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I don't know why buy I'm having a field day thinking about what kind of dress Harley would wear to her wedding. And I picture the wedding would be a twisted affair with some sort of threat on the city involved and hostages were held as witnesses to the wedding. If joker got to torture some innocent people he'd agree to the wedding. I don't think it'd matter as much to him as much to her. What do you think?

I’ve definitely thought about that too lol

Ya, I agree. I think Harley would be much more emotionally invested in the idea than Joker. He’d probably mainly be excited to know it’s a nice opportunity to be the center of attention (as we know he loves)

Their wedding would definitely have some horrible and morbid aspect to it since that is kinda their signature thing. Joker would probably have all his henchman there to handle all the little details he didn’t want to mess with himself. Also anyone that didn’t have every single thing Harley requested would be killed immediately.

Harley: Where are my balloons?!”

Henchman: R-right here.”

*hands over giant collection of balloons*

Harley: Ya got all 50 right?”

Henchman: ”I was supposed to get….50?

Harley: “PUDDIN!”

Henchman: *screaming like a little girl as he gets drug away*


Hey guys!

So I officially decided that I am going on hiatus for at least a few weeks. With classes starting up in less than a week, I realized that I have a lot of things I still need to do. I’ll still be working on fics/prompts and will queue them as I finish them, though my FFN updates might lag on here by a few days or so until I format them for Tumblr.

The best way to show me something or get ahold of me will probably be by tagging me in something or sending an ask. I might pop in a few times here or there, but responses may be slow.

I’ll be back soon. Thanks for understanding!

right so, i am on episode 12 of my second lucifer binge viewing in a week, and it’s the one where they’re investigating the murder of the girl by the satanists, and lucifer just discovered that chloe makes him vulnerable, and he’s walking five feet behind her/trying to avoid getting too physically close

and she’s already annoyed that she’s been calling him for three weeks and he hasn’t answered, and now she literally asks “what are you doing back there” and is furtherly confused and unsettled when he’s not right by her side (because i have been watching the earlier eps and laughing at how their natural and default position is tucked right up against each other)

chloe, honey, have i got a lady named emma swan for you to talk to, in re: pretending you don’t want that handsome british asshole right where he is and feeling upset when your walls/defenses actually make him back off, and then being like “WAIT NO DON’T LEAVE I NEED YOU THERE”

because she is acting exactly like emma did in 3x18 when killian had been kiss-cursed and backed off (i.e. immediately started opening up and trying to bring him back). and i need help.

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I hope the collab won't only be on the japanese version. That would be so despair-inducing. lol

Oh well, at least I tried lol

But the game is still rewarding enough on its own. Though I think you can still play the Chinese and Japanese version, you just… won’t be able to understand some of it, unless you can read them;;

so I was talking to my mom about Kels and she says, 

“You know, when I first met her, it was like… you know how when someone is new and you feel the need to kind of put on a show around them? I didn’t feel that. It felt like she was someone I had known for years.”

and I almost started crying in the middle of the damn restaurant because it’s exactly how I felt and it’s just another sign that she belongs in my family forever because everyone loves her

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Did you know that some guy made a hack for Fates that makes Chrom, Frederick, and Lissa playable? It uses the assets from the Before Awakening DLC.

Yup! I’ve actually been told about it a few times and it’s really cool! 

Honestly I’ve seen a lot of hacks and it’s pretty hilarious altogether. I dunno if I’ll ever do the hack itself but thanks for letting me know anon c:

5 things that make you happy

I was tagged by @disneyflower-7, thank you so much, hon <333

#1 I guess it makes me shallow or otherwise stupid to put him as number one, but I have to say Richard. He really changed my life so much, and just made me a thousand times happier just by being who he is and doing the projects he does <333

#2 Seeing people be nice to each other and do little acts of kindness

#3 Realizing you don’t have to do any stressful duties for the day and can just let go and relax

#4 Flowers, especially blue ones

#5 Baking something and having it turn out right 

I’m kinda tired right now, so I’m probably going to forget tagging someone, but to name a few, I tag: @jacesclary, @kingeomer2, @bellesgolds, @theswanhero, @dudeyoureavegetarian, @alocadaxwho, @poisoinivy and whoever else wants to do this, I’d love to hear what makes you all happy <3

tagged by @pirateswaan, thanks Shelly :*
Rules: List ten characters that you’d like to kiss then tag 10 other people!

1. Killian Jones
2. Daryl Dixon
3. Matthew Crawley
4. Jon Snow (Jon Targaryan) 
5. Dean Winchester
6. Jespar Dal’Varek
7. Peeta Mellark
8. Sirius Black 
9. Tony Stark
10. Robb Stark

I won’t tag 10 other people bc I seriously don’t know who to tag. If someone else wants to do it feel free to do so. But don’t forget to mention me! I want to read your answers ;)