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Inktober Day 24! Comic mood practice with Critical Role characters ^__^ First off, Vex fearful for a loved one!



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I’m gonna post the whole story when I have the JPEG but let me just tell you right now this whole experience was as amazing as you think it is

Aradia Week Day 2: Post-End Theorization

“you all worked hard for your happy ending, and cross my heart, you’re going to get it!”

And thus, another day of Aradia week begins! 

For this prompt, we were to give our speculation as to what our favorite ram girl is up to after the end of Homestuck. After all, like many characters, she was given a vague and unfulfilling ending to her arc. 

So, it is to my belief that she, along with her Team Charge buddy, are leading the ghosts to their new universe on their humongous pirate ship, the S.S. Satisfying Conclusion.

Who knows what will happen once these ghosts reach the new universe. Will all Kanayas merge into one single Kanaya, whom has all the memories of all the Kanayas? Will thousands of Daves have to learn to live with each other? Will the ghosts simply remain ghosts, and spook the residents of the planet for generations to come? The answer remains unclear, but I do know this for certain: Aradia knows more than anyone else that death isn’t the final straw, and would want to help the ghosts that she’s spent years befriending after they’ve worked so hard!

Also, in case it wasn’t clear, that boat is moving thanks to the strength of all of the Aradiabots’ powers. Just as we honor Aradia, we honor you too, Aradiabots! 

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy! This theorization may be a little optimistic, but hey, that’s what Aradia stands for!


(at this point, I think I’m going to slap a rant onto every single aradia week post i make, due to the type of person that I am)

dallas was probably so annoyed/worried when ponyboy ran into the church tho because here goes darry and soda’s baby brother, the one who he promised to keep safe even though they begged and begged to know his location, the one he had to lie about to so many people, sprinting towards a burning building. he saw darry and soda when ponyboy and johnny were hiding out, he saw the pain and anxiety and nights they never slept. he saw darry’s regret and remorse because he believed it was his fault. and if dallas’ let ponyboy burn to death in that building, he knew darry and soda were gonna be broken forever. and i think he promised himself that he wasn’t gonna let darry and soda’s baby brother get hurt.

okay, but guys, i love the fact that bokuto’s surname (木兎) means horned owl and akaashi’s surname (赤葦) is a word play, coming from アカアシモリフクロウ (akaashi mori fukurou) which means red-footed mori owl.

they’re both owls! ♡


it’s two weeks later but – she comes back. 

she wakes before roman and remembers where she is. not in the
same way she has for the past two weeks, but in a way that’s more
familiar, more comfortable. this is her bed and it’s her bed with roman
and it’s their home that she belongs in wholeheartedly. it’s startling, in
a way, because she does remember everything else and it feels like
such a strange shift that it takes her a moment of lying there to truly
gather what’s happened. even then, it feels fuzzy and – well, she’s
not eager to question it. not yet.

not when she rolls over to see the line of roman’s back and he’s 
further than he’s ever been from her but she understands, she does.
she remembers some of the nights where they’d been right next to
each other like always and the others where she wanted to keep her
distance and the others that were still somewhere in between. (and
that same swell of worry bubbles up because – has he been okay?
is he okay? they’ve been here alone and she never would’ve wanted
him to shoulder all that by himself. she doesn’t, now.)

shifting closer to him, she wraps an arm around his waist and presses
a kiss against his back, waits for him to shift and wake up.

happy first day of @dapolyweek! decided to go with egg and tamlen’s joining for the first day, since “firsts” in my head somehow turned into “the first time the three of them went through something of significance together” or something like that… it made sense at the time! ;)

lordcreepity  asked:

Is it possible that only a human soul is required to pass through the barrier? The monsters think that a human soul AND a monster soul is required, because their souls are not powerful enough alone. But none of the humans lived long enough to test it, and Chara never wanted to leave the underground anyway. It might explain how Frisk is able to pass through the barrier at the end of a Neutral run.

(undertale spoilers)

While the writings in Waterfall does say “only beings with a powerful SOUL can leave,” two monsters who have been closest to the human souls know that both human and monster souls are needed – Alphys and Asgore.

Alphys was the one who extracted determination from the human souls. Considering she had been studying the nature of human souls, she is likely to have the most accurate knowledge of how powerful a single human soul is.

Asgore, who had fought humans on the surface and in the underground, knows that a human needs a monster soul to leave. Whether this is from Alphys’ research or his own knowledge is not certain, but he believes it’s only through his sacrifice that Frisk can make it out.

The neutral route ending is presumably designed to keep the player from knowing what happened to Frisk, so that the player will keep playing for that “happy ending.” Whether or not Frisk makes it out is up to interpretation.

@xnanosilverx replied to your photo “drawing has still been hard for me lately, but i wanted to draw…”

These look amazing! I love the lines *_*. When you draw do you usually start zoomed in the canvas or further away? Because close up looks so nice and clean. I don’t know if that would make a difference or not…just curious :3.

thank you! i usually draw on a huge canvas (4000x4000 for this one) and i draw zoomed out. i sometimes zoom in when i’m at the line-art and colouring stages. i don’t know if it really makes a difference, i think it depends on the artist.

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lmao thank you, sanei, i knew you would approve ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Please help me I made the mistake of trying to do Inktober and now I'm out of inspiration and like five days behind

oh i know that there’re lots of themed inktober challenges posted online?? one is OC_tober (for OC doodles) and you can find some fandom based ones to mix into your streak!! better late than never anon!!

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I think you would write amazing as fuck bucky x reader series. Im gonna drop some ideas here and i would be amazing as fuck if you use them and turn into a masterpiece. insecure!bucky who plays it cool but reader sees through him like a glass, jealous!bucky and reader who have really close friends with steve he even gets jealous over steve and pietro etc., savage as reader who is only sweet to him, reader getting hurt and my fave overprotective!bucky.WHY NOT COMBINE ALL OF THEM AND MAKE A SERİES

Your idea turned out amazingly! I really really loved to write this request!

Thank you!

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After finishing all the parts I decided to put in all the links in here, so everyone can find them ;D

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I hope you enjoy, my little potatoes ♥