and pan like the good shit that he is knows which insecurities to hit

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#42 isak and even ??

42) things you said when you asked me to marry you (this was requested by three people so i figured y’all really want this. it’s okay - i wanted it too.)

Isak’s still rubbing the sleep from his eyes when he enters the kitchen to Even making breakfast. He’s gotten years to drink in this sight on both the good days and the bad days, but the revelation that Even’s here, for him, is still enough to knock the wind out of Isak. It’s been so long, but Isak will always be that insecure boy in the kitchen of his old apartment, wondering if he’d dreamt up a world where someone as beautiful as Even would stay with him when the morning came.

“What are you doing over there?” Even says. He glances up from the eggs to beam at Isak. “I woke up extra early on our anniversary to make you breakfast, and I don’t even get a cuddle for it?”

“We could’ve cuddled in bed,” Isak grumbles, but he dutifully makes his way over to Even, wraps his arms around his waist and presses his nose against Even’s back. He breathes in, and Even’s familiar scent calms down the flutters in his stomach. “Seven years, baby,” he whispers.

“Feels like longer,” Even says.

“Yeah,” Isak says, but he’s been saying this as soon as he met Even, hadn’t he? Falling in love with Even had been like discovering something new and familiar all at once, and even though they’ve only officially been living together for three years, Isak can’t remember a time when he didn’t come home to Even. They’ve weathered storms, fought and broke and healed, but in the end, this is where he belongs, holding Even safe in his arms.

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Good luck with your blog! Could you write an Oikawa/Kenma fic where they had a rough day at work and unintentionally jabbed at their s/o's insecurity and they try to make it up to them the next day? Thank you! :)

oh, thank you so much! we really appreciate the shout-out. it helped us a whole bunch! i hope you’ll enjoy this and take it as another thank-you for your shout-out ahhh,,,, jin said that she may write the kenma ver in the future, but for now, here’s oikawa!!

- admeme lynn ohohoho

Cold air breathed on his skin from the moment he got out of the car. It was dark outside, and a quiet stillness surrounded the small apartment complex where he and you lived. A hand ran through his hair out of frustration, not minding that he was messing up the way he meticulously styled it this morning; after all, by now, his hair looked messy anyway. Tired fingers fumbled with the silver keys of the apartment door, and it took him three times until he turned the key the correct way. A small grunt escaped his lips in irritation, and he swung the door open before stepping inside. The apartment was dark, as it should be during this hour. However, he saw the faint light of the small TV screen was keeping the place dimly lit.

“Welcome home,” he heard your voice call from the couch, and he saw your sluggishly move to see him. “How was work? You came home pretty late.”

His jaw locked at the last comment, and his chest began to burn with the toxic anger that had churned from the moment he had left the photo-shoot. Being only a rookie model was hell. Uncooperative managers, deadbeat photographers, and intense competition— the whole industry for modeling was completely cutthroat. Even if he was gradually getting more and more popularity, he could be easily be kicked to the side with a single flick of the wrist. Perhaps that’s why he hasn’t been paying much attention to you since he was too focused on his own image. Skin clear, smile white, hair perfect— those were only the few standards for a model. And Oikawa, who stood against men with colored eyes and sun-kissed skin and perfect bodies— he almost appeared generic next to them. Each day was a struggle for the fittest, and today was no exception.

”Oikawa-san, can you give me a little bit more?”

“You look hideous in those clothes, and they’re a brand name… No way we can advertise the brand when you look like crap.”

“Oikawa, you’re not doing anything for me. Miyamoto, replace Oikawa for me, will you?”

“How do you expect to be a model with a face like that?”

“How did someone like you even get in here? Is that really all you got?”

They were rougher than usual today, the photographers. Out of all the photos taken that day, Oikawa was only taken in three of them, all of which were group photos to enhance the image of another model. There was no way he could make a break for it if he just kept screwing up.

”You’re not the only pretty one here,” one of the models had told him. “Just because you got a lot of hype back in high school doesn’t mean jack shit. Go back to your volleyball, kid.”


