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Taurus Couple Playlist “Romantic Sparks” 

(+ Aries): Your Song- Ellie Goulding

(+ Taurus): Tangled Up in You- Staind

(+ Gemini): I’m With You- Grouplove

(+ Cancer): Sugar- Maroon 5

(+ Leo): Compass- Zella Day

(+ Virgo): Slow Love- MØ

(+ Libra): Heartbeat- VÉRITÉ

(+ Scorpio): Lock You Up- Charli XCX

(+ Sagittarius): Feel Again- OneRepulic

(+ Capricorn): Glow- Charli XCX

(+ Aquarius): Got Love- Tove Lo

(+ Pisces): Favorite Record- Fall Out Boy

Leo Couple Playlist “These Hearts Adore”

(+ Aries): Lose It- Austra

(+ Taurus): Compass- Zella Day

(+ Gemini): I Really Like You- Carly Rae Jepsen

(+ Cancer): Untouched- The Veronicas

(+ Leo): Crazy in Love- Beyoncé

(+ Virgo): Tenerife Sea- Ed Sheeran

(+ Libra): Sweater Weather- The Neighborhood

(+ Scorpio): The Only Exception- Paramore

(+ Sagittarius): Take My Hand- Charli XCX

(+ Capricorn): Umbrella- Rihanna

(+ Aquarius): Cosmic Love- Florence and the Machine

(+ Pisces): King and Lionheart- Of Monsters and Men


When Ken lost his cool! 😂 © vi.xxtv

In celebrating the founding of this country, many things come to mind when asked to describe the essence of America — its energy and innovation; the various liberties that Americans enjoy; the racial and ethnic mix of its people. But perhaps fundamental to the essence of America has been the concept of the American Dream. It has captured the imagination of people from all walks of life and represents the heart and soul of the country.

Libra Couple Playlist “Hard to Believe”

(+ Aries): Head is Not My Home- MS MR

(+ Taurus): Heartbeat- VÉRITÉ

(+ Gemini): SuperLove- Charli XCX

(+ Cancer): Blue- Marina and the Diamonds

(+ Leo): Sweater Weather- The Neighborhood

(+ Virgo): Arms Tonite- Mother Mother

(+ Libra): Hypnotic- Zella Day

(+ Scorpio): Is There Somewhere- Halsey

(+ Sagittarius): The Sea- MØ

(+ Capricorn): Real Love- Clean Bandit ft. Jess Glynne

(+ Aquarius): Tongue Tied- Grouplove

(+ Pisces): This Love- The Veronicas


Fourteen Days of Ficlets: Posting Schedule

I made a call for ficlet prompts, and holy TARDIS of Gallifrey did 15 if you wonderful people ever deliver! I put them all (aside from KTRose, hehe) in a hat and drew names to randomize the order. 

*Denotes NSFW rating

Day One, July 6: Ten/Rose fake not married ficlet * for chocolatequeennk

Day Two, July 7: Nine/Rose falling in love ficlets for avengersscramble & atimelordswife  (there will be two posts on this day)

Day Three, July 8: Ten/Rose teenage Doctor ficlet for hanluvr

Day Four, July 9: Bad Wolf/Dark Ten ficlet * for roseoswiins

Day Five: July 10: artist!Rose/Ten AU ficlet for infinite-undefined-value

Day Six, July 11: Dave Tiler/Rose ficlet for vanderventure

Day Seven, July 12: Tenth Doctor and baby!Rose ficlet for allegoricalrose

Day Eight, July 13: Alec Hardy & wee Fred ficlet for thedoctorofsteel

Day Nine, July 14: Ten/Rose post The Christmas Invasion ficlet for hermitinthetardis

Day Ten, July 15: Ten/Rose/Casanova ficlet for bigwhofan

Day Eleven, July 16: Aiden Hoynes/Belle de Jour fic * for ktrosesworld

Day Twelve, July 17: Hardy/Rose secret relationship ficlet for headbandsandflats

Day Thirteen, July 18: Tentoo/Rose hurt/comfort ficlet * for timelordinvictus

Day Fourteen, July 19: Ten/Rose classroom flirting ficlet for serenify13


I wish I could say more about this piece on a musically analytic level, but I honestly don’t care about the music piece they’re playing.

What I DO care about is that Kumiko’s narrative up until this point has been her narrating things in past tense. “This happened… We did not know this at the time… [etc.]”

But this is her narrating in present tense. In this exact moment. Which is inclining me to believe, that the past 12 episodes have been sort of a walk down memory lane as Kumiko is playing this piece, right now. up until this point here she says “I hope we make the Nationals.

Things I want to see on Days that have nothing to do with shipping:

1. Kiriakis men bonding with baby Tate. Victor, Brady, Justin, and Sonny chillaxing with the baby and telling him sweet and funny things about being part of this family. Sonny giving Brady tips about 3 am feedings and such only for Brady to remind him that he’s rich and has a nanny for all that stuff.

2. Cousin bonding. I want to see Will and Theresa, respective black sheeps, get their manipulation on together; and Sonny and Abigail, family paragons, compare notes on their currently hoeish tendencies.

3. Victor and Ciara scenes. Victor has made it plain that Sonny is his favorite, but he still loves the rest of his family and Ciara is the most like him. These two should have scenes on the regular where he gives her tips on manipulating people and he turns her snark loose on people he doesn’t like, rewarding her with presents and Kiriakis high-fives.

4. Paul in a suit.

PSA On New Episodes

Someone has claimed without proof that the episodes were stolen.

In Japan the first 3 episodes have been officially released and some Chinese citizens have been able to get their hands on it along with the user who posted the first TWO episodes.

Yes, two. And I’m assuming that eventually they will be posting the third - most likely within the next few hours. Please don’t feel bad for watching them, just don’t be surprised if the first 3 weeks are episodes you have already seen.

For those who want to watch them:

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3: TBA