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Olicity is AWESOME

I love how Felicity can be so nervous and sweet and fangirl about Oliver

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She seems to have no idea that Oliver Queen will always except her kisses, gratefully! She always seems a little nervous he would accept them…and it’s so endearing because I bet he could never turn her away! Lucky Woman!

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He’s ready willing and able. I guess it goes back to how surprised and grateful they always seem when they realize how much the other loves them!

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Sigh! My OTP is awesome!

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My mom always gets mad at me whenever I fan girl and get really excited over my ships or otps. One day she said “can’t two men just be best friends” I took a deep breath and told her “Yes, yes they can. And they most likely are just best friends. But I think they have the potential to be a cute relationship. I’m not tweeting them and saying make out or some shit. I just ship them from a far and love their adorable friendship.” She was speechless. Then rolled her eyes and told me to stop smiling and giggling over two adult grown men with ones arm around the other. Thanks mom.

Becoming Real: Double Digits

In this installment of Becoming Real, Diana turns 10 and starts to learn the troubles of growing up. I can’t believe she’s already 10. But don’t worry, I have more planned ;) @coveofmemories @the-slytherin-ice-queen @cosmicjennifer


“Are we going to survive this?” Luke asked. In front of he and his husband, were ten 10-year-old girls - Aiyana, Riley, Katrina, Xiomara, Sophie, Julissa, Jordan, best friends Emma and Monique, and their now 10-year-old daughter Diana. 

The entirety of the living room floor was lined with sleeping bags and pillows and piled in the corner of the room were board games, movies, nail polish and blankets, just in case the sleeping bags weren’t warm enough. “What have we done,” Spencer whispered in disbelief. Never in their lives did they feel more out of their element. They just hoped they had bought enough food and had enough for them to do to keep 10 tweens occupied for the night. 

But before they went anywhere, they’d promised Diana an ice cream bar. They had chocolate, vanilla, mint chocolate chip, and peanut butter cup ice cream, as well as whipped cream, sprinkles, cherries, hot fudge, and various candies as toppings. When the two men turned around to make sure they had everything set up on the counter before alerting the girls, they laughed. “We may have gone a little bit overboard on the ice cream, babe,” Spencer said.

“Whatever,” he laughed. “With any luck, there’ll be a bunch of peanut butter cup ice cream left and I’ll eat it. Okay, girls.” Everyone immediately quieted. Apparently, they had all been waiting patiently for more food. Growing kids ate a lot. “Ice cream and fixings are all ready. Line up one by one and we’ll help you.”

Diana ran in front of all her friends. “Me first! It’s my birthday!” She, of course, wanted peanut butter cup ice cream, with whipped cream and hot fudge. She was very much her dad’s daughter. Most of the other girls went with something more plain, but after about 20 minutes of scooping and sprinkling and spraying whipped cream, Luke and Spencer were cleaning up and making sure everyone was locked in for the night. 

“Alright,” Spencer said, “Remember, don’t open the door for anyone and come get us if you need us, okay?” 

A chorus of okays came from around the room until they landed on Diana. “Okay. Night, Dad. Night, Daddy.” 

As the exhausted fathers made their way into their bedroom, the heard the girls start talking - something about truth or dare came up. They thought it was a bad idea, but they weren’t about to embarrass Diana either. They’d raised her right. “That’s gonna lead to some bad things,” Spencer said when he closed the door.

“How bad a dare could they possibly get into?” Luke shrugged.

Spencer pulled the blanket back on their bed. “I’m not taking about dares. I’m not worried about that. But the only one the same age is Emma. The rest are all older. When it comes to ‘truth,’ she might not be on the same plane as the other girls.” Their baby girl was more mature in most ways, but when it came to the social milestones, 12-year-olds were frequently ahead of 10-year-olds.

“We’ll just have to feel it out in the morning, I guess.” Luke pulled the blanket up over him and pulled Spencer toward him. “They’re loud,” he chuckled.

“Oh yea.”

Nearly an hour later, neither of them could sleep. “I keep hearing things,” Luke said.

“Me too,” Spencer breathed. “I think we’re gonna have a problem with Sophie.” Periodically, he’d heard Sophie poking fun at Diana. Apparently, Sophie had already had her first kiss and Diana admitted that she hadn’t. Sophie started laughing, and a couple other girls joined (he wasn’t sure who). The rest said nothing - except Emma, who’d proudly said she hadn’t either because she was only 10. “Emma’s good though,” he laughed. “She told Sophie to shut up.”

“She’s a friend for life,” Luke said happily. At the very least, their daughter would always have one friend at her back. “I think they might be going off truth or dare now. It sounds like a movie is going on - an oldie even for us. Downright vintage for them.”

Spencer tried to listen in, but he couldn’t quite place what movie the girls had just started. When he looked over to Luke in confusion, he told him. “Miss Congeniality.”

“You can tell Miss Congeniality through the wall?” Spencer asked with a smile. 

Luke blushed. “What? Sandra Bullock is gorgeous.”

That was true, but Spencer still couldn’t help but laugh. With the movie on, the girls settled down. Finally, it was quiet enough for them to sleep. “Night, Luke,” Spencer said, grabbing his husband’s hand.

“Night, babe,” he replied. “Love you.”


The next morning, Luke and Spencer were woken up at around 7:30 by the sound of the girls talking outside, so they got up and made breakfast while waiting for the girls’ parents to pick them up. Once everyone was gone, they turned to their little girl. “How was last night?” Luke asked. “Did you have fun?”

She nodded her head vigorously, but behind her eyes they could tell that the early part of the night had bothered her. “It was awesome. Thank you for letting everyone stay over.”

“No problem, sweetheart,” Spencer said, hesitating before feeling out the situation. “Did something happen last night? You seem a little sad.”

Her lip started to quiver a bit, but she bit her tongue. “It’s nothing that bad. Sophie just made fun of me because I haven’t had my first kiss yet.” He knew that bothered her.

Leaning down, he gave her a hug and took her face in his hands. “You are only 10 years old. It is completely okay for you to not have had your first kiss yet. You could be 20 years old and it would still be okay. You could be 30 and it would still be okay. Don’t let anyone pressure you okay?”

