relationship to even pay attention to her. The thought of that made (Y/N) frown, even though at that point Garcia was telling a funny story about a failed relationship she had when she was younger. But why thinking about Spencer with a girl was making her feel so… bad? A true friend would be happy to see him with someone after all he went through, specially with his love life. So why wasn’t she? Happy, that is. Which she wasn’t. She was… angry, sad. A little jealous.

‘Oh. Shit,’ she thought. She was a lot jealous. A true friend wouldn’t be jealous. The only person who would be jealous would be a person who had feelings for him. And (Y/N) didn’t have feelings for him. Did she? No, that cannot possibly be true. They were friends, they did everything together and there was no one else she was more comfortable with. There was no one else she was more comfortable with.

‘There’s no one else,’ she thought. ‘Shit. I’m in love with him. Shit, shit, shit.’

(Y/N) needed to breathe. Garcia had now moved on to talking about celebrity crushes and had no idea what was going on inside (Y/N)’s mind. Dear lord, she was in love with Spencer. That would explain a lot. Like why she was so relieved after her relationship ended. Why she wasn’t heartbroken. Not at her breakup, and yet a little at the thought of Spencer with someone else.

It was close to midnight and he was still nowhere to be seen. The party had moved on to JJ’s lawn, to get a good look at the fireworks at the turn of the year. Inside the house, (Y/N) told Garcia to go ahead and be with the others, she would be right there. But the truth was she needed some time. Some alone time to figure out what was happening, to get used to being in love with her best friend. Should she tell him something? Maybe not if it turns out he does have a girlfriend. But if he doesn’t, she should say something. Right? Would he even be interested in her? Would he shove her away? Withdraw himself one more time? (Y/N) couldn’t bear the thought of him not talking to her, not being her friend. But she needed to be brave, because what if? What if he felt the same? What if he didn’t but not just yet? What if he, they just needed some time to figure stuff out?

“TEN.” (Y/N) heard everyone shout and stared at them, sighing. She should go outside, celebrate with them, but at same time she just wanted to be alone, to think about these feelings she had just discovered. These new, exciting, terrifying feelings. Well, were they new?

“NINE.” Everyone was happy, she could see that much. Of course they were all surrounded by loved ones, and (Y/N) sure loved her friends. But now… It was like something was missing. Someone, actually.

“EIGHT.” She thought about the new year, about how the last one had been a crappy one, but she looked at the future with an uncertain optimism, if there was such a thing. If that year had taught her anything was that she should be careful, think things true. Always the rushed one, the multitasker.

“SEVEN.” Breathe, (Y/N). Be more calm, take time with things. With life. With people.

“SIX.” Forgive yourself more. For the things you did and for the things you didn’t do. There’s no point in beating yourself up for the relationship with someone you weren’t in love with. Or for the toll taken in your relationship with someone you did love. Breathe.

“FIVE.” Love yourself more. Why did you get in a relationship with that guy in the first place? Were you just lonely? Unhappy? Learn to be alone, to be surrounded by silence. I know the quiet makes room for sad and scary thoughts. Let them in.

“FOUR.” Wasn’t Bukowski that said, “If you’re going through hell, keep going”? The only way out is through.

(Y/N) sighed and heard the door open quickly.


He looked disheveled. His hair was a mess, and still lovely. His tie was crooked. He looked out of breath, like he had just run there, and he looked like he was searching for something.

“Spencer,” (Y/N) said, with a light smile.

Then he looked at her.


There was something about his eyes, an intensity she had never noticed before. An intensity that was never there. The way he looked at her was like he was seeing her, all of her. As if he could read her mind, know her feelings, like he could see so much of her that it would be less uncomfortable for (Y/N) if she was actually naked.


He made his way to her abruptly, and quickly. His long legs taking but a few steps until he found himself in front of her and cupped her face. His hands were freezing, and perhaps that was why they were shaking.


He kissed her. His lips crashed into (Y/N)’s without so much as a warning. It took her a fraction of a second to understand what was going on. To notice that while his lips were cold, his tongue was warm. To hear the happy sigh that escaped his lips while they kissed. To feel one of his hands go from her cheek to her waist, closing in the already not so big distance that separated the two. To feel the other hand move from her cheek to her neck, his thumb caressing her so gently. But when she did, understand what was going on, that is, she was sure that there was no need for fireworks outside, in the sky.

Her hands went straight to his hair, so naturally as if she had thought about touching them and feeling them between her fingers all of this time. Her hands were warm on his cold face, that by the second they kissed, began to warm up a little. All of him was warming up at her touch. And although (Y/N) had been indoors all the party, she could swear all of her was warming up at his touch as well.

When they finally broke the kiss, the kiss that (Y/N) wasn’t sure she was desperately thinking about for the last minute or for the past year, ever since she joined the BAU, Spencer smiled and said, “Happy New Year, (Y/N).”

(Y/N) chuckled. “Happy New Year, Spencer.”

Best Damn Bachelor Party

Commiserating over the traditions of bachelorette and bachelor parties, Emma and Killian end up having their own celebration on the eve of their wedding. A little bachelorette/bachelor party one-shot on the eve of the Captain Swan Wedding! Thanks to @like-waves-on-the-beach for the last minute read through and writer support! Thanks to @lizzyc807shipscaptainswan for the writing challenge prompt and invitation to all to participate.

Rated M - If M is not your thing, read NO further


ffnet   ao3


“A what?” Killian asked, looking as befuddled as he had when Henry had congratulated him on their Wookie prisoner gag.

“A bachelor party,” David and Henry repeated in unison.

