and our dino~



  • The8: Let’s work hard on exercising together. To show our fans a cool image kkk (even though you’re already cool!) Thank you for always listening well when I talk~ Having someone like hyung next to me is really great~ Let’s be together in the future too~
  • Jun: Cute and cool Hoshi Prince~ You know that I always love you right? ^_^ kkk I’ll work harder~ Together hwaiting ^o^
  • Dino: Aigoo Mr Hoshi~!! Brother! Hyung you know and think of my heart.. ^^ Like a real brother, our Soonyoung hyung, I love you ><


  • Dino: Our performance team flower boy Jun hyung~~>< Thank you for always being with us!! Even though I don’t say it often.. thank you and I love you^^ I’m being honest ^^
  • Hoshi: Jju-ni Jju-ni Always take care of your body and healthily carry out this round of activities >_< Because you’re here, it feels like performance team will not waver. Kind Jju-ni, thank you-ong ♥︎
  • The8: Together let’s hwaiting~ When hyung is tired, thank you for talking with me~ I will continue to listen well ^_^ Let’s do this together!!


  • Hoshi: Our The8, thanks to you we really gained strength and created pretty choreography. After coming to Korea, the way you adapted well is really pretty. Now, stop becoming so cool! Cool guy, let’s be together forever.
  • Dino: The8~!! Because hyung is here, our atmosphere has become even brighter >< Us 4 and 13, let’s be forever. Wo Ai Ni~ ♥︎
  • Jun: The8!! You have to eat more. More more more!! Because you’re doing a lot of dangerous stunts, you need to be careful of your health. Let’s go eat delicious Chinese food, gogogo


  • Jun: Dino~ Dino~ Our Dino-ya~ Dino who is always the most hardworking and has the most worries~ You already dance so well so always be confident. Together let’s hwaitingtingtingting!!
  • Hoshi: Our maknae~ >_< You being here is so reliable, but you don’t know it. Thank you for following your lacking hyung so well. From now on, let’s put in more effort and shock the world! Hwaiting ♥︎
  • The8: You’re really cool!! Don’t think so much~ Whenever you’re having a hard time, you must tell me~ Whatever happens, you have 12 hyungs by your side, so don’t be scared. Hwaiting!!

photo:  jiljil2_971107
trans: doogii-pd

Why aren’t Sherlollians extinct

A word to my fellow Sherlollians, since we are now extinct creatures I want you to know Im claiming Stegosaurus. I’ve always wanted to be one because they make the best dino cookie shape.

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Behind the Scenes of SEVENTEEN’s Boom Boom MV

Pledis: Okay you guys it is FINALLY time! We are going to release a dark concept!

Jun: Thank God

Joshua: *quietly* noo

Vernon: *high fives S.Coups*

Hoshi: Wait…Why????

Pledis: Um maybe because you have only done cute concepts since debut, and Carats are ready to see you be mysterious, dangerous, bad and show yourselves as tortured souls.

Minghao: *looks up with puppy eyes* I thought we already were tough?

Seungkwan: *pulls out nail file and begins filing nails* Yeah our manly image exudes in every performance we give!

Jeonghan: *rolls eyes*

Pledis: Whatever. Look I want you to come strong with the action and charisma. We need mega sex appeal!

Dino: Pretty sure I’m not legal

Hoshi: Pretty sure nobody cares, SO! I have a great idea for the outfits!

Woozi:*under breath* of course you do

Pledis: Tell me

Hoshi: How about we wear these really cool jackets and we ta–

Pledis: TAKE THEM OFF AND SHOW BARE SKIN! GREAT IDEA! Usually that’s something Starship would do, but it’s not like that’s helped them one bit so we can do that most definitely!

Hoshi: I was going to say that when we take them off we reveal a track suit underneath!

Joshua: *raises hand* I second this idea.

S.Coups: Wow that is sexy! And how about we have a lot of spy and espionage type things, maybe even sho–


S.Coups: No…I was going to say we can show a bunch of maps and kind of stand out on in a soccer field or something.

Seungkwan: And I can even have a restless sleep with a ship in a bottle behind me!


Vernon: Wow, This dark concept sounds awesome. Move over BAP. We’re about to be the top dogs of darkness!

