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New Professor on Campus

Title: New Professor on Campus

Fandom: Pokemon

Word Count: 2599

Rating: M

Characters: Guzma

Pairing(s): Guzma x Reader

Genre: Romance

Warning(s): Swearing

Summary: You’re new to this university, and of course you get stuck with the weird, new teacher.

Chapter 2:

First day of University. What a drag. I sighed as I stood outside of the large campus that stood in front of me. People my age and older were all standing outside, chatting with each other before the day started. Some also had their Pokémon out with them as they socialized with the other people on campus. My shrimpy little Wimpod clung to my shoulder as I walked closer to the building. He looked around worriedly at all the different Pokémon and trainers that were out and about. I rested my hand on his head and gave him an affectionate rub.

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anonymous asked:

What are your wardrobe pregnancy essentials?

mmm being NUDE.

no seriously i cant stand wearing clothes majority of the time haha. I havent had to buy any maternity wear with the pregnancy i fit into most of my clothes up untill around 7-8 months, well maybe not my size 6 skinnies haha.

but when i do have to wear clothes , i would say good comfy cotton/stretch bras i got a collection of super cute and sexy ones cause i really dislike ‘maternity looking bras’ ew. loose tops! i have a ridiculous amount of mens plain Alexander Wang teeshirts/muscles and long sleeves in a thin cotton which i pretty much lived in since i was in new york at 4 months pregnant. a stretch skirt, slouch baggie jeans/pants (i have a rad one tea spoon pair) 

long hugging dresses to make you feel sexy while pregnant and show off the beaut bump towards the end. i picked most of mine up from vintage stores. a good pair of runners to wear with your everyday outfits (this helps with foot pain and keep your posture good and helps keep your more active during the day) during these later stages of pregnancy i wake up in the morning and straight away have a shower (after i dry brush) and get my runners on even if im spending most of my day at home, it helps me get things done and your more likely to go for a walk, bike ride ,head to the gym for a swim session or meet up with a friend down the street or do more around the house that sit on the couch. when my runners are on , things get done haha. pair that with some gym pants and a singlets or a tee and your have set your self up for a productive day. 

100% cotton undies are a must. get rid of any synthetic junk. keep the lacey ones to pretty much 'show off then take off!’ :)

iv lived in bikinis alot of this pregnancy to being summer. 

a breathable hooded dressing gown.

a cosy but fashionable jacket coat/ your body temp goes up and down a bit. and its great to have something stylish to throw over the top of leggings and a tee. 

stylish sports bra -The Upside do awesome ones.