Your voice snapped him back to reality.

“Shut up,” are the first words that spat out of his mouth. His tone surprises even him, but for some reason, it feels good. He feels like that poison in his chest is rolling right off his tongue. He wants to get rid of that building acid. He wants to be clean. And so he keeps going. “You know, you don’t have any idea how hard it is to be a model. With that weight? You wouldn’t even be considered.” And his heart doesn’t even stop him. “Like, you should consider yourself lucky to even talk to a guy like me… Really… How did someone like you even get in here?

The light is faint, but he can see the surprise twist your expression. Watery flecks of pain reflect in your eyes and he stands there for a second, paralyzed under your broken gaze. He knew that your body was a touchy subject that you didn’t like to talk about; it was an insecurity that had formed from the beginning of middle school. Even now, when you were beautiful regardless of whatever your weight was, you were still sensitive on the topic. The toxic in his chest was replaced by a painful wave of guilt that shook his chest. He mirrored your look of pain except with remorse written all over his face.

He watched your figure get up from the couch and quietly walk to the bedroom. The sound of the door locking shut proved to him that this time he went too far.

The next morning Oikawa surprises you with the scent of burnt toast and scrambled charcoal. When you go in the kitchen to see what he’s doing, the brown-haired male stiffens and tries to hide his mess.

“Ah..? Ah! This? This, uh— You woke up too early, and I thought I’d have time to— you know, make it up—” he began, and he shut off the stove before something blew up. Feebly, he looked back at the pans he ruined just trying to make eggs, and he glanced back at you with a hopeful smile. “Let’s go out to eat for breakfast!” he offered instead, taking off his ruined apron (which was actually yours; Oikawa was definitely not the cook of the house).

After getting ready for your impromptu date, he looked over at you and noticed your downcast expression. “I’m sorry for making you wash all the dishes after my disaster,” he said with a small laugh, rubbing the back of his neck. “I’ll make it up to you! Just you wait, ____-chan!” He offers that bright goofy smile of his and takes your hand as you two exit the apartment complex.

However, the date goes terribly wrong. At the café you go to, you end up spilling your coffee on yourself and ruining your outfit. He drags you to go shopping and offers to let you buy anything you want, but whatever you want is either out of your size, or you get odd looks from the judgemental workers. Oikawa could swear there’s tears in your eyes by the time you two leave the fifth shop that day, empty-handed. His heart swells with this unforgiving pain, and he wants to reach out to you and comfort you. Funny, though. He was holding your hand, you were right by his side, and yet– You were so far away from him.

“Tooru…” It’s dark again, and your voice drifts out like a lonely gust of air. Oikawa lifts his head to glance at you, only illuminated by the lamplights scattered around the park. His hand grips yours a bit tighter; he feels like you’re slipping away from him.

“You’re right. You can do a lot better than just me… I mean, you could be getting a lot more publicity if you dated another model or actress than some stupid, ugly nobody—”

“____.” His voice is serious now, and he jerks you towards him. In a swift movement, he lets go of your hand and his arms wrap around your waist firmly. There’s something different about this hug; it’s nearly childish, like a desperate and immature fear that you’d slip away from him at any moment. “Don’t ever say something like that again.” He buries his head into your neck and takes everything in: the feeling of your skin, the scent of your shampoo, the crook of your neck and how it fit with his forehead. No one could possibly replace you, no matter how rich, now matter how pretty, no matter how famous. God, he would be a mess without you.

“I was a big idiot, okay? You can hit me if you want,” he laughed a bit bitterly as he pulled back, but his forehead was still pressed against yours. “I shouldn’t have said what I said yesterday. You’re beautiful, and fun, and pretty, and nice and—God, you’re so nice to me— How you put up with all of this— really, you’re just out of this world—” He gave another goofy smile at his cheesy alien pick-up line and then laughed. He wondered briefly if you could see the light reflecting on the tears beginning to rim his eyes.

You did.