“I don’t even want to kiss anybody yet,” she said. Both he and Luke heaved a silent sigh of relief. They weren’t ready for boyfriends and/or girlfriends just yet. Noah was one thing; that was a kiddie crush. But real life love interests? She was still too young for that. “But Sophie already kissed a boy.”

That was all well and good for Sophie, as long as Diana didn’t feel pressured to grow up before her time. “That’s fine for her,” Luke said, crouching down at his husband’s side. “But don’t do anything you don’t want to do. No matter the pressure.”

“Yea.” She nodded. “Is this the kind of stuff you were telling me about? When we talked about school and growing up?”

Spencer sighed. “Yea, baby. Kids are frequently told they need to grow up before they’re ready. You are so smart and so mature, but that doesn’t mean you need to grow up too fast. Whatever happens, please don’t be afraid to talk to Dad and I. Okay?”

With a deep breath, she wrapped her arms around both of them. “I won’t. I love you.”

“We love you, too, baby,” Luke said. “You still want to do a birthday dinner just the three of us tonight?”

“Yes!” she said happily. “But can we watch Harry Potter first?”

Spencer was always up for Harry Potter, and Luke had come to love it after hearing his husband talk about it so much. “Obviously,” Spencer said with a smile. 

As if nothing had happened last night and their conversation had just vanished into thin air, Diana turned around and skipped to her room, returning with Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone, and Thumper. No matter how big she got, she’d always be their baby girl.

Rexsoka - Injury

So I got a request a while back from anonymous for Ahsoka being injured and Rex comforting/taking care of her. This has been done for a while, but I just got tumblr working again. Please enjoy!

‘Why is it so hot here? Why am I always fighting here? Couldn’t Skyguy take me somewhere else? Like on some cool undercover mission like Master Plo did.’ Ahsoka Tano thought as she warily dodged and deflected blaster bolts. She heard Geonosians flying loudly, droids yelling and dying, her men dying, and Anakin…being her Master Anakin. 

Once again, not for the first time, and Ahsoka was about 78% percent sure it wouldn’t be the last, she was fighting on Geonosis. From not far, she could see Skyguy up in front, about twenty feet away. Anakin was so close to the droid’s front lines that he might as well be slicing them in half as a opposed to deflecting bolts.

Ahsoka felt the heat and searing pain of the blaster bolt before it even got her. Knowing it to be unavoidable, she unignited her lightsaber when the bolt did hit, striking her upper thigh. Before she could even as much examine it, she heard Anakin yelling. 

“Rex! Get Ahsoka to medical now!“ 

‘Kriff Skyguy and his over-protectiveness.’ Ahsoka thought, though she nearly fell limp, only keeping herself up and not screaming from pure spite and competitiveness.

“Right!” She heard Rex reply and saw him shoot battle droids as he ran over to her. 

“It’s fine, Master!” She screamed to be heard over the battle that she was standing in. If Anakin heard, which Ahsoka was sure he did, he didn’t show it.

“That is almost certainly not fine.” She heard Rex dryly say as he put his gun in the holster and picked her up, receiving a loud yelp and a smack on the shoulder. 

“I need to stay and help!” She protested, but by then, she was all ready being carried away by Rex, bumping into many of the troops. 

Ahsoka’s head felt light, her vision fading into a black. 

“Commander.” She heard someone say, it sounded vaguely like Rex. Her neck seemed to be only holding her head upon a light string, ready to snap at any moment. “Commander, no, you don’t have my permission to pass out.” The pain started spreading through out her body, beginning at the thigh, were it burned to the point it felt cold. 

“Little ‘un…” Rex sounded slightly threatening, but Ahsoka couldn’t feel afraid. He sounded as if he was far away, as far away as she was from Coruscant right now. She could feel a hot breath panting on her. If it wasn’t enticing, she would’ve said it was the breath of death. She saw amber-brown eyes. She wanted to say it was Rex’s, but she couldn’t see the rest of the body. When had Rex put her down? When had he taken off his helmet? Was he the source of hot breath that she felt on her face?

“Ahsoka!” Blackness and a sharp numbness embraced her, releasing her from the pain of answering those questions and the physical pain. 

*Hours later*

Before Ahsoka could see or properly feel, she heard voices. She could tell of one them was a medical droid, and that there were two others. One was the angry voice of Skyguy and the other the…nervous? Ahsoka had a hard time guessing, but it was either anxious or nervous voice of Rex. Well, actually, Ahsoka couldn’t be sure if it was Rex because a) most of the clones sounded the exact same, and b) why would Rex be nervous? 

“She will make a full recovery.” She heard the droning voice of the droid.

“Okay,” Skyguy sounded as if he was talking through his teeth, a thing he did when he was trying to practice the ‘Jedi shall not know anger’ mantra. “But when?”

“That remains unknown.”

“Unknown?” Okay, Ahsoka knew that was Rex. “What do you mean, unknown?“ 

For the sake of the droid, she hoped that they (did the droid have a gender?) had an answer. 

"I mean that it remains uncertain as to when she will achieve her full potential health.”

She heard Rex and Anakin grumble and heard steps approaching her and steps leaving. She opened her eyes just to the point of being able to filter light and images through the veil of her eyelashes.


Ahsoka grunted in response, her throat feeling as if she hadn’t drank anything in hours.

Oh, wait. She remembered that she hadn’t.

“You awake?”

Ahsoka nodded, if only to make sure her head was still connected to neck. 

“That’s…good…” A silence followed. Reaching out, though rather meekly, with the Force, she could feel Rex’s nervousness and embarrassment. 

“You…want anything?” Considering that Rex was made to shoot droids and come up with battle tactics, he was actually rather good at wanting to care for others.

“Water.” Ahsoka said. Well, said was an understatement. It was more or less the fact that her mouth moved and her throat attempted to make the word come out, but in the end, she was pretty sure that only a ’t’ and a 'r’ made it. Rex nodded, though, as if he understood. He walked out of the room, mumbling a promise to return shortly. Which he did follow through with, holding a glass of water. He held it out to her. Ahsoka raised one of her arms, only for it to become immediately numb, or maybe it was already numb, but it intensified as her blood began to flow through it again, muscles aching to be more active. As if Rex could see it, perhaps he could plainly, he brought the glass up to her lips. Ahsoka allowed her eyes to close, to block out the searing white that she saw and felt the smooth glass come in contact with her cracked lips, only not bleeding from not moving much. Cold water eased into her dry mouth, and poured down her hot throat. It was so soothing it almost hurt. The first few swallows hurt, but after that, it became easier. Ahsoka could feels her lips becoming smooth again, her throat easing. Eventually, the last drop fell into her mouth. 

