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t.kolgoo Stars making their way through the sky while the moon illuminates the mountains. The last timelapse I haven’s post yet from our last year trip around Manaslu — it’s been 10 months since it was captured, can’t wait to get out under the night sky in the Himalayas soon enough!

Breaking the Fourth Wall

*after walking around for days with no rest and they are casually driving to Lestallum*

Prompto: Hey guys, wait a second.

Noctis: What’s up Prompto?

Prompto: *shook* If the universe is constantly expanding, then what is it expanding into?

Ignis: What are you talking about?

Prompto: Our universe is expanding like I don’t remember that diner having that hunting quest yesterday. It’s like our lives are constantly being updated and adapted.

Gladio: How high are you?

Prompto: 5'8

Noctis: Gladio, break out the camping gear as soon as we stop before he hurts himself with whatever thoughts he’s having.

Ignis: There’s a haven just ahead, perhaps five minutes from here.

Noctis: That’ll be fine.

Prompto: Where do we even get Phoenix Down from!? I haven’t seen a single Phoenix on our trip! How can we buy those fluffy feathers? Are they perserved and handed down from shop owners-

Noctis: Ignis, pull over now!


World Showcase wine glasses? ‘Twas I! I’m surprised they arrived so quickly, I thought that certain other things I’d sent would arrive sooner. So you have a notecard from me and something else coming as well.

So this would have been ridiculously thoughtful even if they weren’t my taste, BUT OH MY GOD THEY ARE MY EXACT AESTHETIC I LOVE THEM. 

Did I tell you World Showcase is my favorite part of Disney World? I mean, I’ve never been, but if it weren’t such an imposition I’d ask jet if our someday road trip could include one day at Epcot, just for that. 


My First One Star Review on AirBnB

Story by shawk11/reddit

Buckle up boys and girls. My buddy and I just experienced some grade-A Creepyshit while on a trip to Red Rocks in Colorado. I write a lot of things down anyway and so I figured I might as well post the story here and see what you guys think.

So who here has used AirBnB? raises hand. I think I’ve used it no less than twenty times. All great experiences up until this point, seriously.

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16.06 hate myself

Я ненавижу себя, изнутри и снаружи. Ненавижу эти мозги, глаза, волосы, лёгкие, и глубокие шрамы на левой лодыжке. Ненавижу отражение в зеркале. Ненавижу характер, привычки, перфекциониста, чистюлю и буквоеда в одном лице. Ненавижу то, как звучит мой голос, один в один как мамин. Ненавижу себя вспыльчивую, упрямую, камня на камне не оставляющую.

Я ненавижу себя, изнутри и снаружи, и мне странно осознавать, что есть человек, который все это любит. Любит мою заторможенность по утрам, любит меня мужественную, а еще больше слабую, любит мои ямочки на щеках, мою вспыльчивость и дотошность в мелочах. Он любит смотреть на меня, целовать, обнимать, разговаривать часами, зарываться носом в волосах и повторять снова и снова: «Я заставлю тебя полюбить себя, и когда это произойдет, а это обязательно произойдет, это будет самое грандиозное открытие в твоей жизни. Ты удивишься, насколько ты прекрасна». Ты прекрасен, а не я.

anonymous asked:

Can we have like 50 more pictures/videos of u and Arin!?!?? Much love ❤❤❤

i don’t have any more pictures of us apart from the ones i’ve already posted on instagram but i do have one new video from our tiny london trip