“Just promise me you’ll never cook again,” you whisper softly, lifting a finger to rub his tears before they fell. “I forgive you, Tooru.” You playfully slapped the taller male’s shoulder. “And that’s for being an idiot.”

“Hey, ____-chan, will you give me a kiss to make me feel better? Right here?” He cheekily pursed in his lips forward, and you rolled your eyes.

Letting go of him, you moved away and began walking ahead of him. “Talk space stuff to me, Tooru,” you said, glancing back at him with a small grin, “and maybe I’ll think about it.”

You didn’t know, did you? When you smiled, Tooru swore he saw stars in your eyes.

Two Weddings and a trip to St.Mungo’s.

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“I need to get married, Pans.” He whispered, the delicate silver envelope in hand dropping down onto the coffee table.
“Whatever for?” She braced herself, gathering her arms across her chest protectively.
“Because-” He began, but chose instead to throw the silver card at her to catch.
“Ginevra Molly Weasley and Harry James Potter, formally request the honour of your presence at their wedding!” Pansy’s eyes bulged in their sockets. “Wedding?! But! Since when? Last I heard that red headed bint was flying round the world playing Quidditch! How did they manage this?”
Draco shrugged.
“This still doesn’t explain why you need to get married.” She sighed, waving the invitation in hand dramatically.
“I need to get married because he is.” Draco said, as if that would suddenly explain everything.
“If this is out of competition then you are more of an idiot than I-” He turned away from Pansy’s harsh glare.
She let the silence simmer between them, didn’t dare move a muscle least it set him off. She knew better than interrupt him when he was like this.
Finally, he turned eyes glassy and raw looking. “Pansy. I said I need to get married, because he is getting married.” He enunciated the ‘he’ as if the very word carried the weight of the world, and then, she realized that maybe it did, for Draco’s world at least.


When the war was over Blaise Zabini, having little connection to the dark side and the ambition to make something of himself, decided to get a job. His mother, having acquired her wealth due to a series of mysteriously dead husbands didn’t want for anything. Blaise however felt the urge to prove himself to the greater known wizarding world and signed up for the Auror Corp.
Which is how, after a few hard years, and a few dozen more dangerous missions later Blaise Zabini had come into the position to find himself within this very office to say the words, “Fuck off Potter.” With good mirth knowing it would be well received by said Potter. Harry Potter, who was of course, his Auror partner.
“I swear, you should have seen your face when the pus hit you!” Potter laughed, leaning back against the leg of his chair.
“You should have seen yours when you had to file the reports later!” Blaise countered, smugly accepting victory as Harry’s face contorted with the haunting memory of ‘Section 38’s Unknown Substance’ files.
“Touche.” Potter murmured.
“Knock Knock?” Draco spoke from the open door, “Blaise, a word?”
Potter, sat up straight, fixing his chair. Eying Draco like a puppy aching for attention. “Malfoy.” He said in greeting.
“Potter.” Draco nodding in return. Blaise watched him fumble with his manilla folder, “I see that congratulations are in hand. I hope you and Miss Weasley will be very happy.”
And with that he was out the door, leaving Blaise to follow.


“I think this is a bad idea Draco. Pureblood crap like this should actually go extinct with all that Dark Lord crap. It’s basically an arranged marriage. Surely you see that!” Pansy cried, Draco hushed her with a look and she sat back into the wicker of her chair, fiddling with the teaspoon resting by her latte.
“The whole point is, Pans, that I am the one arranging it. Not my parents, not a century old blood pact or a cursed bonding trinket, me! If I want to get married, I will chose one of these lovely ladies and procure Malfoy heir’s until I die! Now help me choose! What about this one?”
Pansy sneered, ignoring the insecurity of how much she knew it made her look like a pug. “This agency is barbaric, they’ve written her out to sound like a piece of cattle. Refined features, family of good breeding. Wand, maple oak, magic reserved but readily responding to wandwork.”
Draco rolled his eyes and snorted a little, knowing fairly well how ridiculous it sounded.
“Draco. You’re gay. We’ve both known this since fourth year. You can’t just ignore this for the rest of your life. Just to avoid how in love with P-”
“Here you go! The enchanted wax cheesecake! And the cherry drizzle sponge! Anything else I can get you?” The waitress interrupted.
“No thank you!” He smiled with sickening sweetness.
“Draco!” Pansy warned.
“Hush. Eat your cake.” He commanded, before shaking out the agency case files, and starting over them again.”