“That all?” He asked. She knew that in essence he was asking if she wanted anything else. She shook her head.

“No, Rex. I’m fine.” Rex nodded.

“The doctor says you’ll heal.”

“Yeah, I heard.”


“Thanks, Rex.” Rex’s eyes looked up from the glass he was holding and his dark eyes met her light ones.

“For what?”

“For saving me, back on Geonosis.”

“It was an order.”

“Would’ve you have done it even if you weren’t ordered?” She asked. Rex looked back down. She knew the answer. She knew he knew the answer. It was just a matter of seeing if he would go against his programming to follow his feelings, his emotions. She knew that all clones had them, even if many didn’t accept it or acknowledge the fact.

“Yes, Ahsoka. Even if I had been told to leave you behind, I wouldn’t.”

“You have no idea what that means to me.” She said, her voice barely a decibel higher than a whisper.

“Can…Can you promise me something?” He asked, uncertainty filling his voice.

She knew how hard it was for him. He was built to promise the Republic safety and battle droids death. The Jedi had only the commission to protect the Republic, and by default, clones. Many Jedi viewed protecting troops as a burden. Ahsoka didn’t though. She actually cherished and cared for the clones she knew.

“Yes.” She said. She didn’t ask before hand what it was, but it was yes. 

“Promise me that you’ll always come back, always find a way to me? You’ll never leave me behind?” He asked. She noted one of two things. 1. He was afraid of losing her. As a clone, technically he had a higher death rate than her, but he seemed so sure that she would outlive him. 2. He genuinely didn’t care about what others said. Most said that when the war ended that the clones would be…disposed of, put nicely. He wanted a firm guarantee that she wouldn’t let that happen to him.

“I promise, Rex. I promise that if we ever get separated that I’ll find you. I’ll find a way to find you and then bring you to me; or me to you. As long as I’m living, you’ll be safe.”

Rex nodded, feeling more at ease knowing that she would save him. That they would always be together. 

“Oh, and Rex?" 


“We’ll always be connected, by means of the Force.”

“I heard that the Jedi don’t believe in death.”

“'There is no death, there is the Force.’” Ahsoka recited. 

“If I die, will I join it?”

“If you don’t then I’m going to have to find a way to not join it to stay with you.” Ahsoka said, in a light manner, though she meant it sincerely.

“Thanks, Ahsoka.”

“Of course, Rex.”

[excited arm waving] Sera is probably the most obnoxious kind of married woman.  Like, she’s always referring to the Inquisitor as my wife and always introducing herself as Sera (Inquisitor’s lastname), even to people who have known them for years and especially to the bigwigs they meet.  She’s always holding the Inquisitor’s hand and making kissy faces at her.  Sera is just!!!!! so happy to have a family that loves her!!!!!!!!  that she loves!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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i'm kinda obsessed w niles/daphne/roz rn.. i was rewatching the melange/ménage scene and honestly i could totally buy that roz would be into it if they were actually propositioning her jdgcndhb

Okay honestly………..same. Like, Niles/Daphne? The otp. Niles/Roz? Yes. Roz/Daphne? Very good! And there’s something so great about their dynamic in later seasons, how Roz ends up getting involved in a lot of Daphne/Niles moments and plots and is clearly closer to Niles once he’s with Daphne. 

And same on that melange storyline. Like they were annoying as fuck about it, but I always thought it was interesting that Roz never explicitly said no. Sure she was stunned, but I feel like she could’ve been down if she wasn’t worried about possibly ruining two friendships.  

@im-a-hawker cont’d from here:

It had always been Felicity. He’d been with people before, people after, but somehow, nothing in him felt as complete or loved as when he was with her.

Amanda had been good. it had been a good love, he proposed to her, she said yes. He could have married her and been happy the rest of his life. But knowing what he felt now, he knew it wasn’t a feeling he wanted to go back to.

Half full. Without her he felt like a toppled glass just laying with half the contents spilled out. He’d gone on dates after they broke up, hell, even gotten semi serious with someone after they’d become friends again. A couple months.

But he was still half empty. It imploded on its own like relationships do when two people aren’t meant to be together, and he felt sad to lose that, but he wasn’t devastated, not like when he lost her.

It was why he was terrified, refusing to even allow himself to think they could try again. He failed Felicity, and he didn’t want to put her through anything that could cause her distress. There was a big part of herself she wasn’t comfortable giving to him, and it hurt. It hurt him so much to be only getting a part of her, yet somehow loving her still felt full.

But he couldn’t trust her, not knowing, and if he couldn’t trust her, he couldn’t tell her. As much as he wanted to.

But she was laying so quiet, so still, resting, asleep definitely. Mike watched her a bit before turning off the movie they’d been watching, moving about to tidy up the mess they’d made in her apartment. Glasses, wine bottle, pizza boxes.

And he’d stop to watch her again. What they had hadn’t been perfect, it had been far from it, but he loved it, every bit and part of what he gave her he loved.

It had been to soft, he didn’t even realize he’d said it himself at first.

“I think I wanna marry you.”

It was stupid, to say or even think, because it couldn’t happen, not like this. But then he was standing there, staring. She was awake, she’d heard him.

“Liss …” Mike wan’t sure what to even say at that point.

Shaking his head, he turned away slightly, “I’m so sorry. That was inappropriate, we said friends. We promised- I’m sorry.”

He felt like the world should swallow him whole on the spot, just to be rid of the situation his big fat mouth put himself in.

Tfw your Spanish teacher wants Jack to confess his love to Mark


I doodled this Septiplier, RPG-text-box-dialogue type of thing on one of my Spanish papers (that I had to turn in) and it basically had Jack and Mark with the question (directed to Jack) “Confess love to Mark?” with the options of ‘yes’ or ‘no’. It’s not meant to be answered or anything, again, it was just a doodle of a RPG text-box.

