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Does anybody else think this describes the Voltron fandom perfectly?

i went from “everyone is going to hate me for shipping this” to “TAKE MY HEADCANONS, EVERYONE CAN FUCKING FIGHT ME” re: carwash in about two weeks.

no idea how it happened.

mewly replied to your post “I have a question, in your many playthroughs who did you pair Camilla…”

Ryoma/Camilla had such sucky supports but their potential is 10/10

tru they were talking about corrin most of the time :/ and that’s when i revert to headcanons ahah

tipsy-scales replied

Bone hole 

sons-of-ivaldi replied 

the bone hole tho

pppffff i did not forget the bone hole!!  their supports are cute!! ;A;

I really get sick of attention-seeking shippers who think they can just trample others underfoot. As soon as someone else starts interacting with a muse they currently want the D from, they start the exact same interaction with them only BIGGER and LOUDER so they demand all the attention and the ‘rival’ is pushed out of the way. Fuck off, Madam Thirsty, and let other RPers have something too.

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*gasp* so if read the tags correctly. ...Are all the ships possible??? (Cougherikarmaybecough)

We can give y'all a taste of it, just know miss Mew is a huge davekat fan and she tends to do most of the Karkat asks hehe 

Perhaps one day we’ll take requests for some ships y'all wanna see drawn ;3c

– Mun T ))

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they truly are the cutest ship in bangtan! they have great chemistry and i live for jihope moments! hobi truly is jimin's biggest fan, i definitely think that he has a thing for him. wish more people shipped them bc i ran out of jihope ff :(

My struggles too??? I always run out of fanfics to read!

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(tbh i could read 100 fics just based on this gif and i wont be mad)

7 Day Phan Art Challenge

This is a Dan and Phil art challenge (but feel free to make other ships if Phan isn’t your thing)

Just a little challenge by me! Sometimes I feel like 30 day challenges are too much, so I decided to just make a short challenge that I will do and hopefully others if they find it interesting! Some may be simple some you may have to really think about 

Please @ me if you decide to do this challenge! I would LOVE TO SEE IT!!!

Rules: Be Creative & Have Fun! (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)

Day 1: Mythical/Supernatural/Paranormal

Day 2: Something New/Different

Day 3: Adventuring 

Day 4: Redraw (Redraw Day 1 2 OR 3 BUT Art Swap with a friend)

Day 5: Same Age

Day 6: Sick Day

Day 7: Jealousy

you know, across the entire history of my involvement with fandoms, i’ve always been a multishipper - mostly because it makes life so much easier

and for the most part that followed me into critical role (squints at my army of keyleth and pike ships) but MAN, i’ve never been so attached to a ship that they throw a wrench in my ability to multiship them properly before percy/vex

(kima/allura is another example, but for the most part the fandom agrees that they’re only shippable w/ each other outside of polyamory)

but shit, those sharpshooters just make everything more complicated for me, because its really hard for me to do things where they aren’t together because of how much they mean to me.

and obv there are others ships i like for them?? bc i LOVE percy/vax and vex/keyleth and i still like vex/zahra and vex/pike, and recently i got yanked into percy/pike. but its still very hard for me to do stuff for them because its hard for me to let go of a ship thats, quite frankly, been extremely helpful to my mental health over the past year

which is why you see me talking about polypercahlia ships so much?? bc i love exploring different dynamics and i love other ships, and that gives me the opportunity to explore those while keeping percy/vex in play and just making me feel a lot better

also then i get to explore three dynamics at once and thats also fun for me

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what aspect is there to like about them though? "oh wow yes it's the big muscly guy and his awkward sidekick and they are definitely fucking" they will never be a thing because gaston is dead!!!! you know he is!!! and don't give me that "enchantress revives him with a curse" shit because i doubt lefou would forgive him for the shit he pulled. good luck on hating a anonymous for my humble opinion

here comes the ‘fucking’ argument again lmao you picked the wrong person, the last thing my sex neutral/repulsed asexual ass has on its list of reasons I ship gafou is them fucking. I have other reasons to ship them including chemistry, mutual backgrounds, character growth, and so on. the reasons I ship them don’t have to be canon, by the way.

