and over coloured

you know what catching the bouquet means right?? // let’s all get married.

drew the bikini bottom OT3, as per. initially was gonna be more of a ‘date looks’ type thing and an excuse to draw them in different outfits at the sacrifice of the whole ‘recognisable costumes’ thing but while it was in its unfinished coloured state and sandy’s dress was still white i thought….looks kind of like a wedding. so how about more like…they’re at a wedding. krabs and mrs p. or the planktons, renewing their vows. or both.

(sandy themed her outfit to match her boys. then she made sure to give them lipstick kisses so they match her too.)


There’s a place you just cant reach unless you have a dream too large to bear alone.
We call everything on the ice “love". 

–– Happy Birthday to Annie (@shotous) !!! ♡ * :・゚✧ ♡

yoosung’s original concept + grew tall cuz why not + vet 
the lineart was done ages ago… I finally coloured it…sloppily..yeah 
I want to draw more of these kind of things or smth naughty but…I got no motivation and feel so tired o(-< maybe I gamed too much OW and I’ll probably continue gaming tomorrow..A_A


Oh shit.

And Kuroo finds himself falling in love all over again.


“is that your way of comforting me?” “maybe”

this was supposed to be some kind of zombie apocalypse/the walking dead au requested by @sigh–onara but honestly i don’t even know anymore


clexa + watching over the other while they sleep