I got the paper back on Friday and I saw orange highlighter markings on my doodle and my first thought was “oH NO MY TEACHER ACTUALLY SAID SOMETHING ABOUT IT OH NO OH NOOOOOO” like this legit scared me, all my teachers ignore my doodles and move on with their lives but nope, my spanish teacher actually said something about my septiplier doodle rest in pieces me. I was panicking because like what if she thought I was weird like “who are even these people and why is she interested in their love”


(ignore my ugly art pls)

AND SHE WROTE “Always. Life is short!” NEXT TO IT

My Spanish teacher wants my OTP to become canon I’m  d e a d

This is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me


Twenty otps [1/20]Wolf x Scarlet | The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

“Can I ask you a question?”
His eyes swept over to her. “It’s not about hacking security systems, is it?”
She blinked. “Of course not.”
“Then fine.”
She smoothed her skirt around her knees. “This Scarlet … you’re in love with her, aren’t you?”
He froze, becoming stone still. As the hover climbed the hill to the palace, his shoulders sank, and he returned his gaze to the window. “She’s my alpha,” he murmured, with a haunting sadness in his voice.
Cress leaned forward, propping her elbows on her knees. “Like the star?”
“What star?” She stiffened, instantly embarrassed, and scooted back from him again.
“Oh. Um. In a constellation, the brightest star is called the alpha. I thought maybe you meant that she’s … like … your brightest star.”
Looking away, she knotted her hands in her lap, aware that she was blushing furiously now and this beast of a man was about to realize what an over-romantic sap she was.
But instead of sneering or laughing, Wolf sighed. “Yes,” he said, his gaze climbing up to the full moon that had emerged over the city. “Exactly like that.”

My experience at Fairytale Con II in Paris.

EDIT: okay it’s been more than a month and I feel absolutely terrible because I promised a couple of people I would write this before my Interrail trip. But please try to understand me, I’m a 18 year old girl with her best friends traveling all over Europe, I didn’t have even a second to fangirl! So my apologies! But you know what they say: better late than never ;)

Hi Oncers! So, I know it’s been a week and a half since the Convention ((wow it literally feels like it was yesterday)) but I’m just writing my article now because I literally had no time with all the trips planning and the whole college thing and I don’t know, there are so many things going on with my life right now!

But since it was literally, a magical experience, I feel like I have to share it with you because so many Oncers couldn’t go and I really want them to know that someday they will meet this amazing and beautiful cast.

A couple of notes before I start: 

-For the ones who know me, you know how much I adore the angel Emilie de Ravin. She’s literally my everything and the reason I became a fangirl. I can’t describe with words what she means to me and what it meant for me to meet her. So please don’t be disappointed if I basically talk about her the most, I mean, the rest of the cast was AMAZING and I had lots of lovely interactions with them, but I was there for Emilie and only Emilie. So I will talk about her a lot. And about Lana too.

-I’m a 18 girl from Spain, and I went there without my parents knowing. I just told them I was spending the weekend at a friend´s house but instead I took a plane to Paris, hahaha. My whole school knew about it and my best friends ((i literally ADORE these girls) helped me with the money and everything to go there.

-It’s been a month, so even if I’ll try my hardest at being sincere and write everything, I will probably forget some things.

So here we go!

1) Obviously, I’ll start talking about my experience with Emilie. When the Con started, the first Q&A was with her and Sean. I was in the 4th or 5th row so I was very close to the stage. When she and Sean came, I was so shocked because she was standing only a few feet away from me, and God, she really is even more beautiful in person! So when the host said: “You have to raise your hands and wait for us to called you so you can ask a question”, I just couldn’t help myself, and I ran to ask my question. I asked both Emilie and Sean: "you both play characters that are in love with the villains of the show. Do you think there’s a darker side of your character that we haven’t seen yet?“ and while the both of them were thinking the answer, I just couldn’t help myself and said: "Oh and one more thing. Emilie?" She looked at me with curious eyes and said: "Yes?" And yes this was cheesy but like I said, I couldn’t help myself and said: "I love you" The whole auditorium said: "Awwwwwwwwww!" And Emilie laughed and said: "Awwwww I love you too!”. As you can imagine, I just couldn’t be happier. My idol just told me she loved me! 

Anyways, after the Q&A, I had my photo with Emilie. I was so so so nervous! So I looked at her and said: “Hi beautiful” And she said “Hi honey how are you?” I looked at her and she smiled at me and I hugged her. She was so tiny! We hugged for like a minute and then the security guard said to me in french to stop the hug. I sadly did and I said to Emilie: “I’m sorry Em" ((you know, as saying, "I’m sorry for hugging you for so long”)) and what happened next showed me why I love Emilie so so so much: she looked at the security guard with an annoyed face and said to me in my hear: “Don’t be sorry, he’s just being a dick!” and then she hugged me for the picture. I was so surprised and amused at her reply, I couldn’t stop laughing! Like seriously, this girl is the best.

Here is my picture with her:

Then, I had my photo with her and Lana. I’m a huge huge Parravin fan ((Lana and Emilie)) so I just couldn’t miss this chance of having a picture with the both of them! I arrived to the studio and Lana was there but Emilie wasn’t. And while we were waiting for her, Lana started yelling: “Emilieeeeee. EMILIE!!!" It was really funny. And then she started talking about Emilie and said: "God, I love Emilie. I’ve known her for 14 years.”       I was very surprised with this cause I always thought they met at the OUAT filming. So I told myself to ask Emilie about how she met Lana later. So I asked her: “really? wow that’s a long time!” And she smiled at me and said yes. Then Lana sat on a chair and said her feet were hurting because she was wearing really high heels but then she smiled and said: “Hey! Since Emilie is very small I can take my shoes off! And she threw her high heels away lol. But then, Emilie came ((we all cheered for her)) and look at Lana and said: "Hey! Why aren’t you wearing high heels?” Lana replied: “Because I thought that since you are very small I shouldn’t wear them so we look the same size! And Emilie said: "Haha very funny… Put your shoes on!” Lana replied: Em, are you really gonna make me wear them?!“ And Emilie nodded with her head. I just couldn’t stop laughing, because honestly these two were so funny, fighting like sisters!                        So I finally when to take my picture with them, and from the sudden Lana said: "Love you Em.” And Em replied: “Love you too” And I was just there in the middle, between them, like gjlhakjdahfglkjhdfgklj OMG OMG PARRAVIN JUST SAID THEY LOVE EACH OTHER IN FRONT OF ME OMG OMG!