“Marry me!” She was wet, she was stormy, she was having none of his shit as she burst through his Floo, covering herself in soot.
“The fuck Pansy what happened?!” Draco leapt from his couch to her aid.
“If you’re going to have a sham wedding, and have a sham of marriage, have it with me!” She declared.
“Pans!” He sighed, curling the conjured towel around her shoulders.
“You’re my best friend. I know you. I love you. We can make it work! I’m not seeing anyone and nobody is willing to give me much time anyway since the war, so why not?” She reasoned resolutely.
“That’s ridiculous Pansy. I’m not holding you back from a lifetime of happiness!” He guided her back the fireplace, the green flames turning orange once more heating them at once.
“We’ll both see men on the side! It’s a perfect arrangement. No one gets hurt! And if you really want to beget children, then who better than to carry them but your best friend? Not some snot of a wife who’ll try to use them to manipulate you should things go sour? We could even do it all clinically, St.Mungo’s can impregnate my eggs with your swimmers we’d never have to share a bed!”
“Pansy.” He gasped, “You don’t know what you’re offering! What if you meet someone? What if you find someone you could share your life with?”
“Then we can get divorced!” She smiled, her breath finally reaching its calm. “Besides Draco, I refuse to believe that you know what you are throwing away! Just because you can’t have Potter, doesn’t mean you’ll never be happy. You could find another!-”
“Yes, well, as you said. There is always divorce.” He stood up to face the flames.
“Is that a yes?” Pansy asked after a time.
“Yes.” He whispered, Pansy had never heard such a broken, tortured sound.


“Is it true?”
“Excuse me?” Draco turned to face Harry, cup of tea in hand to steady him, alone in the breakroom.
“You and Pansy.” Harry explained.
Oh! “Um, yes. Quite.” He took a sip, trying to recover his resolve.
“I wasn’t aware you were that close! All those pub nights and you never even mentioned…” Harry quietened strangely.
“Potter, she’s my best friend.” He said, not needing to lie, gripping the cup tighter.
“Oh right. Of course. I mean, I didn’t mean to. I just wondered, I mean.” Harry rambled awkwardly, looking as he if he wanted to back away through the door at any given moment.
“Yes well. Um, I’m needed back in records. So unless you have a mission report to file with me, I must be going.” In truth, Draco needed to find enough distance to breathe again.
“Right of course. Well, again. If I didn’t say it before. Congratulations Malfoy. I wish you every happiness.” Harry’s green eyes shone, even through the glasses and Draco knew without a doubt that he meant it.


“I didn’t want to go to this. I don’t know how you dragged me to this thing.” He murmured to his ‘fiance’ who glittered in blue alongside him.
“You wanted this wedding to happen sooner rather than later, and this was my only concession. If you are going to sink your head in the sand, fine, I will even pin back your hair for you. But you are not getting out of facing this.” Pansy snipped at him, eyes front.
“Yes ma’am.” He murmured, only half teasing.
Potter looked handsome, so handsome he outshone everyone around him, which Draco assumed he should on his wedding day. Ron Weasley stood beside him nervously, Blaise on the other side of him, looking cool and collected. The traitor, Blaise was supposed to be his friend.
“I heard it’s shotgun wedding!” The witches in front of them whispered noisily. “Got her pregnant, vowed to marry her, keep her a decent woman!” They laughed in a gaggle of ugly sounds before adding, “Though from what I’ve heard she was never all that decent!”
He kicked the back of their chairs, crossing his legs flamboyantly when they turned back to glare at him. “Pardon.” He answered. Pansy sniggered beside him.