Wonwoo: I want to dye my hair blonde, I want to really show the bad boy look

Mingyu: And we did get the okay to dye my hair out of this ridiculous orange color right? It’s bad enough having one video with this color I DEF don’t want two.


S.Coups: Oh so you want us to suggest something dark to you?

Pledis: YES!!!

S.Coups: *gestures to Jeonghan*

Jeonghan: *flicks his hair back and walks over to Pledis*

Jeonghan: *puts hand on Pledis shoulder*

Jeonghan: *leans in and whispers* If you don’t let us do whatever the CENSORED we want to CENSORED do then we’ll leave you and your CENSORED company in the dust so fast you’ll be kissing Nu’est butts with chapstick to try and hit it big again. Got it?

Pledis: Wha-wha-what??


Pledis: *jumps* Y-yes Sir…I mean Sirs!

S.Coups: Good, now go. And don’t come back unless you have our paychecks and a–

Dino: bag of skittles!

S.Coups: *rolls eyes* Bag of skittles in your hands!

Pledis: *turns and leaves*

Joshua: So….when did we get so bold exactly?

Hoshi: when we realized our record sales were the only thing that was keeping the lights on.

Woozi: Finally.

Joshua: I’ll admit, it does feel a little good.

Jeonghan: *stands back up* I’ll be back. I want to go scream at him again and see if he’ll cry this time.

S.Coups: Have fun!

Jun -> Hoshi:
Cute and cool Prince Hoshi~ I’ve always have and always will love you, you know that, right? ^_^ kkk I’ll work harder~ Let’s work hard together! ^o^

Hoshi -> Jun:
Junnie Junnie you often say we need to take care of our bodies, we need to stay healthy, you have to be true to this during our comeback >_< Because you’re here, it seems that Performance Team will not waver. Thank you, kind Junnie ❤

Jun -> The8:
The8!! You need to eat more! More more more!! Since you’ve been doing a lot of dangerous stunts you must be careful and make sure not to get hurt. Let’s go eat delicious Chinese food! gogogo

The8 -> Jun:
Let’s work hard together~ Thank you hyung for coming to talk with me when you’re tired~ I’ll always continue to listen as well ^_^ Let’s do this well together!!

Jun -> Dino:
Dino~ Dino~ Our Dino~ Dino who puts in the most effort and has the most worries~ You’re already very good at dancing, always carry confidence! Fighting ting ting ting together!!

Dino -> Jun:
Our pretty boy from the Performance Team, Jun-hyung~~ >< Thank you for always being by us!! Even though I’ve never said this under casual circumstances… Thank you, I love you ^^ With all my heart ^^

photo cr. jiljil2_971107

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Could you do a breed analysis on the noble Stegosaurus? All I know about them is what InGen's been saying, but I don't really know if I can trust that... /jokepost

You should always be cautious about what anybody, including an organization, tells you about an animal they want you to buy. But you can trust me completely because I’m definitely not trying to sell you a stegosaurus, and I’m definitely not taking any sponsorship bribes.

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The Noble Stegosaurus is a charming creature and pleasant pet, unlike its unfortunate flatulent relative the Vulgar Stegosaurus. It requires well thought out care, and with patience you can have a loyal pet who will be able to differentiate you from a tree.

Noble Stegosaurus require careful planning of their enclosure or paddock because they are prone to misadventure. Unfortunately the modest cognitive capacity of this species, coupled with the fact that is has been plonked into a time period for which it has not adapted means they are prone to accidents and unintentional poisoning. Noble Stegosaurs will acquire intestinal foreign bodies from eating non-food objects, and require expensive surgery to treat.

In a similar vein, Fecolith development can present with similar symptoms to an intestinal foreign body, but accurate diagnosis may allow this condition to be treated with vast quantities of laxatives. The consequences of doing so are self explanatory. Smaller stegosaurus are more prone to this condition.

The Noble Stegosaurus is adapted to dry climates, and consequently will develop fungal infections of both skin and lungs if exposed to chronic humidity.

Like many reptiles, UVB light and adequate calcium intake are critical to prevent Metabolic Bone Disease. Improper care of your Noble Stegosaurus will result in spontaneous pathological bone fractures, which owing to their slow metabolism will often take 6 months or more to heal, even under optimal conditions. In this case an ounce of prevention is worth more than three tonnes of cure.