because yeah, of course they’re never going to be a thing in canon. like most pairings in all freaking fandoms. that’s what fanon is for. that’s what fanfiction is for. and we can do whatever we want with it. including saying gaston survived in a way or another. you think lefou would never forgive him anyway? good for you, that’s your headcanon. it’s not mine, and it doesn’t have to be, just like my headcanon doesn’t have to be yours. why? because wow, news flash everyone, we all interpret characters and relationships in different ways and that’s alright, and everyone should be allowed to enjoy their thing in peace

anyway, let me live, go pet a dog or something, bye ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

it really blows my mind when people say things like “we’ve waited enough for deckerstar to be together” like? no we haven’t??? lol it’s been 2 seasons and season 1 was 13 episodes. i don’t. like all ships from these types of shows (mulder/scully, castle/beckett, booth/brennan, etc) always take YEARS to be in an established relationship and that is what i expected from the very beginning this is exactly what we signed up for. i’m actually amazed that they have kissed already? we’ve gotten so much more than other ships do by now so i’m really at a loss w/ some of y’all.

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I feel like Antis actually lowkey hate Voltron? They want to change SO MANY things about the show itself, it's like... hey, why are you even watching? The show is clearly not what they want it to be?? I'm so confused?

I don’t understand why most antis watch voltron tbh bc they’re legit like “If kl@nce doesn’t become canon I’m not watching the show” or “the writers need to improve the show by making kl@nce canon” and it’s like well you might as well stop watching now bc I can tell you right now kl@nce isn’t gonna become canon that’s blatantly obvious and neither are 99% of the other ships so why tf are you still here if your whole enjoyment of the show rides on literally one fanon ship that isn’t even and won’t ever be canon becoming canon

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What other ships for Sunset and SciTwi do you have if you have any?

Honestly? Not many. They’re a couple of the few characters I just don’t ship around too much.

For SciTwi, I also ship her with Timber! (Oh no, the forbidden ship why Adge why)

As for Sunset, my other otp for her is Adagio, and I like seeing art of her with pony twilight though that’s not very high on my list. (Same with Fluttershy)

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This is less salty and more a generally sad and disappointing thing I just noticed. I was about the search the Sh/eith tag when I noticed second most popular auto fill was "anti She/ith". Out of curiosity I decided to check the other Sh/iro pairs. I wish I hadn't. "Anti _" was the next most popular for every single search. Same thing for Ka/llura. The only ships to escape this treatment are Hu/nk and Pid/ge pairs (rare pairs generally) and, you guessed it, Kla/nce. Why does everyone hate Shi/ro?

bc he’s closer to K/eith than L/ance will ever be. anything remotely popular that involves L/ance or K/eith, say Ka//ura or Sh/ance, is perceived as a threat. antis know that K/ance is fragile and has very poor chances of becoming canon in comparison to other ships, so they gotta make themselves look “better” by bashing others

that’s it

Just a message to the eddsworld fandom.

And yes I know these get annoying but it’s important.

You are not considered part of the fandom if you:

1. Force the fandom or your ship onto others (aka be respectful like they teach you in elementary school)

2. Use the real person’s real last name in fanart, fanfictions, etc. (make up your own last names for the cartoon characters, and yes this rule applies to both smut and fluff and you cannot break this rule even if it just a drawing of cartoon Matt or somethin.)

3. Use the main eddsworld tag on your gay fluff/smut fanfic/fanart. (You use the sinsworld tag hun)

4. Pester or chase out the admins of the fandom (such as Edds family or Edds friends.) And this also applies to artists and fanfic writers.

Feel free to add on to this

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You know, there really is no need to characterise every other relationship in OUAT as asexual or non-sexual to enjoy last episode's CS moment. There is no need to make CS the "special snowflake" couple who obviously gets it on while there are no mentions of other couples doing it (OQ got some sexy moments, we've seen Belle passed out from sex canonically twice, Snowing has been interrupted in bed, etc). Just... guys, stop bringing everyone else down to prop yourselves up. We're tired.

So, if you bothered to do any research into my blog at all, you would realize that I’ve written quite a bit and reblogged posts about the portrayal of sex and sexuality on Once Upon a Time. My CS pancakes post wasn’t actually intending to bring down other ships. In fact, I’ve been quite critical about how CS has been portrayed sexually for quite some time, falling into the same tropes as the other couples I mentioned. I wrote the pancakes post not because I view CS as being a “special snowflake” couple, but because I was happy that we finally saw a healthy portrayal of a couple having sex that didn’t have incredibly messed up undertones.

And, I think this is something that many of my followers can attest.