Draco felt his guts turn when the music played, watched as Harry’s face distorted into pure happiness as his bride started walking down the aisle. Dressed in lace, form fitting robes, coming to her ankles, her hair swept up on top of her head in a knot.
They met with joined hands, shared a whisper and a fit of giggles.
If Pansy hadn’t blocked him from the aisle he would have made a run for it by now, instead she just took his hand and squeezed. He screwed his eyes shut and waited for it to all be over.
“Witches and Wizards, Goblins and Freefolk! We are gathered today to share in sanctioned matrimony the union of this witch and the this wizard. In-”
There was a blue flash, a shock of spellfire and quick as a whip, Ginny removed her wand from a sheath hidden in Harry’s sleeve, Harry pulled his own, from a hidden pocket amongst Ginny’s laces and fired protection spells around the entire gathering.
As several key people jumped into the action, including Blaise and the Weasel. Finnigan? Where had he come from? Auror Thompson?! Draco realized, that the whole thing had been a set up.


They’d given their statements to the overseeing Wizards, and retreated to a small cafe an apparition away in Paris.
“Well, thank god for that! To think you almost got married over a Ministry Sanctioned Trap! Neo-Death Eaters, threats against the Chosen One! Who knew?!” Pansy smiled like the cat who got the cream.
“Pansy.” He said for the third time before catching her out of her revere. “I’m still going through with this. If you refuse, I’ll stick to my original plan.”
“But why Draco?!” She barked, slamming her cup down harshly.
“Don’t think it’ll look highly suspect if as soon as this wedding sham has been discovered that we suddenly break off our engagement? I’ve thought about this too much. I’m going through with it.”
“And if I say no and back out anyway? What will your poor Potter think then? Huh?”
“I can just say that I am desperate to settle down, and then start spouting pureblood tripe until everyone believes me!” Draco spat back with equal desperate venom.
“Why are you doing this? It can’t all be over Potter can it?” She leaned forward to reach for him. “You can’t possibly think that you can’t find happiness without him!”
Draco jutted out his jaw, sulking rather than talking. “For now, no. And as I am the last Malfoy heir, I think it would be rather pertinent to create more and keep the line going. If nothing else, I can manage that.”
Pansy was lost for words, resolving instead to call the waiter over, ordering a large bottle of highly expensive wine. I silent truce it seemed was in order.

“Knock knock!” Potter came through the door just as Draco was spelling his tie together.
“Potter. What are you doing here?” He spat before he could say anything else. “I mean, you RSVP’d that you couldn’t make it. I just didn’t expect you, is all.”
Harry laughed nervously, dressed to the nines. Draco wanted to pull him apart and piece him back together again with his mouth. He stifled the emotion down, and fixed his tie. “Well, actually I’m the bearer of bad news. Blaise told me to offer you his sincerest apologies. He’s on mission and couldn’t make it without breaking cover.”
“What are you doing here Potter? He’s your partner! You should be out there with him!” Draco got mad a little suddenly, tempering himself, it wasn’t Potter’s fault, he didn’t know.
“After the wedding shenanigans I’ve been given sabbatical for a month. Rogers is with Blaise now. Actually, Blaise asked me to fill in.” Harry winced.
“He’s my best man.”
“I know, look, I’m sorry, I know you’d rather Zabini, you’ve been friends much longer but I’m still here for you. No matter what you want to do. I mean, just- if you want to find someone else to stand up there with you. That’s fine. I can go get them if you’d like.”
It occurred to Draco, that it would be the only time in his life he’d be able to get married with Harry by his side, that he didn’t even care if it were on the wrong side of him, so he said. “No it’s fine. Please. Potter, be my best man.”

