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Masterpost of Things Genos Does for Saitama Part 1 (1-15)

Part 2 (16-30) here

From scrubbing his toilets to threatening his enemies, you name it!

Read through the entire OPM manga again and all the extras, and thought I’d make a giant post of every single thing Genos does out of dedication to his sensei. Also serves as a friendly reminder that you will never have a waifu disciple as devoted as Genos. 

Most is from the remake, there’s some stuff from ONE/other. Somewhat spoilery but I don’t care. If I have time I’ll add the stuff from ONE’s manga too that hasn’t been covered in the remake yet. If I’ve forgotten anything, let me know!

Warning: VERY LONG list of 30 items containing heavy amounts of hero worship

1. Calls him “sensei” out of respect

Chapter 7: 

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