Due to the unusual development history of the Noble Stegosaurus, our dino friends have not co-evolved with local parasites. In many cases this results in the stego being highly resistant to the parasite, because the parasite has not evolved methods of evading the host’s defenses. Trichostrogylus spp worms in particular have proved devastating to Stegosaurus permitted to free graze in paddocks that have been previously inhabited by livestock.

Noble Stegosaurs greatly benefit from a breed specific supplement regime to acount for the gaps in their evolutionary history and a few quirks left over from the extinction reversal process.


AL1: Performance Unit’s messages to each other


THE8 — Let’s exercise diligently together. You have to look cool for our fans kekeke (even though you’re already cool!) Thank you for always listening to what I have to say~ I’m so happy I have someone like hyung by my side~ Let’s stay together even in the future~

JUN — Cute and cool Prince Hoshi~ You know I’ll always love you, right?^_^ kekeke I’ll work harder~ Fighting together^ㅇ^

DINO  Aigoo Hoshi-ssi~!! Brother! I think hyung knows my heart..^^ Soonyoung-ie hyung who’s like my real hyung, I love you ><


DINO — Our Performance Team’s flower boy Jun-hyung~~>< Thank you for always staying by our side!! Though I can’t say it normally.. Thank you I love you^^ It’s true^^

HOSHI — Jjuni Jjuni always take care of yourself and let’s healthily do these promotions well >_< Because you’re here Performance Team is unshakeable. Thank you kind Jjuni♥

THE8  Let’s do fighting together~ Thank you for telling me when you feel down~ I’ll always listen to you^_^ Let’s continue together!!


HOSHI — I feel like I really gain strength and that our choreography comes out beautifully thanks to our The8. You’re also adapting well since coming to South Korea and and that’s so good to see. Also stop becoming cool now! Cool dude, let’s continue together for a long time

DINO — The8~!! Because of hyung’s presence it feels like the atmosphere got a lot better>< Us four, thirteen, let’s be together forever, woaini~♥♥ (t/n: woaini means I love you in Chinese)

JUN — The8!! You have to eat more food more more more!! Since you do many dangerous moves always take care of your health and let’s go eat delicious Chinese food gogogo


JUN — Dino~ Dino~ Our Dino-yah~ Dino who always works the hardest and has the most worries~ Since you already dance so well, have confidence always. Together let’s fightingtingtingting!!

HOSHI — Our maknae~>_< You have no idea how reassured I feel because of you. Thank you for following this lacking hyung well, let’s work hard in the future and surprise the world! Fighting♥

THE8 You’re really cool!! Don’t overthink things~ If you feel down, definitely talk to me~ No matter what happens you have 12 hyungs by your side, so don’t be scared. Fighting!!

source: MooooocciR
credit: jina + erin @ fyperformanceunit
© credit if taken out!

161206 Melon Radio SVT - Dorm Stories

(The members will tell a story about a member’s behaviour that is weird or out of place in the dorm aka complaining about your members)

SK : The8′s expression really shows that he really want to talk about something is really outstanding. Yes, The8.

The8 : I really have something to say.

SK : Who? Who? Who? To who?

The8 : To Vernon

SK : Ah~ Vernon

The8 : I usually like the dorm to be in clean and neat state. Our Vernon-ie really didn’t clean up his clothes. 

MG : That’s true.

The8 : From Aju Nice era till now, I think he didn’t clean up his clothes.

SK : Wait a minute. If you said Aju Nice, it was from July. Even after 5 month, you still didn’t clean up the mess. Is there any witness for this incident?

MG : I have an additional statement to give.

SK : Additional statement, please go ahead.

MG : Do you remember the day we moved into the new dorm? Do you know the green box that we brought together on that day?

SK : Ah, the moving goods?

MG : We still have that box.

DN : That was enough

MG : It’s not like we still have the box, but the box is still there in it’s original state and on top of it, there are clothes pilling up and the green box is starting to get buried. I think he’s always ready to move out.

SK : Wait a minute. I think we cannot just let it pass without hearing to Vernon’s story.

