and parents are already screaming


these are the two goldendoodles my mom says she sees in the neighborhood on her walks, white coat is only 2 and 95lbs 😩😩😩 the lil one is 5 and 50lbs

You’ve Got The Wrong Man

Warnings: T

[read it on ao3]

AN: Set in IzunaIsAlive!AU and beta’ed by the lovely @redhothollyberries!


Sypnosis: Madara’s attempt at courtship is awkward at best.


Madara is twenty-three years old when he starts thinking about settling down.

It’s not so much the societal pressure that pushes him to (even though he’s aware that when his parents were his age Izuna was already running around kicking and screaming), and it’s not so much Hashirama practicing how to conjure geraniums at will that prods him to either.

It’s looking forward to crashing the Senju brother’s lunchbreak, three days a week, and watching the crinkle of Tobirama’s eyes when he chuckles. It’s the poking and jabbing, deliberately and with glee, at Tobirama over a cup of tea, inciting him until he’s about to throw a kunai at Madara.

It’s a certain smile, a certain head tilt, from a certain hard-headed Senju that certainly sends his heart pounding like drumming song.

Then one day, it hits him.

Madara’s bent forward, winded from a pretty nasty kick to his sternum when he looks up. There is sweat streaking down the marks on Tobirama’s face. His eyes are slanted and focused, vicious red lined with dark black eyelashes. The grind of his teeth promises pain, and the stern line of his jaw promises efficiency.

Gritty, fierce and deadly.

Oh no. Madara chokes on air, breathless for a completely different reason. Oh hell no.

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I Taste You in My Glass

Anon asks:

Hello! May I have a Chandler Riggs imagine? Possibly one whereas he’s dating Brianna but has feelings for the reader—happy ending, please!

(Hi! I changed Brianna to an OC out of respect towards Brianna, hope you don’t mind. Thanks! Also I’m the slowest writer in history, sorry!!)

I Taste You in My Glass

3:14 AM

We fought again

3:15 AM

She blamed it on you, bullshit

3:20 AM

I’m going to talk to her

4:37 AM

Maybe we shouldn’t talk anymore.

The buzzing of my phone woke me up, my room blinking up by flashes of light.  I groggily threw a hand to the direction of it, thinking it was my alarm that I so loathed. Yet, when I saw the messages on my lock screen I wished for it to be my alarm. I was wide awake, my heart thumping and my mind was racing a hundred a second. My back fell back onto my matrass, I looked up to the dark ceiling and felt myself covering my eyelids with shaking hands. Palms digging into them. Chandler Riggs was so good at making the world stop.

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By the time the Shanghai Enclave became worried at the silence from the Institute and broke in to save us, both my parents were already dead. I don’t remember any of it. I was screaming and delirious. They took me to the Silent Brothers, who healed my body as well as they could. There was one thing they couldn’t fix, though. I had become addicted to the substance the demon had poisoned me with. My body was dependent on it the way an opium addict’s body is dependent on the drug. They tried to wean me off it, but going without it caused terrible pain. Even when they were able to block the pain with warlock spells, the lack of the drug pushed my body to the brink of death. After weeks of experimentation they decided that there was nothing to be done: I could not live without the drug.
—  Jem Carstairs, Clockwork Angel
Show Me Love

Summary: Dan has a great life at school; lots of friends, good grades, everyone loves him; but at home, it’s a different story. He is afraid to go home everyday after school, and the weekends leave him bloodied and bruised. But one day, it finally stops.

Warnings: Abuse (physical and emotional) some gore, major character death, homophobia


Dan walked to school with his old, worn down black backpack on his shoulders. He had nothing inside it aside from school books and a single pencil that his friend had given him. He was too tired to get a job and his parents would never buy him anything that he needed. He was lucky if he ate anything on the weekends; his school lunch would often be his only meal each day.

He didn’t have the happy life that he made everyone at school believe he did. His parents weren’t loving, they hated him; but he still loved them more than anything. The sixteen year old never understood why they hit him like a punching bag any chance that they got; he always did anything he could to please them; even as a little kid. When they got sick, he would take care of them, he always got good grades, never got in trouble and he was already well known around town as an amazing actor. His parents still hated him, but he would never stop trying to earn their love.

