and others were saying maybe she was ill that day

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i really don't understand this hinata fans trying to prove hinata deserves everything by showing her lame backstory of getting bullied by some kids. In other anime series the female leads have much more sad backstories. For example if we take mikasa from AOT her parents were killed in front of her and she was about to get selled in black market but i never saw mikasa fans using that as a shield to defend her. won't these guys understand defending a lame character only increases the hate more?

Maybe that’s just how kids think these days, they think if they make themselves look like victims, then it means they deserve free lunch or even wining the lottery. NH even said Hinata has disability lol, they’d probably say she’s terminally ill next time. NH fandom is a joke.

Do you ever find random songs on your iPod that you never remember listening to and sometimes they’re good