Pansy looked beautiful, and he ached suddenly for another life, where this would mean more to him than it actually did. Pansy’s dress, was nothing like Ginny’s it was big, expensive and encrusted with diamonds. Pansy looked regal despite it all and Draco felt suddenly so proud for knowing her, such a deep and loyal friend.
He was crying he realized. Tears streaming down his face, marrying his best friend, standing next to the man he was in love with, crying like a child.
If Pansy noticed the change in best man, she didn’t mention it, or give sign to noticing the change, when she reached him, she reached out for his hands and took them, squeezing them in hers. “Pet.” She whispered, wiping away his tears.
They stood, and they started, they got as far as the vows before a patronus came tearing through the proceedings, the tall giraffe reaching Potter, who trembled behind him.
“Zabini. Code 525. St.Mungo’s!” The patronus announced in an ominous voice.
Harry looked at him then in a panic, “Code 525 that’s-!”
“I know what it bloody well means Potter, I file all your damn reports!” Draco spat in a rush, grabbing onto Pansy’s outstretched hands and taking Harry’s into the other one. From there he apparated them both out from his own damn wedding.
Code 525. Auror down.


“Draco! You realize what you just did?” Harry cried.
“Potter! He’s our best friend. Find his room number now!” Pansy barked, gathering her skirts into her hands, ready to rush to Blaise’s side.
“Right.” Harry conceded and rush they did. First, to the nurses station for the room number and then to the spell damage ward. When they got to Blaise’s room, they found him unconscious and alone. The room eerily free of Healers.
“I’m going to find someone.” Pansy announced, “I need to find out what’s going on!”
Harry stood by Blaise’s side, reaching for the Healers report, trying to discern what it said. “I should have been there. No matter what it was. You were right. I’m his partner I should have been there. Potion’s ring be damned. Fuck the sabbatical!”
“Why is it always a bloody potion’s ring?” Draco cursed, edging closer to Potter by the foot of the bed. “Anyone with that amount of potions talent would surely make a killing above board. Potion’s do not come cheap!” He prattled, nervously trying to fill the empty room with something.
“Look, I’m sorry bout your wedding.” Harry whispered.
Draco waved it off. “Don’t worry. I’m sure we could just do it again or something. I’m sure they’ll all understand once this comes to light.”
“Right. Right.” Harry shuffled on his feet a good minute, before sniffling. “I wish you wouldn’t.”
Blaise looked so lifeless, so pale in his unconscious state. Had they had to put him under a coma, or was that inflicted by his ailments? Draco wondered. His friend lying there in such a deathly state he almost missed Harry’s whispered confession.
Harry turned on him in a panic, obviously emotional from the trauma of the situation. “I said I wish you wouldn’t. I know that I have no grounds to tell you this and telling you does nothing for either of us, in fact you might not want to speak to me ever again but when you do get married again I really won’t be there this time. Because I can’t watch you do it! I can’t watch you marry her. Even though I know you love her. I just can’t Draco!”
Potter, threw himself at Draco, his worried lips pressing onto Draco’s own just as Pansy walked back through the door, the touch gone as quick as it was given.
“Oh god!” Harry blanched, and tore out of the room, nearly knocking the Mediwitch over on his exit.
Pansy smirked a little before returning to the situation at hand, leaving Draco to stand back in shock.