The brunette was a few minutes away from the school when he heard a voice come from behind him,

“Excuse me!”

Dan turned and smiled widely at the black haired boy in front of him; he looked a bit younger than Dan, a bit shorter too. He had wide blue eyes that sparkled when he spoke, a slightly crooked smile and glasses on his face.

“What’s up?” Dan asked, walking towards the boy.

The boy smiled at him happily and giggled, “I was hoping that you could show me around the school a bit. I don’t want to bother you or anything but-”

“I’d love to help you out!” Dan interrupted. holding out his hand. “I’m Dan Howell.”

The ebony haired boy smiled and took his hand, shaking it politely; “I’m Phil Lester; it’s nice to meet you.”

Hours later, the bell finally rang, signaling the students that the school day was over. Dan was stood outside of the school, waiting for Phil as he had promised to do at lunch. Phil was the most amazing friend that he had ever had. He listened to everything that Dan had to say like it meant the world to him and he was never afraid to ask Dan questions; even when he noticed a bruise on Dan’s forearm. Of course, Dan had told him a lie; saying something about it happening when he was roughhousing with friends.

“Hey Dan!” Phil called out, running over to him excitedly, his backpack bouncing behind him.

Dan turned to him, smiling widely at him, quickly being engulfed into a hug. He laughed and hugged Phil back, pulling away from it to look at him. He couldn’t explain it, but Phil looked slightly different now; different from when Dan had seen him not even thirty minutes ago in the hallway. He was still beautiful, but his face had changed; dark circles underneath his eyes, making him look exhausted. A large bruise was on his cheek as well as many small cuts, but that wasn’t the biggest problem; Phil had a gaping gash in his head, blood dripping down his face.

The brunette was about to freak out and ask Phil what had happened, but when he looked again, Phil was back to normal. There was no sign that he had been hurt previously, he didn’t even look tired anymore, but Dan still felt a bit sickened by what he had just seen. He couldn’t have imagined that; he knew that he couldn’t, but that left him with absolutely no explanation. Maybe he was just going crazy.

“Did you hear me Dan?” Phil asked, bring Dan out of his thoughts.

He shook his head, waiting for Phil to repeat himself.

“I said we should go to the park to hang out for a little while, it’ll be nice, I love the park.” Phil said excitedly, making Dan chuckle.

“Alright Phil, it could be fun. But wait… didn’t you just move here? How’d you know about the park?” He asked the black haired boy curiously.

Phil didn’t even acknowledge Dan’s question, he just grabbed Dan’s hand, pulling him towards the park like he had done the same many times before. It was like Phil knew exactly where the park was from the school, but that wasn’t possible. Earlier that day, Phil had explained to Dan that his family had moved in late last night; having already registered Phil into the school beforehand. The blue eyed boy was a real mystery, but Dan liked that about him.

When they got to the park, Phil immediately ran to the large oak tree at the very back of the park. No one really went around it, some kids said that it was haunted, others said that it was too old to do much with, but Phil climbed the tree with complete ease.

“You shouldn’t do that Phil, it’s an old tree, it could break and you’ll get hurt.” Dan scolded, looking up as the black haired boy sat on a large branch.

Phil laughed and shook his head, “I’ll be fine, I do it all the time. Come on up, it can hold us both.”

Without thinking, Dan set his bag down, climbing the tree with much more difficulty than Phil. A few times while climbing, Dan’s foot would slip and he’d feel his heartbeat speed up as if he were going to die. The third time that his foot slipped, Phil held out his hand, gently helping Dan climb up to the branch that he was on. When Dan made himself comfortable, he looked out over the park, gasping softly. It was beautiful; the fall leaves looked so much brighter from higher up and it seemed almost magical each time that a gust of wind would take a leaf with it; like the universe gently taking another soul after it’s time.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Phil asked, smiling softly at Dan.

The brunette nodded slowly, still in awe from the scenery. He couldn’t help but wish that he had done this before, but he never really thought about it. He moved his hand along the large trunk of the tree, gasping as his hand slid into a hole. As he was about to pull his hand out, his hand brushed over something; it felt like a book. Curiously, he began to pull it out of its hiding place.