And here is the picture with Parravin:

((let’s all take a moment to appreciate Emilie’s face please))

Before I talk about anything else I wanna clarify something:                     there was a lot of talking about Emilie and some poor ignorants said that she was drunk and that it was very unprofessional and lots of more stupid things. Well, trust me when I say this: she WASN’T. Like I said, I’m 18 and I’ve been drinking in parties since I was 14 and I have seen all the possible drunk reactions and trust me when I tell you this: EMILIE WASN’T DRUNK. Not in the Con anyways. What happened was that the day before she went out for dinner with the cast and the VIP Oncers, and there yes, she had a couple of drinks. And with that, the Jet Lag and the little hours of sleep she had, that’s why she was a little bit sick on saturday. But that didn’t stop her from being incredibly sweet to all of her fans as you can see for my experience. So please, don’t believe the bad things that some “Oncers” said about her okay? Now let’s keep going :)

Anyways, the next time I saw her was on Sunday for the Meet and Greet. This was without a doubt one of the BEST things of the Con. I went into the room and she was there in a chair, with her traducer next to her. I sat next to the traducer, who was really cool by the way, and I smiled at her. She smiled back and waved her hand at me. The M&G lasted for 30 minuets and I was really lucky because we were only 10 persons so we really had the chance of talking to her for a long time. So the first thing I told her was that we wanted to thank her because thanks to Rumbelle we had meet an amazing friend ((THE LOVELY SOPHIEEEEEEEE WHO WAS SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO ME)) and she looked at us really confused and said: “What do you mean? How did you guys meet?” And we told her the whole twitter/fandom/fangirls things and how Twitter brings a lot of people together because of the show and she was really amazed and surprised. Sophie remembers that at some point in the meet&greet we hugged and Emilie looked at us smiling and said: “Awwww”. I can’t believe I didn’t notice it lol.

Then I said: “We Rumbellers get really frustrated because you guys are always separated. Since you and Robert love Rumbelle so much, isn’t frustrating for you guys as well?” She laughed and said: “Oh God yes! But thankfully, Bobby and I are best friends on set so we are always together even if we don’t have scenes to film.” She paused and when she saw how my face lighted up with the mention of Bobby she kept talking. “Bobby is amazing. I love him. I have some sort of chemistry that I don’t have with anyone else.” I ABSOLUTELY FREAKED OUT HERE BECAUSE I ADORE WITH MY WHOLE HEART RUMBELLE/REMILIE AND HAVING MY IDOL NEXT TO ME TALKING ABOUT MY OTP WAS UNREAL AS YOU CAN IMAGINE. 

After this, Sophie asked her about when she was a ballerina and she told us a lot of things about her life ((it was really funny because I already knew everything she said but I pretended like I didn’t because I thought it would be really creepy to be like: HEHEHEHE I ALREADY KNOW THAT EMILIE I KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU, THERE’S NOTHING YOU CAN HIDE FROM ME MUAHAHAHAHA. anyways, sorry!)) She told us about how she didn’t go to a normal High School and went to a Ballet school instead, and how she loved dancing and that it was a shame she didn’t do it anymore. Then she said that when she was 17 she realized she wanted to be an actress so she went to Los Angeles at 18 when she got the role of Tess, and her Mum helped her pick up a place and stuff. When she said that she was only 18, I suddenly remembered what Lana said before that she and Emilie knew each other from 14 years, so I said: “Em, Lana told us yesterday that you guys meet 14 years ago! That’s a really long time! I always thought you meet at the OUAT set!” And she said: “Oh yes! We actually met at the Bahamas filming something like a celebrity reportage” ((or something like that I don’t quite remember)) and we hadn’t seen each other in years when suddenly “I saw her in the OUAT set and we both were like: OMG NO WAY! You are the girl from the Bahamas! We have been really good friends ever since”. After this, other girls asked a few questions about Roswell and if she was still in contact with the Roswell cast, which she said no. Her traducer was always traducing what she said in french because not everyone spoke english, and at some point she was talking, and both Emilie and I were looking at her and we suddenly looked at each other and start laughing without a reason and everyone was like: “what’s going on?! why are these two laughing?!” It was really funny and magical lol.

Then I told her the whole story about how I was there without my parents knowing, and how my friends helped me buy the ticket and everything and everyone in the room started laughing and saying that was crazy and incredible! And Emilie said: “No way. Wait, so you’re from Spain and your parents don’t know you are here? So where do they think you are? I replied: "I just told them I was spending the weekend at my friends house and if they call, my friend will just say an excuse haha.” She looked at me with her mouth opened ((She was really surprised and even shocked. Sometimes I think Emilie doesn’t realize how much her fans love her to be honest.)) Then she said: “Oh my God,that’s amazing! You are crazy! And wow you had amazing friends, you are a really lucky girl.” I smiled and said: “I am” and she smiled back. That was the first time I had tears on my eyes but I didn’t cry. Then a guy came and said we had one more minute so I quickly said: “Em, are you going to comic con this year?” And she replied: “I’m not sure yet because we haven’t received the information but I hope so!” A girl looked at me and said: “You can also go to San Diego without telling your parents! Follow Emilie!” We all laughed and Emilie said: “Oh my God do that!” And I said: “Lol, I would love to but San Diego is a little too far, and besides I will be traveling in Italy when Comic Con happens. But maybe next year!”

And then the Meet&Greet ended and we took a picture all together. I hugged Emilie and told her I would see her after in the autographs session. I left really happy because I just spent 30 minutes with the person that inspired me the most in the world. It meant so much I don’t even have words to describe it! Here is the picture:

Then in the afternoon I had the autograph with her. I was with Sophie, and the queue was really long because Emilie was taking a lot of time to sigh the autographs and talk to everyone ((angel glhadfjkghldfkajghkadfjg)). So went it was almost my turn it was the first time during the weekend that I became very very emotional and with tears on my eyes, I realized this would be the last time I would see Emilie. Thankfully, I have always been really good at controlling my emotions so when it finally was my turn, I smiled happily. Then Emilie looked at me and said to Eric, who was sitting next to her: “OMG, check this out, this is amazing! She is from Spain but her parents have no idea she’s here. She came with the help of her friends and her whole school know about it! Oh, this is Eric” Eric said: “Are you kidding me? That’s amazing. Wow, you are a really badass!” I laughed and pointed at Emilie and said: “She’s that amazing. She’s the only person in the world that can make me do that.” Eric laughed and looked at Em and said: “We have a wild one here.” Then I said to Emilie: “If my parents ever find out I did this I will be grounded for ever but just know that it would be worth it.” Emilie said: “Oh honey, I have already called them they know.” We all laughed and then Emilie said: “So now you are gonna go back home, and put on some pijamas and just be like "whats up I did nothing interesting this week” I laughed and said: “Hahaha exactly… or you know I can always say that I casually ran into you! Nahhh… my parents wouldn’t buy it”. We kept talking and laughing until the security guard said we needed to hurry since we’ve been talking for 10 minutes already and she hadn’t even signed my autograph. Emilie looked at him kinda annoyed and took my photo to sign. Then I said: “Hey Em, do you mind writing down my favorite Belle quote?” She said: “And what would that be?” Me: “No one decides my fate but me” She laughed and said: “Oh yes, it suits you perfectly you rebel” Then she signed and it was really funny because she took kinda long time to write every single letter perfectly and I kinda had the feeling she did it to annoy the guard, you know like saying, “let my fans and I talk calmly thank you” When she was done, she handed it to me and said: “Here you go sweetie. I hope it was worth it.” I said: “It really was. Thank you so much for coming Em. It meant the world. And she said: "No, thank you.” And then we said bye and Eric said again: “Bye badass”. They were really sweet together. Well, so I left the room and I started sobbing because I just couldn’t believe what I just had lived with Emilie, and I remembered I felt really stupid because I couldn’t stop crying and I promised myself I wouldn’t cry for this. But I just couldn’t help it, it was too much lol.

Here’s the autograph:

Anyways, I’m done with Emilie! I’m sorry it was that long but I wanted to write everything down so I would never forget it!

2) Now, ladies and gentlemen, the beautiful and amazing Lana Parrilla. Wow. Just wow. I can see why she’s the most loved one in the cast, this woman is seriously INCREDIBLE!

The first time I saw her was like I said, in the photoshoot with her and Emilie, and then in the Q&A. I got up and asked her: “One of my favorite scenes this season, was Regina apologizing to Belle. So, my question is: since you and Emilie are such good friends, do you think we can see more of them together in season 4?” And she answered: “Yes, I think so, I hope so, I love Emilie!” Which I said: “You guys are awesome together!” She laughed and said: “Thank you! She’s hilarious! Really really funny. You know, when we did that scene, I remember feeling as Regina: Oh God I have to apologize to her, so it became kinda comic moment, but then I looked at Emilie and saw that she was really hurt as Belle and she really wanted me to apologize as Regina, so I really did, and I think their dynamic is going to change after that.” I said: “Gracias!” ((Lana has said multiple times how much she loves Spain because she used to live there)) and she answered: “De nada!” ((I’m a huge huge Parravin fan I just think these two have the most adorable friendship ever like really galkjdfhgkjafhdgkjhdflkjgh))

Then I saw her during the autograph. I have bought her from Spain local products I thought she would like ((Jamon serrano, etc)) so I said: “You know how you are always saying how much you love Spain and everything? Well then you have to like this! Jamon Serrano!” and when she saw them, she laughed loudly and said: “Wow that’s awesome thank you so much!” Then we start talking about Spain, she told me she lived in Granada ((Again I pretended I didn’t know, when of course I did lol)) and I told her she needed to come back to Spain to visit and she said she would love to, but she worked a lot. I said: “I know that. Don’t worry, your Spanish fans know how hard you work. So we forgive you for not visiting us. But still, te echamos de menos ((we miss you in Spanish)) she looked at me and with a sad/a little bit nostalgic smile she said: "Yo tambien os echo de menos” ((I miss you guys too)). It was such a beautiful moment. She truly cares about her fans and she’s so so so selfless. If only all the celebrities could be like her. Anyways.

Next time I saw her was on the dinner we had on Saturday. There was an special evening for 50 Oncers and the guests, and basically, we were all sat in tables, and the actors would come and sit and chat with us for like 10 minutes and then go to another table. I was a little bit down because I just found out that Emilie wasn’t coming because she wasn’t feeling good so she headed to the hotel. But Lana, Robbie, Bex, Jared and Sean were so so so amazing they instantly cheered me up. Seriously, where do all these people come from?

So Lana came and sit with us, I was with a group of friends, and when I saw her I thought: “Oh she’s wearing the dress she wore for Comic Con a couple of years ago.” Then that’s exactly what she said, she told us she was wearing the same dress she wore for Comic Con but in CC she absolutely hated how her hair looked. Then I asked her if she knew if Emilie was coming, and she said she was sure because she was sick, but she really hoped so! Then she said once again how much she loved Emilie and how sweet and wonderful she was, and when I told her she was my idol she said “I understand. Let’s cross fingers for Emilie! Did you guys see the tag I put yesterday on Twitter?” And Sophie and I screamed: “YES! REGAL BELLE!” And the 3 of us started “TEAM REGAL BELLE WOHOOOOO” She also said how lucky they all were to be here and how grateful they were ((them??? grateful?? YEAH RIGHT WE ARE THE GRATEFUL ONES OKAY))

Like I said, after Emilie, Lana has always been my favorite but seriously she was even better than how I imagined her.

Here’s a picture of her ((it was strictly forgiven to take pictures so I had to do it really fast)) 

3) NOW LET’S TALK ABOUT OUR EVIL PETER PAN. ROBBIE KAY. Okay I have the biggest crush on this boy. Like you have no idea. So when we took our photo together I said “Hi handsome” and he answered “Hi beautiful” ((jdgahljkdfghkldfjhglkdjfhglkdjfgh)) and I don’t know, he hugged me and he was a little bit shy and he was adorable and his accent and everything was perfect. I WILL MARRY THIS GUY MARK MY WORDS DOWN.

Here’s the picture: 

Then we had a Q&A with him and Sean and I got up and asked the following question to him: “How much has being in OUAT changed your life? Like do you have now guess coming at you or…? Everyone laughed and Robbie himself laughed and he pointed to the public and said: "Oh well, you see?” We all loved him so much, he was so dynamic and funny.