The three most important men in Emma Swan’s life sat together at a corner booth in Granny’s discussing the plan of action for tonight.  It was the night before David would walk his baby girl down the aisle, the first rite of passage he would get to experience as Emma’s father. It was Henry’s last night before officially having a stepfather, and seeing his mother marry the love of her life. And it was Killian’s last night as a bachelor, although he didn’t quite see the importance of celebrating his single status.

“Why on earth would I celebrate being a bachelor? I’ve been a bachelor for lifetimes. I’ll be a married man tomorrow, now that is something to celebrate,” Killian exclaimed.

David’s heart swelled a little bit at the happiness that Killian exuded, knowing that this reformed pirate was going to be the absolute perfect husband for his daughter. “Well, that’s just it, a bachelor party is one last hurrah, one last celebration as a free and single man.”

“And as I said, what I truly wish to celebrate is marrying Emma. So why don’t we have an ‘I’m getting married’ party instead?”

“You want a wedding shower?” David smirked.

“Aye, I quite like the sound of that. Now, just what does a wedding shower entail?”

“Jesus Christ, Hook, it was a joke. Wedding showers are for women… for the bride to be, not the groom!” David explained, exasperation at his future son-in-law coloring his tone. The blushing groom, he thought.

“Oi, mate, no need for sarcasm,” Killian shot back. “I don’t know everything about your realm. If it is a bachelor party I must have, then so be it.”

“Alright!” Henry pumped his fist into the air. “So what’s the plan fellas?”

David’s eyes about bugged out of his head at his grandson’s assumption that he would be at the bachelor party. A celebration among men. “Whoa, Henry, I’m not so sure your mother would be on board with you being at a bachelor party.”

“Gramps, we live in Storybrooke, it’s not like there will be drugs and strippers.”

David was speechless as he tried to pick his jaw up off the floor. Why was Henry even saying the word stripper? How did he even know about strippers? And drugs? He’s growing up too quickly, David panicked, now he positively felt like a grandpa as the need to keep Henry young and innocent surged through him. When he looked at Killian, the grin he saw on the pirate’s face wasn’t what he was hoping to see. He narrowed his eyes at Hook, as the man made eye contact with him, eyes filled with mirth no less. “What are you teaching my grandson?” David asked accusingly.

“I’m a pirate, Dave, not a man whore,” Killian deadpanned. He didn’t hold it against David, it was easy to blame a pirate, especially in uncomfortable situations; like when your grandson mentions naked women. Killian tried to school his features as he was having a hard time not bursting into laughter over the prince’s outrage.

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Hooked on Hues / CS + Devoid of Color

Hooked on Hues / CS + Devoid of Color

Summary: Henry thinks Hook could use a little more color in his wardrobe.

General Audience / ~400 words

It all began on Father’s Day.

Unfamiliar with the tradition, as none like it existed in the Enchanted Forest, Killian had been totally caught off guard by Henry’s gift. Checking his emotions in the face of the lad’s proclamation that he did, indeed, see him as a father, Killian gave a watery grin to the bright blue waistcoat his stepson had gifted him. Filled with pride and acceptance each time he looked upon it, the vest soon became one of his favorites articles of clothing.

Then came Independence Day.

“I know you aren’t from this land, but this is your home now so I thought you’d like something festive to wear to the party,” Henry had explained as he presented Hook with a red and white striped button up that he could wear under his blue waistcoat, giving him a festive appearance for the day’s celebrations.

Not wishing to disappoint, Killian donned the outfit and endured some of the more amused looks from Storybrooke’s citizenry. Henry’s pleased expression and Emma’s gratitude for indulging their son was all he needed to make the side eyed stares worth it.

It snowballed from there.

Orange, plum, mustard, hunter green, and other autumn hues made their way into Killian’s wardrobe as late summer turned into fall. Reds, greens, creams, blues, and other holiday tones found a place among his rack and stacks within their closet as well. By the time Easter came to their little town no one gave his blue gingham shirt under cream linen waistcoat a second thought.

“Another gift from Henry?” Emma asked as she took in her husband’s appearance and noticed the new vest.

“Aye,” Killian answered. “He said it’s been his mission to bring new shades into a wardrobe devoid of color.”

“Well, I’d say mission accomplished,” Emma replied with a chuckle. “I still like you in black, but I’m glad Henry’s been able to put a bit of brightness into your life.”

“That he has, love,” Killian agreed as he wrapped his arms around his wife. “And not just he, and not just to my wardrobe,” and he met her lips as a silent thank you for the color she and her son had brought back into his dark life.

by @hollyethecurious

Theme Announcement & Prompt Suggestions

Theme voting is now closed, and the theme for our 9th Swan Queen Week has been chosen: #TeamMOM!

Since our theme has been chosen, the submission and ask boxes are now open for prompt suggestions. The process for suggesting prompts is the same as theme suggestions, but now all submissions must fit the theme of “#TeamMOM” or things related Emma and Regina being mothers.

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femmethem  asked:

big beautiful day by pwr bttm and sarchengsey!!!! :^D

listen to the song here

little bit of body image issues of different sorts in here, including a character thinking they’re too big and also what could be read as a transphobic remark. Very light and fluffy overall, though.

They’re driving up the California coast in the middle of summer, and Blue has had enough.

“Pull over,” she says, and Gansey immediately does so, no questions. Henry, on official DJ duty, rises one well-crafted eyebrow at that, but decides teasing her girlfriend about how closely she listens to her other girlfriend is a silly endeavour when she could lean over and kiss Gansey’s cheek instead.

“You’re cute,” she says, and enjoys Gansey’s blush.

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