“Leave it Dan, you can look at it later.” Phil whispered in a calm but serious voice, not even looking at Dan.

Dan jumped slightly at Phil’s words and change of tone; how had he known what Dan was doing? He sighed, but set the book down, pulling his hand out of the tree carefully.

“Why can’t I look at it? I think it’s just an old book, and how did you even know that it was there?” Dan questioned, looking at Phil’s face; slightly reddened by the cold.

Phil looked at the hole in the tree before turning his attention to something far from where they were sat, “It’s not time.” Was all he said.

The brunette sighed but didn’t question Phil, he knew that he wouldn’t get any answers. At school, Phil had been extremely giggly and silly, but now, he was very serious. Phil was just very strange, but it didn’t make Dan like him any less; if anything it made Dan like him even more. He felt like Phil had something special, like he lived in two different worlds; the one that they were in now and in one that Dan couldn’t see. Phil was lucky in that sense; Dan wished that he could escape the real world sometimes.

After Dan felt the book inside the tree, Phil asked Dan to go with him to the swings; he couldn’t say no. He hadn’t been on the swings in years, not since his grandmother had passed away. She passed when he was eight years old and that’s when his homelife got bad, that’s when his father started drinking and his mum started to take out her stress in all of the wrong ways. He quickly shook his head, trying to rid himself of the bad thoughts.

Hours felt like minutes while Dan was with Phil; they sat on the swings, talking, telling stories, even singing a bit before Dan decided that he needed to go home, even though he really didn’t want to. His mum and dad would be home and he didn’t feel like dealing with them, but he knew that he had no choice.

“I have to go, my parents will be worried.” Dan lied, standing up slowly.

Phil nodded, looking at the dead leaves on the ground, suddenly looking sad. Dan felt bad, but he knew that Phil should probably be getting home as well; with his family being new in town, his parents would be worried sick about him.

“Do you want me to walk you home?” Dan asked softly, biting his lip as Phil shook his head.

“No thanks Dan… I’ll see you later, okay?” Phil whispered, standing up slowly.

The brunette frowned, feeling slightly upset at Phil’s sudden change in attitude. He couldn’t understand it, but he didn’t ask questions, instead he leaned over, hugging Phil tightly. Phil just sat there, not moving; something that Dan found very strange.

“Good night.” He whispered, picking up his bag and walking away slowly, leaving Phil in the empty park; swinging silently on the old swingset.

When Dan got to his house, he took a deep breath. His parents were inside, already screaming at each other. He hoped that he would be able to sneak past them, but he knew that luck would never be on his side. Dan opened the door slowly, hoping that it wouldn’t creak and for once, it didn’t. He held his breath, not bothering to shut the door before tiptoeing through the lounge; his parents in the kitchen. He was halfway up the stairs to his room when his father noticed him.

“Hey faggot, c’mere!” He slurred drunkenly towards the boy.

Dan froze, not daring to even take a breath. He didn’t want to bring anymore attention to himself than there already was. The brunette thought of running out of the house, but he knew from experience that it would anger his mum and dad more; he knew that he would be better off just doing what he was told. Taking a deep breath, he walked towards his fathers voice.

“Where were you, you stupid little whore? Fucking anything with a dick?” His mum laughed bitterly, shoving him roughly towards the wall in the kitchen.

He said nothing. This wasn’t too unusual. Dan had learned at a young age that being pushed around by his parents was inevitable; there was nothing that he could do but try to impress them so that they would love him like other people’s parents loved their kids. That’s all that he ever wanted from them, just love.

His father looked him up and down before spitting on his face, laughing like it was the funniest thing ever when Dan wiped the saliva off. This was all very routine for the brunette; he was very used to it. He’d get home, be picked on by his parents, pushed around until they got bored and then he’d lock himself in his room until they go to bed. It had been the same since before he even started primary school.

