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My friends reaction to Tadashi:
  • (She has never watched Big Hero 6, at all)
  • Andrea:*Tadashi appears on the screen in his moped glory* Ooh! Mmn hmm hmmn~
  • Me:Tadashi is <b>smoking hot</b>, am I right, Andrea?
  • Andrea:Oh my god you're so right.
  • Me:Lets hope he doesn't <b>die</b> of his <b>hotness</b>
  • Andrea:I think I'll die of his hotness.
  • *later on*
  • Tadashi:*dies*
  • Andrea:*sitting there with a super shocked face, jaw open so wide I can see her throat, tears coming out of her eyes*
  • Me:Bruh, I told you he was smoking hot

just heard my brother say “it’s sexist and racist” and his girlfriend was like “so” and he was like “so it’s not funny” and i have never been more proud

30 Days of Sailor Moon
Day 01 -  Age You Started Watching Sailor Moon

I was probably 6 or 7 I guess. I know it was when the dub first started airing in Canada so around 1995/96. I remember VERY clearly seeing a commercial for the Sailor Moon dolls while I was watching Power Rangers and being interested in the show and then somehow found it while it was on YTV and started watching. 

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I'm beyond glad Pill didn't have prolong affair. Sonny's ex shouldn't be having any kind of affair with Will but TomSell at least did something right in making it one time. Sonny should have cheated or story should have been different and Will cheated with someone he met and worked with and was falling for. I'm glad I didn't have to endure that vomit educing thing more than one time. I would forever be bitter about Days ruining story about Sonny's ex coming to town. Something I wanted long time.

Oh, I didn’t want a Pill affair either. (Though I do have to admit, out of context, they were hot together. In context horribly gross, but yeah. Lol.) But at least there would have be action/plot development instead of all this lame, repetitive jibber jabber. I think not having Will cheat while he was in LA was a mistake. He cheats, comes home, Sonny finds out one way or another, and then Paul comes to Salem. Boom PaulSon affair based on their unresolved feelings and/or revenge. Simple and sudsy.  

People have wanted a Sonny ex storyline for a long time, I know. Probably since Lucas tried to shake Will’s confidence in their relationship and break them up with all that “how many boyfriends has be had?” crap, right? I haven’t been watching that long this time around, but Bestie has and he’s still angry that PaulSon didn’t hook up in that hospital waiting room. Lol. If the writers’ plan was to use the Pill ONS to show how strong & resilient WilSon’s relationship is, they should consider that a big fat fail thus far. If the whole point was to turn Will into a worse version of Sami, it was a big success. If the point is to show that history repeats itself, i.e. Jarlena, then I feel like we could’ve arrived at that idea sooner than yesterday.

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To add to your PaulSon/Jarlena meta. It would also help the Will equals Sami thing they trying to do. Sami hates a Black who ruined her family. It only makes sense that Will should hate a Black who ruined his family too as Will sees it. I think the story would be stronger if Sonny's connection to and love for Paul is stronger than he likes to admit. Than it would at least makes sense Sonny trying to hold on to his family like Marlena did. Otherwise there isn't much story here.

Sonny’s side in all of this is what’s so interesting. We know where Paul stands. He thinks Sonny is the love of his life. The only time he felt truly happy was when they were together. He’s been crazy lonely since Sonny left him, and he has their connection/past on a pedestal. I get him relating their relationship to John/Marlena because Sonny probably represents something like the end of the rainbow for him. If he can just get there, then everything will be good again.

With Sonny, it could go either way, depending on the writers. Right now, do I believe Sonny would equate their situation to Jarlena? Not really. Not yet. Sonny walked away from Paul, and I honestly don’t think he looked back (at the time). We first met Sonny fresh off the Paul breakup– apparently– and he was fine. He was still happy-go-lucky Sonny who was dating and optimistic and romantically minded. The break-up didn’t break him. He moved on. Paul didn’t. The truth is that if Sonny and Will had been in a good place when Paul first reappeared, then there would have been no emotional affair on Sonny’s part. He would have shut all this down at the start like he did with my poor Brian. If you go back and watch their early scenes, from before Sonny found out about Will and Paul, then you’ll see a lot more resistance on his part. The heart eyes were not quite so strong, and he seemed way more enthusiastic about his marriage while talking about it with Paul. We saw Sonny being ride-or-die for Will Horton for YEARS before Paul was even a thought in anyone’s mind. So no, I would not buy that he and Paul have been soulmates a la Jarlena all along. More wishful thinking on Paul’s part.

HOWEVER. Going forward, I think Paulson could absolutely BECOME a la Jarlena. Because Sonny’s marriage has been crumbling for months. He hasn’t been happy in months. He’s at his most vulnerable. And he has people coming out of the woodwork to fill his head with doubts about his marriage. Justin flew all the way back from Hong Kong to confuse him about Paul. With everyone constantly pushing him, Sonny would have to wonder, “DO I still love Paul?” The confusion is key. Considering all of his issues with Will, Paul, with all his romantic declarations and unswerving devotion and THAT BODY… well, he’s got to be looking pretty good about now. If you continue a behavior, then it’s because you’re getting something out of it. Sonny is currently having an emotional affair with Paul even if he doesn’t acknowledge it. He’s getting something out of it or he wouldn’t keep having these moments with him.

Still. For Sonny to be the Marlena in this triangle, the writers need to turn the dial up on Sonny’s side of this mess. And they might do just that. The potential is there. Sonny’s increasingly torn expressions while gazing at Paul and his increasingly weaker defenses of his marriage hint at some tumultuous stuff going on under the surface. The potential is really in Sonny’s basic character. Sonny doesn’t just love someone. When he loves them, he LOVES them. Ride or die. So, if he admits that he still loves Paul, then how is he supposed to just turn that off? Five months later, he still hasn’t. So there’s potential here for some truly angsty, glorious twists in this triangle.