“He was hexed, the warehouse was overrun. Bad intel. There was a potion explosion, which he would have successfully dodged, had he not been hexed into a lumbering speed. Roger’s died on impact.” Draco found Harry in the nearest waiting room, his head hanging over his knees, his hands over his face.
“Fuck!” Harry swore, leaning back suddenly to knock his head back into the wall behind him. “Rogers!”
“Pansy and I aren’t going to be getting married.” Draco said not a moment later.
“Fuck. Wait -what?” Harry looked up at him then, looking a complete wreck.
“Pansy made me go to your wedding. I couldn’t do it but she made me.” He kneeled down in front of Harry, crawling his way between Harry’s knees.
“Us clerks down in records don’t have clearance high enough to know it wasn’t a real wedding. I thought… I thought.” He tried.
“You thought the wedding was real?” Harry finished for him, his eyes desperately trying to read his.
“Blaise takes his position very seriously. He didn’t even tell me. The git. But then again he didn’t know the kind of torture a false wedding invitation would inflict upon someone so hopelessly in love with-” Draco’s voice broke and his face threatened to break out into tears for the second time that day.
Harry inhaled deeply, shaking with breath.
“Potter. Kiss me again. Please.” Draco breathed.
Draco smiled softly, watching the effect of it sweep across Harry’s face. “Pansy is my best friend. She offered to marry me out of convenience. She has in fact been ruthlessly trying to make me give up marriage-”
Harry kissed him, and it was so sweet that Draco crushed his eyes closed and leaned into it. Harry kissed so feverently, his insides felt as if they would burst.
“Marry me.” Harry smiled, breaking away from the kiss in a breathless daze.
“What?” Draco cried.
“Not now, I mean. Don’t give up marriage completely. Just you know, keep it open for me. I mean.” Harry rambled, and Draco realized then that it was a nervous tick, how endearing it seemed almost novel, Draco made Harry feel flustered!
“Okay.” Draco smiled, kissing the corner of Harry’s mouth. “I will keep marriage on the table. For you.”
Harry chuckled with nervous happiness and with such unbridled relief, they couldn’t keep themselves apart, nestling into each other’s arms. Resting their foreheads together, they shared whispers and kisses long after Pansy found them sitting there.
Leaning into the doorway watching happily, Pansy crossed her arms across her chest, cold in the ridiculous wedding dress.
“He’s awake.” She smiled after some time, and found when they looked up to see her there, that they returned her smile, tenfold.

Fic: Is Doing The Right Thing Meant To Feel So Bad? (1/1)

Fandom: Supergirl

Characters: Maggie, Alex, M’gann

Pairing: Alex/Maggie

Spoilers: Up to 2x06

Word Count: ~10,000

Summary: Maggie hasn’t heard from Alex since the kiss and the lack of contact is driving her up the wall. Eventually, she has enough and confronts Alex at her apartment to make sure their friendship is still intact.

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what's wrong with ship a gay character with someone of the the opposite sex? it doesn't change his sexuality or make that specific ship cannon. i ship clalec and i read the books, and i love malec, and i respect alec's sexuality but i love show!clalec.

Short form: everything. Everything about that is wrong.

Long form: okay I get that you don’t mean it in a mean way and don’t try to make lgtb people feel like shit, but please consider one thing: Alec is GAY. Not bi, not pan, not straight or anything else. Gay. 150% gay. And Alec is important. For so many kids who struggle to come out with their sexuality and accept who they are. How many lgtb characters in YA novels do u know vs how many straight characters do u know in YA novels. Do you see a slight difference there? Because tbh I do.

So by shipping him with a girl you are completely disrespecting his sexuality and basically not giving a fuck about it, which is what straight people do all the time. If I told u how many times my lesbian friend got hit on my boys who thought she would change for them, you wouldn’t believe me. It’s this stupid image people have in their head that a gay character would change for someone of the opposite sex. Yes it’s canon that he is gay and you shipping him with a girl won’t change anything, but it’s you ignoring his sexuality, which is too important to do so.

That being said, I’m pretty sure that if I just posted this answer like this some smartass would come into my ask box saying “but people headcanon straight characters as gay all the time and no one says anything against it :)!”

Just. No. Shipping a straight character with someone of the same sex will never be the same as shipping a gay character with someone of the opposite sex. There are BILLIONS of straight characters in books - there are book series of 8 books who only have straight characters! There are billions of it and there always will be. Straight characters are not as important as lgtb characters are because straight people don’t need fictional characters to come to terms with their sexualities. Straight people don’t need to know that there are other straight people, that it’s okay to be straight, because from the moment of their birth they already do know that. Whilst lgtb people need to know that it’s okay, that there are other people like them, that they will also find their significant other, that other people have these problems and insecurities too. So reading about and loving a character that is the same as them can make all the difference in the world to them.

When you headcanon a straight character - WHEN THERE ARE BILLIONS OF OTHER STRAIGHT CHARACTERS - as lgtb it won’t do anyone any harm. Literally no straight person will feel as if someone is insulting their sexuality? Because straight people will always have it better than lgtb people anyway. They don’t need this character to accept who they are.