An hour later and a couple of new bruises, Dan was in his room, throwing his stuffed pikachu up in the air, catching it silently. Most days, he didn’t mind his beatings, what his parents said to him or the fact that he was always hungry, but tonight, it was different. His stomach hurt, not just from the bruises but from the hunger. Normally he’d eat plenty at lunch and he did today, but he was still hungry and it was driving him insane.

It took awhile, but he eventually came up with a surefire way to sneak into the kitchen to get some food when his parents went to bed. Both of his parents were heavy sleepers, they could sleep through a storm with no problem, they wouldn’t hear him sneak down to the kitchen.

Around midnight, he slowly opened his bedroom door, peeking out of his room before stepping out into the hallway, his socked feet moving almost silently against the carpeted floor. He could hear his father snoring in his parents’ room, meaning that he should be safe. Dan tip toed down the stairs, his heart beating fast in pure fear; he couldn’t be caught, he just couldn’t.

When he got down to the kitchen, he looked around quickly before walking to the nearest cupboard, pulling out a bag of crisps and going to the refrigerator, pulling out a can of soda. He was about to creep back up the stairs when he heard the voice that he was most afraid to hear,

“Faggot stealing our food?! Who the fuck said you could eat our food?!” His father roared, a beer bottle in his hand.

Dan trembled, biting his lip hard as tears ran down his face. He didn’t know what to say, there was nothing that he could say; his father would just ignore his explanation anyways. He opened his mouth to say something; anything, but he was silence by a hand bashing into his stomach, making him fall to the floor.

He cried out in pain, feeling kicks in his sides, head, chest; anywhere that his father could reach, he was kicked. Dan trembled into the floor, feeling his blood puddle around him. He felt sick, he was sure that he was going to throw up blood; he could feel it bubbling up in his throat. Tears rolled down his cheeks, feeling strange against his cheeks; he never cried, he just didn’t. He never could, but here he was, crying for the first time in nearly ten years.

“Stupid waste of space! Yer mum shoulda aborted you when she had the chance!” His father screamed before slamming the still half full beer bottle onto Dan’s head.

The brunette screamed loudly in pain, feeling dizzy and disorientated. The bubbling in his throat increased and he felt something dripping from his open mouth, he was sure that it was blood. He suddenly felt extremely tired; he just wanted to get up and go to bed, but he didn’t think he could get up. His brown eyes closed and he yawned, moving his sore arms around himself to use as a blanket.

A few minutes later, he felt something warm and soft drape over him; a blanket. He pulled it close, gasping softly in pain as he snuggled into it thankfully. Wait, who would give him a blanket? He willed his eyes to open but they wouldn’t, it was as if they were glued shut.

“Wh-who’s there?” He whimpered just below a whisper.

“It’s okay Dan, everything will be okay. I promise.” A familiar voice whispered from beside him.

The brunette couldn’t place the owner of the voice, but he nodded, thankful for the warm blanket around him. He felt sleep overtake him slowly, his only escape.


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things we do for fun

Hinata Shouyou / Kageyama Tobio
inspired by milkbois’s delinquent hinata au!!!

Kageyama is really stupid. Not in the academic sense, obviously; he wasn’t in the college preparatory class for nothing. He mentally chides himself over and over again, biting on his bottom lip as he pushes a mop down the school hallway.

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"You're such a baby"

A/N: requested by anon. It took long again :c I hope you still read this and please leave a message *^^*! I have major GOT7 feels the last couple of months, it hurts so much ;-;That was it. The last thing he, sort of, yelled at you was what made a little piece of your heart break.

You and Mark have been in a fight for the last thirty minutes about, well, nothing really. Something with you and not cleaning up your mess and you planning to visit your parents while he already planned something that day.

It’s not like he is screaming at you or calling you names, it’s just that you really don’t like his tone and you want him to calm down – to get himself together and become his usual sweet and kind self.
You sniff up your nose and feel your eyes get teary. Turning away from Mark you pull your sweater over your arm and wipe your eyes, before he notices what’s going on.

All this time you’ve been together you’ve never fight like this. Of course you have your arguments every now and then but every couple does. Somewhere deep down you had hoped for Mark to understand your reasons. From the one person you want and need it the most, you don’t get it.

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