Then I saw him again at the party. I asked him if he liked French girls and he said they were great and I said “Spanish girls are better” and he laughed and said: “I take it as your Spanish? I have never been there, but it seems like an amazing place, I would love to go”. Then I told him I missed his character on OUAT so so much and this was very funny because he said “I miss myself too” and I said: “Oh you miss yourself? Nice!” And he got really nervous and cute because he didn’t want to look arrogant, and he started: “Well no, you know what I mean, I miss Peter Pan, I miss playing on the show and…” I couldn’t stop laughing!

But the best thing comes now! I was in the autograph with him and he recognized me from yesterday and said: “Hi you” and I said: “Okay Robbie, so… in Spain we have a tradition. Do you know how we greet someone when we just meet them?” And he smiled and said :“With a kiss I guess?” I nodded and he said “I’m really really sorry but I’m not allowed to do that…” I realized then that he thought I was asking him for a kiss on the lips so I said “Dude! You have a dirty mind! I meant a kiss on the cheek! Can you imagine if we really had to kiss on the lips everyone we just met? That would be awkward!” Robbie started laughing a lot and said “Okay okay you are right I’m very sorry!” And before I knew what was happening, he got up and he kissed me twice on the cheeks!!! I almost died! 

4)) NOW IT’S THE TURN OF THE WICKED AND BEAUTIFUL BEX MADDER. Okay let me just say that before this, I wasn’t really a fan of Bex. I didn’t like her character at all ((dude she keeps messing around with my couples)) and I just didn’t feel anything towards Bex. That instantly changed when I met her. She’s seriously one of the most amazing persons I have ever seen. You can’t stop laughing with everything she says and she’s so enthusiastic and amazing and it’s really impossible not to love her. And let me just tell you that her interactions with Emilie were adorable. These two are one of my new BROTPS. Bexilie <3 <3 <3

The first time I saw her was during the autograph session. I told her I was from Spain and she said that she was going to Barcelona next week. I said “Okay Barcelona is very beautiful but you have to come to Madrid! We have better weather, more parties…” And she laughed and said that next time she would absolutely go to Madrid because I sold it really good to her! Then  while she was signing the picture I said: “Oh by the way, Julia from Twitter says Hi” ((for those who doesn’t know, Julia is @loljmo on twitter and she loves Bex as much as I love Emilie and she’s really lucky because Bex noticed her on twitter so she knew who I was talking about!) she laughed and said: “Oh I love Julia! She’s so sweet!” and I said “she really loves you” and she laughed again and said “give her a kiss from me” and she blew me a kiss. ((YOUR WELCOME JULIA ;))

What else… Oh yes the panel! There was a Q&A of Bex and Emilie so I asked them if they could do for us their favorite line their character has said this season.  And Bex said “Oooops” and we all laughed and Emilie said “Not bad but I have a better one… Yes” and everyone went “awwwwwww”

And finally, at the dinner again. She told us about how she used to be a model and she was in Milan with really stupid and superficial models. She also said that she loved Robert and sometimes they would have cups of tea on set and then I asked her about Emilie and she said that Em was her girl and that she was one the funniest persons she knew. *__*

I didn’t buy a picture with Bex but now I completely regret it!

5)) NOW IT’S SEAN’S TURN. Can I just say that he’s the most charming person ever? No, but seriously, what a gentleman! Funny, classy, appropriate, nice… I could go on all day long!

I talked to him a couple of times and he told me his brother lives in Spain and that he will probably visit him soon. He also said that he was grateful to be in a show like this and that we were the best fans in the world. And forgive me but I don’t remember what else he said! I think it was something about how much he enjoyed working with Lana?

Here’s my picture with him!

6)) And finally Jared! Sadly, he’s the one I had the less interactions with because I didn’t have photo or autograph. I did talk to him during the dinner. I remember I asked him for a Selfie but he said he wasn’t allowed to take pictures so I said: “You break my heart” and he said:“Oh no… please don’t say that! I don’t wanna break your heart! I’m a nice guy I promise! Is there any way I can make it up to you?” And I laughed and I said it was fine, just him being there fixed everything.

He was very very sweet. And funny. And oh God, he’s growing up so so so fast! I can’t believe that’s little Henry from season 1.

One more thing I wanna talk about!

During the Con I had the PLEASURE of meeting some AMAZING Oncers. I love you guys so so so much! It was amazing meeting you and I really hope we cross paths again!

So this is for you!

First of, one of my best friends from Twitter, Sophie! (@RumbelleBelguim) I laughed a lot with you, and dude we freaking met Emilie and talked to her about Bobby! All of our dreams came true! I love you and miss you lots. 

Second of, the beautiful Louise! (@louisedeguyenro) When I first met you and you told me you were there alone, I knew I was gonna like you! I find in you a best friend, and seriously I had the best time ever with you, playing games and crying over Robbie and playing scenes of the show in the stage. I really hope that I see you some time soon! JE T'AIME BEAUCOUP.

NOW MY DEAR TIMMY! THE LOST BOY. (@LERMAHONE) okay people this boy is amazing. seriously. i felt truly blessed i met him. I had the best time and he was an amazing partner in crime for all of the crazy things I did this weekend. And his love for Robbie is beautiful. You are a beautiful person Timmy. I’m so proud of you. I love you and miss you lots!

Now, it’s Victoria’s ((@VictoriasWorlds)) and Alex’s ((Madonnalex)) turn! You two are by far my favorite Lana fans ever. Seriously your love for Lana inspires me a lot. And I don’t know you both are so funny and hilarious. Everyone should be like you okay? I miss you girls.

-Maria ((MariaPan_)) and France ((@lunacave)) you two were the sweetest persons ever. Seriously, I just wanted to hug you both all the time! You are great and I miss you so much. Please let’s meet soon? Okay? Okay.

-Amy ((@amylauramcgrath)) it really sucked that I met you at the end of the Con. You are a BEAUTIFUL and a STRONG person. Everything you said to me amazed me. I’m really happy I met you and I wish to you all the happiness in the world. Come soon to Spain please.

-the amazing  Estelle (@Gaga_Kay_lover)) and her sister ((UGH I CANT FIND HER TWITTER AND I DONT EVEN KNOW WHY ESTELLE TELL HER TO CONTACT ME PLEASE)): you two were amazing and I had lots of fun fangerling with you over Robbie and Emilie and asking them questions. You are great and I love you.

-Siham ((@sihamck)): even if I didn’t see you much during the Con it was great to finally meet you with our two idols Emilie and Lana! You are really sweet and nice and I miss you already. Love you!