Whilst when you headcanon a gay character - when there are like a few in the whole YA genre compared to straight characters - you are dismissing their sexuality and taking something from those kids who NEED these characters to come to terms with their sexuality and accept it. The fact that Alec is gay means so much to so many people and you’re just washing it away like it’s nothing.

I heard some people in the fandom say to me on Instagram that it makes them uncomfortable that Alec who is explicit stated as gay is shipped with a girl bc it shows that straight people don’t give a fuck about his sexuality.

Anyway, I kind of feel weird that I even HAD to explain this. The question “why is it wrong to ship a gay character with the opposite sex” should answer for itself. This physically exhausts me if you excuse me I’m gonna eat my self made muffins now. Good night.

Why Emma is so upset at Killian:

Emma: What meant something was that you told us that Neal was still alive. Thank you. I realized you could have kept Pan’s information to yourself.
Hook: Why would I have done that?
Emma: I don’t know. Maybe Pan offered you a deal. Why else would he tell you?
Hook: It was a test. He wanted to see if I’d leave an old friend to die, even if the old friend happens to be vying for the same woman I am.
Emma: And you chose your friend.
Hook: Does that surprise you?
Emma: You are a pirate.
Hook: Yeah, that I am. But I also believe in good form. So when I win your heart, and I will win it, it will not be because of any trickery, it will be because you want me.


Emma: I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to be here right now.
Hook: I want to help.
Emma: If you really wanted to help, you would have told me when Zelena cursed your lips.
Hook: I had no choice. She threatened you and your family. I was trying to help.
Emma: Telling me what was going on would have been help.
Hook: And a death sentence for your boy.
Emma: Henry’s safety is my concern, not yours.

I knew this exchange right before going off to find Zelena struck a cord with me, I didn’t realize why until I remembered the scene at the top from Neverland. See, the thing is, Hook told Emma last year that he believed in good form and promised that when he wins her heart (and he will win it), it will not be because of any trickery. He had been honest, he told her about Neal when he didn’t have to because he knew it would be important to her. 

Fast forward a year+ later, and he’d done the exact opposite of not only what he’d done last time, but what he’d promised to do at all times – which was be honest with her. She repeats twice that him telling the truth and filling her in would have been the most helpful and this goes back to the fact that her entire life, people had lied to her and manipulated her and kept things from her and taken away her choices to make her own decisions.

He told her, he wasn’t going to do that and she was just starting to believe him, then he’d let her down and the shit hit the fan because this entire time Emma and Hook have been dancing around each other, she’s been waiting for the other shoe to drop. He’s so different from anyone she’s ever had in her life, he cares so much and loves her so much and always puts her first and she’s never had that. In her eyes, it’s too good to be true and she was just waiting for him to slip up so that she could close off again and be like, “HAHAHAH. You are just like everyone else. NOPE. BUH-BYE” because the truth of the matter is that she KNOWS he’s different and that is terrifying.

Emma’s hurt because Hook didn’t trust her enough to tell her that not only had Zelena gone after him and cursed him, but that Zelena had threatened her family. He didn’t trust that she could help him or they’d be able to figure something out together, like the team they had been since her return to Storybrooke. It doesn’t matter that his intentions were good, from her point of view, he messed up. Is her reaction extreme? Absolutely, but can you blame her? No, not really.

Moving on with your life and not allowing your insecurities and your past to dictate your future is HARD and SCARY AS HELL. You’re going to have good days and you’re going to have bad days. Scars heal, but they never really go away, and you need constant reminder that things are different now and the people you have in your life now are different. Emma’s faith in Hook has been shaken a little, and by a little I mean, literally a teeny, tiny bit, because at the end of the day, she still cared about him enough to sacrifice her magic to save his life. At the end of the day, she still welcomed him to fight at her side. I keep saying this, but it’s the truth, she’s literally right there. She's so close to just taking that leap of faith and falling head over heels in love with him.