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Concept: Cold Topic. The opposite of Hot Topic. You walk in and you don’t immediately feel a thousand goth eyes piercing into you. The music is peaceful and subdued and not destroying your eardrums. Lots of color and pastel shades. You find a ton of cute stuff and the lack of the ow the edge attitude is kinda pleasant. The salesperson offers you complimentary cupcakes. You find yourself in a welcoming atmosphere, but it’s a little too welcoming. Another salesperson appears except they look identical to the first one. You start to feel uncomfortable so you buy your things and head for the door. Then 5 more freakishly identical salespeople appear to obstruct your escape route. They don’t let you leave

Little Dog

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The villagers had often wondered what exactly the girl from the future saw in the rough-edged boy from the past. They were more often than not seen fighting and causing problems for all sorts of people (not necessarily the girl, but they boy was known for his destructive tendencies when she was gone).

While it was interesting to see them interact, rumors had it that the two of the could be rather sweet to each other when they thought no one was watching - Kaede being the start and fodder of the rumor.

“He slept with his head on her lap all day yesterday. She was reading one of her ‘books’ and let him. It was the quietest my home’s been since they came back. He isn’t even injured!” Kaede stood in the middle of a group of the village women, gossiping about the two teens currently somewhere in the forest. “When he woke up, she asked him to take her on a walk!”

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Carrie is interesting to me because I’m not very into the horror genre so I quickly forget it’s the name of a movie. Whenever someone references it I assume they’re talking about Carrie Fisher because that’s the only Carrie I know. And I just saw someone talking about how Carrie once blew up half a town and I was like yeah that sounds exactly like something Miss Fisher would do I can respect that

Writing Masterpost

At the suggestion of @ryutolbx, I have decided to create a masterpost where a person could access all of my writings posted on Tumblr. This post will be updated accordingly/periodically with new writings and such. Also, everything I’ve written is pretty much G-Rated.


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The Tale of Harecules

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The Little Merbunny

Chapter 1


Baby Isa has a Rough Night

Easter in Zootopia

Isabelle Gets Sick


A Thank You to all the people who put up with me

Functionally Dysfunctional Part 3

Kagome was a highly affectionate person. He knew that. After all, he had married her and was devoted to her always.

But drunk Kagome was next level affectionate. Holding him closer than normal, patting his face, tell him she loved him. While it was awkward, especially with Miroku watching in glee, it was nice to realize how much she loved him.

“I like your face. Can I kiss it?” Kagome was running her delicate fingers all over his features, surprisingly soft considering how hard the liquor was that she had consumed.

“Yeah.” He closed the eye she was now caressing.

“Oh really?! Thank you!!!” She squealed with delight before planting a hard kiss near his mouth. He presumed she meant to kiss his mouth, but missed.

“Oh I just really like you. I’d like to marry you, Inuyasha.” She crawled even further into his laugh, and Inuyasha tried to ignore the howl of laughter that erupted out of Miroku. 

“You did,” he told her, already pinning his ears back to try to fight off the loud squeal of happiness that was going to come out of her. 

Inuyasha on his human night was always a sight to hold. He was a beautiful man, beyond her understanding. The way he was built was something that Michelangelo could only have dreamed to have painted. 

It was a wonder to her that others would have looked at him and not see how beautiful he was.

On his human night, he didn’t like to leave the house. Period. Kagome was fine with it, because she knew if he stepped outside, there would be flocks of women on him. And she wasn’t going to have that at all.

So they played games until he felt relaxed enough to sleep just a little bit. 

“Uno!” She giggled at him, knowing how much he hated card games. His eyebrows furrowed as he regarded her over his large hand of cards. 

He tried, she’ll give him that. He played a really good game, but in the end she was the one who prevailed (as was typical on game night).

He was shuffling for another game when Kagome stuck out the box instead.

“What? You’re tired of kicking my ass?” His eyes glinted as he realized what she was suggesting with her move, but he wasn’t about to let his opportunity to mock her go. 

“Maybe. Or maybe I think it’s time for a bath…” she trailed off as he put the cards in the battered UNO box.

Kaede had only seen them holding hands once. And it was by accident. She happened to look up at the two of them in a window where Inuyasha was ‘surveying his landscape’ for a lack of a better understanding of what he was doing, when Kagome walked over and took his hand. Kaede had thought that maybe a kiss or two would follow, but the two just stood and looked out the window together for a while.

She doesn’t know how long though, because she quickly looked away, feeling as though she had trespassed on an intimate moment. 

“He calls her ‘woman’ and ‘wench’ on a regular basis. I’ve heard it!” One of the neighbors,Hojo, had come to gossip about the odd pair. He had clearly had eyes for Kagome, and for some reason, Inuyasha was the only one out of the two who had realized it.

Kaede smoothly responded with “she calls him ‘dog-boy’ too. I think it’s just their pet names for each other.”

“I just don’t get it! How does a man like that get a woman as beautiful as Kagome?!” 

“She loves him. You don’t pick the people you love, you just love them with all your heart and soul. Those two are a living example if there ever has been one.” Kaede continued to look at her garden. Inuyasha had done a nice job trimming the rose bushes. She’d have to tell Kagome to thank him for her, since anytime she attempted to start a conversation, he managed to vanish. 

“Maybe she’s bewitched!” Hojo continued. “Clearly, he has her under some spell! I should save her before her lack of judgment ruins her!”

“The only thing with a lack of judgment is you, HOBO! Stay away from my wife!” Inuyasha hollered through his living room’s open window. 

Kagome let out an indignant “Inuyasha!” while Kaede had to catch her breath over how hard she had laughed. 

Hojo made himself scarce for a while, but he was too dense for his own good, and Kaede knew he would be back after a bit. And Inuyasha would be waiting for him.

 Where Kagome was oblivious, Inuyasha saw all, and where Inuyasha was blind, Kagome saw it all. It made them quite the pair. 

pepsi has this new drink or whatever called hot pepsi and every time I see it I cower in fear bc it looks crazy but what’s even worse is that I have to prevent myself from saying “mama mia that’s a spicy pepsi” out loud