Okay this is the longest shit I have ever written. But it was worth it. This was without a doubt the best weekend of my life. OUAT and Oncers are the best. And even if it was really hard and I had to fight a lot to meet Emilie, it was absolutely worth it.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me about anything you want!

All my love.


"Sometimes I'm not sure why I wear a mask with you."

I think he’s talking deeper than just his costume. I think Barry holds a lot in around her, especially his feelings towards her. Her heart is so good and pure, and it’s probably a big reason he fell in love with her.

He wants to be able to tell her anything, and open up. Not being able to, is like fighting gravity. To open up to someone like her, the woman he loves, would be like breathing. I think he’s drowning right now. And it’s really starting to wear on him.

Look at the difference between this meeting between the Flash and Iris. Usually he’s kind of quiet but is lively. He seems now like a walking zombie. His dad hasn’t even been taken yet. Yes, he’s stressed by the villains, and Wells, but he so badly wants to be with her. He KNOWS they’re meant to be together. And not being with her, is killing him. Diminishing who he is inside.

He knows what it’s like to tell her he’s the Flash. He knows what it’s like to confess his love to her. And the hardest part, is knowing what it’s like for her to return his feelings and to constantly remember what it was like to have kissed her. He now knows what it’s like to have her and to lose her; while being tortured knowing what could’ve been. That Iris actually DOES have those feelings for him. They’re somewhere inside of her.

His heart is definitely heavy right now. He’s got the weight of the world on his shoulders, and all he wants, is for his best friend and love of his life, to be by his side through it all.

Step one is letting her ALL the way in. No more lies, secrets, nothing. As forward as he was when he confessed that he still thinks about her and she him, I wish so bad that C@itlin wouldn’t have told that story. Yes, let it be awkward and weird. He loves her. Hiding that and covering up what he said is stupid and once again, more lies. Plus it was a terrible lie. Yes, she needs to feel those things in her own, but I hope she knows Barry Was serious about his feelings for her.

That’s why I know they’re timeless. Because only she can help him in those certain ways. She’s always had his heart. And always will.

Imagine (Liam Dunbar)

Notes:Sam is an O/C….y/b/f/n is your best friend’s name…. r/n is a random name. Hope you enjoy!

“Liam! You really missed your chance now!” y/b/f/n shouted.
“What do you mean?” he asked still confused.
“Some guy just asked her out. She said yes.” y/b/f/n walked away, dissappointed her OTP wasn’t gonna happen.
Liam looked down then back up when he saw you, looking happy.

You smiled at him, you were sad because you’ve always liked Liam.
You thought Sam was cute but you didn’t get that feeling around him like you did with Dunbar.
A week had passed when Sam had a schedule change to be in most of your classes. Now, he had gym with Liam. “Hey, Liam. Oh I was wondering, does y/ntalk about me around you? You’re always with eachother… well that will change anyway.” Sam smirked at Liam, setting him off. Liam turned around, glaring at the older boy with anger.

“If you ever hurt her or think about doing something to her… I won’t kill you. It’d be worse.” he clenched his fists. “Whoa Dunbar. You already missed your chance don’t ruin mine.” he laughed, “It’s a shame she’s the only one who doesn’t know how you feel.” Sam walked out of the locker room to the gym. Liam sat on the bench realizing how he really just handed you away.

“I have to tell her.” Liam told Stiles at the game, waiting to be put in. “But she has-” he dropped his head, forgetting he really can’t just tell you. Especially since he pulled away for awhile. “I don’t care. She needs to know… even if Sam beats the living hell out of me.” Liam snapped, getting ready for the game. “So… you aren’t worried?” Stiles asked, looking at the field. “Why would I? If I love I should be able to just do it. Right?” Liam asked, now becoming worried.

Finally, Coach put him in the game. That’s when he saw you in the stands. Just you. No Sam. you caught Liam as he stared, waving. He smiled shyly and waved back as the wanted to be a ‘little’ show off.

As a reslut Liam ended up getting himself hurt. “Liam!” you shouted, running down to his aid. When he saw you, all his groaning and pain came to a hard halt. He was calm. Then Liam knew he loved you. He could let you and Sam be together. They carried him into the locker room, so he could calm down. Soon it was only you and Liam in the silent room. He could hear you heart racing, not knowing if that was good or bad. You broke the silence, “You okay?” He looked up at you, an odd expression soaking his face.

“No.” he said, never breaking eye contact with you. You knew he was a werewolf so he would heal soon. “What do you mean?” you asked, tilting your head to the side. “Y/b/f/n was right. I missed my chance. A-and I was an idiot. For not telling you and for being so stuck in what I choose.” he said, shifting so he was facing you. “Liam-” he cut you off. “Wait. I need to say this. You’re my anchor, I lied about it being r/n. A-and I love you as I always have and always will. It pains and hurts me to see you with that douche-” You shouted over him, “I broke up with Sam!” Liam froze just like when he first laid eyes on you.

“W-what?” he stammered, eyes wide. “I broke up with him… I don’t love him.” you said smiling at the amazed boy. “I love you too.” you grinned, kissing his cheek. He quickly replaced his cheek with his lips, kissing you passionatley. You smiled, kissing him back. “I love you y/n. Always have.” he whispered, pressing your foreheadds together. “I love you too Liam.”


This was the ONLY time Jesse hurt Rachel.

It wasn’t right but you can see why he went through with it.

1) Peer pressure. But even while his team was exerting peer pressure you can see the indecision in his body language and eyes. (If you watch that scene on the DVD closely you can also see him wince when when his teammates egg Rachel.)

2) It was only after Rachel says “Do it. Break it like you broke my heart.” that Jesse indignantly recalls that Rachel broke his heart first (Run, Joey, Run anyone?) and then the final push to egg her falls into place.

3) He has spent  time ever since that incident, trying to make it up to her

No, Jesse isn’t perfect. He can be cutting and tactless when dealing with others but he has never said cruel things about or to Rachel. He has always understood Rachel on a level no other boy has, and acknowledged her talent and supported her dreams. He has always listened to her, even when she goes a little crazy (instead of being dismissive of her or zoning out.) He also never pressured her to have sex after she told him she wasn’t ready. He never needed her to constantly prop up his self-esteem. So yes, I will be extremely happy if St. Berry is endgame.