and panda!!!

Watch puppies and doggos live on youtube when you are sad!

Seriously, it is a great terapy, I always does this when I am mad or sad at something, and I always feel better, puppies have a good energy and aura that reaches you even through your screen!

Here are some links:

Great Danes puppy room

Great Danes nursery cam

Senior Dogs gathering room

Outside dog yard

Puppy enrichment center

Puppy nursery cam


Panda sanctuary cam

Oh! There are kitties too!! If anyone is interested I can make a post just for the kitties ❤

Peace and love ❤✌


Ouhin and Touhin by PatrickHarperCR2
Via Flickr:
at Adventure world, Wakayama, Japan

Headcanon #115

Tigress has one talent she never uses in combat. One thing she’s never shown even shifu. What would everyone think of her?

In times of extreme fear or stress Tigress can go completely savage. A type of savage that relies on brute strength and the complete clouding of her sanity. The savage that haunts the nightmares of anyone who dared look into her eyes in this state.

[[since you seem to be more active that Hiccup I’m sending it to you too :’) ]]

Here is Crutchie with an italian ice as promised in the livestream! Davey gave it to him, his mother made it (Jack didn’t get any, Crutchie ate it all ;))

We both absolutely love it!!
Hiccup also says she doesn’t see it in her own submissions, so thank you for sending it again!!!

karen-panda-cons  asked:

Ñuuu Darky tu dibujas ermhozo Bv (teenvidiounpoco) me encanta como eres tu estilo es tan kdjejkf adorable *^* y Bue, yo en el salón estoy ajo sentada apartada de todos dibujando y así(? La timidez no es mala, te protege, pirque hacer amigos fácil es porque la confianza no existe y es solo una relación sin sentido, ser tímido hace que tus pocos (o no se) amigos tengan mucha confianza en ti y tu en ellos :3 Eres genial! Nunca dudes de eso \*^*/ (perdón por el testamento(?)

Aww Panda gracias qvq

(Conozco demasiados pandas ahre xD)