VN : I don’t think you need to listen to it. Actually I don’t have anything to say about this.

JH : Vernon, is that green box your treasure?

VN : No, it’s just that without I realizing it, pilling up clothes on the green box was comfortable for me.

SK : Vernon, because we talked about this while laughing, you might think that we are just joking, really, please clean up soon! We already moved to the new dorm for 10 month, what were you doing until now still didn’t clean up? That’s what we want to say to him.

VN : Actually I was just staying still waiting for when will this story will be brought up. So it came out here. Sorry.

JH : So you were watching and waiting (our reactions)

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Quick Recap of Infinite H at KCON Mexico 2017, for those who didn’t watch the livestream:

•The remaining 5 members of Infinite appeared on a video recording before H performed, greeting Mexican Inspirits and asking them to welcome Infinite H!

•Hoya gave us a stunning solo dance performance to Lukas Graham’s Seven Years Old, and then Dongwoo followed with his own upbeat performance of Bruno Mar’s Perm , which was befitting of our energizer Dino.

•The duo then performed several of their songs, including Special Girl, Pretty, and Without You!(Right as I type, there are fancams that have already been uploaded from the concert, so feel free to check them out!)

•Lots of interactions with the audience and beautiful laughter from our Dongwoo that healed my soul.

•DONGWOO’S GREEN HAIR(what shall be the ice cream flavor named after this one..? :3)

•Lots of random dance outbreaks from the two, even when they weren’t performing. They were legit just dancing on stage after performances ended, and they looked like they were having so much fun!

•Bonus anecdote: When it was time for all the artists to gather on the main stage and bow, the performers were all supposed to return when it was their song that was playing. Dongwoo mistakenly started walking back when it was Red Velvet’s turn, leaving Hoya by himself on the front stage waving to fans. When Dongwoo noticed, he ran back to where Hoya was and was wondering why Hoya wasn’t going with him. Hoya told him that it wasn’t their turn yet haha aww and then Dongwoo just continued waving to the fans. <3

All in all, it seemed like such a fun time; I honestly wished I could have gone to see them perform. I’m wishing for an Infinite H comeback now!! :D

I had such a good day today. It was field day at the school, so for the first two hours of the day my kids played field games and I joined in most of them if they didn’t need an adult helping. My kids devastated me in so many of those games! It was very fun, my kids all enjoyed it, and it was a good day. 

One of the parents wrote a letter to the principal and our principal shared it with the whole school. In the letter the mom said how she was impressed by how so many of the kids were kind and inclusive in their games to others with special needs. In the email I’m the only teacher mentioned by name as a ‘model example’ and it was really touching. I felt proud of how kind my kids are.

And then I get a text from one of my best friends ever about awesome news that just killed me in joy. (PHXCC is going to be the most amazing thing ever). I can’t even begin to tell you how and why I’m so excited about this message.

Last week I tried adding on a second tutoring job after school and nearly died from three 14 hour days in a row, plus work on Saturday. I had some uncomfortable money talks too and the whole week had been shit. But seven days later things can turn around so much. I have a better understanding of my physical and mental limits when it comes to work, I know I need to save a little longer to do anything, and I remember why I wanted to be a teacher. I love my job, I really do.

seventeen as things said in my groupchat
  • S.Coups: daddy 👀😩👅
  • Jeonghan: JOSHUA IS PURE AND SAVED THE WORLD WITH HIS EXISTENCE... Me: tbh, Biggest #1 Jisoo, stan
  • Jun: advice: take a really good selfie and then fall in love with yourself
  • Hoshi: *sends picture of DK* anyways i'm putting this on my shrine
  • Wonwoo: why are people intimidated by me I'm more scared of everyone else
  • Seokmin: meme me up buttercup... I'm sorry i just said that
  • Mingyu: I just remembered I had a dream last night that I broke into someones house just to pet their dog
  • The8: *sends 27 photos of jun* oops my finger slipped
  • Seungkwan: BOOM BOOM BINCH
  • Vernon: "do you have a folder of 200 memes?" "217 to be exact. I'm still adding."
  • Dino: sometimes I forget that you guys are 2-5 years older than me and now is one of those times I have no idea what you guys are talking about